Hungary Offering $35,000, Lifetime Tax Exemption For Having Lots Of Children

Faced with a declining birth rate and an unwilling to fill population shortfalls with immigrants like some of its European neighbors, Hungary has rolled out a seven-point "Family Protection Action Plan" which showers boatloads of cash, loan assistance and tax breaks to couples who agree to crank out lots of Hungarian children.

For starters, the state is offering $35,000 to couples who get married and have at least three children. Specifically, women under 40 who are getting married for the first time will receive an interest-free, general-purpose loan of $35,000. Upon the birth of the couple's first and second children, loan payments will be suspended for three years each - with 1/3 of the principal paid off after the second child. After the third child is born, the debt will be wiped out.

Couples with two or more children can also use their loans for the purchase of an existing property - but it gets better.

"People living in villages should wait just a little bit longer," said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in February. "Within a few weeks, we would like to announce a scheme specifically customised to their needs. This means that today young married couples agreeing to have two children are eligible for grants worth 22 million forints ($75,000 US) for starting their lives and creating their first homes, while families agreeing to have three children are eligible for grants worth 35 million forints ($120,000 US)," said Orbán in his February announcement.

Hungary will also help out with mortgages - picking up the tab on roughly $13,500 US after the couple's third child, with an additional $3,500 US of relief for each further child.

Moreover, women who have given birth to and raised four children will pay no income taxes for the rest of their lives, while grandparents who are still working are entitled to take leave to help take care of their new grandchildren.

There's even a $9,000 subsidy for the purchase of a seven-passenger vehicle. "If you’ve ever tried to fit three children with car seats and everything else you need for children and probably the dog too in a car, you know how hard it is," said Hungary's minister of state for family, youth and international affairs, Katalin Novák. "Cars in Europe also tend to be smaller than American cars"

As The Federalist's Emma Elliott Freire notes, "An unusual feature of the subsidies is that they go into effect while a child is still in the womb. Parents can claim the relevant subsidy for their baby as soon as an expectant mother reaches her second trimester of pregnancy."

"This is a philosophical aspect for us. We believe life begins at conception. We value unborn children, not only born children," according to Novák, who added: "Hungarian young people are very family friendly. They want to get married and have at least two children. If that’s a fact, then we have to help them."

Meanwhile, it looks like Orbán's existing measures to boost fertility have been working since he took office.

She also argues the government’s policies are already proving successful. “Fertility has increased by more than 20 percent since 2010 [when Orbán took office]. It hit an all-time low of 1.25 in 2010 and now it is at 1.49,” she says. This still falls far short of the fertility replacement rate of 2.1, but Novák believes all signs point in the right direction for the long term, particularly the marriage rate.

“Between 2002 and 2010, under the Socialist government, the current opposition party, marriages decreased by 23 percent. Since 2010, marriages have increased by 43 percent,” says Novák. She believes if marriage rates go up, more children will inevitably follow. Novák also points out that since 2010, divorces have decreased by 29 percent and abortion in Hungary has fallen to an all-time low. -The Federalist

The catch?

In order to receive the benefits, women must remain married and employed.

"We link family support to work. You have to take part in the labor market. Unemployment is at 3.4 percent. We struggle more with a lack of labor force," according to Novák.

"We don’t want to change people. We want to make it possible for them to raise a family if they wish to," she added. "I have three children with my husband. I know that there comes a moment when you sit down and decide if you want to have another child. You discuss pros and cons. We want to put more arguments in the pros column. It’s up to you, but we want to make it easier to have a child or another child."

in related news, (((Lajos Bokros))), the genocidal pro-migrant MP of Hungary, reportedly on suicide watch.

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Good for Hungary. Honestly, people have been saying that so many countries are "depopulating" but fuck, I have yet to see any of them actually disappear. Namely

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In case anyone is wondering what (((Lajos Bokros))) looked like, here here is.

This meme is incidentally the same one that woke me up. Thanks to the user who made it.

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Doesn't work, because they will have children SOONER, NOT MORE. I can predict what's going to happen:

Women that wanted to have children, will have them immediately in order to get the gibs (mini baby boom), but then because these children were already born there will be a decrease in overall fertility (mini baby bust). In 5 years from now, HUNGARIAN WOMEN will vote themselves THAT money without having children ("what about single mothers with 1 child? We're the majority of voters, so it doesn't matter what men think).

Noice. Good for Hungary.

Funny story, during the 2008 election cycle, when Bummer was starting to look like the favorite over Hillary, Hillary announced a policy of $1000 payments per child.

The policy was rescinded within about a week.

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That'd work terribly in the US due to the amount of irresponsible retards who would pop out 12 kids just for more welfare.

I'm surprised it's not a "major issue" for the Democratic primaries just on that alone.

You stupid kike you didn't read the article. Wymmens have to stay married & working. Think based Hungarianfags didn't think of that? Stupid kikes.

Article clearly states the policy requires you stay married and working, you stupid kike.
They don't want family formation kike, they want welfare queens. Your Jewish IQ must be broken.

I dunno about keepinng woman as the workforce, but reducing AND incentivizing making white babies is seriously good news.

Read the post I quoted, you super retard.

You didn't read my post!
Women will vote themselves that money. It always happens. If the current president doesn't help women get THAT money that the government just said it has, they will vote for a president that will.

I think that's easily resolved by making it a temporary stimulus, just to get the ball rolling.

I read your post. The article clearly states they must stay MARRIED and EMPLOYED to get the gibs. If the wymmens could have just voted themselves the gibs no strings attached they would have done it already. FFS

Sorry, trying to stamp out the kikes and booted an user

Agreed, but given that they will probably take lower paying, less skilled jobs, that's probably OK (for now). Article notes Hungary has a labor shortage.

>b-but but… the article told me you have to meet certain requirements
>s-surely women wouldn't want those requirements to change retroactively
>w-women have the same values as men and think in terms of contracts, r-right?

Read my post again:
1) Government already broadcasted that they have a lot of money to give to women.
2) There are restrictions to get those gibs.
3) Women are the majority of voters.

You assume this. Even if true, you still assume they will vote for gibs for themselves instead of for the good of their nation, which is stupid considering the social mood there, e.g. Hungary fucking razor wired their borders you stupid cunt


Exactly! Otherwise women will vote themselves that money without having children. However, this is only a temporary fix; the main problem is the baby bust that follows after women already had children.

Women are the majority of voters is most nations (developed or developing).

Also, women's biological imperative is to RECIEVE and CONSUME resources. Now, you might make a point by highlighting the more traditional culture of Hungary compared to other European countries. But it goes back to women wanting to change that because they know how (((good))) women freed from men have it.

Men's competition is used against them as women enjoyed men's PRODUCTION and ACQUISITION of resources.

They ought to have cooks come in to teach children how to cook a serious meal such as the following, and have cooking competitions to make students passionate about cooking.

I know of somebody who taught building traits class where students built whole houses except for work such as foundation pouring & electrical work.

Women actually state that they want more children on average than men, even now when women are being broken every day with feminist propaganda.



Or they could just take their women’s rights away. Much easier and more effective. The more political power women have the less fertile it is.

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Holy shit, just reading the top bit of OP makes me wish the US (all white nations) would implement this only for Whites. Damn, why don't we have this in Western Europe and the US? Fucking jealous as hell, girlfriend and I would love to have this to help us get started. Not to mention that is a hellva lot of cash to get started in Hungary relative to cost of living in large swaths of the US and Western Europe.

Oh my fucking God, it's the same everywhere…

I keep thinking it's a meme, but it just keeps happening…

Oy vey! They should be giving that to refugee families who are fleeing much worse conditions.

Hungary is racist. How can they subsidize having babbys when there are so many mouths to feed in africa. why don't they just take immigrants. this is sick and disgusting


But Orban bad tho

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Risky game the Hungarians are playing here. Baby booms create baby boomers. Entitled soft bastards that will throw your nation away 30 years from now. They must find a way to keep patriarchy, brotherhood, and toughness alive in the boys that are born from this boom, despite their parent’s having it easy.

Sex segregated education and military style schooling for the boys is essential. They do have millions of niggers at their gates wanting to get in and the threat of the West’s general collapse going on while they’re growing up so they at least have that as motivation to raise their boys strong. Best of luck to them. At least they’re trying.

Who's going to pay for it? Well, welcome to communist socialist hungary.

Its a loan and a tax break. This id a great measure for repopulation and I think we need more of it.

When they were putting up a fence I thought they were just larping but holy shit they actually did something.
Hungary is on a good path. They should start killing niggers now.

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Having more Hungarian children is for the good of the nation you absolute retard. Some countries spend money on things that are good for the nation you utter mongoloid.

The real reason for depopuation in Western countries is liberalism/feminism and current culture and hedonism. Places less affected by it have more children.

HOLY HOLY GOD ALMIGHTY BLESSED THEY ARE IN HUNGARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are racist for making white countries die

Hungary interested in white immigrants with uni degrees? I still young enough for military service, willing to learn Hungarian, and looking to build up land for food production. Send PM.

Depopulation is a bogey man created by business to instill fear in a population and to be used as an excuse to perpetually increase their consumer base through mass migration. Humans, and specifically White Europeans and Japanese, have a k-type reproductive behavior which means the population increases slowly and as the population reaches a size that is no long supportable by the environment reproduction slows. It's a balancing act. Whites a naturally in-tune with nature. Africans and other muds are r-selected. That is, they will increase their population exponentially and then have a massive population crash when they deplete their resources. That's why when you give food aid to Africans their populations explode and when you give reproductive aid to whites (Hungarians in this case) the reproductive rate increases at a slower rate to ensure environmental stability.

I don't see where they limited it to White couples, a jewing jew woul turn it into an opportunity to push race mixing and get paid for it.

that pic


Gyppos get no moni moni because they have no papers as they are rayciss

If they keep that reality in their people's faces, it will provide all the information needed.

*motivation needed (user is retard)

If you read it, the only thing the USA and Europe would need to do is add "no welfare" as a clause to the requirements. Yes, we'd get more bugs as a result, but it would keep niggers & spics from getting it.

Just take their vote away, no need to enslave them.

No, you need to take away their rights to work. AND You need to make feminism illegal to have a working society

Akkor nem csoda hogy mindenki utálja a cigány férgeket itt hevesen.
Kössz a képet user, legalább lesz mit mutogatni a többieknek

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>nothing about whether it's exclusive for (((citizens)))
This keeps being talked about again and again, yet not a single soul has answered WHO this applies to, and it has been omitted in any and all articles relevant to the topic.

Ever noticed how the topic of gypsy crime rates disappeared after the immigrant shit came up? How no one mentions it nowadays? I always remind people of it.

*Because the pajeetniggers; the gypsies will no doubt boom like rats as a result, so will the MANY non-whites within the degenerate porn- and kike-city of Budapest

Yeah, even I forgot to add it to my post, rip

A country is a fake and gay thing. It doesn't depend on a people, it doesn't care about a people or whether or not it dilute or destroys a people. A country just want to continue existing. So Japan and Russia and any other country will continue to exist even when there are no more "japanese" or "russians" or any other of those indigenous peoples.
You fuckers need to think outside of this relatively new concept of "countries" or "nation states." It's a cancer, it's peak ant-dom.

all our gypsies in RO are in France or Londonistan. i dont think that a couple of euros will make the gypsies come back. no one makes children anymore other then gypsies in EE

Ahhh shut up
What is NS?

Italy for example wasn’t a country until 1861.
Before that it was regions
Historically first they destroy your hamlets and drive you from the countryside into a village, from villages into towns, from towns into cities, from cities into regions and regions into countries and cui bono? Certainly not you
They did this by violence economic or otherwise, depriving areas of basic services and disinvesting so teh land and it’s resources would fall into and remain in the hands of the rich elite, the oligarch
Here’s your box! Go live in it and consume goyim!

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Programs like this can only function properly in white countries, and that's a good thing.

God bless Hungary, t. Polan

Last time I saw discussion on this Hungarians claimed it wouldn't work because only working women who had babies could qualify for the aid. Meaning higher divorce rates, higher single motherhood, higher crime rates, higher female irresponsibility.

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So white.
Anyway, still no answer as to whether this exclusively apply to ethnic hungarians (germanics/slavs) (((citizens))) or if it's just a come breed get free shit.
And we'll never get one, but we all know at best it'll be for (((citizens))) meaning this will benefit gypsies more than anyone, then the niggers and mudapes and maybe a handful of ethnic hungarians (germanics/slavs)

Also this. Sounds like a cheeky inversion of gender roles, furthering the breadwinner woman and the manbaby nanny dad paradigm
But some hungarians are pretty damn crafty, sneaky and cheeky (in the good way) so if it's exclusively for hungarians it could still be a good initiative, but far from ideal and carrying some long term risks to the upbringing of the kids what with tht inversion and all.

Aren't gypsies and muslim rats going to multiply even more ?

I'll be waiting for White statistics

Mfw sterilization should be required for welfare.
Mfw the problem isn't the population not breeding enough, but the dysgenic effect of gypsie underclass overbreding relative to the total population.
Mfw most polices don't distinguish productive citizens from social parasites and thieves.
Mfw cities already have unnaturally high population density.
Mfw a volk can survive a decrease in population (see Japan) but never the loss of the original productive genetic stock (see India. Underpopulation ain't a problem there)
Mfw all I want is to prevent gypsification.
Mfw Orban is probably a gypsy.

Underpopulation is a made up problem to distract people from questioning who's breeding and why.

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Yes the vote and this aswell
Women who work are not having children.

When Brexit happens, the EU will demand their money loaned to Hungary. Where will Hungary find this money to pay for this policy - a policy that will never be implemented?
Remember, Eastern Europe are the beggars and toilet cleaners of Europe - aka the niggers of Europe.

You don't live near any niggers, do you? Beggars and toilet cleaners are more functional members of society than the jibbering darkies.

correct, even niggers need their toilets clean; and who turns up to clean it

If you're not under foreign control, you don't have to pay back shit
t. German

Go forth and spread your seed gentlemen…

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Do a go fund me and distribute the funds without government.

Brings new meaning to the saying, "a face only a (((mother))) can love…"

Niggers do not clean their toliets

It's literally what Hitler did, fuck off.

cringe and bluepilled

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Shills are super active not even just from the shooting. They smell blood in the water due to Zig Forums dropping to 1800 which is the number kikemonkey famously quoted against kikefy. They're also active on other boards.

Maybe that's why they mandate the woman also has to work, in order to filter out the gypsies. I was going to complain that they're getting a bit greedy by trying to have the women both breed AND work, but if they were doing it to filter out the subhumans I could support it.

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Hungarians are smarter than you. If you actually read the OP you would have noticed they require the woman to remain married. Rather, if any woman has a divorce she will be seriously punished with crippling debt.

Worked for Hitler.

Hungary is nearly an all white country.

Nice D&C, moishe. Funny how any single "toilet scrubber" in the world has undoubtedly managed to give back more than your tribe has ever even attempted to give. It's all "me" to you subhumans; in fact, Notch told me that such shameless griefers will pay dearly for their behaviour, so I wouldn't be so smug if I were you, bud.

But if the country is full of Hungarians, where will they put all the shitskins we're sending them?

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according to your logic the only policy that could save Europe would be a mass nonwhite genocide. or maybe you are just one of these cuck middle class retards obsessed with managing the jewish books.

this is why conservatives are a weight dragging down the right.
they vote in gay marriage and illegal amnesty(UK), and then balk at doing anything civilisational that might undermine their 'bootstraps' slavery.
i'm in the uk, and I can only assume the slavs have went through a recent bottle-neck that has made them now superior to my people.
western Europeans have lost their creative spark. their seed has dried up.

Good for Hungary. Still this kind of policy exists in a lot of places and it doesn't really work on its own anywhere. It takes more than a tax break to unfuck people's brains from the toxic memes and shitty environment that creates these problems in the first place. A lot of countries would be better off just not replacing the boomers at all.

You know we love you László

giving money via tax exemptions instead of gibs is genius because gypsies don't pay taxes

gypsies have the right idea and will continue to have large families no matter the policy

what do you think we are building all the soccer stadiums for?

"oi, mate, can't wait for the footy on the weekend, it will be bril. ooga boogloooga has scored 10 super league points this season."

You have no argument against what he is saying beyond lalalalala. And I think the article in the OP is a great idea because who cares if some harridans dip into the pot. They could, can and so already.

Excellent, now apply the same reasoning to Israel and just kumbayah with all the resultant invading shitskins you fucking butthole sucking kike

Why do I have a feeling that image came from Chateau Heartiste before he got shoah'd?

In your own backyard schlomo.


Budapest was once a kike capital only rivaling Berlin…

Hungary has gone full 1488 and 4th Reich. I love it!

Fucking Eastern European parasites.

That's better than giving money for jews tbh.

Realpolitik, all for your nation and people.