Investigating the Alt-Lite

Lee Stranahan, who worked at Breitbart, spilled the beans today on Cernovich, Milo and Posobiec.

He talks at length about how got subverted by Ben Shapiro/Bannon after Breitbart's death.

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Andrew Breitbart was a rancid zionist just like Shapiro and Bannon. The site hasn't changed at all. Stop trying to retcon nationalist legitimacy for capitalist fishwraps.

Nonsense. Breitbart didn't give a fuck about Israel.

Listen to the stream.

I know one of you lurkers has the pic.

I agree, but Stranahan seems to be as decent as anybody in the Kikebartsphere could possibly be. I watched his debate with some Qcumber retard, and he was actually calling out Israel.

He probably has a skewed perspective because he was duped by him.

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They are Blumpf's friends and connected to TPUSA.

It's actually pretty interesting, especially the fact that Chuck Johnson was a research assistant for Alan Dershowitz, and wrote a piece for Got News defending Prince Andrew and saying that picture of him with one of his and Epstein's victims was shooped.

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Cernovitz protects Dershowitz.

Dershowitz is protecting Blumpf.

Yes we already knew this and dug into and exposed these fags over two years ago. We are well aware of who they are, our dossiers on them are vast, and (especially in JackP's case) they are, literally, traitors to the country. He is a stolen valor douche of the highest order.

Regardless though, we are well aware of them. I have been here for years now and I still have no idea why people think we are in anyway associated with these idiots or support them in any way. We don't.

And Cernovich also protected Hotwheels.

I think Thernovich is a genuine retard, and not someone who's intentionally malicious.

if you have a bunch of infographs exposing controlled op post them or point me in the right direction. always looking for more

Thernobitch is funded by big money but pretends he is a one man show.

He probably thinks he is a one man show (aside from his equally dumb "business partner"), but that he's so great that these groups just want to throw money at him.

If you watch the video of him outside of court after Epstein's arraignment, you can see just how uninformed he is even about that case, which he's taking credit for.

Pozzobiec, on the other hand, is an extremely manipulative psychopath, although he clearly isn't all that intelligent either.

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This is what happens when idiots give money to these fucks. It becomes an infestation of bandwagon hopping schmucks out to make a buck and shitting places like these as a result.
Ecelebs and right wing personalities were a mistake.
The only people that matter are those that win public office.

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Pretty much the story of 99% of those in the media. They are some of the dumbest fucking people on the planet and it isn't even close. How they consider themselves qualified to give an opinion on anything is beyond me. All they should be doing is reporting facts and that is IT, nothing else. That is their job but they are actors/actresses and make it all about the show, sickens me. I mean seriously ask yourself how a massively huge dumbasses like these two clowns ever landed a role in those positions. It certainly wasn't their intelligence, certainly wasn't their looks, certainly wasn't their researching skills… so what could it be…. oh yes… paid controlled oppo or shills. That is all the media is now a days, nothing more. Very few exceptions.

I never understood you guys' hate of Cernovich.

I don't get the intensity of it. Sure, he's not like you, but is he really an enemy of yours?

I watched the whole thing unfold, and basically, this animosity toward him emerged from his spat with Baked fucking Alaska, who has since been shown to be a pathetic douche in his own right.

I could retell the whole history of that spat, including Alaska's calling Israel an ethnostate in the @MAGA3X account, which he was paid $5K to do, which was an account endorsed by Gen. Flynn at a Trump rally, but, whatever.

I just don't get the intensity of the hate. It's like it's nothing but a game. Cernovich was one of the first to announce he was no longer a Trump-pusher, long before all the ass-fuckery we have now seen.

Weird guy with a weird past of course, but so are most alt-media figures.

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He's a jew who's sour he didn't get the James Deen role.

Cernovich is a complete narc shill who went from "Obama is AKSHUALLY an alpha male" to MAGA shilling to "I'm alt right and white genocide is real" to pure despair merchantry (esp. in the time after his WH sources got purged) back to MAGA shilling and DR3 nonsense.
If this kind of contant changing of political opinion changing doesn't set set off alarms with you you're honestly dumb as a rock and deserve to be scammed and taken for a ride.
There's aslo the fact that Thernovich/Posobiec have lifted shit straight off imageboards (pedowood/pizzagate) and taken credit for it while now disawowing the same nowadays.

It's really funny because here we have actual evidence of a cabal of sociopaths who want to aquire power by any means necessary including fucking over the dissident right and Zig Forums but nobody really gives a shit because they've mindkilled themselves with "it's just e-celebs bro".

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He didn't know that going after Podesta's kosher pizza would get him killed.

Whatever happened to Davis Aurini? That guy was fucking off, man.

It's like this: you were allowed to 'audition' for the aut-kike psyop when GamerGate came out. I investigated and even went out to a few events, but eventually saw it for the bullshit it was and I don't like being an eceleb (I've got enough fuck you money, thanks).

Cernovitch and others decided to milk it for reactionbux (as opposed to Anita and her victimbux). It may be referred to as recycled lunch on a panini on the board, but in the end it's still a shit sandwich.

Aurini actually had a falling out with the Matt Forney/Common Filth blackpill "trad" Christian clique and is back to being a pagan who has orgies. Strange character.

Is he getting cornholed again?

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Richard "I received no State Department funding" Spencer

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You clearly are here trying to understand/learn about why anons (the real ones) think and do what they do so, what the hell, I will throw you a bone as you were respectful which is incredibly rare for those such as yourself.

Each user is, of course, different and we have our own likes/dislikes and our own focuses and things we do not care about. Much like the real world but in this case we delve into fairly similar and nearly always connected issues. Those issues nearly always bring us into contact with the same players in the same businesses in the same groups, etc, etc. So, long story short on that, we deal with this shit a lot and because of that we begin to learn about them and begin to dig into and find out much about them. In this case you ask about Cernovich. I personally am not one of the anons that hates him but I do not like him either. I find him to be on the edge in terms of traitors but I do not put him at the level of Loomer or JackP. However, other anons may see it differently and they may have him bumped up at a higher level than I do so it always depends who you randomly run into here and discuss it with.

The big thing for me is his connection with Baked Alaska whom I consider to be the lowest of the low in regards to intelligence, ability within career (quasi journalism in his case), likability, and so on and so forth. I loathe Alaska and have seen him attempt to harm the west while pretending to be on "our side". I have watched him harm many people in fact through the years of our investigations. Bottom line, I really do not like Alaska. That matters because Cernovich is deeply connected with Alaska and therefore he cannot be trusted and must be considered either controlled oppo or enemy status.

To tell you the truth they are all of them worthless and our society would be far better off if they just stopped pretending to be in the know. It isn't just them as there are many others who are in similar positions and ESPECIALLY so in the MSM who are the worst but since you bring up Cernovich, that is why I personally do not like him and see him as someone who cannot be trusted, is connected to the wrong people, and is not a positive asset for the US/west. He is free to prove me wrong and go out there and change my mind, I doubt he will though as all he cares about is money and will do whatever he can to get it, from whomever. I cannot respect a person, especially a man, who does that.


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White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide" as they are the ones that force their vulgar larping upon any effort by Whites defending their interests. Every time Whites try to create some networking similar to every other ethnic group to obtain, jobs, homes, healthcare, education, etc., White Nationalists deliberately detrail such efforts out of spite.

In addition, White Nationalists or by any other name have repeatedly called for the murder of entire groups of innocent Whites including Boomers, Christians, Gays and others.

White Nationalism, 20 years of complete failure but it's everyone else's fault. Sound familiar?


Name on time whites where networking and was ruined by "white nationalists"?

Every single alt.right/white nationalist is a fucking asshole for the Jews

Don’t reply to the fucking bot, for fuck’s sake.

Watch how Dicky uses lighting to make his baby blues just shine. Down low? Heavens no, he's no Grindr Greg. And those photo-shopped images of Phalanx participants poolside were no homo, just a smear campaign.

It's sometimes fun to watch as they get babby's first redpills. We were all there once.

He always gave off the mercenary vibe. Probably wanted to get close to questioning Christian boys to help push their stools in.

The fucker was using a drywall light as a klieg, then I get a call from my bosses having to debrief them about why I was hanging around with that faggot. Apparently the Canadian Military called them.

Bump. Also reminder that Chuck Johnson most likely worked with/for Richard Schwartz, a Jewish multimillionaire and ex-aide to Guiliani, on "SmartCheckr" a politicial consultancy that also employed Ricky Vaughn aka Douglass Mackey the MPC goon.