'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' Billboard Vandalized to Blast ((('Pedowood')))

Tarantino Billboards Hijacked in L.A. to Slam (((Epstein))), (((Polanski))) and ((("Pedowood")))

The giant billboard at Pico and La Cienega had been rented by Sony to advertise the film


Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio no longer appear on several ads in Hollywood for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, as a conservative street artist has swapped their images with those of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and film director Roman Polanski.

The giant billboard at Pico and La Cienega had been rented by Sony to advertise the Quentin Tarantino movie that opened Thursday night, but Friday morning not only have the photos of the actors been altered, but also the film’s title, which now reads: “Once Upon a Time in Pedowood.”

The artist behind the alterations goes by the name Sabo, and he says that the faux ads are meant to insult the entertainment industry for embracing Polanski, who plead guilty to sex with a minor four decades ago, and, to a lesser extent Epstein, who was arrested July 6 for sex trafficking of minors.

He also noted that the backdrop of the movie is the 1969 Charles Manson murders, where the most high-profile victim was Sharon Tate, the actress who was married to Polanski at the time.

Epstein wasn’t as well-known among the public as Polanski until his recent arrest, but he was a frequent guest at entertainment industry events on both coasts, even throwing dinner parties at his New York mansion attended by the likes of Katie Couric, Charlie Rose, Chelsea Handler and George Stephanopoulos.

Beyond the billboard, there are ads at numerous bus stops, some on benches and others behind glass. Insiders say a street crew worked through the night to get the phony ads in place before the sun rose on Friday.

One bench ad uses an image of Woody Allen instead of Polanski, as Allen was accused of abusing his adoptive daughter, Dylan Farrow, when she was 7.

"I felt they should all share a billboard to highlight a decades-old problem that has plagued Hollywood for decades: the abuse of children," Sabo said.

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A thing of beauty.

Thanks for this. Great post OP.

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The archive isn't working for me…

I will have to check it out. Thank you.

Did they actually change the Hollywood sign itself or is the first photo just a PS?

I'm so sick of this shit
Calling out literally proven pedophile abuse rings makes you a "conservative" now

let that fucking sink in

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AFP is reporting that a grand assembly of filmmakers, actors and producers from around the world have signed a petition urging the release of director Roman Polanski, who was arrested Sunday in Switzerland on a warrant for a 1977 underage sex case in the United States. Woody Allen, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Martin Scorcese, David Lynch,


“We demand the immediate release of Roman Polanski,” urges the petition.


why? this is a good thing. conservatives are associated with anti-pedo while liberals are the ones defending them. i really dont see how this is a bad thing, and the MSM is shooting themselves in the foot trying to make this a thing. let it continue. eventually the normies will wake up.

(((Leftypol))) disapproves of this thread. Traditional sexuality is so bourgeois.

What a hero.

It was a large well planned successful by several teams operation involving opening bus shelter poster cases without breaking them, and scaling a billboard and rearranging it in a professional looking manner. Nobody got caught. I'm impressed.

anons should do this in their local communities.

Unless you are on board with the 'progressive' orthodoxies, you are always an act of common sense away from being branded a 'conservative'.

That's fairly tame. I'm waiting for the real hard core Jacobins/Bolsheviks to start calling everyone who isn't cutting edge new wave revolutionaries, RECIDIVISTS

They won't use it because the niggers and spics will have trouble understanding its meaning.

Trolling some billboards will solve the problem!

Its better than nothing, faggot

Just as taking one step is better for exercise than remaining stationary.

Plus it's good to shove this shit in the NPA's faces.

What are you doing, faggot?

go slurp more foreskin rabbi

Reactions like these are a telltale sign that you're doing something right. May the Lord bless the souls responsible for this stunt; amazing

You can always measure the success of the operation by the chagrin and vexation of the jews.

Redpilling normies while making art installations is a good thing

When I see powerful people go to jail over their pedo activities, then I'll believe it. Otherwise, a fall guy goes down while nothing really happens.

This is all propaganda until the axe truly falls.

They just don't have the vocabulary. They don't hate Sabo enough to call him a right-wing neo-nazi or something.

Impressive action. They aligned three things: choice of message, design of propaganda, and physical execution. Any one user would probably not get all three correct.

Sabo chose an acceptable target - Epstein and Hollywood sex abusers. Somewhat like Brentan's logic in choosing a target the general public would understand. Attacking Epstein is not a "hate message" apparently.

Sabo attacked the billboards after they had served their main commercial function, so Sony would not be too angry. I'm guessing he anticipates no real law enforcement investigation.

Since the action is bold, transgressive, but nonviolent, it is easier for normalfags to identify with.

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Conservative isn't a hate word. Neo-nazi, right wing radical, right wing extremist - those are hate words.

Conservative is a funny label for someone subverting billboards.

This article has video and other videos of the ad to show they are real


Sabo is a cuckservative, who's apparently only against left-wing pedos, given that he supports Epstein's good friend, The ZOG Emperor.

Oy Vey!

Speaking of pedophiles. waifuist.pro is a pedophile board to raid

More and more goyim know with each and every passing day.

Used to chat with a jewish fellow in mexico who claimed Pynchon stole his wife. He died of a heart attack a few years ago.

Yeah, I was surprised too, but "con" something is what they call 32 degree masons as well. It's like "this goyim knows and won't shut up about our degeneracy, but we can't do anything about it."

Well you'll be in for a long wait because they goad them into suicide or poison them, or exile if higher up (like Polanski). They won't risk the public exposure of their Eyes Wide Shut parties and Castaway Cay adventures. Did you know Disney pimps out kids now? The jew's ultimate revenge on Walt.

Roman Polanski is in the movie as a character. The plot hints at secret society pedoshit at the Playboy Mansion scene.

Sharon Tate was really murdered by crazies in a Charles Manson cult. He commanded his crazy hippies to murder Sharon Tate because he wanted to jumpstart the coming racewar. He learned about the racewar from a Beatles song Helter Skelter. A Beatles movie is simultaneously in theaters with OUATIHW.

Wasn't Walt against Hitler?

None of these elites are really against each other. They're all partners in a Saturnian play.

Also, the real life crazy commie hippie cults are a fascinatingly degenerate item to behold. For example, The Progress Church of the Final Judgement was formed by outcasts of Scientology. It is now known as the Best Friends Animal Society, one if those crazy activist groups that breaks into factory farms and frees the minks before they are made into coats and shit.

I don't want to post this because I know Sam Hyde is gonna hijack this for a bit but whatever.

LSD was being administered hardcore in the 60's to steer culture and make puppets. Higher level memes were being tapped into by some before anybody really had an idea of what they had unlocked. This is why Beatlemania happened. This is why Manson was obsessed with the White Album. He was peering into proto White Nationalism memes before they were cool and it cooked his puny 60's brain. The war against the "evil Nazi germans" was still fresh in the public mind, and ideas like a racewar were so taboo, the propaganda power of Hitler was fascinating to some but nobody would dare say they admired it. So we get this sort of collective unconscious pressure build-up. Manson carves a Swastika into his forehead and he is outcast from all society. This type of unspeakable taboo fear is why Lennon of the Beatles was assassinated. JFK was assassinated during Beatlemania, too. There were schools getting in trouble for still being segregated all at the same time. This was all very recent in the grand scheme. Anyways, I lost the prophetic muse, but the power of interconnected communication gives us new angles of interpretation of the past. We are not locked into the prescribed fate. We design the words. We simply create the future. We simply claim the open frontiers before us as we've always done and they will always cling to our legs and beg for the scraps behind us.

AI-written advertising increases click through rates by 5 times normal human written ads. Cars are going to sense where you're at and give you a hyper effective, personalized ad for a nearby McDonald's that you won't even understand why it works but hey, $5 off a value menu, who'd refuse, like those creepy Indian youtube cartoons. Then political campaigns will latch onto this same technology, votes-driven machine learning based political slogans that work on you and you won't even know why. It's all going to happen so fast and so fast and our tiny human brains will try to make sense of the mess in the only stupid simple ways we can.

The economic wealth of the 1920s is vastly greater than the wealth of today. Motherfuckers were building ornate towers, greatest of all time towers. The new royalty actually matched and surpassed the old royalty that was built on the back of robbing the Catholic church. Wealth at this level gives absolute power and absolute power corrupts absolutely and they start fucking kids because they can get away with it. But nobody has absolute control over the entire economy, nobody could control the different currencies, the different assets, the micro fluctuations. Mafias and gansters flourish between the cracks if the rules. They pedal the materials that stimulate the brain chemicals, chemicals they make Afghanis grow, chemicals they will make Iranians grow. What can itty bitty sissy baby little you do but accept big black cocks from your retina burning cell phones? Lay back and accept your fate white boys. Or do you identify as girls?

The muck of the modern name for things should be ignored. Instead make your own words for what you observe. Completely eliminate tgeir vocabulary from the words you use and ponder from minute to minute. Make a habit of inventing one new word a day, no matter how silly sounding. We will make a new lanuage and the Jews can't stop us, then we will explore the stars. Explain your words to others, and ridicule strangers when they don't know the meanings of your hip new words. Splorsh - it means a a handful of goofy new thoughts injected into a stale political environment echo chamber. Go Splorsh on some unexpected normies. only don't call them NPCs or niggers, call them FRANKLIES, because frankly, the AI wont be able to keep up with stream of consciousness creativity, which is what Manson was tapping into, and anybody who was anbody in the 1960s was tapping into.

All the shit Zig Forums worships is directly descended from the Process church btw. They were even in contact with GLR


Have another bump for this piece of good news.


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