Anyone Want To Talk About Covington?

I interrupt your daily nazi shitposting to remind everyone that Nicholas Sandmann, the MAGA hat wearing Covington Catholic kid, who has attempted to sue the Washington Post for blatant libel and slander, has had his case dismissed by a federal judge. I have not seen any threads on this and want to know if any of y'all are remotely concerned that massive media companies worth hundreds of millions of dollars can knowingly lie about their political enemies, while the government prevents anyone from defending themselves from said media. It seems like massive evil media outlets and free speech are things we should all be concerned about… dare I say its a bit more important than the "Why are gypsies such subhuman retards" thread.

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Im not concerned go back to sleep goy

Understandable. Have a nice day.

I think it's ridiculous and another example that the government is no longer serving the interests of the public and perhaps a case can be made in court before we attempt to exercise our constitutional right to usurp power and start over.

The board tends to take a dim view of nigger lovers and christianity in general.

Create webnews site.
Write hundreds of opinion articles on how the judge and lawyers in this case are a child rapists and an illegal immigrant smugglers.
Cite "anonymoose sources".
It will be protected as "opinion" lol.

Nothing surprising. Justice comes from the barrel of a gun.

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Like the court that just dismissed the case entirely by claiming the Washington Post is free to say anything if it is an """opinion peice"""?

Nobody mentioned niggers and everyone hates gypsies. There are gypsies in my extended family and I hate them all.

Pic related

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Great point, but frankly the government is at fault here perhaps even more than the press, given it was a government appointed judge who dismissed the legal case, so I can't say I think the answer is some sort of nationalized populist yet totalitarian press.

I mentioned nigger lovers, and so did you. Your thread is about Covington Catholic. Nigger lovers.

We have to make them deny our rights on paper before we can assert the right to usurp and expect critically thinking people to accept it's the only way

The government isn't at fault at all. You just have a very dimwitted and naive view of what government is.

I don't follow.

There is/was already a thread. And no, no one gives a shit that (((Sandmann))) couldn’t win 50 million fuckin dollars because the media slandered him. I’ll take 50 mil to let CNN talk shit about me from here to kingdom come.

You actually think the law is applied evenly?

How is a GOVERNMENT JUDGE not at fault for dismissing a perfectly valid court case?

I used the search function and found nothing about this most recent turn of events. And this is bigger than just money.

what is it with people STILL waking up to this? do you not understand the history of the federal government? educate yourself before posting again. the feds have been the sole attacker of White Americans for over a century. we haven't had a voice or advocate for the same amount of time. ffs what is the use of this place if no one is taking the most blatantly obvious elephant-sized red pill of all??

you are a massive disappointment

Covington is a shithole so is the surrounding area.

You should stop thinking in terms of institutions. The government and the media are just as good as the people who control them. And right now they're controlled by schizophrenic zionists. That's why they must be destroyed at all costs.

Relax dude. Its better to wake up late than never.

It's not valid, though. This is why I said you're dimwitted and naive. You think it's valid because you're a dimwit that thinks you have "rights" and a government exists to protect these "rights". After all, someone wrote it on a piece of paper. That means it's true. You believe this because you're a dimwit.

In reality, a government exists to carry out the interests of the power centers who fund and own it. Those power centers don't like you. They know you aren't organized. They know you're weirdo nigger lovers who for some reason get mad when niggers don't like you but keep coming back for more. They know you're never going to stop supporting and endless upward flow of money to the same people you whine about, as long as some good rhetoric convinces you you're in the club, too. They know you're never going to stop supporting the foreign war White male meat grinder racket.

So really, what they have in you is an unorganized, powerless dupe who supports every part of their agenda except the part where you play the role of the rube/foil domestically to deflect away from their entrenched position. There's literally no downside to "abusing" you because no matter how much they do it, you keep looking for the same government to "correct" it.

Then what the fuck are you? Anarchist?

Talking with you is even more pointless than I had previously assumed.

I mean. I have some guy sitting here ranting about the fundamental concepts of government being flawed then not having the patience to explain what his solution is. Not my fault we aren't getting here.

It's PR campaign. You have to build support before you strike or it's all wasted effort. Too many people are not awake so you have to operate at a realm they understand before you can introduce the truth they would otherwise reject

Thank op. Didn’t know wtf was going on with this.
But op, why no archive link?
10/10 for idea.
4/10 for execution.

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The US has really lax laws on libel/slander. It is nothing like the UK where you can someone a retard and be sued to oblivion.

Why do we care about a ZOGbot or his brainwashed viewpoints?

I am a newfag. 4/10 is generous.

Daily reminder the us, eu, russia, china and pissrael are "colluding" and any politics you see is a feint. The nwo is already old, it's all a commie business to ease nations into more graduated acceptance of it's dominion. The aryan man is being erased every day while you shitpost and larp your entire ancestry down a demonic drain.

That's correct. It's the same reason kikes shilled about Syria "gassing" children. It's specific wording designed to develop a legal case. Anyone who didn't know that should lurk moar (80-90% of the board).

This is not a conservatard board, newfag.

jews always get away with treating minorities like shit.

Don't worry Trump is going to protect his actual supporters, instead of niggers, and open those libel laws up.

the nose says that he is a kike.

Should be a law against asking for such retarded amounts of money

From "The Hill":
Sandmann's suit characterized the Post's coverage as libelous. The judge, however, cited case law that the statements made in the stories on Sandmann must be "more than annoying, offensive or embarrassing." Instead, the judge found, the statements must expose the party - in this case Sandmann - to public hatred, contempt and ridicule.

So the judge was a 80+year old relic or a activist because if Sandman was certainly subjected to the former, then he was most assuredly subjected to the latter. They need to refile using the judges own standard which is EASILY proved! Just have the team go around and interview progressives even today, and all the hatred, contempt, and ridicule in the world could be proved!

It's a conservative OP, actual newfag. Fucking faggot.

Get the fuck out back to reddit u nigger

This was a rather good analisys of the situation, also it could be reversed on appeal.

Thank you! I will look into this.

I am more concerned that the same shitty situations keep playing with different names and slightly different circumstances and nobody has figured out yet that it is all just fodder to fill your mind and stop you from realizing that this whole reality is not real, it is all lies, these things have not happened and the implications of them are… none. wake the fuck up dickweed.

Catholics and their unrelenting urge to love niggers. Lurk

You're right, user. This shit is just propaganda and fear based mind control to neuter the mind. Cower before the nonwhites or be reprimanded, goy.

about that photo, nearby, to the right a bit, is a kike. he was running the whole show. call him “indian mario”, a short fat faggot jew. he had a drum. it’s blatant, once you know how the kikes operate. i tell of this, but all are deaf. nobody listens.

post a source, faggot

God I wish torpedoes couldn't post here

can’t waste mobile internet! he’s in the videos. he’s super short and has a drum and retarded earrings. he’s running the whole show!!!

Kid was literally the victim of racism and harrasment and the media and verified journalists still bashed him and even called for violence against him. Redpilled allot of normie whites that even when you're the victim you will still be the bad guy simply cause the color of your skin. He stood there calmly and just smirked while being harrassed. It pissed off leftists cause they hate seeing someone not immediately bow down and start kissing the brown man's feet like they would have.

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Didn't these kike judges give that Daily Stormer fag a fine of several million dollars? I am always bewildered when the corrupt in the judiciary makes itself known. For some reason, I still expect them - of all people - to show some honor.

Catholics and kikes have worked hand in hand for over a century now. I mean fuck white people right? Fuck those evil white protestants!

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Alhambra Decree. Prot.

He's trying to derail the thread like the last one.

the judge dismissing the case is a fucking idiot

ITS never too late to follow your dreams.

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christians are fine, its the churches that support mongrels that are the problem

the kike in control of directionless soulless phillips

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It's ridiculously absurd, but the only Allowed Narrative™ here is that he's a jew and you're not supposed to talk in any kind of favor for anything that accused jews do, or defend them from any blatant acts of tyranny. Gotta keep that internet hate machine running, so that G*d's Chosen People™ can be eternal victims.

Seriously though, it's fucking bullshit. The amount of power media has is ridiculous. It's obviously because the same cabal who owns the media is also in bed with the justice department, but that makes it no less absurdly tyrannical. It's also an event that shows the ridiculously obvious bias twitter has. They'll always claim they're a "private company" and use "muh corporate domain!" or some other excuse to de-platform anyone they want, while simultaneously upholding "muh free speech" when confronted with obvious bullying like in pic related.

All in all, I feel bad for the kid. He's just standing up for what he believes in, and is getting royally shit on, fucked over, and then spit on after it's all said and done with nobody to actually stand up for him.

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First post, kike post.

I think this is the judge, feel free to double check for yourself

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/shrug ??!!?!

infowars larps only exist to get shutdown

what is this 1999 ?

You were expecting anything different? Until you are ready to do what is necessary nothing will change. You don't have to go funz blazing. Just quietly make some people and their families disappear. People will learn eventually. You have to make your own justice now. That's the reality of the situation.

This post is simply an analysis and not an incitement to violence.

This does not surprise me in the least. On a side note, imagine if the Democrats spent as much time and money on advancing Native Americans as they do with propping up niggers and importing spics? The kikes would never do it because that would diminish their influence vs people who often have an attachment to the land.

Even Hitler conceded that true power comes not from the barrel of a gun but the polls.

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Goyim lives don’t matter

Hitler did not live in the 21st century West.

This. We can't pretend that we're living in German in the 1930s. We need to operate within the situation we find ourselves.

Gays, trannies and blacks get paid millions for being called a name one time to their face while being the one inciting argument, this kid got group mobbed hated by massive corporations for simply smiling and being White when a injun and some violent acting blacks tried to threaten and intimidate him. This current (((government))) is not on your side if you new fags needed any more proof.

This was 100% conspiring between media and leftwing terrorist to commit child abuse and threatening murder against a White kid for being White but, look at what law enforcement doing instead. Spying and honeypotting on this 1950s vintage fan collectors board.

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really, we must accept that the situation is impossible. whiteness must become an underground network. christianity survived in the catacombs, whiteness must survive by cunning as well.

Nick Sandmann is a fucking kike

Imagine believing this

Literal kike

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Sandmann is literally the Rosa Parks of our generation

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They will win in their appeal to a higher court. Fuck off retard.

That's not how civil suits work

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He's unironicly a greater civil rights icon than rapist/plagiarist MLK

courts are designed to keep citizens at each other's throats and to allow multi-million dollar corporations to legally put people into indentured servitude. they only work for one side, and it's (((them))). that's why for 3 years our president and his leadership has been under threat of 'impeachment' via kangaroo court that gets stonewalled. As long as you have billions of dollars, you can have the law work in your favor(going against other multi-million dollar corporations). Sandman never had a chance, which is sad.

Nigger jews were the ones going around starting shit, like usual.

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The Sandmann family plans to appeal Bertelsman's ruling, according to a statement sent to The Enquirer by Nick's attorneys, Todd McMurtry and L. Lin Wood.

The January encounter led to threats lobbed at Nick, who would later appear on national television to say he felt he'd done nothing wrong.

“I believe fighting for justice for my son and family is of vital national importance," said Nick's father, Ted Sandmann, in a statement. "If what was done to Nicholas is not legally actionable, then no one is safe.”

But David Marburger, a Cleveland-based attorney who spent decades representing various media outlets, agreed with the ruling, saying he questioned the validity of Nick's claim from the outset.

"As a libel lawyer, I thought his claims were quite weak," Marburger said, "so it’s renewed confidence in the judiciary that the judge would dismiss this case … by applying the settled law to the allegedly libelous publication. And rule in favor of the press."

Nick and his attorneys had alleged that the gist of The Washington Post's first article conveyed that Nick had assaulted or physically intimidated Nathan Phillips and engaged in racist conduct.

nobody gives a shit, fuck trump

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