It's time to try this again

It gets shoah'd every time, so we know this place is kiked. But since I last posted this simple idea, our opposition apparently saw it, and did it instead. They're even making money on it to purchase weapons and ammo against us. This is why /pol sucks sometimes. Infighting, and other bullshit (mods) kill all good ideas before they get off the ground. And then our enemies adopt them (failing to achieve the full potential, but doing it anyway), and we're stuck reacting to our own unrealized strategies.
I suggest we organize our dox. A deck for the street minions (Antifa). A deck for the journos and ACL tier subverters. One for the Academia scam. One for Pedowood Propagandists. One for the Politicians. A deck for the Global Handlers. And a deck for the speculated hidden Family Bloodlines. Etc. Some decks can possibly be merged, like Academia and Entertainment.
This is all designed off the card decks they gave the troops in the ME during the first Iraq shitshow. And it really irks me that the commie faggots who lurk this place took this simple idea, and beat us to it (4th pic)
Can we organize anything on this board anymore, or have we truly been rendered toothless by derailing shills?

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Bump for good idea non kike first post

People putting trumpstein and his cadre of jews and jew servants on Saddam-style playing aren't "our opposition". You want to put your life on the line for the zionists who wrecked your civilization [well, it's not "yours" because you're posting from Tel Aviv] you feel free to do that somewhere else.

Stop being a faggot, and look to the nuance, nigger.
The point is THEY took the idea and applied while faggots like you sat on your thumbs, seeking for the one tiny crack to exploit, and then talk shit.
Not an argument. Never was. Never will be.
Make the fucking dox. Make the fucking decks, you worthless nigger.

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I am looking at the nuance. It's you who aren't. The reason why people are "sitting on their thumbs" is because they don't like you, they don't want any more of your agenda, and they want you gone. No one is ever going to get anything out of you and your kind but catastrophic declines in quality of life, endless war, and endless social terrorism. And then you point to the social terrorists you've cultivated, the same ones that just 15, 20 years ago you were railing against us for accepting, and tell us they are now the problem because they don't want your forever war, either.

You gave it a shot. You peddled some great bullshit in 2016. A lot of people bought it just like all that stock was bought back. But no one is buying it anymore. Sink.

Simplify it to a deck of redpill cards colorcoded to categories like MtG cards.

Just do it yourself. What contribution do you even need from nu/pol/? All you need is graphic work and money to print the shit.

Of course, we don't do this without totally rocking our ebic may may steeze on every card. (pic somewhat related)

Stop being such a fucking nigger, sperging on your own retarded "DRUMPF!" strawman. Hell, put Trump on one of the kike cards if you want, dipshit. Instead your shaking your tiny, limp wristed fist at the sky. You look fucking foolish, faggot. You aren't arguing in good faith. You aren't adding anything of worth to the discussion. This makes you highly questionable. Maybe it is YOU whom are the kike, attempting, once again, to derail the better ideas this board attempts to formulate and expand upon?
Run along, jew. You propose nothing of value. You have no worth. You are destructive. You have no power here.
You're filtered.

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Because it's a MASSIVE effort just to organize the information and dox, smooth brain. This will only happen with a group effort to organize such an undertaking. But you know this.
You're here to blackpill.
Cue the flood of "NUH-UH!" niggers who offer NOTHING but destruction and demoralization to descend upon this thread, this board, and our Volk.
If you don't want to contribute, fine, but keep your shit talking to yourself too. Fuck you, you lazy, retarded, shit talking ape.

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4th pic
Do any such graphics exist now?
Are we playing with a full deck to start off?
Zig Forums used to have a shit ton of graphics anons are any left anymore?

that's what I'm getting at. We need a project to gather around in solidarity again. Attract some oldfags back to get some work done. If any anons can think of something better than this, please share.
I'm concerned that we have become weary and demoralized right when there is very much room to strike.
Our enemies are bedraggled. We can't give up now. The attempted subversion of these boards is a last gasp in the propaganda war. We can not succumb to these flimsy attacks. They have nothing left.
Keep pushing. Strike while it's hot.
Load this thread up with dox, so the drawfags have something to work with.

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Oldfags aren't coming back because they aren't interested in zionism.

So, you're sticking with your retarded "DRUMPF!" strawman to the bitter end then, kike vermin?
Fine asshole. Keep sitting on your thumbs, faggot. Keep trying to blackpill and demoralize our Volk. Keep talking shit on obviously good ideas without an actual argument.
You have exposed yourself, nigger. You've said your nonsense three times now to no avail. No one is listening to you arrogant whining, bitch. You have no power here. Go the fuck away, neanderkike faggot.

Holy shit take your meds faggot. Good luck finding people to collaborate with you when every suggestion is met with your paranoid rambling.
It’s not nearly as difficult as you’re making it out to be. You’re just a lazy nigger. In fact I’m now stealing this idea and am going to produce a result which will be better than whatever schizoid Terry-tier garbage you would have come up with.

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Ok kike.
Talking nigger shit on good ideas, and saying nothing but "nuh-uh!" aren't suggestions, you gaslighting faggot.
You won't do shit, you lazy nigger. That's why you're trying to tear this idea down to begin with, glowing faggot.
You don't possess the IQ to even add to the discussion here, niggerbrain. You're blatant negative perspective isn't conducive to problem solving, nor creative adaptation. You don't even have any artistic talent, do you nigger?
There it is again. You fucking kikes glow with your set patterns of vocabulary and speech that you project onto your Superiors. You're far too stupid to even figure this out, let alone offer anything of value to anyone on this board.
Keep kvetching, you worthless nigger.
Post more useless shit now.

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Here's a suggestion. Internet-themed suits.
You got the Suit of Upvotes for democratic uniparty stooges like AOC and Clinton. The Suit of Hashtags for normalfags, play-pretend normalfags and retarded colourbind boomers. The Suit of (You)s so the anti-Trump crowd has a suit to put all the Kushner types in, and the Suit of Calarts Faces for tranny shills and antifags. For the last one, alternatively use the Suit of Discords for trannies, even though I think that sort of makes the (You) suit redundant anyway.

It's autistic newfags on redpill overdose like yourself, that drove the oldfags away in the first place.

Forgot pic.

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If it wasn't about zionism, OP wouldn't have been pushing Trump's enemies as "our opposition" when he started the thread. You're a zionist kike from israel, just like he is. You want the focus on the symptoms, not the root cause. You have a less compelling case than literal anarchist and communist gangs because the people you want to rally know what you have in store for them – they've had decades of it already. So they sit it out. Do it yourself, kike.

fucking epic idea! How about the BlueCheckmarks?
We could use a deck for our Saints and Heroes too. Swastikas, Sonnenrads, Fashtags, and Hortlers!

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Thanks again for the idea faggot.

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Shut the fuck up, kike. You started with a pathetic strawman that was easily dealt with, and, like a kvetching kike, you pretend like you weren't BTFOd, and just keep on pushing your bullshit.
Fuck off, white nigger.
You aren't going to effect anything here but more ire for your kind, faggot.
Keep it coming. You can't help yourself, yid. You are the fuel to our Rising Fire.

You're a useless nigger. You won't do shit but continue to bitch and talk ineffective shit. Keep proving me right, niggers. You have nothing to offer on purpose. You are parasites to all of humanity. Never stop until we stop you. Make it worth our effort, fags. Go play with your pee pee, Schlomo.

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Yep. That's the best you got now. You're done here, nigger. Go play with someone's balls, faggot.
Thank you very much for continually bumping this thread, dipshit.

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Wind them up, and watch them glow!
I think we broke them, anons. THIS is the best they have to throw at this board now after anyone of actual intelligence either quit, switched allegiance to our undeniable truth, or just offed themselves in the back lost during lunch break.
These niggers here are slated for the latter option of egress from this self imposed misery.

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Of course it's the trannyposter.

Keep 'em coming, nigger. You're only proving my point for me, you dumb faggot. You idiots have nothing left.
We're going to come drag you from your rat holes, and string you up. Just keep pushing until it's an undeniable, and necessary course of action against your constant, ancient, assault.

The height of our opposition, anons. We have whittled them down to THIS!
I can't wait till they get REAL frustrated, and justify what comes next.
We better have our Deck of Imminent Threats ready by then!

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It isn't natural in-fighting, user. Kike shills and their glownigger pets are doing everything they can to prevent anyone from discussing anything worthwhile. Any actual good threads are deleted because of the vols being infiltrated and deleting anything worth discussing.

Who do you actually speak for nigger? You are not any kind of authority on here. So fuck off with your bullshit.

If everyone on the ziokike deck got killed, I wouldn't give a fuck.

It has been painfully underused since Drimwolf Drumplestein ascended to the throne and everyone became 5x more of a retarded hands-sitter. I don't expect any of you faggots to actually contribute, but maybe OP can scrape some info off the site if he isn't too much of a retarded ape.

I agree. Thanks for your sterile opinion, nigger. You got anything of actual value to offer?

I know it, user. I have the plague of pattern recognition. I see these fuckers glowing all over the boards. The mods are kiked now too. That's why I believe an organized tool to keep our "threats" on the table in front of us is going to be of great use very soon.

Thank you, user. This is what I'm talking about. The first phase of this thread (after BTFOing the kike shills) is gathering and organizing the dox. After breaking them into respective categories, the artfags get in on it. I'll try to keep my ape fingers inside the ride at all times.
I'm surprised there's no one left around here with quick archives of half this information already formatted and ready to apply?

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But it's the "Boomers" that's the problem.

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I unironically agree with the deck they made though, id consider the trump jewish admin to be the top of the deck, and the liberal jewish opfor to be the bottom of the deck…


The best part is faggots like that will call you a glownigger if you suggest doing anything other than votecucking.

have an upvote fren, they're the worst


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Most of those people aren't even French wtf.
Barely half are even European.
What is happening to my homeland !?!


Sounds great, but do we have any anons autistic enough to make a list + relevant details to be put on a deck? (I suppose that's a rhetorical question seeing what site I'm on)

What do you mean make? You mean there's people who don't already have a multiple terrabtye db they update daily? Fucking amateurs. is a pedophile board to raid

actually a really good idea. a deck with pizzagate would be really easy with all kinds of great graphics from alafantis's instgram and even some of the unknowns listed in the podesta emails and in the Instagram cmnts.
The hard part is distribution or how to get a bunch of decks and distribute them or to get people to buy them. Maybe make a deck and send it to some organizations that will kvetch and report on it, and then maybe it will inspire others to print off their own set

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Bump. How's this project coming along, OP? I think I should have a bit of time this weekend to toss around ideas ITT. Here's some food for thought: most graphic arts professionals are stinking, indoctrinated art school leftists in my experience. Can we find we locate a based print shop that will run "enemies of Western Civilization" card decks that feature the Rothschilds and Soros? Also, what about distribution? What business will have the balls to sell them? They would probably weather attacks on their livelyhood, or worse. Perhaps it would be best to just distribute them among redpilled people in the area like local fascist and nationalist groups. Or were you thinking to simply upload files to and allow anons to print them out on their laser printers on 8.5x11" printer paper? Horrible optics, imo. Would look like a manchild fedora tipper's infantile arts and crafts project, like those mouthbreathers that cut and pasted pepes on an ill-fitting suitjacket and donned their finest trillby to go out in public and hurt our reputation. It would be seriously epic to have professional quality decks of cards circulating around the globe. Would probably keep some kikes up at night.