The New Awakening

The basis of our race is blood and soil. Not matter the political gains, your sacrifices are worthless if we do not return to a way of living that produces healthy white children. Only from physical communities rooted in blood and soil can a movement spring with the strength and longevity to save the west.
Join the New Awakening. We are a National Socialist vanguard working towards an ethnostate in the Pacific Northwest and the only White Nationalists with a constructive focus. Our aim is to establish cultural and political dominance through a process of organic migration.
You do not need to enter some compound. Simply move to the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana and network with like-minded people.

Many members have already migrated and started families in the PNW. We are in the position to help, but first you need to make contact. In order to join, you must be a National Socialist of white European ancestry and adhere to strict anonymity. If you qualify, enter our riot gateway under an account and email unattached to any personal information.

We are building physical communities through completely legal avenues. If you plan to engage in any illegal activities, do not try to join.

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How we are different?

Our Plan

Why the Pacific Northwest?

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decent honeypot shlomo, good luck on entrapping some young white males!

Yes. We entrap young whites into having families and legally forming racial communities.

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bumping for effortthread. Your direction is… odd? I can't imagine that you have many members with your attitude but I wish you luck.

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How do you plan on breaking away from the system?

You must be new, they've been posting a while. It's loosely based around the plan from "the Brigade" of you've read that. I'm still suspicious, as given that it's a public outfit you'd have to assume there's at least some level of Fed involvement, but fundamentally there's nothing illegal about their plan - just move there, have White babies and vote for your interests at the local and eventually state level.

Considering that it stands a better chance of working than (((Atomwaffen))) and Seejfag shit it's a nice change from the constant fedposting Zig Forums has degraded into.

A friend of mine was just interviewed the other week. They have some really good ideas and I hope to them prosper. However I am quite content on the east coast.

Interesting. I have seen a recent uptic of thread talking about birthrates, maybe The Great Replacement has made an impact "Its the Birthrates" memewise. This sort of community oriented movement is certainly more popular on Voat than it was, and Siege gets shouted down more often than not, though who wouldn't celebrate a warrior.

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That sort of talk has been central here for awhile now. Birth rates are a huge problem, it doesn’t help that we live in a system that 1) makes it hard for good couples to have kids (financially) and 2) encourages hedonism/career over having kids.

lol I have an image for that. Strange times indeed. Hopefully during the coming collapse of the US, whether it be total or simply economic, there can be a return to sanity.
Maybe I should look these guys up (if anybody's still awake) if for nothing else but the network.

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Tbh fuck it as long you want to destroy the system im fine I know you guys have siege for some weird reason but what ever if you think about it the north west will not really be a big target so I guess you guys will be safe from the Revolution.

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hate siege*

I agree. There shouldn't be any fighting between us.

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Absolutely blessed image user.

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Yeah, funnily enough most of the Siege tards never read the manifesto (or they're just fedposters looking to incite) - his idea wasn't that everyone go do the same thing, just that it's time to get in the damn game. "Blitz for positions of power" - grabbing some legitimate power at at least lower government levels sounds like a better and more productive idea than most others I've heard.

Eh im going to not make you guys mad but siege is about lone wolf attacks not big groups like AWD awd is a mix of siege and the turner diaries and how their set up no one can know everyone it's cell based.Also not to shit even more onto NA but if you try to get into a goverment job to hurt the system you will be killed like many fbi agent's and it will look like a suicide,Still I don't want to insight something here.Also the gov would not fucking promote hurting them selfs retard also also theirs proof that awd is infact not a honypot like how everytime they try to recruit they get shut down also they don't even accept many members to join their really picky tbh

People that hate Siege are normally suspicious that it's just a Fed incitement & well poisoning tactic. Especially if you read up on James Mason, who's a straight up CIA MK Ultra-tier Satanist. Nobody denies that violence will be needed (commies & trannies don't kill themselves, not enough anyway), but there's a LOT more than just that to war. It was basically just a meme for a long time, but since so many of the /nu/Ironmarch O9A types turned up it's become cancerous & it's used to slide any other ideas or dialogue out of the picture. "Read the Brigade" needs to be the meme instead.

Still I do think the north west idea can work and you can get into goverment but you would have to be care full not to be found out

Siege wasn't exclusively about lone wolf stuff though. I have, in fact, unironically read Siege.

This is true well james mason is not a satanist anymore He even made a book about christianity everything else you said is pretty true

"National Socialism Explained" video is laughable and "Why the Swastika?" likewise.

This kind of movement initiative is only for the useful idiots and feeble minded.

Ah. I can see you’re too intelligent for us.

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3) the laws a perfectly designed to enable lost women to destroy families once they become corrupted


You have no idea how badly I wish a non honeypot version of such a thing could be real in this day and age.
OP you fed nigger, you have no idea how much you're actually pissing some of us off by taunting us with obvious honeypots like this. Go eternally fuck yourselves, you uppity pentagon sodomites. You aren't half as smart as you think you are.

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Skeptical like yourself, but if white genocide is real (which it is) honeypot or not becomes irrelevant. In this case youre damned if you do damned if you don't. You either idle by til your destruction and so remain complicit, or at least network with a community to make a stand. I'd like to think that over a period of time where nothing occurs but legal organization, that when a race war, blatant antiwhite legislation, or a communist regime is immplemented the fed would turn on (((them))) instead. Maybe wishful thinking, but he'd have to know that he and his progeny will be suicided eventually. Like I said, it doesn't matter at this point. We all die alone and fade away, die together making a stand, or actually survive and remove juden. There can not possibly be any other outcome.


All this North West Front shit screams "honeypot."
Try something new and more creative, Mr. FBI man.

Only a certain chosen race gets their own country.
Only a certain other race can be racist.

BTW I am a scientific eugenicist. People with a low empathy quotient (psychopaths, etc.) ought to be sterilized, and any offspring they produced before discovery should also be sterilized, regardless of skin color or racial self-definition.

And I am a Star Trek Socialist. A close-to-perfect society shouldn't need money or currency. No more free-loading or economic parasitism. No more "races."


Behold, the schizoposter.

Yes I do. You're looking at one right now and you're too scared to take advantage. Sure people have doubts, but you aren't even willing to take a risk. All you really care about is yourself. We will never have use for such people. The door is permanently closed to you faggots. Enjoy living in your own personal hell.

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To be such a yellow bespawler as to give up on networking with whites, even in an anonymous, encrypted, PerSec oriented environment. To assume that every network of white nationalists is built by some "All powerful Fed", you've done their job for them without ever even a wimper of resistance.
The consequences of your cowardice [embedrelated] will be the extinction of your very people. Fear is not a valid reason to abandon your destiny. Finally an organization worth following in the least and joining at most arrives and you call honeypot? "Fear is an illusion, it seeks to trick you, make you believe that existance, no matter how pitiful, is more important than living. It plots to turn slavery into an option and blame the righteous for the ills of the world."

If Hitler' himself showed up at your doorstep and asked you to join him, you cave-dwelling goblins would simply sneer and call him glow-in-the-dark and turn away. Well GOOD. Cowards like you have no place in any future ethnostate. Keep hiding in your shadows and your pits and your filth. Those that have a spine will be building a future, despite the odds, because it must be done.

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Whatever you say, Paranoid Pete.

Almost like you goblinos can't read.

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Compelling argument.

These words make me want to bring attention to this very important book by a former Librarian of Congress discussing the train of (mainly socialist) revolutionary thought in Europe from the French to Bolshevik Revolutions—Fire in the Minds of Men by Billington, I believe it's already in the book thread. In the last part of the book talking about Lenin and communist fervor in prerevolutionary Russia, he discusses the fact that revolutionary movements and the imperial state secret police had infiltrated each other to such a great degree that they began trading ideas, in a competitive spirit. Oftentimes it is difficult for a historian in retrospect to determine if a particular character of that time was an agent who succeeded in infiltrated the enemy, if they were double agents, redoubled agents, or triple agent (it gets confusing). In the end, both the Russian secret police and the revolutionaries were aware that they had been infiltrated, but both continued warring with each other because of a) a firm cell structure keeping the revolutionaries intact, b) dissimulation on the part of both sides towards their 'double agents' (especially if their authenticity as double agents was in question, as oft if was), c) the unwillingness of the Russian govt to part with too many resources to service the needs of a growing intel apparat, and d) the communists in question were extremely motivated by their religiouslike fervor, above the motivation of the secret police.

The American intel community isn't the Oxrana, but the lesson to be learned is that no righteous cause is futile. The sickly and bloated federal bureaucracy simply doesn't have the time to monitor millions of potential dissidents, which is why they are focusing their efforts on narrative guiding, fearmongering, disinformation and the collection of electronically transmitted data. I also recommend you look up badjacketing, which is a tactic employed daily on this board. Simply insinuating ad nauseam that X, Y and Z are actually all colluding with the govt in the absence of factual support is, sadly to say, an effective tactic on weak minds (paranoid in the pathological sense).

Honeypot thread still up.

Nah, kike, you won’t fool anyone here.

I'm triggered by how bad that cutout is. Someone needs to learn to shop better.

Very true.
One hopes that truth comes out in the end, that the men of this world can see through the lies of the jews and the current trends seem to suggest that. The house of cards they've built is doomed to collapse in on itself and whether by fire or depression, we must be ready to take advantage of that fall.

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Oh, I see you guys are organizing a minecraft server…

Ah, uhm… never mind!

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The National Socialist Pacific Northwest is a Reddit-tier meme. Any deliberate consolidation of ethnically empathetic ancestral Europeans needs to be centered around the world's second largest freshwater reserves, i.e., the Great Lakes, with borders extending in either direction toward both coasts.

Sorry. The NA doesn't accept people with autism.

So NA has zero members then.

Go back to reddit, zoomer. Men are talking here.

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you spammed this bullshit on cuckchan Zig Forums and now here?

a government honeypot if ever i've seen one.

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fence-sitters get the rope too

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