Arizona lawmaker under fire for saying the U.S. is 'going to look like South American countries'

(Johnson is a nigger, btw)


Johnson's Talk:

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November 7, 2012
A Milestone En Route to a Majority Minority Nation
By Paul Taylor and D’Vera Cohn


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“Whites as Minority”: Digging into the Racialized Narratives of Demographic Change
Cyndi Suarez
August 8, 2018

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It already does. Republicans are just being extremely vocal about it now because they are working the niggerskins up into a genocidal rage while they get their plane tickets to israel.

You had one rule to be a politician and you blew it.

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wonder why the country is going to shit, can't figure it out

Telling or not telling the truth has nothing to do with it and you know that, but it's a pretty typical response from impotent conservatives who have found their way here. The country is going to shit because it is weak, decadent, not interested in meaningful work, slavish to entrenched capital, and not only bought into jewish lies, but remains hysterical in its devotion to these lies no matter how much evidence is presented to the contrary and no matter how badly their own lives get.

Baste Recucklicans showing calling out white supremeacy and showing everyone that the dems are the real racists!
#MakeIsraelGreatAgain #MAGAwithDACA

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Isn't South America the place Hitler and the best of Germany went to after WW2? No wonder the kikes are mad!


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Never cuck after telling the truth.


They took offense because it already does.

Kill yourself spic.

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And women are the cause of it

Also Americas fucking full. We don't need more fucking immigrants that age ended awhile ago, Americas not a growing nation anymore we already reached the top

It is and no one cares unfortunately.

I hope Tarrant can see how effective his actions were some day.

wait until 5 years when we start going to prison for calling trannies men

No. Not Hitler, anyway. Goebbels and his family didn't make it either.

Arizona is fucked. This state will be New Mexico with a bit less gun laws in about 6 years. Phoenix will become Chicongo but with a increased amount of taco shops. Prescott/Sedona is currently a white ethnostate and it's the last free place in Arizona. The entire state is ratty mexican suburbs, shit hole cities, or zog run tax grabs like Flagstaff.

If you're going to say something then don't back petal, don't resign, none of that shit. Be like this guy in the vid.

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Fuck off faggot, you're not white, deal with it.

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May they rest in peace.