Our Greatest Ally?

Israel has been selling American military technology to the Chinese for decades. The earliest mention of it I found was from 1993.

It's still going on.

Surely this is a good red pill to spread to the masses, the news sources are mainstream and it will break the myth of "Our greatest Ally"


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It's great posting a pretty picture, but please post credible source that can be used.

Great thread, OP.

This. Posting fake shit just reduces any credibility we might scrape together. I'm sure he's said worse things in private, but if you can't source it then don't post it.

Fuck Israel

This is true. Furthermore, the Belt and Road program is an initiative by the Russians, Israelis and Chinese to bypass the U.S. economy and create a new Eurasian economy with Israel as its head. They're going to grind the Middle East to dust before re-building it as Greater Israel.


I can't imagine the israelis are anything more than bit players here. This sounds like agitprop to get Americans who don't like israeli to take on board the exact anti-Russia/anti-China position that jewish neocons in the US push.

The reality is that if the US economy gets "bypassed" by countries that physically border each other building railroad networks, there is a structural problem with the US economy.

Just go away.

Kill yourself even if it is accurate.

Glad you asked. I''ll psst some. I don't know how to use the archive function so I will paste them.


More haaretz.com/1.4712446

Here's one from the New York Times they are pretty respectable I'm told. This one is from 1993 and shows long the Israelis have been betraying the United States. nytimes.com/1993/10/13/world/israel-sells-arms-to-china-us-says.html?mtrref=www.google.com&gwh=32894DB45A59A5CF921E7B038B8BA702&gwt=pay



Here's another one.

This is all just from a google search…


Here's a recent story. nationalinterest.org/blog/middle-east-watch/israels-support-chinese-military-could-harm-united-states-53872

If someone more industrious and generally better than me should run with the ball and dig into this.

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Here's You tube video, tIt says that israel is the second largest arms supplier to China.


Is this the JIDF I hear so much about?


No it's oldfags calling your punk ass out for being a god damn invading kikechan faggot. We require fucking SOURCES which you failed to provide in your OP, NIGGER.

True, But I did try to make amends by posting several after a polite request for them was made.

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Well, crying JIDF seems to be a tradition around here, just trying to fit in.

I also thought this place was less than enthusiastic about the special relationship between Israel and the United States.

Why do you support Israel?

And he doesn't answer. Shucks.

Behind the scenes there's literally Israelis making our foreign policy.
They have to have Trump so effing compromised
Check out this guys resume fr Obama

America will collapse within a decade, that $22 tril debt IS INSANE. The American electorate is so fucking dumb and gullible, is there any Jew propaganda so absurd that Americans won't swallow it hook line and sinker? Nope not that I've seen.

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Which is why I made this thread. I would like people to challenge that slogan "America's Greatest Ally" ..

Ask them when did Israel ever come to the United States aid?

Ask them why Israel was not part of 35 nation coalition that defeated Saddam Hussein.

This bullshit is pretty easy to call bullshit on.

I'm still waiting for someone to tell us what "our greatest friend and ally has done for us, the U.S.?
Number of boots they have on the ground in our perpetual war in the middle east : zero

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Kikes clearly want slaves, not allies.

I dare you to go ask that question in a pro-Israel Chat room. Sure. you get banned, but you'll let them know that we know.

Nuke Israel

Remember the USS Liberty

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