Antifa doxing thread

after the news of Antifa being considered to be declared a terrorist organization, I thought it would be the perfect time to have an Antifa doxxing thread. according to the law it is illegal to be in a terrorist organization, meaning post declaration we can all call up the FBI and get their ass S.W.A.T ed

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Someone post the archives. I've seen several antifa dox threads on this board and others that had allot of great info

i remember a couple good ones, i downloaded everything, then my hard drive/computer was destroyed by a flood

a DC newsletter printed a whole list of the antifa terrorists they arrested

over half were Jews. a few were kids of people in the lying press and one congressman

i literally doxxed a guy in the national guard who was antifa and you guys did nothing

i will do something, please drop his doxx


Rachel Michelle Myles assaulted an elderly man (and many others) attending a rally about defending historical monuments.

FBI, Virginia State Police and Charlottesville PD didn't charge her, despite there being plenty of evidence of her violating people's civil rights, assaulting people, etc. There is no political solution.

This post is satire. Always follow Jew-made laws and be a good shabbos goy.

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Rachel Myles has a former husband, Kyle Bright, formerly of Chantilly VA. You can see him on camera attacking people in Charlottesville. Jack Corbin might have pics.

Brent Betterly attacked people in Cville. He crossed state lines to do it, do if FBI had wanted to they could have hit him with the same charges as RAM - riot, conspiracy to commit riot, etc.
FBI knows who this guy is - they set him up for trying to bomb the mayor of Chiraq - but he's probably working for FBI ad an informant, explaining why they did nothing to him.
More info:

More evidence that there is no political solution. The Jews in control of the FBI use it to oppress peaceful, law-abiding whites in their own country whose crime is wanting to preserve their culture.
This post is satire. Always follow jew-made laws and be a good shabbos goy.

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William Cory Lovell is Betterly's buddy and apparently a Cubs fan. He crossed state lines to deny whites their civil rights, assaulted many people, etc. Here is a video:

FBI, Virginia state police and Chatlottesville pd know all about this guy, but can't find if in them to put him through the system. There is no political solution.
This post is entirely satirical. Always follow jew-made laws and be a good shabbos goy.

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Oops. Kyle Wright not 'bright' of Chantilly VA. He has/had a band "Textbook Fascist". He seems to come from a monied family but does jobs like autobody repair.

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have an address?

mos please

Get his fucking chain of command on the phone

Just call up his CSM, in the middle of the night, and say "I'm drunk, and stuck at __ titty club." CSMs love that.


you ain't lying. I used this tactic with my SMSgt to get DBAs

Why would we need an ANTIFA dox thread when we already created the masterlist of over twenty thousand names and posted it two years ago. It's still public, just look it up, archive version it out there too. In fact there are six threads in total with the newest being the most complete.

Hell even police squads use what we made at this point. Just look up "ANTIFA masterlist Louisiana cops" and look how much our list caused a shitstorm. We added a ton of people and had different anons working on different facets of society (teachers, etc). It's a massive list. If you are too much of a retard and can't find it then let me know and I will link it when I come back tomorrow.

More empty gestures?

This, I remember that thread. Zig Forums is full of pussies who won't ever do anything.

Robert Morgan aka Bobby Nagrom
475 Prospect Ave, Olean, NY 14760 (archive of his facebook page showing his faggotry) (some boomer's website which mentions Bob) (his business where I noticed anarchist literature inside)
This same town he is from also has hosted the drag queen ZOG brainwashing at the local library.
He had a domain, which looks to be down for me but I did a whois of it some time ago so I uploaded the output here:

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I mean sure, do this, but also dox people who write anti-white l egislation, enforce diversity quotas, champion zionist thought, and write jewish propaganda before going after footsoldiers who will bail out of the fad after 2 months of disorganization.

it's D&C shills who support neoliberal Trump.

Also your gay ass masterlist was nothing but a ton of firstname-lastname combinations with zero verification and zero distinction between all the dozens of duplicated names in this country. It was pathetic.

It's more about that it's not worth the trouble to harass lowly ANTIFA scum since they are literally the bottom feeders in the zionist globalist pyramid. You dont cut the tail of the snake. Most here seem intelligent enough to understand that. To win you must go for the head. If you keep cutting the tail from the snake it will just grow a new one. How is that clever? To me it shows 8ch people are majority not imbeciles.

It doesn't even have to be the heads of the snake, even just publicly doxxing, say, an anti-white journo would get the message across. I'm a non-tech faggot who doesn't know how to dox but I can supply some names that might be interesting to dox.

1)Dennis D. Self, the CEO of acxiom one of the largest Data Brokers in the world.
2)Lauren Williams, Editor-in-chief at Vox (or anybody on
3)Rep Elizabeth H. Esty for introducing H.R.5490 into the house.
4)Find out who (specifically obviously we know (((who))) it is) in charge of organizing the goddam degeneracy parades around the country and dox their families.
5)Justin simien, writer/creator of "dear white people", or (even better) its producers.

My point is there are FAR better targets than some snot-nosed soyboys who are in for it because it's edgy.

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yeah old news, we lit got thousands of them

even affiliates such a blix here in norway for some reason. small country so I already know those guys. when it comes to here, no big deal really, everyone knows who they are esp the security services .. because history and soviet and shit backing them

bunch of idiots.. anyways … forked a bit but that is the situation here at least

but yes lit thousands of them all over the place must be a couple of years ago

because they suck leftypol

they do suck, but it's like doxxing rats or hobos. see

hmm I get it now, just waking up here from a 2 day bender

trump has finally and rightfully declared them a terrorist organization… I would rather say destabilization agents… but sure, that works. now enforce it!

well true.. sure.. but now they have been declared a terrorist organization, so maybe some fun will come out of it

as much I hate the cops, nothing will please me more than to see these lit penis sucking degenerates rot in prison and get the wake up call trying to get along with tyrone rumperstumper

it *would* be fun, no lie detected.

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ugh blitz… they occupy this old building in oslo..

you know that absolute most useless guy you went to school with? he who couldn't even make it through jr high, because he was that fucking stupid? the guy who never showers(lit) and smell and looks like shit

well that guy he moved to oslo and he became one those guys

god damnit I am not kidding, the absolute retardest of the retards, they end up there. is emberassing. you meet that guy on the street, and he goes
don't talk to me you are emberassing me, now go take a shower and remove all that crap from your face, I know your mother you are breaking her heart… you are too old for this crap

I have a liberal catfish account that has a lot of "friends" that are members antifa. I will post links to the accounts of the member for all of you to have fun with, in minecraft.

Completely untrue, how do I know you aren't a regular here? You don't even know about the updated list which has photos and completely verifies every single inputed individual. I don't know why you idiots even try at this point since you are so clearly obvious and easy to pick out of a crowd.

Dox them to the FBI.

Go ride Miss dick yourself.

just link it