GI cucking boogaloo v2

GI cucking boogaloo v2
Generation Identity are getting roasted on twitter. Seems they kicked off their UK leadership after they announced a conference where millineal woes was attending, their followers didn't take too kindly to that. Kosher nationalism is taking heavy hits right now.

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Millineal woes is a literal faggot. Good for Generation Identity for telling him to fuck off.

You might be gay if a faggot is too extreme for you.

This is your brain on TRS.

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What are you even trying to say? Worried seems fitting considering the public reaction, and their knee jerk firing of the GI UK leadership. His gayness doesn't matter here since they would probably protect him if he was openly gay.

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Millennial AIDS is such a melodramatic degenerate faggot.

Nobody cares about that fag. Maybe Tom Sunic was the problem?

Sunic isn't a jewtuber, I think he also spoke at a jewish community center once, if I'm not mistaken. Possibly organized by Luke Ford.

It must be woes, Scottish media went ape shit on him. GI are notorious PR cucks, much worse than any alt right figures

He made a video crying over his "23 and me" results. Guy needs to get a grip.

That's Sellner doing what he does best - cucking out. And it will get worse, especially since there is now lot of eyes on him, since St. Tarrant. I personally think that this is just another nail to the coffin of the GI anyway.

People missed the part where Woes admitted hes a pedo at the bottom there btw.

A grip on a pistol, with which he will self terminate?

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i thought she retired? did her thot shekels run out already?

It's from one of her videos with them awhile back.
They had a fucking saracen amongst them and have the audacity to say they protect Europe.

They are nothing but a stall tactic for neoconservatism.

Shit, that's a good one.

I've been calling out this tactic for years now; the idea of subverting an organization and trying to turn it into a docile, impotent force by pretending to support its causes (even in excessive, often embarrassing and cringey ways). This is all only on a shallow and superficial level, of course - anytime any actual action or plan is suggested, the waters became increasingly muddy and the topic ever-more diluted.

Which is basically what imkampfy was doing to Zig Forums.

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Tough times certainly separate the men from the boys, or in this place's case the whites from the weebs.

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Yes, this shit again.

It's true you moron. Read the OP. Idiot nigger.

pls tell me that's real. links for alt-fur plox

so most of the furrys are leftist but some are ether alt kike or republicuck

Generation Identity is not a right wing or nationalist or traditionalist organization whatsoever

its a grifting operation

and all that trouble for
a fat faggot with mediocre talkingpoints

what a pathetic punch

omg nadsees!!!

The kosher beating-around-the-bush-and-getting-nowhere groups had to do even less, now that they have a LITERAL kike-turk mongrel as a primeminister. Let that sink in, a kike on his mother's side, and a turk on his father's. Now you know why this Boris cuck looks like a corpse wearing a wig; foreign; alien and wrong; an imposter.

GI is runs by jews and super controlled opposition
They use the same black and yellow color sheme all soros ops do
And GI as a name is a reference to gastro intestinal tract, jews just cant help but refer to poop and anuses for some reason
Same reason they call things “movements”
Anyone who falls for it is an idiot and im glad they fall for that so that the only ones that come here are their poorly scripted shills, who probably dont even get paid the poor cucks

Blessed post

the brainwashing has hit deep when even those who can see problems with immigration are still under the impression that it must happen but just with better control.

nigger please

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i mean GI in general if this shit is true

dude, instead of looking at the work they are doing you sperg out about rhetorical points that would be in the grad matter of success meaningless, but no you can't not sperg out you fucking sperg.

Look at their projects and look at their actual work. ITS ALL SHIT. Its all shit with jew this and that rhetoric or without it. So fuck right off with that "who doesn't name the jew has to be one".

the problem isn't that these clowns are brainwashed the problem is that ironicaly they don't have any identity and because of that no concepts of anything.
The idea of Generation Identity is already multicultural and globalist, just for european intermixing. Its absurd. Their flag symbol is a spartan shield which makes no sense at all for for example germans, who are like the persians arians and speak basicly a persian language.
The fundament is rotten and its impossible to build a logical ideology ontop of it.