Pedo Child Love Symbols in Major Corp Marketing and a Baby Massage Manual

Anons discovered Johnson and Johnson, Fisher Price, Amazon and other major corporations advertising pedophile symbols attracting pedos to apply and expand pedo culture within their organizations

Then voat / pizzagate got DOS and many cp researcher Twitter accounts were suspended.

Pedo Corps strike back!

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OP is a pedofascist

JnJ website Baby massage with pedo symbols

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Voat Pizzagate research under relentless DOS

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Fisher Price on Amazon

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Pol is pro -pedo Op

thats pro torpedo on the ships carrying these fucks when they get gathered up and shipped out.

The original masterchef logo is a m in a swirl so non suprise masterchef Junior is the same. Probably nothing but I couldn't help but notice.

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Yea, totally. Some of the largest companies on Earth are openly using well-known pedo symbols on their products. Totally not a conspiracy caused by the big bad pedo hysteria.


While I'd say there might be a little paranoia going on (since the spiral is a universal and simple shape, it pops up everywhere) and that the shapes might just be shapes on toys for kids to play with, the first two balls on are suspicious as fuck to me.

A simple spiral might be just be an innocent spiral, but those two shapes are eerily similar to the pedophile symbols, especially the triangle.

has a point though, I find it unlikely that big companies would use these symbols, and most definitely not by blatantly stamping them on their products.

To add, the only thing that I think would support the idea that they are actual pedophile symbols is if the companies in question have some serious connections to shit like Clintons, Podestas, or anything else similar that would make them very suspicious and possibly worthy of looking into.

Check out this deep cut from a Dutch Unilever subsidiary
It's like a Magic Eye image, so it might take a second.

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What would the logistics of this even be? I guess in theory you could take a picture of your children wearing this or playing with (making sure the symbol is in view), and post it on facebook/twitter/instagram as a covert way of advertising your sex slave. But if the point of this imagery is to pass a message in secret, then I would say that using brand name items to do it is way too conspicuous. I mean it needs to be conspicuous for it to work but more distinguishable than super popular brand name products. If most pedos assumed that pictures of children with these products was an indication of child sex trafficking and actually messaged the parents posting these images to fuck their kids, there would be so many false positives that it would hurt more pedos than it would help them.

Just my thoughts. It could very likely be just a pedo designer behind one specific product that's including his/her pedo imagery just for the fuck of it, and not some conspiracy involving the top executives/shareholders or whatever.

Holy shit dude look at your stove top.

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I fucking knew you qtard niggers were going to ruin even pizzagate with your schizo bullshit. Literally every squiggly line is a pedo symbol to you. ~ oh fuck there is a pedo symbol on my keyboard help me
This shit is why these investigations don't even need false flag shootings at pizza parlors to get covered up. Schizos that probably believe every coast to coast guests' stories will disinfo bomb the topic for them.

shut up jew

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Symbols are just memes & dogwhistles. Same way /ourguys/ use them, so does everyone else, including the elites. Just human nature to use symbols to communicate, not sure why you're kvetching so hard about it.

His problem is that you're seeing it in places where it isn't there.

Or even someone just adding it for the lulz.

But it isn't funny.

i dunno, i just wish we could get some kind of gauge on things

it seems that lately there's two LARPER factions on youtube sort of fighting each other, but each is flinging enough shit to make them all look bad
Pedophile board to raid

Yeah… that redline is getting awfully close. jew wig splitting season is just around the corner.

/b2/ is also getting (((pedod))). We need help.

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Nice Pineapple


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I mean, sounds reasonable to me. I think luring kids into vans with ice cream would work as well as candy.

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You're just learning this now, huh?


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the very 1st instance of the spiral triangle being related to children

is this "just a coincidence"?

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that's a sacrificial altar. the child sits between 2 masonic pillars and underneath a triangular eye of providence

Where were you a couple of years ago?

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So the pedos stole ancient logos to use BUTT all these companies are secret pedo fronts.

As above so below…wicked mickey

this is a joke to them

You people are idiots. Not everything with a curved line is a pedo symbol

Were these symbols even used by elite pedo rings? I remember people talking about it at the time 2004-2009 that it was only used by retards online who joined nambla or posted cp on limewire and shit.

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hahaha lol thats funny