Meta-Tards :: The Enemy of Zig Forums

Don't you dare delete this fucking thread you trigger-happy, shitstains of an excuse for mods.
The state of this board demands ONE FUCKING THREAD that can have its own set of replies.

The issue

This board's quality has seemingly been nuked in the exact same way as public education: content-driven threads and information are bombarded with a meta-cognitive assault. This gets people consumed in the "effect" and "style" of an event or idea in such ways that are practically irrelevant. Nothing could do more to stop a badass athlete or businessman than getting them thinking 24/7 about mentally masturbating their approach, and pretending they can individually calculate an impossibly infantile and numerous set of criteria.

It boils down to the feminine vs masculine mindset. If you see a board like this and you are its enemy, you should make every effort to turn its posters into feminine, style-approached morons who treat the hardcore facts of some recent event as a fashion commentary in Vogue.

This thread is for calling out this boards real (((enemies))), both duped and willing.=

Stop posting for "hot takes" and start digging, you pleb scum. Anything related to meta-tards and the opposition's useful retards should be posted here.


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Posting this thread was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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A bread died fo dis

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It doesn't matter how many new terms for an old issues and an old type of poster you make up. The problem with Zig Forums is the people who use Zig Forums. This place was very much fine for about 6 months right after the Exodus but Kikey and the Trump elections utterly fucked the board to hell. Don't cry over spilled milk.

If life gives you lemons, explain to the lemon why it's shit compared to a steak.

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The board has to be abandoned. In the same way and for the same reasons that it was created and migrated to in the first place. It has outlived its usefulness and the only solution is leaving.

Making a new board won't do, because the Powers That Be won't allow Zig Forums to actually function.
The entire site has to be abandoned but the moment it becomes common knowledge where people are going to, the undesirables are going to follow.

WARNING. Petrovski Close to Belaruss os Gunning for TRUMP


BELARUS lives next to the President

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i will post wherever and whatever i want you cancer spacing faggot

Doesn't matter if they find out later. Have to leave.

Perhaps the methodology is what needs changing due to this exact behavior:

Perhaps some memetic prowess could be used to direct the zeitgeist to more realtime platforms such as IRC and the like. The mentally inept become well known on an individual basis and the guise of anonymous chats where information can be dropped and discussed persists.

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There's a reason we don't do namefagging. I go to pseudonymfagging boards and people are too distracted by being egofags to consider the future of our people. Calling them women doesn't help, no names until we take over the government and can give people titles so they can have something they can feel comfy owning so they don't have to try to own ideas. Also everyone posting here should be able to take a picture of their personal woman they have metaphorically tied up in their basement, that would eliminate low-T soy glownigger shills, but we can't do that until we takeover the government either.

egofagging does become an issue for the easily distracted, agreed

imageboards are the best platform imo, and we have hit the wall of international agencies purposely subverting places that are ideal for their most embarrassing secrets to appear

I wish I had the answer.

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I have immunity to all shilling didnt even get on the trump train just got banned for being NatSoc and questioning the white obongo (((change)))

I mean if its obvious someone doesnt follow the 88 precepts in what they post or suggest its safe to assume they can be ignored. Maybe we should start precept checks on threads, make that the first post and then we all just spam red pills if it fails.

5: afterlife means get cucked in this life, it does to the heretics running the churches. Jesus said you get saved by having faith, in 1, remember Christians say Jesus is the Word of God. Faith in the natural law makes you saved, and if you love Him, keep His commandments.

If 11, why 88 precepts?

He fails to mention White sexual morality and White marriage laws that Christianity imposes, probably because he thought it was innate to Whites, which it is, but without Christianity, Whites become decadent, with or without Jews.

In 2019, marriage is a joke, if a man "marries" his woman, he gives her the option to divorce him and take his stuff and his kids. Children are taught false life plans including same-sex stuff to get them interested in sterile serial monogamy. Actual marriage is very difficult to have, and looks sort of like having a girlfriend and sort of like having a woman tied up in your basement.

35 is the closest he gets to the real problem of our day, and he describes the male sex drive as overpowering and needing to be channeled. The female sex drive is stronger, because men have more to do than reproduce, and women walk away from perfectly good men and try to bone me when I'm not offering them anything because they are hypergamous. Their sex drives need to be channeled into marriage.

43 is limited government whaargarbl. A limited government is limited by what? A good government has a leader whose ego is invested in keeping it good.

65 means Lane doesn't know what a conspiracy is.

68, no, the sword without the pen has no authority, soldiers need to have an idea about what they're doing

70 is true and the reason we shouldn't be doing terrorism.


thats too broad , for that this thread itself is or can be deemed worthless