National Socialism & Religion

I am admittedly sick and tired of hearing especially Christians insist their religion is a part of National Socialism, or that National Socialism is based within Christianity, or that Hitler was a Christian. ITT will explain why i think this is completely wrong, and at best a lack of understanding about National Socialism.

If you want a road that is built for cars, you must take into consideration how cars behave. For example, when moving fast, cars turn slowly and so the road must be straight enough to accomidate them. The exact same should be said for society. If you want a civilization that is built for Humans, you must take into consideration how Humans behave, how we are, what we want, why we are here. For example, Humans have 2 sexes, the male and the female. The former is strong and smart, and their primary happy hormone is dopamine, which is released by doing manual labour or being competitive, for example. The latter, on the other hand, is weak and bland, but they can give birth and their dominant happy hormone, seretonin, is released by doing tasks such as nurturing. From studying these facts about humans, we can determine that men and women should fill the traditional gender roles in society, as it will not only be the most efficient, but also make the most people reliably happy.
National Socialism is therefore ondoubtedly based on nature and the sciences, as it is from there all of the answers which National Socialism gives, are derived from. This also means that National Socialism cannot give an answer which is not bound to either nature or the sciences, that is the evident or the provable. This is where the friction beings with not just religion.

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from National Socialism - the Biological World-View, by Povl H. Riis-Knudsen:
"National Socialism (…) is a world view, a complete philosophy of life, covering all aspects of human existence. As an adherent to a such a world view you regard all phenomena in society from one and the same angle, so that every single aspect becomes part of a unified whole, just as your opinions in all areas are determined by the same uniting principle that enables you to understand and explain all facets of life and its mysteries. Thus a world view is the basis of its followers' attitude to religion, ethics, politics, economics - and of the way they organize their personal lives.


It is a well-known fact that the religions are based solely on faith - something they are proud to acknowledge! Thus, the existence of God, the immaculate conception, the resurrection, the second coming etc. are all things that you cannot prove - unless, of course, you accept God as the author of the Bible, another thing that you must just believe - in spite of any evidence you may have to the contrary. And if you do not believe without evidence you are suspicious - just like the doubting Thomas. As opposed to this pride in ignorance, both (((Marxism))) and National Socialism claim to based on scientific truth. (((Marxism))), was invented behind a desk, loaded with learned, philosophical books - but without any contact with reality or science, for that matter. At a closer look (((Marxism))) is just as much based on faith as any religion - namely on the completely unscientific belief that all biological beings who walk on two legs and don't have feathers are created equal, and the just as absurd idea that it is the conditions of production that have determined history in the same way as it is claimed to be the environment - and not heredity - that determines the development of the individual. This, of course, is to put the cart before the horse. It does not take much intelligence to realize that in reality it is man who has formed his environment - and established the social order, including the conditions of production - and not the other way round.

Unlike all these other philosophies, National Socialism has never been invented - it has been derived from the eternal Laws of Nature, which have existed as long as the universe and which have governed all life since the first primitive organism came into existence. This has been expressed beautifully and clearly by Savitri Devi, the famous late National Socialist philosopher, in her book "The Lightning and the Sun":
"In its essence, the National Socialist idea exceeds not only Germany and our time, but the Aryan race and mankind itself and any epoch; it ultimately expresses that mysterious and unfailing wisdom according to which Nature lives and creates: the impersonal wisdom of the primeval forest and of the ocean depths and of the spheres in the dark fields of space; and it is Adolf Hitler's glory not merely to have gone back to that de vine wisdom, but to have made it the practical regeneration policy of world-wide scope"
In other words, National Socialism was not invented by Adolf Hitler, but is the conscious expression of the fundamental Laws of Nature governing our lives. It is based on a infinite love of the creation in all its diversity, a deep, unconditional respect for the wisdom of Nature, and an ardent will to preserve life as it has grown out of this wisdom. The only way to do so is to organize the society of man in accordance with these fundamental Laws. Thus being against National Socialism is just as absurd and illogical as it would be to oppose the law of gravity or the fact that the earth is round! National Socialism is really nothing but the application of physical and biological laws to the political, economic, social, and religious areas of human life in the same way as they are today applied to technology. In this light, National Socialism is truly scientific - unlike any other world view. It does not wish to make reality fit any preconceived theories but to make the theories fit reality. New epoch making scientific landmarks would thus immediately be reflected in the practical life of a National Socialist community."

So, if National Socialism as a worldview is based on reality, which is what makes it so superior, then it is impossible to derrive anything from anywhere that is not factually, provably, or evidently real. Do you want a set of morals? Ask how our natural emotions are activated, and focus on building a society where the grossed and angry emotions are not released. Do you want meaning to your life? The reason you and i are alive to ask that question is only possible because our forefathers, near, far, ancient, and prehistoric, all decided along their natural impulses to start a family. The reason we are the way we are today, that is humans who adhere by the 14 words, is because those who weren't like us couldn't survive, as their nature didn't strive to survive. Therefore, the function of everything in you, from you blood to bonemarrow to brain, is to continue the existence of your people forever. You don't need threats of hell, the death of your people is hell enough. You don't need promises of heaven, the dream of eternity in your peoples existence is the bliss i want. You don't need God, only nature.

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Wow. You sure did convince me that you know what you're talking about

Fucking Hell, bro. What is your purpose in life?

Anyone being a Christian: heed this

Hitler assumed loosing the clamp people are stuck in. Religion has too many mistakes.

Still, what Christianity is about is real.


So what do you think OP?

please elaborate, i'm uncertain as to what you mean.
I absolutely acknowledge that the stories the bible tells are very real, perhaps more so than other historical texts of the periods it covers. This is because events told in the book are supported by other texts, the story of Noah's ark in particular.
But i don't agree that the Christian moral doctrine alings with a National Socialist doctrine along the lines i described, Although i've never fully read anything of Nietzsche, his concept of morality and to it, the Overman and the friction between that philosophy and Christianity, does seem to apply to the National Socialist worldview. I also don't agree that humans are supposed to live for a life that they will gain themselves after they pass, but instead should accept that the only share of eternity that they can get is through the eternal life of their culture and race. Again, much of this alings with Nietzsche's view to my knowledge

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pic not related btw, that was a mistake

I don't have an opinion on this right away.

Do you mean division between church and state?

I am not sure what to show right now. To anyone looking for it, it becomes clear that a spiritual world exists.

The same goes for Christianity. Though I am not sure whether or not to solely focus on Christianity. Instead of the whole principle on itself. It is not only God, angels and the devil. (And demons).

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide" as they are the ones that force their vulgar larping upon any effort by Whites defending their interests. Every time Whites try to create some networking similar to every other ethnic group to obtain, jobs, homes, healthcare, education, etc., White Nationalists deliberately detrail such efforts out of spite.

In addition, White Nationalists or by any other name have repeatedly called for the murder of entire groups of innocent Whites including Boomers, Christians, Gays and others.

White Nationalism, 20 years of complete failure but it's everyone else's fault. Sound familiar?

There is no such thing as "National Socialism" mentally ill faggot. Take to /fascism or whatever the fuck it's called.

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I mean ways of life the two worldviews promote, like what good morals are and how we should live our lives. Some things do align, like be kind to your fellow man, but many do not, like forgive those who do you wrong. Also the "original sin" aspect of Christianity strongly goes against the National Socialist view of mankind as an honest and innocent cog in nature, and that there is nothing to be ashamed of in that. In any case, the fundament for the Christian morals is founded on nothing that is actually real, or at the very least as obviously real as nature and biology.

Right now, to my knowledge, there doesn't exist any physical or provable evidence of a spiritual "world" that is seperate or intertwined with the physical. There are almost certainly many more physical dimensions, one of which gives us gravity, and perhaps lifeforms exist in these dimensions, however this is still not proof of any theism, rather it just further disproves what religions hypothesised. All spiritual experiences have been proven to soely exist within our conciousness of our physical brains, and not on any level above it. We have emotions, and inner spiritual drives and spiritual connections, likely because they helped us with surviving on one way or another, and they are to us very real, but outside of our brains, this spiritualism doesn't physically exist. This just means that we can learn from this spiritual feeling we definetly have, and apply it to our civilization like any other National Socialist principle, but the outcome will be what Saritri Devi talked about, as she has done this exact thing. I know that some of our spiritual feelings come from being in an exeedingly mentally healthy environment, for example like a lush and populated forest, or an exeedingly mentally unhealthy environment, like being close to death. Again, from studying and comprehending how we humans work, we can apply this to our civilization and way of life, and the same goes for our spiritualism, and in this example we can learn that humans are at peace when surrounded by nature, and at peace when being close to passing. But then again, i am an Atheist, and i am very illeterate on what spiritualism actually entails.

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I think Himmler had the right idea in trying to construct a new religion based on pagan revivalism; unfortunately it was cut short.

The Reich Church was Marcionist Gnostic Christian

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Hitler disagreed with Himmler.

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In name only.

Haha is an Atheist. Which is really compulsory for being a good Christian. In a sense of being a true realist. Though there are not many religious people that recognise this.

This is not how the facts are. There can only be proof of the opposite if someone covered it up.

I only mean this as a nice remark about Atheism. It could look like trying to evangelize in an obtrusive way.

National Socialism and religion becomes rather complicated. It was something where Hitler and others had varying beliefs, but the people following did not share the same beliefs. Hitler went along with the church because he saw what happen when a right-wing Austrian party fought against the catholic church who were siding with the slavs and Hapsburgs. This is recorded in the earlier portions of Mein Kampf. He ordered all members to remain in the Church as tensions arose. He said he was a "man of science", but publicly he was a Christian. So does that make NS christian, not really. They opened up "positive Christianity" because they didn't like what they perceived as a weak/overly peaceful/semitic religion. This ended in total failure and went away. They made plans to replace Christianity eventually but would tolerate it for now. In addition, Himmler started a whole bunch of occult stuff which is another discussion. I could go on, so where does this leave us? National Socialism is a mixed, broken, incoherent mess when it comes to religion. The best way to put it was that National Socialism worshiped the Aryan man. It was a materialist, rationalist, and collectivist ideology which led to the worship of themselves.

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Hitler explicitly said that NS isn't a cult movement. So it's neither Christian (though promoted "Positive Christianity") or occultist (though Himmler was one, Hitler disagreed with it, and the party also banned many such organisations because of their resemblance to freemasonry).

Read "Hitler, Christianity, and the Old Testament" by M. Raphael Johnson. It addresses many of your concerns.
There are MANY quotes proving Hitler's Christianity, that "our movement is a Christian one", "we will not tolerate attacks on Christianity", "the only philosophy we will not tolerate is Atheism", etc. … the unification of Catholics and Protestants in Germany behind the banner of "Christendom" was one of Hitler's stated goals in Mein Kampf.
YES, there were SOME among the NSDAP upper elite who favoured Paganism, but they were the exception and not the rule.
Himmler, and Speer especially, had a lot of motivation to invent or alter Hitler's "Table Talks" to fit their agenda.
Actions speak louder than words. The Axis Powers wore GOTT MIT UNS on their belt buckles and fought against the godless, Atheistic Judeo-Bolsheviks. Even the Japanese many who signed the Tripartite Pact forming the Axis Powers was a Christian, Saburo Kurusu.
This anti-Christian agenda is just more D&C Kike shilling. (((They))) know that

I don't understand why this needs to be debated at all times, no matter what you say I will always be on the Christian side of things. But below Jesus uncle Adolf isn't far off. Why is it so hard to grasp?

He disagreed with paganism, but his comment "we might as well have remained with the Church" shows he was certainly not thinking in terms of Christianity either.

Okay, but Christians worship
so Christians in theory are unreservedly committed to understanding the natural world.
In addition, Christians are committed, through the words of Jesus, who they identify with the Logos, and the saints who wrote the New Testament, to uphold the marriage customs of the White race as moral good, which is White supremacy, and impose them on anyone they can, which is White chauvinism.
A natural result of Jesus' 1000 year reich, as written of in the Book of Revelations, would be to turn everyone White in behavior and appearance.
In addition, theoretically Christians are taught that salvation is only through confessing with the mouth the central principles of Christianity, and not through works lest any man should inordinately virtue signal and sow division, and to avoid division though strange and divers doctrines.
That's why National Socialists really want to be Christians, and Christians really want to be National Socialists.

It is well documented that Hitler was not a Christian in his private life and wouldn't want to see it upholded. He said he was a Christian and that the NSDAP was a Christian party as a tactic of office seeking. But just because people were religious, does not mean it was right or true, you have to justify why Christianity aligns with National Socialism, which is what i have argued that it doesn't. Talking about the people and not the idea is very low-iq of you.

My worry is exactly that; where is your loyalty? Are you a "real" National Socialist, or do you compromise on your values against reason? We all live lives and hold views that are opposed by what the National Socialist worldview tells us, like living decadent lives is bad, but just as people are working to improve that aspect and stop living degenerate lives, i think Christians should stop living Christian lives. If National Socialism is based on absolute truth of this world, and that truth tells you that religions aren't ideal, then you should strive to cut it out of your life eventually. You can very well value Jesus for the historical figure that he was, just like Hitler, but worshipping him and living by the morals and ways of life of Christianity must be justified.
I also know and understand that people dislike infighting, and i certainly agree if it's just tribalism between two groups or a retarded discussion on what symbol to use, but when it comes to the ideas, it is not infighting. If you are a Christian and not a National Socialist, i am not infighting with National Socialists.

This comment is VERY concerning to me, and i hope it outlines why i made this thread.
Christians as a matter of fact do not commit to understanding of the world, i can name any scientific discovery of the past forever, and all of them will have been dismissed or persecuted by Christians who had their own wrong hypothesies on how the world worked.
This line is NOT National Socialist whatsoever. Assuming your values even are white (read Nietcszhe), you want to impose WHITE values on "anyone", I.E. people who are not white? The main conclution of not just National Socialism, but EVERY Fascist doctrine, is that different things work for different people, because we are different.

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Do you believe that our ways, and ourselves, molded by our ways for several thousand years, are objectively superior, or do you believe that there is no objective superiority but everyone is equal? I know you don't extend that to Pakis living in England should keep their customs, though.


You define National Socialism as derived from the laws of nature. I define my religion as derived from the laws of nature. We both start from the same point.

Let us then debate what the laws of nature are. We can then debate what we should do about them.

Starts with facts, ends with kikery. One and fucking done.

Starts with mistruths, ends with kikery. One and fucking done.

Jesus was a Jew, Christianity IS a Jewish sect.

Pointless question. Indians get gas in minecraft.

Don't reply to tor posters.

Ok Op here is my take. You have written some pretty accurate stuff here.
This is my take as an x-christian. National Socialism is indeed as you say, natural law and order, truth, the cosmic order etc. Christianity denies some of the most basic laws of nature, survival of the fittest, gender rolls, in-group preference/nationalism, inequality, etc. There really should be no debate that a Jewish sect that worships a Jew should have ANY roll in the future National Socialist world. Any self respectable should want to see any trace of the Jew eradicated from their day to day lives much less the world - in minecraft. I really do not think I need to discuss this any longer. Hitler early on did not speak out against the Church so to not stifle his immediate political goals, he then went on to try unjew it and in private spoke about how it was unfortunate that we had Christianity and that it should go. He also said he believes in a creator and God, as was a requirement of being an SS member, this speaks of the deeply spiritual soul of the National Socialist. Yes our policy can be drawn from the material, but the ordering of the material is the work of an order within, without, above and beyond us and can only be interpreted as metaphysical and thus spiritual. A Nationalist Socialist spirituality/esotericism reflects this cosmic order and truth as does the exoteric policy/political applications.
It is interesting to note that beyond the obvious sagas and eddas of the ancient Europeans, this same natural law and order/cosmic truth can be found, is this the answer? I personally would much rather celebrate the indigenous and traditional celebrations of my forfathers, as is described in the Celebrations of the SS Family, than a compartively modern Judaic religion. Anyone who clings to Christianity because our still resilient forfathers fought off some sand niggers under its standards, is simply a concervative and lacks the revolutionary spirit that is required of the National Socialist - conservatives get the rope in minecraft, they also lack the involuntary disgust of anything Jewish as is required of a true National Socialist and they lack the reverence of the thousands of men and women who struggled for their very existence.
TLDR Christcucks gtfo.

I obviously did not proof read but you get the point.

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If hitler was christian, why was he so eager to get into bed with islam, instead of DEUS VULTing the whole middle east, or at the very least, the "holy lands"…?

National Socialism means, first and foremost, being able to recognize what a Nation is, and what your Nation is. The greatest hindrance to this process is religion.
Religion and National identity compete with each other. The final ideological conflict, playing out in the world today, is Nationalism versus religious identity. This is openly going on in the Middle East right now, but it is playing out in many places all over the world.
The Soviets were the first to weaponize the National Question in a manner that allowed them to capture political power. But they used it in a negative fashion (they used it to hold a bunch of Nations together inside multi-national State). The National Socialist German Workers' Party was the first to use it in a positive fashion, that is, to tear down the little German state-lets and form them into a single unified Nation-State.


German Unification resulted in the displacement of ethnic Germans following a single defeat. The British Empire stabbed Rhodesia and South Africa in the back. American Unification resulted in Californication.
One empire is the wrong way to do colonization. Russia doesn't need direct control over the entire Slavic or Russian cultural region.
What we need to unify our cultural group, and enforce our marriage laws on ourselves and anyone else on our turf, if a religion. Christianity is not a Jewish religion, because Jews have divorce and a bunch of weird and crazy customs.
A lot of people, unfortunately, act like everything that happens in the Bible is ipso facto good. A lot of stuff is just mentioned as happening, and the thing Whites need to understand is, dishonorable stuff sometimes works, and to worship the God of Existence means to consider what works.

Jews are not White. They practice divorce, and matrilineality, their women are gross and hairy, they practice polyamory, they cut up the dicks of their babies, they are work-shy swindlers.

The National Socialist German Worker's Party shouldn't overplayed their hand.
Fuck any English-speaking European that wants to live in a sea of niggers. They deserve whatever happens to them for it. Only a religious mind, that thinks the Sky-Kike granted niggers to them (personally!) as slaves, could ever dream of wanting to live a life surrounded by nigger servants.
The border separating that thing called "America" from that thing called "Canada" is an imaginary line, separating the single English-speaking European Nation.
Christians forced integration with niggers on the White Nation in that thing called "America." Christfaggotry is the death of not only the White Nation, but all European people's. A Christfag can not help themselves but to enslave their own people to Kikes.
Christfaggotry must die if the White Nation is to live.

In South Africa niggers came 100 years after whites have settled there. You should fuck off yourself with your divide and conquer bullshit.

And the Kikes pretend like no one was living in "Israel" either before they got there.
But let's be clear here: did the South African or "Rhodesian" governments ever try to fight for a European-only rump state, where they didn't allow niggers to exist in? Of course not. Their demand was always for some type of regime, filled to the brim with nigger servants, ruled over by insane religious whites. That same religious insanity had already played out in that thing called "America" decades earlier, and low and behold, the masses of the English-speaking European Nation never wanted anything to do with insane nigger fantasies of capitalist-slavers.
"Rhodesia" was founded by a fucking faggot. Literally, google it: Cecil Rhodes was a fucking faggot.

Congrats; everything you’ve said is now worthless and dismissed.

The problem is, works-based salvation, and strange and divers doctrines, are expressly condemned in the Bible, but organized Christians for the past several centuries, practically a millennium, have been virtue signaling about their works, and bickering over strange doctrines.
The problem isn't Christianity, it's heresy. Divorce is heresy, aceptance of gays is heresy, that women should be educated and get jobs instead of being mothers is heresy. Our first priority, if we want the beauty of the White woman not to disappear from the Earth, is to get our women under control.
The idea that every species deserves a habitat is quaint. The way species get to have habitats is through outcompeting other species, and competition within the species.
All biological innovation is ultimately directed towards intraspecies competition.
The way Whites are supposed to compete, and live, is called marriage. Attacks on marriage are heresy, blasphemy, sacrilege.

Your third post is definitely the best one. But what do you think the point was of fighting the jesusnigger shills all these years? Before I started, that christkike crap was everywhere. After I pushed against it with multiple bans, now the majority knows otherwise. I'm guessing that you're new, or else you would say "sex" instead of "gender."

But yes, anons support the biological worldview now, including in religion.

Having your prayers redirected to the volcano demon is probably real–I just don't agree with it. It was in fact one of the most disturbing thoughts I had after getting out. Kikes are spiritually powering up their evil by the actions of dumb christcucks everywhere. It probably allowed them to swallow the Earth whole and institute their reign of open tyranny.

Why would you expect a perfect response to 2000 years of kike slavery? If anything, their achievements were amazing. They literally didn't even have time to fix religion, but there are people who have done that afterward, like the Odinia lady. Going back to folkways is the only answer. National Socialism was about folkways in general and the self-determination, first of Germans, then all of Europe, then all the world.

It was in fact the FINAL SOLUTION to kike slavery.

There's a lot more than 109 newfag. You types always out yourselves with your total lack of knowledge.

Kill yourself, ZOG-faggot.

You outed yourself even further. Why are you here if you aren't literal bots?

Wow, a kike religion changes like the holohoax to whatever kikes want.

christcucks BTFO

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Yes, Christianity is, for white people, superior than Mohammedanism, yet NO religion or any other single worldview is superior to, not just the white race, but every race, than National Socialism. You are right, Pakistanis should not act as they do in Britain, when in Rome do as Romans. However, this does not mean they should be behaving like Christians, because the British race is not a Christian race, for no such race exists. It is Germanic, and so that should be what is considered when norms are formed.

For a society to be objectively superior, it must get the most out of the people who are the make up of that society, and so it must be built to compliment the people. People are different, and so societies should change in accordance with racial characteristics. Does Christianity do this? No. Christianity is not even based on any peoples, it is based on a slave-like mentality of forgiveness and eternal sin. It is only superior when compared with other inferior religions, but compare it with National Socialism, and its faults become glaring.

And that is what has been done at an accelerated rate for the past 1000 years since the dark ages, but every time the Christian hypothesis of reality was disproven, Christianity did not change, because it is based on that false hypothesis. National Socialism sprouted when too much of the old hypothesis was disproven, and the evident reality of science became our new eternal understanding of nature, however, Christianity still has not changed. Sure you can argue that Christianity is based on nature, but our aincent understanding of nature, when we didn't know flies were animals, or the earth was a planet, and the sky was a canvas. Christianity cannot adapt to the modern, real understanding of nature, if it did it would become National Socialism and not Christianity.

Geopolitics are not representative of philosophies. And you must realize that it is the horse that draws the cart, not the cart that draws the horse. Give Black people American white values, and they make a Black society. Give the native Blacks in Rhodesia Capitalist Christian values and they become Communists. Society is downstream from the people who make it, you cannot and therefore should not try to impose your own values on other races, especially when those values are not even racial to being with.

nice get
I am new to Zig Forums in that i haven't posted or visited it regularly before. I got redpilled on 4chan, however, but left immediately after the election because of the raiders and redditors, and have been on a hiatus from imageboards since then until now.

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Mugabe was trained by communists in universities to repeat communist slogans, same as Martin Luther King. Communism is properly speaking a Christian heresy. When Jesus said blessed are the poor in spirit, He meant that to be saved you must be humble before the universe.
The Blacks are not naturally communists, they are naturally indolent bling-flashing thugs.
Blacks traditionally have female mate selection and very limited paternal involvement and are optimized for that behavior. It took several thousand years of Christian marriage, which developed in response to our environment, to turn us White.
Now we have divorce and female mate selection, and can't reproduce ourselves, instead, we're getting cucked by the peoples who are comfortable with female mate selection and loose women.
Any future White religion must
* enforce White marriage
* avoid bickering over strange and divers doctrines
* avoid virtue signaling
* suggest to everyone that they should be virtuous, as described by Socrates and the Stoics
fortunately, that's what's prescribed in the Bible

Then Christianity needs to change. Perhaps it will no longer be called Christianity. Gnon (God of Nature or Nature) is the current stand-in for this.

The one advantage of using Christianity as a starting point is that it is mostly right. When God says "be fruitful and multiply" he is stating Darwinism. When God smites Sodom and Gomorrah he is punishing degeneracy.

The correct interpretation of the word of God as taught in the Bible is the one that unites His word with the words of Galileo, Newton, Darwin, and all the other prophets who came after.

Christianity needs an upgrade. National Socialism needs a facelift. Together we will win.

Our elites, most of whom are white or considered white, are actively trying to kill off white people. It is time to drop this particular point. Our enemies do not care. It is the productive versus the parasites and race be damned. Commit to total war or die as Hitler died.


No one cares faggot, religious threads are d&c regardless of what your position is as OP and thusly should not be made

Yep, you are not a National Socialist, you are a Clerical Fascist. Christianity first and foremost believes all men are created equal, that you should be forgiving and not vengeful, and that you should be conservative, sub servant and ashamed. None of these values are natural to the Faustian race. The only thing you are right now promoting is the Christian value of marriage, which isn't even aware of racial hygiene as far as I know, but don't you know this exact principle is a National Socialist one as well? It's called 14 and 88 for a reason. Even if the only aspect of Christianity that is positively needed and in line with National Socialism, why hang on to your Christianity? Because you are a Christian and not a National Socialist. Because National Socialism is not Christian.

If you change Christianity to apply to what we know, that is science, you get National Socialism. That is why Because National Socialism cannot be Christian in anything but the outward culture. I also personally think that wanting to reform Christianity to the newly discovered reality of the world AGAIN is another limp-wristed attempt at keeping relevance. Christianity is wrong, so drop it. National Socialism is based on provable truths, so embrace it.
While sure, that is a positive, the negatives are immense. And regardless, both beliefs are worldviews which seek to explain every facet of life in a unified manner, and so they cannot be intertwined, as that would break the unity and make it another "pick and choose" political position of what you like, not what is true.
Unless you go out right now and do something in Minecraft, I will not stop educating people on what National Socialism truly is about. Unless you are ready to fight, I will continue to make you a better man until the day of the rope.

"I also know and understand that people dislike infighting, and I certainly agree if it's just tribalism between two groups or a retarded discussion on what symbol to use, but when it comes to the ideas, it is not infighting. If you are a Christian and not a National Socialist, I am not in fighting with National Socialists."
I am not dividing and conquering if you are not on my side.

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also, that article is written by "Austin Cline", who is "… a former regional director for the Council for Secular Humanism, writes and lectures extensively about atheism and agnosticism." so they would want to lable Christians as evil nazis, and not mention the actual Atheism of Hitler. That is lack of a belief in a deity, he did describe is devotion to the power of the laws of nature as a religion.

k, read your message loud and clear. Here's a puppy. I hope you feel better.

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What people don't seem to understand about the niggers in Zimbabwe is that there are a bunch of different tiny nigger Nations in that thing called Zimbabwe. Only communism on an ideological level could hold that thng called "Zimbabwe" together. "National" Socialism when you live in a multi-national State is impossible, so the only thing left is either communism or a bourgeois-state.
The difference between a communist state and a bourgeois-state is the issue of identity. Bourgeois states think they can persist on identity control indefinitely, with that thing called "America" being the primary example of it. Communist states, on the other hand, are clear about the national differences, and promote them as a good, with usually some underlying race-based type of solidarity. This is clear as day in the case of Zimbabwe and China, and if you're willing to admit it to yourself, the USSR as well. This is why the Race identity is so prevalent in communist countries all over the place, except for the heterogeneous ones (Vietnam, the DPRK, and Albania being the primary examples).
The 'Right' wing of the ZOG has fully embraced Race-identity ideas. This is why they love Kikes in Israel; because they see Ashkenazi (European) Kikes as their fully White Blood Brothers. It's also why they interfere in spick politics so much; they see themselves as defending the white spicks in Latin America. Bolivarianism is clearly a mestizo-spick form of Spanish-speaking Nationalism (the PSUV is a National Socialist party, right down to taking identical lines as the National Socialist German Worker's Party on issues of what the Nation is), which is inherently opposed to white-spick political control, which is entirely dependent on "America" to prop itself up.


And the National Socialist German Worker's Party did destroy one of those Clerical Fascist regimes, namely that thing called "Austria," which was ruled by Catholic Fascists that called themselves "Austrofascists."
Christfaggots are extreme liars. They have no problem coming here and saying "Kikes aren't white, they're shitskin semites," and going to other places and saying "Jews are our fellow white blood brother fighting the darky arab hordes." They have no moral qualms with lying to people they think are essentially retarded animals.
Make no mistake, the Republican "Party" (it isn't a party at all, but a state institution of the ZOG; real parties have clearly stated political programs and clear organization, which simply doesn't exist in "America" politics) absolutely hates whites. They resent history having forced them to court them after the Democratic Party finally won the nigger vote from them. If given the option, the Republican "Party" would swap their white working class voters for niggers any day of the week.
When Christfag 'conservatives' say "Dems are de Weal Waycists," they mean it. When they're talking about spicks "taking our jobs," they actually mean nigger jobs, and this is a form of coded purity-spiraling. They are in a fight with the Democrats over who really loves "America's" niggers when it comes to immigration and jobs, because spicks take nigger jobs first. Spick labor pushed nigger labor out of the fields decades ago.

I have some questions for you.

1. What is the role of women in society?

2. A woman has a choice between an upstanding National Socialist and a third world black cannibalistic dictator warlord. Which man does she choose?

3. A woman you just met says: I hope you don't murder me! What does she mean by this?

What about dregelle isn't he a national socialist and Christian?

nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger

Ask; what is women's biology, and why is it like this, and you will get your answer. Women should live lives which takes their qualities and wants into account.

A white woman will choose the former, a black woman the latter.

don't know

Wikipedia says the Rexist party was "Belgian nationalism, Corporatism, Authoritarianism, Clerical fascism", not National Socialism. He just cooperated with Germany

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First post, jew post.

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.”

Attached: 1DF35BBD-FB9C-41DA-8E1A-D049ADBBE3C9.jpeg (636x699, 160.9K)

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide" as they are the ones that force their vulgar larping upon any effort by Whites defending their interests. Every time Whites try to create some networking similar to every other ethnic group to obtain, jobs, homes, healthcare, education, etc., White Nationalists deliberately detrail such efforts out of spite.

In addition, White Nationalists or by any other name have repeatedly called for the murder of entire groups of innocent Whites including Boomers, Christians, Gays and others.

White Nationalism, 20 years of complete failure but it's everyone else's fault. Sound familiar?

Nazism is a broken ideology of submission.

Nazism is a broken ideology of submission. It isn’t actually white nationalists doing most of that. It’s mostly nationalists of other skin-religions trying to use a bogeyman. They talk in the voice that everyone knows is missing from the room.

It’s a bot don’t bother with it

Use a study guide and read an interlinear version of the original greek. It does not say jew, it says Judahite. The jews are Edomites, not Judahites. The bible is 100% clear, jews are the spawn of satan. Literally. The serpent seduced Eve, and she bore the wicked Cain. The Lord cursed the serpent, and all his descendants to forever be in enmity with the descendants of Adam. This is why whites (Adam's descendants) and kikes (Cain's descendants) are in permanent conflict. Until of course the day when we finally triumph over the yids as scripture says will occur.

Reminder that codemonkey allows this spam here and refuses to do anything about it. This is what he wants to be here. Zig Forums is dead. Zig Forums is dead.

Go kill yourself then jamal.

Nobody gives a shit.

Jew = judean, retard. The original Iesus quote about muh synagogue of Satan also refers to judean, not jews.

Anything a kike tells you is fact huh? There is no genetic link between any of the ethnic groups that call themselves jews and ancient Judeans or Israelites.
No, it refers to pharisees. Who eventually settled on "talmudism" as the name for their religion, and then later renamed it to "judaism" in order to try to claim to be descendants of Judeans. Christ was Judean. He was described and portrayed as fair skinned and blond in contemporary times, by Romans. What Paul is saying in your quote is that salvation is for all of the pure descendants of Adam (white people), not just the subset of them descended from Jacob (Israelites). The fact that you degenerate retards want to adopt kike propaganda as your own and pretend niggers and mongrels are descendants of Adam and are included in "Judean or Greek" is just sad. Genesis is the history of the white race. It tells of our creation, the creation of our nemesis the kike, and our mistake of race mixing which resulted in the flood. Learn your lesson from this, instead of doing the kike's work for him.

Yes there are, ancient hebrews are genetically linked to palestinian and the jews who live in the middle east.
Again, read the greek quote, it refers to the judean.

Nice fucking fan fiction, kike.

Ah, it's the same retard as last time.

Daily reminder that your letter is fucking forgery written in English. There's never ANY latin letter as such by Pilate.

I swear to god, the dumb as fuck christian identity faggots who think jew/judean are white.

Aww, no wonder imkikey made a spam thread about how “anyone who calls out my reddit spacing is a shill.” He LOVES that shit.

Ah, yes, what's next? The post count?

And no, I'm not imkikey. Then again, everyone is imkikey to your deranged christcuck mind.

well done on derailing the thread

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Real pro Whites are not going away Schlomo.

White Nationalism, 20 years of failure on the internet. Yet it's everyone elses fault. Sounds familiar?

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide" as they are the ones that force their vulgar larping upon any effort by Whites defending their interests. Every time Whites try to create networking similar to every other ethnic group to obtain, jobs, homes, healthcare, education, etc., White Nationalists deliberately detrail such efforts out of spite.

In addition, White Nationalists or by any other name have repeatedly called for the murder of entire groups of innocent Whites including Boomers, Christians, Gays and others.

If Whites want to survive they will have to create a White Networking system without any semblence of White Nationalism and alt.Right socialpathy.

But that's white nationalism, my kike.

LOL, no faggot "White Nationalism" is a disease to stop Whites from networking.

No, ancient Edomites are.
It does not. Οἶδά σου τὴν θλῖψιν καὶ τὴν πτωχείαν, ἀλλὰ πλούσιος εἶ, καὶ τὴν βλασφημίαν ἐκ τῶν λεγόντων Ἰουδαίους εἶναι ἑαυτούς, καὶ οὐκ εἰσίν, ἀλλὰ συναγωγὴ τοῦ Σατανᾶ. Those CLAIMING TO BE JUDEANS BUT ARE NOT.
Yes, kikes write "fan fiction" about how they are the spawn of satan and how white people are God's people who are destined to exterminate the kikes and inherit the earth.
Yes yes rabbi, everything you don't like is fake. But your "gas chambers" are totally real of course.
Well since we have lots of evidence they were white, everyone described them as white, we have multiple independent histories of the Hebrew people dispersing and populating Europe, where exactly is your evidence that they were brown mongrels? All you have is "rabbi bagelstein says so!".

No, ancient hebrews are. Palestinian confirm.
Exactly, it refers to JUDEANS, not jews. Because judean = jew at the times.
Yes, Kike Iesus writes that because he only wants HIS brand of kike to inherit the Earth.
So are the gas chambers real now because said letter is fake? Is this your logic?
Provide one, just one.
YES, it's the wandering jews, jewish merchants.
Actually, it's what the romans said. Jewish merchants were traveling and infecting Europe via the Southern Europe trade route.

It's older than your kike fan fiction too, rabbi Yeshu.

LOL no faggot, white networking is WHITE NATIONALISM.

Nice try.

Also pic related, depiction of a jew slave in Rome.

Note the brown skin and nigger hair/fro that are still apparent to the jews today.

Attached: jew slave in ROme.jpg (1200x630, 307.28K)

spicspam's daily (2) and done, then IP hop in every single thread, RED TEXT, give away!
What the fuck is your problem, nigger? Do you honestly believe you'r fooling ANYONE here?
Get a fucking hobby, you stupid beaner.
You'll never be Aryan, nigger.
This is your life, you fucking loser.

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Oh well if some kike says so, then lets ignore DNA and believe him right?
No, to non-Judeans claiming to be Judean.
The concept of jew did not exist at the time. It is a modern invention.
You think calling white people kikes is helping your case?
Believing kike lies, even when overwhelming evidence shows they are lies, is fucking stupid. That is my logic.
So you can say "that doesn't count its fake my rabbi says so!111" again?
The population of Europe is jews? And you expect people to think you're not a yid?
Yes, centuries after Europe had already been populated by the Hebrews. You can't infect a place that has no people you fucking retard.


Fuck you and your retarded attempt at getting this idiot meme to stick.
Who the fuck do you think we are, nigger?
YOU are the nigger brain. This shit will never work on the White Man.
You don't know this though, because you have the subhuman mind of a spicnigger faggot who will NEVER know what it feels like, or means to be Celto Germano Europid.
Fuck you.

Yeah, kikes are well known for their blond hair. How can you be that stupid? "OMG blond people living in the Mediterranean tanned! Obviously that makes them niggers!"

I hope you know that you're going to be killed when we win right?

Not this bullshit again. Europe was full of Europeans many tens of thousands of years before your desert demon book was cooked up, and native European Neanderthals who are ancestral to us were living there for hundreds of thousands of years before that. Your assertion that Europe was an empty land before some bands of irrelevant goatfuckers from a backwater slice of the Middle East moved in only a couple thousand years ago is untenable in the face of reality.

Where does your degenerate WE WUZ JEWZery place the Egyptians who were evidently Whiter and superior to your Hebrews? What about Sumeria? Babylon the Great? Assyria?
Or do you just call them all demonic beasts because they were Hebrew, and their religions were superior to your nonsense?

Except there is DNA proof and you are ignoring it, following your own fantasy.
So yeah, it refers to JUDEAN, which means jews at the time.
Jew is a translation of the word JUDEAN, jew in German is still JUDE to this day, retarded nigger.
Kikes are not white people so I don't understand?
Again, there are overwhelming DNA evidences showing how ancient hebrews are palestinian/jews i.e. shitskins.
So again, no evidence or whatsoever?
How are they jews? Are you a fucking faggot christian identity who think hebrews populated Europe?
Holy shit, Europe has been POPULATED for THOUSANDS of year before jews exist.

Where's the blond hair?

She knows. That's why she's here desperately attempting to steer this inevitable fate from it's final destination.
It's futile, and quite sad to have to witness, honestly.
Fucking subhumans think vehemently poking the Bear will somehow save them.
I've lost all humanity for them because of the endless historical torture and torment.
They're completely fucked.
They know it.

The atheistic kvetching itt is only indicative of the relevant significance of it's obverse juden. Its why you always lose and never understand why.