Voat Gets Hit Hard With a DDOS Attack

Zig Forums is a clone of 4chan. Save your salt.

>This seems to have made someone mad: archive.fo/ArZdi (Archive Link)

This could be an attempt to misdirect making people think what's here is more important than it is or appear to be relevant when it is in fact irrelevant.
Or it could be an important, worth while, investigation.
I wonder if Zig Forums would get hit if the discussion were to be continued here?

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Jews did 9/11

I'm working on creating a Zig Forums archive using a decentralized P2P service to negate such attacks. Other anons should consider doing the same.

Something something Epstein… Something something baby fuckers…

They use cloudflare too…has to be a REALLY big botnet. I was wondering why I couldn't use it lately.

i2p please
there's absolutely dick to do on i2p right now.
It's wasted technology

and the lolocaust never happened but it should have

Voat down halp wat do???????!!!!!!!!

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I don't know where to go now. . . I hope they get it back up soon - Goddamn 1 mention in the gateway pundit, and it gets seiged.

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Yeah idk what the deal is. That thread op is a confusing mess. It makes obvious points connecting the Kikes and vatican, but then throws in some "muh Jesuits" bs about the vatican and Red Cross helping Nazis escape, which happened before those organizations were kiked. I'll expect a lot of shill threads pushing that blame switching narriative when it goes back up. But everything discussed in that thread is discussed regularly so idk what triggered it this time. Voat has flown under the radar for a long time while 4 and 8 Chan got all the media hatred, but it has been growing fairly quickly since Reddit went banhappy, so maybe they finally are taking it seriously.


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Voat’s a bunch of no fun faggots, but this is kinda odd

This "offending" post is apparently Part 2 of a two part post.

Almost all DDoS is done by CrowdStrike.
CrowdStrike is an extortion racket.
Change my mind.


Eradicate all semites

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VOAT deleted my ChinkyCreditPiints for shitposting too much antizogpig & dead kike on a stick shie

In case u haven't noticed, im drunk.
Havent posted in a while 'cuz i had 2 get a job at walmart.
Been 8 yrs since i had a real ,on the books job .
I am frugal.
Y'all know what a code brown is?
My wife needed a break,& I intend 2 give her 1.
Shit happens 2 the worst of us.

VOAT deleted my ChinkyCreditPiints for shitposting too much antizogpig & dead kike on a stick shit.

Great points OP. Without knowing how Putt came to that conclusion, who knows. Im guessing he is seeing the attack go to that post in particular. If he just scanned through and chose something that looked important just before it happened, he may be mistaken.

Is it possible the attack has been in the works for awhile and they just decided to pull the trigger now?

My store.

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i believe that was the page that the horde of requests were… requesting… http get'ing, vateffer.
this is why it's singled out.

That's what putt explicitly claimed no screencap. That the requests made where to that URL. I question whenever it's actually blackmail, a false flag attack (from that OP) to give false legitimacy, or some one doing it for lulz.

is op homosex


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