The Federal Reserve

I understand that the Fed is a private entity that keeps the US Government in perpetual debt and is one of the primary causes for inflation. But can anyone explain the more specific details as to how they can achieve all of this?

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you should focus on reading skills before asking such questions, since it seems you managed to scroll past the place to ask.

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simply not true. its a "quasi-public" institution, which basically means its an industry board that has (supposedly) strong oversight by government through committee (congressional) review, direct-oversight (regulatory review), influence over board members, etc.

this isn't true, either, really. usually they say that "money is created out of debt" and that "it takes more money to pay off the old money because of interest," but this simply isn't true. They are confusing a "stock" for a "flow." In theory, if someone loaned you 5 20s ($100) @ 20%apr and thus expected you to pay them back $120, $10/month, for one year, then you could pay them back even if that $100 is the only money that exists in the economy… because money circulates – ie. the banker spends money, too. 20%apr is time-bound.. its about a flow of money, not a stock of money

Then why has the money supply been exponentially increasing since Obama?

This is the best.

They make the stuff we call money at their whim.

The Fed is private corporation owned by the Rothschild family, like the IRS.The reason we are kept in perpetual debt to the Fed is because every dollar created is owed back to the Fed with interest, denominated in dollars. It says Federal Reserve Note at the top of U.S currency because the Fed owns it, you don't. The point is that since every dollar owed back with interest, it is impossible to pay back the debt. There is, and will always be more debt dominated in dollar than actual dollars can exist.

However, the Fed is not the only institution which creates dollars. Private banks create dollars when they loan out money. American banks are only required to keep ten percent reserves and can loan out the other ninety percent. Put another way, a bank with hundred dollars can loan out a thousand dollars and get it all back. The money which is lend out can deposited at other banks, which can lend out the money which does not exist. Thereby creating more dollars, which are now owed back to the Fed with interest.

The Fed was the Bank of England.
It is owned by a jewish family.
The US President appoints the "head" of the Fed.
The Fed reports to congress who "controls" it lol.
All Monies needed are printed by the Fed.
Monies are issued based on vessels (people) in transit (alive), see: berth certificates.
Monies are a receipt for "work" (labor, product, service)
Anything can be Monies, if it can't be forged (thus, jew mones are not realz yo).
State or community issued Monies is called "fiat".
Economy means "number ecosystem".
To remain free you must:
Barter, barter, barter.

'Creates' is not the same as "prints" or "issues".
Banks, or Credit Unions which you faggots should have if you "bank", lend out $90 of every $100 you give them, plus "fees", "interest", and "apr".
It costs your neighbor $90+more for every $100 you "store" at a "bank".

Tarrant did nothing wrong

Saint Tarrant forgives him… now we can move along the thread.

Also, there is a reason we get taxed 3% each year

I don't care if we have a DACAmnesty as long as it is legal.

The fed is simply so that the tendering of money, which is now digital, is out of the hands of the state. The way that it works is that the fed issues money to the treasury, and the treasury issue treasury bonds. Theoretically buyers compete for treasury bonds. This was all worked out by paul warburg who wrote the original code. During this time, paul warburgs brother max warburg was the primary financier of germany, hm warburg. Essentially, both brothers were directly funding germany and the US to fight eachother in ww1. The US had to fund it via intermediary of congress where as germany was already an empire and could be directly influenced. At that time, film industry wasn't yet established by jews, so they controlled the artificial support of the system through radio and newspapers on the east coast. The federal reserve is only half of the way that money is siphoned. There is the standard of reserve lending, which is a multiplier of the same force, but allowing the government to operate in the red as a normal condition was its purpose. The income tax was the second half of changing the United States fromwhat it was to what it is. People typically dont understand economics, understandably. In the US, the jews pioneered the"negative" sector or non profit sector. Today nonprofits are reported at appx $4T annual revenue. You see when you have a tax system, but are then given the option of deduction, it opens up inversion economics which arent useful to joe but very useful to jew. Thats why apple payed no taxes. If joe makes a successful biz, when he gets to 1M, hes going to get raped, while the jew merchants wrote the tax code, they know every step of every corner. Where do they purge tax liability? NGOs. Thats why there are all these ngos in the US funding antifa, funding immigration, funding universities, funding communism. The ngos are comprised of 99% jews, working with trillions of dollars. The money they spend would have been used by congress (which is busy giving your money to israel anyways) but instead the jewish companies purge their tax liability to fund the war theyre waging, using your own law because dumb ass americans didn't catch it in the first place and dont know it now. Non profits legally must provide form 990s to the public, so you can just research any ngo thats supporting immigrants and it will show you officers and donors. They are all jews. All except the token china or black or mexicant whom I assume are just in there for deniability. Its really a serious situation that the general public isn't aware of.

the money supply exponentially increases, in theory, with the exponential increase in GDP

idk what you mean

The Fed

1) It's a scam, a carnival game designed to trick the unwary. Never stop looking for the scam.

2) One of the key tricks is the "rate curve". This sleight of hand enables them to convince you that it's reasonable to charge the U.S. government significant amounts of interest for 10-year and 30-year notes. This part of the scam was immortalized in "let's twist again" which referenced "operation twist", which convinced the dupes in the Treasury to sell 30-year notes at stupidly high interest.

3) Washington is slowly waking up to this shit, and sells a shit-ton of 3-month notes now. The banks have absolutely no choice but to cycle the notes. They are playing nice. "Scam, what scam?"

4) The Fed makes no money on paper. An audit would NEVER do shit. They have the best accountants in the business. It's a shell game. The Fed lends a ton of cash at the "overnight rate" (almost fucking nothing) to their counterparts in the big Rockefeller/Rothschild banks, who instantly lend it to the Treasury, and buy whatever stocks they want, etc.

5) The Treasury is usually 100% in bed with these fuckers, and sells them notes at a huge loss whenever is convenient, such as when the stock market is nosediving in 2009, the Treasury decides to sell a ton of notes, because every bank was bailing and wanted somewhere to put the cash. They made an instant 10%, which any astute bond salesman could have predicted.

The same people have been running the show for a very long time. It is what it is.

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Good job.

Oh yes, and the printing never stops.

About 4% of the US currency is created every year, and loaned to the big Name banks at almost no interest "overnight rate".

No one knows exactly how much, because they work very hard to not tell us this information.

But some astute study will show you very easily that real prices of hard assets double every 20 years. They've figured out that 4% a year is the level they can print without people freaking out.

This is ALWAYS happening. Quantitative easing doesn't mean printing money. It means printing MORE money.

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reminder that jew Ben Bernankr verified the last time they took the stand that they DO NOT ANSWER TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT

I'll TL;DR, but read the whole post:

The economy must grow 3% each year, otherwise we hit recession. The reason is that we borrow from ourselves that amount. The reason we borrow 3% is to pay for for the free stuff people want WITHOUT paying for it. Government needs the money from somewhere, so it prints more while trying not to devalue the dollar. Inflation is a form of tax to pay for all that (mainly healthcare and retirement) without officially raising taxes.


This is all correct. To explain an easy to understand analogy: if the government decided to print and deliver one million USD to every US citizen, they would have to physically create the money, in order of quantity, the physically deliver it. Perhaps they mail million dollar packages through usps. The packages go out at opening of business in the morning. The usps truck drives around its route delivering to his 8:30 am client first, then 8:35, and so on until 5pm, when the delivery truck returns. In this make believe scenario, the guy that got his million dollars at 830, went straight to the store and bought all the things of his imagination. He spent all the money and has a one million dollar equivalent of goods that were worth one million even the day before. But what about the guy who got his package at 5 pm? When he got his money, he went to the same store that everyone else did and finds that the tv isn't priced at $100, its $1,000,100. The $10 gizmo is now $1,000,010. Half way through the day, the owner of the story caught on that everyperson got a million dollars, so they adjusted their pricing. So, at the end of the day 8:30am guy has whatever he had before, plus a million dollars of stuff, the 5:00pm guy has one thing, and his saving have now adjusted to inflation and are worth a magnitude less than at the beginning of the day. This is what is happening in global economics in a nutshell. The reason the international banks are globalizing trade is because it elongates the whole delivery route to span the entire planet. The people who got their money first are the people who decided the government should mail money to every person. All of the people who will get their money last, think the people who campagined to get money delivered to them, are the greatest people on the planet. This is why fiat currency is a scam,an old scam. Back in the 1890s, it was gold and silver specie (coin), the mints started to add alloy metal so that there could be more produced. Then came paper money, fully redeemable by gold. Then silver reserve dollars, then partial reserve, then no reserve, then credit cards, debit cards, chips, next is crypto. Its theft of your worth, your labor, your life. If you dont have physical control of the very item that has the value for trade, you have nothing. The jews have been doing this mercantilism for 2000 years.

It has to or we hit recession, you stupid motherfucker.

"there is no other agency of government that can overrule actions that we take"


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i'm OP, I just hop IPs.

well, no. not at all. theoretically, you could just pay off the debt and move on. the money supply increase should theoretically be about the amount in the increase in total goods and services produced during time x (eg. GDP), otherwise you have inflation/disinflation

this is actually a different issue. the General Revenue actually owes SSA money – lots of it. And SSA collects interest through intra-governmental loan procedures, essentially. The overall debt depends on the issues concerning "discretionary spending," eg. everything but "entitlements," military, alphabet departments etc. This is why Clinton could say that he "paid off all debts I'm allowed to pay off" bc the "General Revenue" is forced to go into debt to the SSA if the SSA has a surplus, which they always have except maybe one year

Also important to note that this is the manner in which the jews caused the destruction of all European empires during the period of absolutism post-Charlemagne 1100ad up until the 6 years war which established jew controlled british colonies in the Americas. So, if one thing is like another, the only way that europe or america will be free is to use commodity money or trade. crypto will not work, they invented it. Bettina warburg has literally gone on speaking circuits since 2015 promoting blockchain. Its a trap, a jewish trap. A free future for humanity must not use fiat or crypto currencies but a finite commodity which cant be created out of thin air. Will it limit economic "progress"? Yes, it sure as fuck will. If it were implemented overnight, millions of people would die as a result. These people have come into the world, only as a byproduct of the scheme of fractional reserve debt lending. It increases monetary velocity exponentially and causes skyscrapers, seas of concrete and communism.


Also the Fed is not constitutional. To become law it required a constitutional amendment. The congress passed it into law just before Christmas when everyone was back in their constituency for the holiday. But it required more than that to pass; it required more than 30 state legislatures to ratify it. The move to get those ratifications ran out at around 27. Thus it is null and illegal, unconstitutional. It was never ratified but this inconvenient detail has been ignored.

You're right, but most people want the dollar to retain its value AND get gibs.


that applies to the whole of the bureaucracy, dipshit. Congress would have to actually pass a law. The key to the Federal Reserve is better explained when Alan Greenspan bailed out the "Global South" in the ~90s, even after Congress passed a law forbidding it. Greenspan claimed that he had statutory authority to do so. And, there is some question under (((law))) that claims that Congress cannot basically micro-manage the bureaucracy. Anyway, some talmudic shit. When one of the other governors said it might be considered unlawful, Greenspan said "If it works, no one will complain" or something like that

it worked and no one complained. it was basically a huge print-money bailout to banks all through brown countries. That's right, this is Uncle Sam "printing money" right into spic, nigger and zipperhead economies. interestings, eh

Local credit Unions seem to be the best deal. Even if they loan out all of your money, they loan it to you neighbor for land, a house, or farm equipment.

Greedy boomers tbh.



Yes, the FED is a perpetual debt inducing entity.
By rights it is a counterfeiting operation, it is NOT legitimate. The only difference between the FED and other counterfeiters is the strength and power of extortion.
A counterfeiter will print money and pass it off as real money, with no backing,
A FED counterfeiter will print money and pass it off as real money, AND charge interest on the fake money. For example, 10billion printed with 10% interest, that's 1 billion interest to be paid back either quarterly or yearly, AND a significant portion of the initial fake money amount.
As it's owned by jewish psychopaths, israel and other gangsters passing themselves of as human, their criminal network IS the Deep State. Anyone connected to it drains your countries wealth perpetually. The more induced debt, the less future you have, the less wages, elderly workforce, no retirement plans, no contingency.
Hitler kicked out the reserve bankers in Germany. 5 years and they had become the most powerful nation in Europe. If America did that, how fast would it quickly grow to be the undisputed powerhouse of the planet. Instead you have CIA abolishing any movement against it. CIA is israel through and through. Same with the FBI.
Just remember the FED isn't American, past political entities fought to keep it out, and they get murdered and covered up by CIA/MOSSAD/FBI and other jewish orgs.

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So what you're saying is the entire Global system needs to be irrevocably fucking dematerialized Literally Immediately. Zero molecular remorse.

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Countless, excellent books have been written on the subject and this cunt wants an user to explain it in a paragraph.

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So you're arguing that the federal reserve system is not jewed?

no, its jewed, just not in the ways you're saying. what you're saying is retardation

Then why don't you enlighten us genius.

i did hold on:
you're confusing a stock with a flow. also, like 96% of Federal Reserve profits go to the general revenue. the rest are considered operating expenses

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So how is it jewed? You say it is Jewed.

i mean… other than the fact that its an important bureaucracy disproportionately colonized by jews?

It's jewed because central banking is a conspiracy by international jewery.

You Literally have zero fucking fathoming idea what you're even slurring about. Kike

Here is a funny cartoon about the reserve bank scam.
Just google "The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation"
It's 29 minutes long, funny and worth every minute.

Here you go user. Ignore shill fags.

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It's pretty simple actually–it's treason and they sold the country out.

Go look up a documentary on it, spoonfed retard.

Hard assets double in price every 20 years meme needed (with study citation).


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The entire bill to create the federal reserve and the income tax is public record. You can research the authors and the testimony given to congress by paul warburg, who was a very powerful employee of rothschild, both of whom are famous jews in israel, their entire family line. The entire staff office of the irs, which is publically viewable right now ( -about -staff) is nearly entirely staffed by people with totally conspicuous and inescapably jewish surnames, wantonly represented beyond their proportional 2% demographic ratio. Not only that, all of the offices in the federal gov which deal with economics is the same way. Look at the SEC org chart, its right there, ready to be viewed. Look at the secretary of commerce, look at the secretary of treasury, look at the names of their executive staff, then come back here and tell us about the one or two token black guys you found or the random McIntire name you found.

Ron Paul wrote a book about this already. Go read that.

lmao, okay schlomo, it's too early for Schnapps.

OP, you need to watch this. I'm pretty surprised that no one has linked this video yet.

they orchestrated the gold confiscation last century leading us to fiat currency. you can consider all of the foreign aid to israel as payments on the interest