HAPPENING NOW -- Mass Shooting California, Possibly 50+ People Shot

Active Shooter at the Gilroy Garlic Festival:


News article said 11 people shot, someone on the police scanner said possibly up to 50 were shot. The shooter was apparently a sniper on top of a hill according to guy interviews by Bay Area NBC news.

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Rolling for siege poster being the culprit.

rolling for nazi vampires

Dubs confirm REED SEEJ fags were right.

its all true.

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Let's see where this goes…

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Vampires don't like garlic. more like 'rolling for nazi anti-vampire fest'

Well… That stinks.

Dibs on the white girl.

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There was a thread made 2 days ago on 4pol asking if anons were going to attend.


inb4 hate/pol/ gets the blame.

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You absolute dumbfuck.

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LIVE news coverage:

This is kinda strange. This was first reported on like 45 minutes ago, yet no new details. A few video clips show people running but you don't hear any gunfire.

This could be another false-flag in the making.

The NBC link in the OP is live as well.

Still live.

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Kill yourself.

It's live on the archive site, not on 4pol

Nigger fuck your momma.

Not happening, only a few fags got shot. GAY

Cotton Hill from the hill.

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Who would've thunk it

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not happening

Ah goodie! Just in time to ban fire arms. Can’t wait for the God Emperor to ban those pesky ass salt weapons.
kill me

Someone on Twitter announced there was a possible false flag incoming earlier today.

Or was it Zig Forums?

I think it was Twitter.

One report said a handgun was used. So Zig Forumsomanndos can not worry about assault gun ban.
I just want to know how this happend in California. They have gun control.

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Fuck yeah this is gonna be good

Someone on top of a hill with a sniper rifle shot fifty people?

Is that like the Lone Gunman™ that shot up the whiteys in Las Vegas?

So, after the first person dropped, every else just sat there and said "I say, somewhat rude to spray blood like that, what?" while fingering their monocles?

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They have to change the narrative from Cummings not running his city well & the DNC being ran by the squad. Had to get their narrative back out there and what better way than do so in their home base state.

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell which way to run and festivals are notorious for shitty fucking layouts cutting off ways of leaving open spaces quickly.

Obviously an honorary negro.

The crotch grab really steadies the aim.


Maybe DACAmnesty is what Hitler wanted.

Show me your algorithm for getting trips and quads.

You left out the turtle beaches. White men use Sennheiser.

They are already describing the "individual" as a "White male" mid 30's. So, who wants to bet that, when the dude is caught, it will be some form of shitskin… Mexican or Muslim?

Some guy with a hispanic accent said a "sniper was shooting down from a hill" in an interview with NBC. If 50 people were shot, then it was probably an assault rifle not a sniper rifle.

California banned high capacity magazines so there's absolutely no way this could've happened. Fuck off Zig Forumstards.

They also pronounced it Shaun-hi-zer

This is the exact reason why they added them to the "white" classification. They hide so much crime by them right in the white classification by this very thing. Sneakiest fucking move they made in the past twenty years. Well, one of them.

Rolling for 27,000 watts of LED light illuminating FBI spic for mug shot.

Carry spares?

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Actually high cap mags are legal here, I own two for my MPX. Although, I think (((they))) will try to overturn the ruling that legalized high cap mags with this incident as justification.

so how many people are fucking dead

not nearly enough

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Gilroy public scanners have been turned off. Very odd….

So, when they get the FBI employee of the week and blame it on him (probably someone investigating a California politician for raping children) which angle will they use this time:
A) Crazy
B) Supports Trump
D) Neo Nazi
E) Straight Supremacist

Found him!

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They apparently found an assault rifle magazine.
7 people reported shot so far, though local NBC said 11 were shot.
Sunday is a slow news day, the big networks haven't reported on it yet.
Situation is still active, the festival is on lockdown.

so the twitter reports that there were multiple gunmen are bullshit? what about the bomb squad sightings?

It's always the same narrative and nobody cares. At this point very few care about these things. To tell you the truth I wouldn't be surprised if some even are happy this happened in California considering how rogue that state is acting. But the media will run their normal narrative and nobody will care, same song and dance. Lines were drawn already so this won't change any minds.

Did the news report come out AFTER the shooting this time, or was it another Mossad/FBI/CIA fuckup where they had the info BEFORE the "incident" "occurred?"

I've seen A, B, and C alot more lately.

I pick option G for Goyim, G) All of the above. What do I win?

A job at CNN.

Not really. On shooters that don't look like random niggers, they are likely looking at (((motivated))) shooters who are also likely to be carrying a scanner. Helps if the perp you're going after can't just listen in or check their phone for some fucker livestreaming the scanner etc. Zog is taking it up a notch because of everyone's access to tech.

Bomb squad usually makes an appearance at county fairs and stuff to show off their little robot. Could be possible they were already at the festival since police usually set up a recruitment booth at these things.

heard people leaving the area heard explosions behind them

This place is fucking retarded

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I've seen swat at fairs doing the meet and greet.

Awesome prize. Will I get a bitchy Jewish wife if I work hard enough for a promotion or should I just settle for some shishka?

In this video you can hear the gunshots:

Honestly you sound like the bitchy jewish wife.

Ya, I think I saw them at the garlic festival a few years ago but I don’t recall. I stopped going when it started attracting a more (((diverse))) crowd. Unfortunately in California anything free that sounds interesting is off limits unless you want to be surrounded by nigger and spic ghetto trash.

A quick search.

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So confirmed so far:
-possible explosives
-multiple shooters
-first shooter fled in a vehicle to a ranch nearby
-standoff at ranch currently going down
-local militia of 200+ members said to practice at said ranch

Did I make you mad kike? You are going to lose your job if you take bait like that. You can’t shill effectively while glowing.

One suspect dead reported.
Another suspect on the loose.

why would a militia do this then flee directly back to their home base? if this is true it smells like a false flag to discredit the militia movement.

Who's moaning like a whore and capitalizing jews?

didn't somebody recently say some bullshit about a false flag on the 27th?

yep Q did

Oh noes not the garlic festival. I love the garlic festival

Okay it was also just confirmed that 1488 was spelled in large blood letters in the main tent, Breton tartans flyers were thrown everywhere, and hitler reincarnated to curb stomp a pregnant welfare spic.


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Best feeling.

This guy is LIVE with the police scanners:

Jew autocorrects to capitalization because I’m a phone posting faggot that goes outside. Even this sunset I see right now is not as bright as your mossad nigger glow.

Stop shilling for that kike.


What did you expect? For them to fly a blimp over the festival with "Die, goyim slaves" and have the guys wear Mossad Uniforms (LOL) with yarmulkes and then dash to the nearest synagogue in the Koshermobile?

Obvious FBI is being obvious.

They will kill everyone they find at the compound.

Fair enough, nigger.

Thanks for the stream. They always claim multiple shooters at first as shit is hectic on the police's end with multiple reports coming in from citizens. But it never is the case so disappointing.

Honestly, its got to the stage where, if they did that, nobody would care or question it. If they did, nothing would be done. Its blackpilling but its the truth. Kikes can just do what they want and get away with it

Please stop doing this to each other.

There is a better way which doesn't create more suffering in this world.

We're a board of peace.

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Did they catch the shooter yet?

It's also a random enough event that they can blame whoever they want.

one shooter confirmed dead, another on the run.

any enemy they need to get rid of or shill into fighting someone else. In this case, it seems to be militia's like the 90's all over again.

Why didn't he (or they) livestream it?

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I thought California outlawed guns.

So, what heroic bill to save the innocent spic babies from Nazis will they introduce next?

A) kill all white males
B) kill all white male children
C) make California a vassal state of Greater Israel
D) Make Anderson Cooper video that shows him eviscerating a white infant with his dick mandatory viewing in all sex ed classes
E) Pardon Anderson Cooper for all crimes, past, present, and future.
F) Make all firearms illegal in California, unless wielded by spics, niggers, and kikes IN SELF DEFENSE
G) Rewrite the meaning of self defense to mean "anyone who shoots whitey."
H) Limit magazine capacity to 1
I) Exempt all politicians' families and their bodyguards.
J) Oh, ban the Bible and private land ownership by whites.

Picture of suspect

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