Acoustic weaponry targetting US diplomats? Second similar case now in China

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The TL;DR is that following hearing a certain chirping sound (sound sample in wiki), 21 diplomats in Cuba developed functional complications - headaches, inability to focus, nausea, vision and hearing issues. These issues remained for appx 75 - 80% of the initial patient group 6 months following the initial "exposure".

Note the structural brain changes the Cuban exposure group had on MRI following their presentation - reduced ratio of white:grey matter, cerebellar degeneration and reduced intracerebral connectivity of the auditory and visuospatial subnetworks.

Now a second, similar case has developed in China

One interesting angle is there are some rough similarities to the case of Otto Warmbier, the US citizen released from NK captivity and who shortly thereafter died.

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This is >muh russians disinfo paired with >muh electronic harrassment disinfo which is a hit among literal schizo boomers.
Its interesting to see how deep the disinfo goes though. Apparently, all of their diplomats are in on it.

Thats right poster! People are faking being debilitated and medical staff are faking their investigation results, all to further fuel Zig Forums schizo posting.

A healthy scepticism is one thing, but not everything is a conspiracy.


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Literal agents of ZOG, i.e. CIA and canacuck diplomats. Your choice to trust them

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That the ZOG expects people to take the classic signs of paranoid schizophrenia seriously are hilarious.
Here's the obvious explanation: ZOG government officials are living in a country that is hostile to that thing called "America," which they love so much (if they didn't, the ZOG would have never rewarded them with these positions in the first place).
Knowing that they are in a hostile country essentially acting as spies, except everyone knows they are spies, because it is part of their job description, makes them fearful.
Being retarded and religious (same thing), ZOG officials naturally go right to the most idiotic interpretations of the 'sounds' caused by their own overwhelming fear, "people are shooting me with sound weapons." This literally happens to hundreds of thousands of people who develop paranoid schizophrenia in America.
But so, for the sake of argument, that the Chinese government is doing something to the ZOG officials.
Then this would be powerful evidence that ZOG is doing the exact same thing to hundreds of thousands of its own people.

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I prefer electric attacks to acoustic attacks, they just sound better


Hello, pol.
I don't post much, but in the past, during an intensely emotional period of my life, I did hear what I know could be interpreted as "sound weapons" being shot at me.
Using a lot of marijuana didn't help things at (it makes you even more paranoid). And I know for a fact, if I wasn't a skeptical type of person generally, I would have interpreted these sounds coming from my own mind as weapons being shot at me. I guess you'll never really understand unless you experience them for yourself.
I would read in a psychiatry book years later, that these events often form the basis for development of schizophrenia. When you hear something like that, and you refuse to believe it could be the product of your own mind, it starts a break with –consensus reality–, and leads to further madness.
The 'sound weapons' didn't stop until I basically dropped the marijuana. During one particular episode, I even started to hear voices, but I knew too they were just the product of my own mind. I think that was the closest I ever came to madness.
It's clear to me, that those diplomats are probably extremely paranoid living in their environments, and quite possibly are habitual drug users (marijuana especially).


There are frequency weapons that can give people all sorts of illnesses, but this has nothing to do with that.

Its this or we are literally testing some new weapon on our own to create a problem and fear.

coming soon: [Enemy of Israeli interests] has scary new weapon we must eradicate them and give the land to zog.

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It was later discovered to be merely a residual symptom from thier own virtu signalling being too amplified.


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What the fuck happened to this place, posting quality here is worse than 4chan Zig Forums

Absolutely no chance, thunder doesnt strike 21 times in the same place. This is just as bad as the people trying to pin it on dehydration. Believe it or not, when we get stressed or dehydrated, we dont develop ataxia for the next 6 months.

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You're such a lying kike.

Same thing happened to US embassy workers in the SU.

This thread has been brought to you by National Endownment of Democracy (formarly called Central Intelligence Agency).

Allen Weinstein, who helped draft the legislation establishing NED, declared in 1991: "A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA."

Trojan Horse: The National Endowment for Democracy – William Blum

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is headed by Carl Gershman. In 1968, he worked in the research department of B'nai B'rith, and in 1972 he served on the Governing Council of the American Jewish Committee.

Most probable explanation.

Tell it to the hundreds of thousands of paranoid schizophrenics who all would say the same thing, retarded fuck.
And I'm sure if you scanned all those hundreds of thousands of schizo brains, they'd show signs of "structural brain damage" too.

Image for a second you just convinced yourself this was true, but you were actually being targeted by the government for some reason.
If those 21 zog-ficials actually were targeted by the chinks, the government would know, because they do it to thousands of people all the time and get away with it. People like you!

Ironically, in this instance YOU sound like the schizo.

Trying to be anti-communist reduces your brain size.

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If communism came, do you think you would be shot or sent to a reeducation through labor camp?
Also, how many nukes do you think Israel has? Personally I'd guess over 80.

i’m thinking like 5.

80% of them are spies user, the others are tasked to make a 'muh immunity' scene when a spy fucks up.

What days are using stolen US tech?

Imagine embedding that kind of code into discrete electronics.

Howdy shitty shills, fellow lurkers, feds, fags, and more.

What we have here, is acoustic weaponry that relies on Treble Poisoning.
Treble Poisoning is a form of ear fatigue caused by excess sound frequencies in excess of 7000hz. The higher the frequency, the more effective it will be, with resonance and wave form also being factors. When the brain hears repetitive, high frequency sound, it causes immense stress on the ears, and the sinus muscles. It also overstimulates the neurons responsible for sound in damaging ways [ ] Ultimately this leads to every symptom mentioned above. The human ear is particularly sensitive to frequencies above 7khz, and it is also very easy for humans to be completely oblvious that are above 12khz, either due to tinnitus or hearing deterioration.

Just more retarded explanations that don't account for the hundreds of thousands of schizophrenics who believe the exact same thing happened to them.
Again, either these people are developing schizophrenia from they overwhelming fear they experience living in commie countries, or the ZOG does that to hundreds of thousands of its own citizens. Take your pick.

…why are you so retarded?

You cannot compare unknown effects in an embassy with someone who was held for months in unknown locations. That makes no sense.

The devices that do this type of thing to people are probably closely related to an active denial system you stupid fucking kike:

Read the part about the Silent Gaurdian variant of this technology. Microwaves/millimeter waves can cause the sensation of voices/sounds in your head, bypassing the ear drum.

I'm sure their are just crazies out there too, but You're a fucking nigger kike shill for not even mentioning this tech.

Also, in could be an infra/ultra sound device, tuned to the correct frequencies can also cause brain damage.


i remember thread about dog anti-teenager whistle in american parks

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It would be assume if they could turn this on Trump and Jared

Coat the embassies in sound-isolating gel. Hell, make it a standard addition in the building codes everywhere. We can all have a quieter environment.

They do. Not the same kind, but all schizophrenics share telltale neural structures AFAIK. It’s like a burnout pattern across the neurons that handle whole-brain communication. I’d have to look it up, but I think Havana Syndrome causes a different telltale: depletion of neurons that handle executive functioning.

The presence of mappable neurological patterns actually gives me hope that the entire syndrome will eventually be curable, such as by artificial replacement of damaged regions, or maybe even by some kind of stem cell treatment to help the body repair itself better, I dunno. Ultrasound itself might help if we can use it as a psuedosurgical intervention to retrain neural clusters, though maybe that would just damage neurons. Not a doctor, not a biomed researcher, etc.

Curing the issue is another thing that would make it harder to weaponize. Once there’s a cure, anyone who needs cured repeatedly will start drawing investigative attention down onto their whole environment.

Since there’s a disproportionate amount of crime, suffering, and lost productivity from schizophrenia, the cure will be economical to deploy at scale even deep into homeless or otherwise disadvantaged populations. It would convert people from tax drains to taxpayers.

Schizophrenia frays white matter throughout the brain, but especially in the corpus callosum.

Havana Syndrome frays white matter in the frontal, occipital, and parietal lobes.

Both take down white matter - the neural tissue that handles long-distance communication in the brain. But they target different regions of white matter.

I suspect Havana Syndrome was intended as a wake-up to the American government, which in its poor integrity has been wasting human potential very badly. It also serves as an indelible notice to international media that attacks like these do exist, and real people really do get broken enough to perform them.

Organized criminals all share this in common: all of them want to die, very, very badly. They don’t want to die in any particular moment, but measured across the long-term they clearly don’t want to live badly enough to defend the scientific trust that enables new technologies to be developed.

Take down organized crime and humans will start to live literally forever with advancing biotech.

he's a coincidence theorist. there's no helping him