When marijuana is still federally illegal in 2019

Protestants (and Mormons) are the reason for marijuana's criminalization that ultimately led to it's illegality in 1937, and in 1970 with the Control Substance Act.

Now, the people who benefit most from marijuana's current federal criminalization are the Jews, since they own the medical and pharmaceutical industries and they're horrified at the thought of us goyim having legal weed and getting high. That it why the Jews support Mitch McConnell to ensure marijuana never gets federally legalized. The only people who are against marijuana legalization are majority Jews along with Protestant boomers (and boomers in general who are out of touch in society), 60% of the nation is already supportive of legalizing weed, even our politicians bare pro weed but the Jews buy them out and bribe them to keep weed illegal.

Marijuana legalization is literally like a second Holocaust, it's why the most Jewish state of the country, New York, doesn't have and never will legalize marijauana because the pharma and medical Jews will be out of a job.

Legalize marijuana to stick it to those kikes and they'll throw themselves into the gas Chambers and ovens Alive.

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Throw in some anime and you hit all the D&C, Levi.

I don't care about weed or it's illegality but you sound like you don't belong here and you're trying too hard to fit in


BUMPED. The Rebellion is here tho


Part of why the borders opened. I regard it as unrealistically idealistic owing to the prevalence of tribal bigotries throughout the third world. People import that shit, they’re as chained to it as white niggers who blame all bad things on melanin content in the skin of other people. Modern cultures don’t like being inundated with Love And Peace because we already get it. Civilized people don’t have to hate Jews or anybody.

Marijuana isn’t a great medicine, but drug legalizations can be used for rehabilitative and redistributive functions without requiring increases in taxation. They do require a measure of leadership to use that way - the government needs to be watching the resultant equity distributions and should consider antitrust if addictive markets grow too concentrated. Addictive markets cause significant wealth fluctuations; whether they concentrate wealth or distribute it depends on how fascistic a nation is. If the state uses its authority to favor instead of diffuse wealth concentration, addictive markets will cause extreme wealth concentrations: see, gambling.

Note that Hitler “controlled” (ie, was controlled by) leaders of industry in Nazi Germany, and worked for their great advantage. We can see similarly in the USA that corrupted corporate postcapitalists caused a surge of fascist sentiment as they lurched the system away from honest governance, this sentiment then giving way to a rise in socialist sentiment as purging corrupted big money interests grew more popular…

Agree that weed should be legal. It's a lot less destructive than alcohol.

But as other user pointed out, fucking hell are you trying too hard to fit in.

Sage for "dude weed" faggotry, you can get it easily in any state already so stfu

Never submit to the lies of antisemites. OP is lying about supporting marijuana legalization, as no actual supporter is so broken to submission to lies that they would be antisemitic. I personally have already experienced being character assassinated as a supposed antisemite for supporting cannabis legalization, but it’s a rare dumbass ploy that has had no broader consequences on the broader momentum towards legalization.

People favor cannabis legalization because they’re honest enough to study policies with an eye towards consequentialism.

Traumatizing stoners into criminals with prisons is retardedly counterproductive. No offense intended to actual retards, frankly; they’re not the ones who get into power and go, “Jeepers peepers the crime rate is too low, this is boring. Let’s throw a bunch of non-violent people into a nightmare environment where they can network with and be mistreated by the most broken people in society. That way leadership in decades to come won’t get so bored.”

If anything we needed some "dude weed lmao" faggotry. It doesn't get nearly enough mention on here. Pretty much any and all of the powers that be would rather have normalfags using alcohol as their go-to rather than weed.

Given how stoners behave I find that hard to agree with.

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M8 are you serious? Have you ever seen a bunch of shitfaced normalfags? Stoners act dumb. Drunks act fucking retarded.

Nigger all the stoners I've seen smoke a whole fucking bowl and act as dumb as people who are smashed. Not your little 1 bud and done weak ass shit.

Imagine thinking you're a rebellious National Socialist fighting against degeneracy by keeping weed illegal when all you're doing is protecting corporate pharma profits.
Legalize weed.
Fuck the jews in big pharma.

legalizing it would only allow big pharma to pick up another avenue of profit.

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Oh now it's them? This whole time I thought it was corporations who wanted it illegal.

Only on derivative products.


Long-Term Cannabidiol Treatment Prevents the Development of Social Recognition Memory Deficits in Alzheimer's Disease

We're pretty much just throwing anecdotes at each other. Perhaps i haven't seen enough stoners, but alcohol seems to be better at making people get stupid in the sense of getting violent, obnoxious, emotional and the like.

Agree that weed is a lot less destructive than alcohol, but remember that:
food, water, air >> psychedelics >> cannabis = nicotine > caffeine >> alcohol >> watching teevee

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Brooo that shit is so trippy dude like wow.

Kike worshippers help kikes and harm superior beings.

Based Protestants then. They actually gave a shit about white people and civilization. Anyone who smokes weed is an eternal loser and always will be no matter how much they try to convince themselves they're not. Stoners are sub 40 IQ burnouts with 0 drive or passion in life for anything except getting their next fix. All the people you fags look up to weren't stoner fags, but they probably drank like fish

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Wait, so the kike does not want us to smoke weed?
Btw, marijuana was a heavily used form of medicine in the third Reich

i.e. Not smoking it like a fucking mororn everyday.

Exactly, let the goyim indulge in drugs.
And crucify all Protestants and Mormons

Kikes like the corrupting and degenerating effect of the herbal jew, but they also want to profit from it and use it to control people.

So what do they do? They criminalize it with harsh penalties using their best goyim (Mormons and other protestants) and then send niggers to be the medicine men selling the herbal Jew to the white youth on behalf of Jewish mafia, and using it to promote racemixing, degeneracy and nigger "culture"

You got played by kikes. Again. The vast majority of people can drink alcohol responsibly, and the vast majority of people can use cannabis responsibly, as well.

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Just say weed, try-hard faggot.


Not legalization, this leads to massive (((corporations))) controlling it. Remember the Sony leaks - the email between the 2 jews talking about changing the weed, adding "things" to it. Then not long after we got synthetic marijuana that turns people into something that needs to be sectioned.
De-criminalize not legalize. If you want to get high, grow your own supply.

Hahahahahaha. The funniest and the most stupid statement I've seen in a while.

Well then, let's ban alcohol. That worked so well the last time, right?

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Same cast of Villains…

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Fuck off jew! This is such a retard shill thread.
Hollywood zio media is constantly pushing weed on the goyim!
Weed turns you into a placated, docile, weak, effeminate, human livestock
Fucking kill yourself. Anyone stupid enough to fall for this is a faggot.
They want nothing more than for you to sit around smoking weed, jerking off to porn and being a sterile childless braindead consumer.

daily sage for this homosexual ugly jew

I bet that thumbnail is your grandfather

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like cdb i live in portland oregon all these faggots, race traitors, kikes and niggers smoke grass the psychological effect is disturbing they loose touch of who they are and start doing fucked up shit

Boomers smoke the most idiot.

Hello Pot, meet Kettle.
If you're going to call somebody a moron, at least spell it right ffs.
And you're the one who is drunk, I am assuming.

Spam thread. Left up for a week.

mostly blacks would benefit from legalization of weed. It's essentially a mainstream part of their culture

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Its a lot better than drinking

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Only psychedelics should be legal

Nah you're fucking retarded. I live in jew jersey and we'll likely go legal before ny and we're a hotbed for big pharma outfits. Not to mention jews are already in the business. I have a close friend of mine who does entrepreneur type shit and works with an old money kike who own dispensaries and grow ops in Colorado and Cali

Yeah, 40k years of separation of people who experience winters and others who have grow season year round will only affect skin color.

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No, they will float billion-dollar stock options and drain the economy by selling degenerate weed. You're on the list for the day of the rope, faggot.

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I just love how weed looks, smells and tastes like, its almost better than the high itself if you get ur hands on good weed.


Weed makes you lazy and easily manipulated. It's a nigger drug and if I was a nigger I'd take every fucking drug I could to distract me from thinking "I'm a nigger"
Don't be distracted

"it's why the most Jewish state of the country, New York, doesn't have and never will legalize marijauana because the pharma and medical Jews will be out of a job. "




Weed is degenerative for the mind. Quit that shit, retard.

A lot of things are better than stabbing yourself in the eye, guess you can do all those things. Retard.

China has the right idea. Anyone got smoking the greenjew gets a public execution.

Big pharma has a lot to lose in people self medicating.

CBD is a decent anti inflammatory. THC is neurotoxic at the levels found in most current strains. CBD should be legal, but strains should be regulated to contain much lower THC.

Zig Forumstards are hilarious.

In Canada where we have it under pretty tight regulation each batch of weed is tested and the THC and CBD levels are disclosed. You can order high THC, low CBD for a strong high, a more traditional balanced THC/CBD product that doesn't hit hard, or a high CBD

Big alcohol is more threatened. Most of the weed market is recreational, not medical.

A nigger-tier drug for people who, like niggers, don't want to better themselves or achieve anything. As we've seen, legalization doesn't scare big pharma, the jews are just taking over weed-production en masse and big pharma will simply create spin off products and more potent derivatives to keep the goy compliant. They know how to adapt.
If you really have to, grow your own, it's easy and cheap

Adolf liked the gear (stimulates) and they made that shit pure… Fuck off Kikes who push for prohibition. Another way to get rid of our right to do what we want aye kikeys??

Second one is just pure yiddish…

Protestants and Mormons wrote the "Control Substance Act"? Protestants and Mormons put you in the rape dungeon for having contraband? Huh, this whole time I thought that was government being unamerican. Shit, I guess gas the Protestants and Mormons, revolutionary war now!

how is cannabis = nicotine?

nicotine is a known carcinogen, cannabis is not. That at the very least makes it less deadly

What are you junkies even doing? Sage for gobackto420chanfaggotbeforeIchaseyouthere




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