Anti-white idpol needs to stop

After so many years of blackpilling online I decided to engage with real socialists in real life. All of my years of studying Marx and following the working-class struggle had been working towards this moment. Sure, I am a NEET, but I am a proletarian as well. Here is what happened, and here is why we’re fucked as long as anti-white idpol is allowed to run rampant in socialist circles:

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pretty funny story

OK wait, so how the fuck does the story have anything to do with anti-white idpol?

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This was an anti-white attack on me. I came to participate in the worker’s struggle, Stalin (a white man) was slandered before I was driven out for a joke. This is anti-white and fracturing the worker’s movement. I could have been the next Lenin. Why do they do this? Did the bourgeoisie learn of my coming to this meeting and quickly moved to dictate orders to disrupt my success? They’ve tried before

lol'd several times. 10/10.

OP are you slightly retarded?

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Not at all, I know the path I must take. If you give into idpol they’ll take you alive. I know my potential and so I walk the path of the great

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Since this is clearly a /b/ tier shitpost thread I'll share some of my own stories. It's not like doing so will be any worse than the other thread currently on top of the board

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Not sure what you expected from a larper of that caliber.

must've been a tankie

this would be believable if the end of the story didn't seem so off-color. get it?

Your loss

But user, negritude is more important to leftism than class conflict.

skimmed it, saw >soyboy jew, saged, closed tab

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This thread again?

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This isn’t a safespace, pussy liberal

Jokes aside, hearing some virtue signaler wail about "representation" in the leadership and flagellate themselves for being hetero-cis white males is incredibly toxic and counterproductive to building solidarity.

Neither is this a place for bitching about idpol, fag.

comrade kim has a message for yall

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Anti-white, anti-man, anti-all… Left "Edge" need stop.

Leftists are mentally ill, never forget this

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Ok, mister faggot, nice bait now please kill yourself

ok Zig Forums

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Stalin was a-ok. All those wanna be marxists that are actually a bunch of fucking tools for the banks and corporations need to go to hell.

< Pharma Megacorp: Buy hormones, cut off your dick

Recycleception. Op logic> just keep recycling we haven’t recycled enough yet.

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Who the fuck told you that? Fuck off


That's literally retarded. Ethnic groups existed for ages before "colonialism."

Either made up or literally an autist. Either way, nice story user.

Yeah.. good luck with that.