*Sigh* Negroes


I would've put a few holes in his skull for sure, and I'm black! I hate belonging to this retarded breed of HomoSapien. I'm like at least 12% AngloSaxon though. Maybe that's where I get my brains from LOL



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fuck those cops

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God Bless you sir

Read Dr. Tony Martin's books.

Who would have thought, looking at your post
Kill yourself nigger

If i wasn't too much a pussy, I'd have done years ago.

If I wasn't such a pussy I'd have done it years ago.

No thanks, I've had enough of Yaweh's presence in my life. And you should have too.

Don't worry fam, most posters here are on DACA.


Lmao nice one

Fuck the Junglebunny mentality.

Blacks kill eachother all the damn time – Like it's a fucking sport – so you being black means nothing. There's no impact from such an emphasis because black people kill eachother with and even greater emphasis.

I imagine you assume everyone here is white, but how could you possibly know? even if they told you why would you believe them?

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Yeah I know, part of the reason why I hate my race.

0.001% of whites commit crimes, compared to 0.002% of black."

The rest are good citizens, regardless of race.

What did redditposter mean by this?

exactly KEK

0.001% out of 1,000 is less than 0.002% of 100.

This cop should have blown his nigger brains out. Obviously, he like lots of other white cops fearing being attacked for defending themselves, hesitated and this was the result.

The dirty nigger should have had his brains blown all over that car's compartment.

The few good blacks are not worth the large bulk of shitty attitude, never look in the mirror and take responsibility, blame everything on white racist conspiracies, commit gross violent acts and then get backed up by armies of litigious Kikes. The result is whites have to handle them like lit sticks of dynamite.

Nobody with half a brain would say that high black crime rates had nothing to do with their low comparative IQs to whites. To suggest otherwise is outlandish.


you're still a nigger to me

Who cares, add it to the stock pile of thousands of clips of the same shit.

Unfortunately you're right

What the fuck do you hope to achieve with buzzfeed tier leftard propaganda? Niggers need to be driven out of white countries, even if they committed no crime at all. Also you pulled these numbers straight from your ass. Rich blacks commit more crime than the poorest whites.