Jews during WWII load ethnic minorities onto crowded trains and deport them to die of starvation

From "Urban Guerrilla Warfare" by Anthony James Joes.

The Soviet secret police (disproportionately staffed by Jews) loaded Chechans onto railroad cars and shipped them off to die of starvation in the wilderness.

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Jews always project. Thanks for the tidbit, OP.

So the Holocaust did happen and the jews were the perpetrators? Makes sense.


Before or after Stalin purged the Bolsheviks/Jews and they fucked off to china to help Mao?

all US/UK investigators finger the all Jewish "Kapos" for any crimes committed on inmates in "The Camps".

Note that Ike's (The Kike) famous statement deliberately avoids naming any persons or groups as being guilty. He knew his own investigators had already fingered his fellow Jews as guilty, not any Germans who were only guilty of leaving the Kapos in charge in the final months as all German men were called to the fronts.

Stalin didn't purge shit until the Bolsheviks became the Soviets.

The NKVD was not disproportionately Jewish. It's like presenting a graph saying 90% of the NSDAP was Jewish with no actual proof whatsoever. Search up names of NKVD members and they're not disproportionately Jewish. Chechens are subhuman Muslim shitskins.

Oh my gawd–diseases killed lots of people in WWII
I would think about this if such a thing was allowed by local law enforcement. In all seriousness, though, I am not surprised. Kikes would project what they did onto others.

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“About 40 percent of high-ranking NKVD officers had Jewish nationality recorded in their identity documents,” writes Yale University professor Timothy Snyder in Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, “as did more than half of the NKVD generals. . . . The Great Terror could be, and by many would be, blamed on the Jews.”

“At the time when the NKVD was killing members of national minorities, most of its leading officers were themselves members of national minorities…. In carrying out these ethnic massacres, which of course they had to if they wished to preserve their positions and their lives, they comprised an ethic of internationalism, which must have been important to some of them. Then they were killed anyway . . . and usually replaced by Russians.” —Timothy Snyder

Disproportionate does not mean majority. If I say blacks commit 50% of the crime but are 15% of the population it is accurate to say they commit a disproportionate amount of crime.

Learn english, son.

Someone from Zig Forums told me that Hitler was from Latin America before immigrating to Germany and getting a new name. Over the course of the conversation, he told me to buy some material online (books and videos) and if I didn't it meant I was a kike shill. I bought the material after a mod interjected in the conversation told me to buy it. After spending over $500, I started to look into the material… the problem is that the files are corrupted.

I tried looking for the thread, but I can't find it. The thread was similar to this one, so that's why I'm posting here. Anyone knows of someone that posts about Hitler being Hispanic or a mod that tells you to prove you're Aryan? I want to talk to those two again and help me get my money back.


Yes, why do you think they promulgated the skin lampshades and human soap lies?
They fantasise about these kinds of things all day and incorrectly believe that goyim do too.

On top of being the most evilest man to ever live, Hitler was also a serial plagiarist! If he hates jews so much then why did he copy everything they did?

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Ethnic Cleansing, everybody's doing it.

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Yep. Their subordinate 'progressives' like to do the same.


Of course, the jews are always blameless.

What are you? Some kind of anti-semite?

A simple misunderstanding; A mistake.
We didn't know the ship was American.

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I wonder if you can find a great nation that has not done some ethnic cleansing at one time or another.

Maybe it's part of the path to greatness.

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Where does it say that? The yellow text is about Stalin wanted something. And it is commonly known he mass murdered and impoverished.

Or what page in that book attachment?

Looks like lies about jews. And that long ago. Whats recent and part of a series of atrocities that justifies genocide?



Chechens are animals so nothing was lost.
Why bother putting them in trains when you can shoot them on the spot?

What about the white ethnostate?

What are you talking about?

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I thoughtfully attached the entire book in pdf format to the original post where you will find the excerpt in the chapter about the Russian incursion into Chechnya. I'm reluctant to call someone a paid shill but it's obvious you're paid by the word and aren't paid to do basic reading.

Are you the same faggot from Zig Forums who said the bolsheviks were only 10% jews?
If so fuck right off.

Chechans are not the only ethnic whom got deported to the wilderness.

There was not enough jews in Russia to be 10% of bolshewiks.

Luckily for them jews think internationally

Unlucky for world.

This guy nailed it.

Chechens are wild fucking animals in human form, if there was anyone who deserved it, it was them. These shits are long overdue for a nuclear holocaust. These fucks deserve no pity or mercy and must be wiped out like cockroaches.

Nothing of value was lost.

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it always turns out that whatever the Jew accuses others of doing, is exactly what they were doing.


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