Muslim woman wearing a niqab shouts 'shame on all of you despicable

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Based Invaders
pew pew

This is what "conservatives" want to conserve, in case any one hasn't figured it out by now. The atomizing sterility of faggot culture is a boon to entrenched capital.

I fucking hate faggots

What country is this? US? UK?


No sound. Filmed with ancient technology.

And they hate you, too. "Love wins!" Implying that we, non-fags, don't love or know what love is.

If all immigrants were like her, the west wouldn't be doomed to degeneracy.

Britbong here. The sad part of all this is that this Muslim woman probably has a few kids, and I'd bet some serious money that her sons are basically Arab whiggers and her daughters are probably irreligious skanks who have Jamaican boyfriends.,

America depending on retard Islams for sense of dignity.

They don't (honor) kill them there?

Is Scotland just as fucked as London with pakis?

It's no worse then depending on jews

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Daily Fail, in the video…does she sound Muslim? She has an English accent, but IDK.

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I thought Muslims were higher up on the victim pyramid then faggots?


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Jews want gay fags and Muslims to start fighting. Mere distractions. OY VEY! And don't forget about the 6 million! ISRAEL needs US aid!

Anyone with a twitter account? Start posting vid. on gay fags accounts.

So when do Arabs and whites finally unite against degeneracy?

We were fine with mudpeople for centuries before the kikes started getting jealous and wouldnt shut the fuck up about 6 gorillion dead kikes

Here's the video with sound.

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Adam & Steve…
never gets old tbh.
Taylor Swift needs to tell muslims to calm the fuck down

Maybe Mudslims aren't so bad.

Muslims need to learn to respect sexual diversity!

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It would have been funnier if he had responded with "same to you lady" and also been charged with a hate crime.

She got it right. Waifu material. Maybe time to convert bois.

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Yeah it looks like this
Homos Muslims
All the normal goyim

Take away Homos and Muslims and you end up with reality, Jews v Goyim.

You know what they're calling mentally unstable people? Neurodiversity or neurodiverse.

Dumb fuck. That's why christian religion "semitic" expelled jews more than 360 times not counting the local explusions which adds up to more than a thousand the last two thousand years.

Also ask any muslim about jews and what they think of them. You dumb fuck. Jews literally got chased away from small towns in Europe since muslims moved there. Even made it to the news. They might use Muslims as weapons to annihilate the white race. But muslims hate Jews way more than white hate jews.

Fuck, Im sick of idiots posting.

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I saw we all start wearing garbage bags/islam veils and do the same as her. I bet they aren't even looking for her to charge her with a crime.

The democrats have cobbled a coalition together that is fundamentally and obviously untenable. Watching it blow to pieces would be amusing if the ruinous consequences of their idiocy didn't threaten the very fabric of civilization.

I bet that "muslim" woman is a white convert who loved the idea of hiding behind a veil so she could become a moral tyrant. kek. Is she a ginger?

This is the literal definition of an invasion. A foreign, hostile people come into your lands and tell you to adapt to them. Tell you how you can and can't behave.

She is an arab. They all are. Westerner's aren't stupid enough to convert to Islam unless there is a knife at their throat.


The fags or Islam? or both?

I bet all 3 are jews because if you want to bomb Iran you need left wing support. If you want left wing support you have to divide their loyalties, yes they want muslims to help destroy white britain in a trotskyite manner but they are also mainly atheist because imaginary sky daddies cause violence (tips fedora). Therefore bombing the facist religion out of Iran because homosexuality is progressive and Islam isn't may just hold some sway with the std ridden rainbow cultists of the left.
Further evidence for my theory lies in the interview between freemason faggot Stephen Fry (lefty luvvie of supposed high i.q,) and freemason zionist Bolsonaro.
The interview went like this:
Fry: Why are you attacking homosexuals in Brazil?
Bols: I think homos want to teach kids about gay sex so they have more partners to choose from.
Fry: I'm an intelligent and educated zoologist and I have identified 400 species of mammal that exhibit homosexual behavior, so it's natural and you're a bigot.
Bols: Well that may be so but my country isn't ready for the rainbow cult yet, I heard in Iran they would kill you for that belief.
Fry: Nods in agreement.

Lot's of mammals eat their still born or deformed offspring, exhibit incestuous behavior and kill each other for mating rights. None have so far mastered written language, made laws or governments. So lets kill our governments tear up all books, and start killing each other for the chance to fuck and eat our own offspring. It's natural just like faggotry, or bombing Iran.

You're white? HATE CRIME!

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Are you a believer?

Atheists are part of the cancer killing the West. They have no moral guidance, live in the moment and seek only self-gratification. They will die on the day of the rope, God willing.

God, Stephen Fry is a disgusting blob of wet shit; I once had the misfortune of living down the corridor from exactly this kind of filth; ugly faggot with money "marries" young illiterate retard. The retard looked EXACTLY like Fry's partner in filth

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You can’t be bipolar if you’re non-binary.

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Winning Eleven Hitler is right. For all their backward practices these levitating towel women will raise offspring that are much like their semitic cousins; self righteous on the outside and rotten inside, dabblers in every vice available.

A "friend" (he is not one anymore) converted for the pussy.

It is not 'wrong' for people who are already mongrels to breed more mongrels. It is only wrong for European/Whites to mongrelize.

You know, considering the UK is the most surveilled society in history and its spent billions on cameras, it'd be a huge shame if people started just wearing full hijabs & burkhas and whatnot & started doing things in Minecraft, and then they couldn't be identified. It'd be a colossal shame if basic disguises are all you needed to get around all those cameras, in full public view & nobody would say a word because "muh minority rights".

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Honestly it would be funny if every single rightwing person started wearing them when doing any type of appearance or protest just to the ball rolling. Get media attention and also watch them cringe as you go on about the evil of jews and the (((government))) bringing islamic invaders and trafficking Native British.

You captured his 'please kill me' face pretty well user. Very nice.

Country? What country indeed.

Thanks but I can't take credit, saw the thing on cuckchan a while ago!


This should be promoted. Not because anons should fall for muslim shilling or because someone is actually retarded enough to believe that sandniggers are "on his side", but because it further enflames the problems, deepens the conflict and generate more hate across the board. We need that. Accelerate.

Sandnigger shouts at aidsniggers. Woohoo

in a world of less than ideal solutions, for grave problems, supporting muslims, and their voice may actually be a good thing. Problem is that you get like a billion normie right, and alt kike going "buy we love homo's, homos are great, protect them from meanie brown fascists"

seriously tho, as a right wing bloc there seems to be benefit in at least having cordial relationships with the muslims.

quit trying to teach me mudshit terms for ninja mask. i was 10yo in the 80s. i know a ninja when i see one.

Unlike leftypol he actually said something smart. Most modern "conservatives" are operating within the leftist moral frame work. Gays = good, Diversity = good, jews = good, Nazis = bad. Hence why they call Democrats and a bunch of Ancom antifa queers the real nazis

Get the fuck out with your jewtube embed. No views for you, kike.

Yep. They're the liberals of the 1940s. But that's not it.
Paleo "conservatives" = American libertines, liberals of before.
Reactionaries = Renaissance monarchists, liberals of before
Feudalists = post Magna Carta monarchists, liberals and jew-lovers of before
etc., hardly any conservative movement is really conservative.

Hooktube doesn't work anymore you insufferable faggot.

Turns out it was fake as suspected. Video was by Yusuf Patel, connections to government and Hope not hate.

Rebel Media and Hope not hate are basically the same team.

Nazis are leftists


Good luck saving the white race by destroying western civilization heh

Destroying what's left of it is a mercy killing. After the fire, new growth shall emerge.

That's literally what the elites want and believe. You're their dupe.

She now sits on the black jewish council. She did it for gibs. Nothing else.

U should ask them if they hate you or Christian for not believing in the unwise Mohammud who can't read or write

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