Animals Are Expendable: The Thread

Alright Zig Forums, lemme start by saying: Dogs are good pets, can be useful in a variety of ways, and can do things humans cannot. That being said any Zig Forumsack, who actually believes in creating the ethnostate that is our god given right to have, must agree that animals are completely expendable, do not have individual rights, and if they are not owned a homeless man should have every right to kill a stray dog or cat for food. A farmer is a man who has some love for animals, and raises them to be killed because it is the end-goal of his job. Yes we should keep practices to avoid driving species into extinction, but we should also recognize that animals are not worthy of doting affection outside of what is necessary to properly breed and raise them.

Today's obsession with treating dogs like humans is particularly sickening. People of all ages are willing to claim that they are mentally handicapped in the form of PTSD or some anxiety nonsense that they must have a dog with them at all times, like in a movie theater, a 5-star restaurant, or the hospital. It is insanity reaching appalling levels. To hear grown men state "I'm a dog parent" is one of the cringiest things today. Animal cruelty laws should be stricken off the books as it serves no purpose to be kind to chickens or cows unless it ruins the meat in a serious way. Any person who claims PTSD to get any sort of service animal should be restricted from purchasing guns, joining any sort of serious job like firefighting, and purchasing things like marijuana in the states that it is legal. Those restrictions may seem harsh or unnecessary, but it's the only way to let people know "if you're gonna claim to have mental problems, you'll be treated as such". Call me crazy, or schizo, or whatever. I had plenty of pets growing up, loved all of them, treated them as just another inhabitant of the home, but I always knew they were just creatures that stuck around because it was a nice gig. I got upset when they died, but life goes on, and they are not human, I do not miss any animal the way I miss a great human being like my grandfather.

Thoughts? Also it is my belief that much of this animal worship is being pushed by kiked Disney bullshit in the form of talking animals giving the false impression of sentience to children. Typical tricks.

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t. never had a dog that snuggled up to him all day

I did, what does that matter? I’ve had spiders crawl on my body while I sleep, should I have humanistic empathy towards them?

Women use pets as surrogates for children, that's why they are so coddled.

Whites possess empathy, unlike non-whites, and needless cruelty towards animals is a sure sign of being a subhuman.

The fact that you can't differ from the two shows you're a NPC with psychopathic thoughts.

I'm not reading this jumbled rant. I just came to the thread to say that the Aryan sense of animal ken is innate, instinctual and atavistic, and anyone who doesn't immediately understand what I'm talking about is most assuredly some variety of nigger.

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No, just like how there are laws against hurting other people for no reason, there should also be laws against animal cruelty. There is no line between humans and other animals other than those of language and intelligence. Life should only be ended when it serves the purpose of making room for superior life. (Exterminate mosquitoes and Jews, for example.)

but what about negroes?


White people = treat animals with respect, dignity, and compassion.
Niggers and other sub-humans = all animals are expendable.

Shitavious doesn't like animals especially dogs

What would Hitler say about this thread OP?
You should be ashamed of yourself.

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Your post reads like some stuck up hipster fag shit

Whies are the ONLY race on earth kind to animals ans are the ONLY RACE TO HAVE PETS AS COMPANIONS. So OP is a subhuman. Yes OP you have bug genes. All other races practive cannibalism. Two sure fire ways to know your subhuman is cannibalism and animal cruelty.


you sound like a retard muslim, just remember this ahmed, wild dogs in arab land are crazy because you niggers always kick them.

Its also a sign of being a child who hasn't been taught right from wrong. But yes, subhumans are essentially children.

Spoken like a true nigger OP

Nature abhors you shitskins for a reason.

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I'll sooner kill you before I kill my dog


Sounds like you've never had the experience of a loyal dog sensing when you're in pain and coming to comfort you. Fuck off, Hipsters being cringey faggots about it doesn't mean we can't love and appreciate animal friends

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Holy shit you have the IQ of a nigger. My thoughts are that you should lurk more or gtfo, shill.

Problemo, shlomo?

Don't forget to sage.

Except in the future they won’t differ between the two. You’ll be criticized as a murderer for killing a fly. You clearly don’t realize how the slippery slope actually works

Maybe if Hitler had spent more time cultivating good relationships with Papa Joe rather than worrying about dogs he wouldn’t have lost?

Have fun serving lower beings, like we do with niggers :)

The problem with this retarded board is that people see pictures of Nazis with dogs and automatically assume

Just look at the retards here

As if they were some sort of retarded right wing redditors. But the NSDP UNCONDITIONALLY LOVING ANIMALS is far from the truth, the NSDP loved animals, sure, but they saw them as workhorse companions. The moment the animal was unfit to serve, painless euthanasia was the answer. Domesticated dogs and cats were bread to work for us or with us, not to be surrogate sons, daughters or friends.

Due to how heavily industrialized cities have become, as well as modern day pet companies becoming so increasingly kiked, even right leaning people have begun to see animals as fur babies due to all the marketing hype. It also doesn't help that western countries for the most part have some absurd divorce rates as well, meaning some kids grew up with what would have been viewed in the old days as an unhealthy relationship with an animal. Unfortunately this also means that our animal companions are suffering too, they're growing up to be fur covered man children for a lack of better words. Just like industrialization has become a dysgenic nightmare for humans, so it has for our work companions.

Some dog breeds are actually forgetting how to herd sheep, other breeds of dogs have been domesticated so thoroughly they actually run away from home intruders. ANIMALS ARE NOT YOUR FUR BABIES YOU COLOSSAL FAGGOTS. ANIMALS ARE MEANT TO WORK THE FIELDS, GUARD AGAINST INTRUDERS AND WORK TO EARN THEIR KEEP FOR THEIR MASTERS. They are tools, and just like any tool should be properly maintained and disposed of when it becomes irreparable or irredeemable.

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Fix'd that typo, god dammit.

Cruelty for cruelty sake should never be condoned. You lost me there op. But pet worship via this “Fur Baby” culture needs to stop. In old Tom and Jerry cartoons the dog called his owner “master” today it would be “daddy.” We went for the dog being seen as a beloved servant of the family to a equal or greater member of the family. We should discourage women from pet ownership in favor or raising a family.

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Didn't bother reading much any of that, what does OP have against animals?

While I disagree that animal cruelty laws should be removed, I 100% agree that our society has a sick obsession with treating animals as they were people. Animals are animals. If you are unable to train your animal for a purpose (Guard dog, hunting/tracking aid, pest control) then you should not be permitted to have an animal. If you own a dog for """animal companionship""" and within six months are unable to demonstrate that your animal can sit, heel, fetch, lie down, or sic, on command, then you should be stripped of that animal because it's a net negative to society. Doesn't matter if you're wealthy, doesn't matter if you're poor, doesn't matter if you're a retarded faggot that """needs""" to pet an animal to """feel""" good. Fuck you.

A cat could be kept for pest control in barns and not be allowed near pregnant women and children due to toxoplasmosis.

Chickens are actually outstanding animals if you have children or want to start a family because if you let them roam your yard they search for and eat ticks from your grass, nevermind the eggs.

If you want an adorable animal keep a rabbit, but remember to eat it when it gets old. Also rabbit fur is pretty legit for doing things with.

There is no reason you should strike or hurt animals though. It (allegedly) causes the meat to sour due to stress chemicals, and overall is a very jewish thing to do to another creature. 5/10 post OP.

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sage for double post

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This, unfortunately I myself am a dog owner but don't live in a farm and slightly contributed to the problem. While my dogs are spayed and neutered, as I grew older I noticed how much work it is to keep them healthy. My animals are small herder types and if I don't play with them for at least an hour a day they'll start nipping strangers on the heels.I can't castigate or reprimand them for this, nor should I, they're doing what they're bred to do. But it does make me sad that I doomed them unintentionally into a life of being glorified fur babies. The good thing is that they're now pretty old now, so it's only a matter of time until they kick the bucket peacefully.

Caring about animals more then your fellow man is about the gayest thing you can ever do

Correct. Lots of people saying Animals are only good if of use to humans as workers, thats pretty shameful - they are only good to be in human care if of use to humans should be the statement. Nature and natural law are rule #1 to being an Aryan man.

Reconstitution of nature and the wild is definitely a goal of the ethnoglobe, obviously a lot of the interactions with modern pets can be seen as part of the sickness of detachment from nature as well as filling human needs with pets.

I think OP is completely missing the mark and inducing his hatred of modern degeneracy onto nature, its a symbiosis with nature that we seek - you would know this if you had any real experience with animals.

I have two highland bulls, six horses, four sheep, 30 holsteins, lots of chickens, three dogs. My two year old has more knowledge than OP who probably has a cat and an apartment in some shit degenerate city and thinks he can talk about nature.

My animals are my livelihood and provide for my family, i would protect them as an extension of my family - they are not pets though. Its funny because the community here is so far detached from these issues.

I share my fields for grazing with my neighbors, we watch over each others animals, all the kids play together and go to school together - the issues are just non existent when you live off the land. Anons get the fuck out of the cities.

sage for faggotry

a. OP's a soulless fucking chink
b. bait thread

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Yes, you should.

You sound like an unbelievable faggot

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Never expected a supposed farmer to be this fucking cucked. Tell me cuckboy, of what use to you would be a corgi who can't herd sheep or cattle around? Of what use would a Border Collie who can't herd sheep around and bring to you materials, or carry them for you? Of what use would be a Rottweiler who runs away from intruders and cries for his master? Animals were not domesticated to be personal companions, they might have been mutated into such via aberrations such as the Pug, and toy breeds. But even those dogs exhibit behaviors and needs of them having to work, whether it's artificially via playing fetch, tug of war or roughing up small dolls. If you fail to see this you are beyond cucked by modernity and should really introspect the current relationship you have with your work animals.

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Currently spamming /qresearch/ with fuck loads of gore, come join the party.


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I know you are jealous and have no chance of getting a family and some land, you can do it, its called hard work and perseverance.

Your hollow existence will be as hollow as your death, the only regret you will have is forgetting to clear your internet history and burn down your apartment so all those times you acted holier than thou and superior were for naught as the staggering levels of degeneracy found within make the Wiemar republic blush and shame even your most promiscuous mother.


you sound like the next Zig Forums spree killer, tbh.

The cuck won't answer your question nor engage you because deep down he knows it's true. Specially if he's a farmer, this means it's an uncomfortable reality he willfully pretends is fake.

fuck off kike faggot your opinion is expendable.
sage for slide

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It is outright fucking absurd to me how downhill this board has gone. What the goddamn fuck happened to attract people like this to Zig Forums? There is no question in my mind that OP is some variant of shitskin or mutt and doesn't belong on this board.

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Can you read? my exact words;

Non domesticated animals are just as important though in sustaining nature and ecosystems, i dont care about some faggy little rat-dog in some cunts handbag - she needs a strong man and children then that breed will just cease to exist.

You faggot made the first mistake right from the start by saying "dogs are good pets".

No, they are not "pets". They are workanimals that grow bored and bold when they don't get put to work in a hierarchy. I would never have a dog as a pet like a faggot furparent or whatever these urban dogowners call themselfs on twitter.

The whole Petculture is our problem.
people like this

who keep an animal that uses its tonge as toilet paper around for emotional support because they don't get it from other humans, usualy because they are realy aweful people no one wants to be around.

It's such a shame this thread filled up with shitposters, and reddit tier posters. To be fair OP's take was a very hot one, hen he implied anti cruelty laws should be completely nullified. However he is still inherently correct, animals shouldn't have full extent of human rights. Animals shouldn't be glorified fur babies like modernity is pigeon holing them.

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Niggers are SOUL-LESS animals. Dogs have souls. That is the difference.


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Likewise, human children brought into the world without purpose are the victims of abuse from negligence.

Ratdog/deformed puglike abominations can be claimed to be useful by those who suffer PTSD as the OP pointed out. You cannot be vague about this shit, animals were domesticated as tools, whether you like the sound of the expression or not. Just like any tools you have to properly maintain it and dispose of it once it's of no use. Having emotional connections to these tools instead of the members of your own community is deleterious in almost every single way.

< literally anti aryan
Kill yourself yid. Go back to your desert cult and their kosher/halal torture fetish.

Refer here.

I never said don’t respect nature, we shouldn’t burn the forests and destroy the oceans with shit, but we kill animals by the millions every day. Are you going to mince words over how it’s done?

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Good lord how fucking sad is that? How starved for attention are you? Fucking pathetic.

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Who said anything about killing your animal that you own? You’d kill a person over an animal, how empty are you? Someone who has a family and friends and thoughts. You’re no better than antifa

It was an answer to another Hitler post, because you Zig Forumsacks have a hero-worship for Hitler despite the fact that he had plenty of flaws and wasn’t right about every little thing. If the holocaust didn’t happen then he was wrong for not doing so yeah?

Exactly right, pets can be constructive, but they are not your brother or your sister, or even your extended family. How many people here on Zig Forums have shunned a family member but give some dog all the attention in the world?

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, how guilt-ridden and paralyzed are you by your own emotions that you won’t smack a spider without thought? It’s not worthy of human decency, the world is cruel on the little things, they thrive and die all the same though. How many ants have you stepped on today?

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I never said you couldn’t love an animal, if you had read the OP you would realize that was all stated. Animals are tools or food, clearly you use them as an emotional crutch. A man deals with his upset, ennui, and pain through mental fortitude and strength of will, not by hugging some dog that will never talk to you.

no fucking shit: the thread
what we need is for females to have that same amount of rights. what is with this normie shit??

Everything is expendable at some point, like you and your family is expendable before my cat and dog friends are.

Of course, i completely agree its actually in my opinion cruelty to keep animals for anything other than work. We bred them to work, they fucking love it its in their DNA to wrangle sheep and alert for dangers/strangers.

The idea that people neuter animals and keep them locked in their houses to cuddle with is what the animal cruelty laws should be working against. I hate the idea of zoos even.

PTSD and animal relief i dunno that sounds totally subjective bullshit that is the wrong way to attack the issue, nature will always have a wholesome impact on the Aryan people, being cut off from it living in a concrete hellscape is probably a lot more detrimental to wellbeing.

If a major famine or disaster occurs and food supplies run out, you will eat a dog or a human to survive. Do you know nothing of the Holodomer or the potato famine. Natural selection is about who will adapt to survive their surroundings. I’ll eat you if I must. If you’d rather kill yourself than survive please do, take one for the team.

Really? Niggers can elocute their ideas in a clear and precise way? I had no idea, crazy world huh?

It is very clear to me that you have never seen a vagina since the day you popped out of one and your parents never gave you any attention which explains the attention whoring. Post a picture of your skin, I am 100% certain you're a filthy subhuman mutt.

I don’t see any real response to any of the ideas mentioned above. It’s all ad hominem, are you sure you don’t need to lurk moar? How shill infested is this place really? Zig Forums was always about being the crucible of truth, and dogs will be expendable if disaster ever strikes. We may get a litter of puppies and keep one for later uses only to eat the rest

-Hermann Göring himself

Only subhumans act and feel otherwise and as subhumans they will be treated.

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you fuck off and read the op retard. sage

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Right, that statement applies to non-owned animals though. Will you not kill a deer for food? How is a deer any different from a dog. It is a graceful creature that will not be domesticated by you. It is stronger and more admirable than a dog already.

He must live in Cali.

Look at this scummy little creep trying to worm his way out of this. Post a picture of your skin you nasty ass mentally retarded mutt.

Funny, Herrmann was a sellout, he did not treat his trial with the utmost contempt that it deserved, he did not take his life with the rest of the high command, yet you venerate his statements, plus I thought people weren’t killed in concentration camps, did the holocaust happen or not?

Jews have always been for animal rights. To be for animal rights is to follow a Jewish tradition.

More ad hominem, do you not know how argument works? Tell me how a dog is anymore valuable than a fish in the ocean or a ladybug on a leaf. You can’t other than speaking of their use to humans. It’s all about how you use the animal, not about what they actually feel.

Prove me wrong faggot

Fuck you dirty kikes

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Shitskin confirmed.

Also as usual the Jews are all about killing them “kosherly” while telling others not to do so. Typical tricks again

Still no argument, lurk moar. This is Zig Forums not /b/

What kind of braindead idiot thinks that the truth of some statement is somehow diminished by later deeds of the person who said it? Your parents were siblings or something?
Jesus, the stupidity. You aware that camps were used as regular punishment, where inmates worked, spent time they were supposed to and then released?
No, it did not.

Exactly opposite is true though, pic related. You are a fucking moron. Animal welfare and generally friendly approach to the nature is wholly European thing.

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Why would someone just come and post blatant lies?

Y'all like shit?

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How does it feel to be exposed as a repulsive brown skinned abomination?

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Why are we paying good money for useless bums when they can fish or eat the strays? If they do something in the name of survival that isn’t killing humans for money or leeching of the system, I say they’re better for it.

No, killing animals for the sake of it is a practise that satanists work hardly on.
OP should follow his cults and sacrifice himself immediately

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Who said I want to kill animals for the sake of it? Why are you making that up? I said people should be allowed to kill un-owned dogs for food. Sounds like just another day on the planet earth. The weak are meat, and the strong do eat

You've never been laid.

Yeah it is diminished by later actions, does the phrase “showing your true colors” mean nothing to you? You seem mad though, perhaps picking up some dog shit will make you feel better?