this is real and he's doing a lot more than just naming the Jew.

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steve-o buddy you gonn get killed but Your soul is free brother. FUCK TWITTER


Based as fuck. This dude is genuine

Yeah dude I'm sure his account wasn't compromised and he never had those tattoos after all.

Fox news is nothing but kikes too. This is how you know it was some cuckchanner

It's still a good thing. A blue checkmark actually doing this at all, even if it doesn't also vilify fox news

Based, and Honkpilled.

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Steve-o is kind of a jackass, but high profile twitter accounts naming the jew is always a good thing.


/b2/ beat you guys to it

Steve-O was apparently hacked and sent out a bunch of other nigger-tier tweets to compliment this gem.

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It was someone posting on halfchan who hacked the account you mongoloid

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Attached: 1564357731558.png (1306x687, 317.35K)


I want to know how many 15 yr old girls are in his DMs

Even funnier because steve-o is a gigantic fucking faggot.

Attached: Steve-O.png (480x524, 269.81K)

Steve o is a drug addled baby fucking degenerate
I don’t want him on my team.

he didn't post these so don't worry nigger

He's clean now. watch the JRE podcast.

off yourself subhuman

No thanks. I avoid jewish propaganda.


Say what,!

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Hacked or he fell off the wagon

Attached: based.jpg (749x819, 90.15K)

No shit, sherlock?

Looks like Steve-O is going to get hit with a Shit storm.

Good luck to him.

I did Nitrous just like Steve-O did, AMA



Someones going on a hacking spree. Yesterday Jessica Alba.

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He's actually clean and detests drug users, he's been campaigning for it for a long time hence why i somewhat believed the thread's title.
I know it sounds ridiculous but he became the more sane and sober member of the Jackass crew, you can clearly see it in any of his interviews in which he speaks in an almost offensive honest tone. I also know you won't check the fact because of his past behavior, even when we always talk about auto-improvement.

He's one of them.

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Isn't this the asshole with the pedo tat? kek

This; baby impaled on his dick fucking freak

Yep. Checked.

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Hey Steve-o! Did you post this yourself and just blamed Zig Forums for teh lulz? If so, well done. Did CNN ever answer your question btw?

even better

what the fuck

His twitter was hacked by a Japanon earlier.

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Shit got hacked by cuckchan. Why is it still up, though?

Attached: Screenshot 2019-07-29 at 1.39.44 AM.png (605x532 140.87 KB, 77.44K)

Like i said, Zig Forums is so chock-full of newfags they don't remember Steve-O going against the Jackass crew for being degenerates.

He only started that holy-than-thou shit when he was forced to get sober after hitting rock bottom

I know it's technically not totally false but why?

she looks like one of my old friends. he's a dude.

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Wew Lad

Attached: steveo.gif (220x107, 169.8K)

Shits still up lmao

I've followed those guys since the jackass day. I always knew they were based. Just watch their shows (viva la bam etc…) Some stunts are degenerate, but they never did anything liberal. Most metal guys are right wing.

every fucking time

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Le edgy

Really makes you think

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The hacker has all of his dms and he asked a 16 year old girl for nudes

Attached: 7BAECC0E-4F90-4B24-8CBF-401BFC66CF4D.png (588x537 196.5 KB, 183.37K)

/b2/tard confirmed

Steve-o also had a tattoo of a man fucking a baby on his arm

Good. I won't same anything too detailed, but I know some of he same people, and they are all pretty realistic about the world.

Good lord that typing is terrible.


I get that the Jews envy him for his near perfect genetics - they have been trying for two thousand years to copy and steal this type of build. But this does not explain hacking his twitter a/c to show the world that Jews control the media, as this is known by all already.
Three things that i see which are connected are - this hack, the synagogue drive by, and the Garlic festival shooting.
Who gains ?


Imagine just getting this to be edgy then finding out all your Hollywood friends are actually pedos

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He got hacked, just like Jessica Alba a few days ago. Still pretty funny though.

He's goyim patient 0, a model for degeneracy of an entire generation of 90's white kids, so as to demonstrate the pressing need for the Noahide laws. The only thing someone like him would become morally outraged about is NAHTZEE-ism, so that's funny you'd think for even a split second this was legitimate.

Steve O? Like from Jackass?


The same guy who covered up his baby fucking tattoo?

I heard a story about how Johnny Knoxville was turned down by Tom Green and went out to assemble his own crew. I do know the former friend who used to have his show on CHUO after Midnight Caller (who we think once dated a suspected serial killer in Cornwall Ontario) would complain about him and Greenson and Humplink leaving garbage in the studio.

to poison the well, of course

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That's the ugly tranny faggot from /b/ and /soc/ on cripple chan

Completely mentally retarded, posts new pics every day about how ugly he is

This is looking less like a hack

He talked about that tat on one his videos changed it to fucking a ostrich.

Why SeaWorld?


Yeah but look how many of her followers LOVED her comments.

Half nigger, half God whales. Race mixing fucking whales, man.

Fucking hell…look at those spicnigger stats. I know that 'others' includes nigger crimes, bug people crimes, mongrel crimes as well as the tiny tiny minority of White crime.

42% of the terrorism in the USA is spicnigger

Also, if you added up 'semitic' extremism.
Add the desert niggers to the kikes, add the communism since that is 100% jewish philosophy, add the left wing faggots and some of the 'others'

YOU DON'T CONDEMN THE PEOPLE THAT ARE HELPING YOU (you take the help at their disadvantage, and you refuse any debt of returning the favour) - even if the account was hacked, and it probably was. You're all a great example of why you're all getting nowhere, you have zero fucking strategic bone in your body and can't think further than the radius of schlomo's nostrils.
It's as simple as do not condone, do not condemn, this has nothing to do with you and how dare anyone assume so. Always be on the offensive, never defensive, never cannibalize.
The enemy of my enemy is not my friend, merely a tool when advantageous.

Attached: Screenshot from 2019-07-20 09-17-07.png (1175x690, 913.09K)

Hahaa fucking baaaaased

This is bad advice. How about just don't be a pussy and own up to your distasteful beliefs? Oh they will shit on us in public? Without martyrs no cause can ever be taken in kind. It is sacrifice man secretly respects. It's what kikes figured out 2000 years ago to try and destroy our souls.

Guess it isn't a hack since it is still up. (((They))) must be trying to associate those who criticize them with degenerates like Steveno.

We really need an updated version of that CNN graphic. I know it's missing Don Lemon (a "non-practicing jew"), and probably some others.

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Top 10 boomer conspiracies

What is Steve-o is just based?
I mean in the state we live in these days can you really shit on him that hard for making millions by exploiting a readily available market for slapstick comedy?

is there a single comment in this thread about how the real steve o is a disgusting junkie. lol. go back to watching jackass guys

fucking brainlet thinks a junkie is cool. current state of this board


go listen to this faggot talk for 5 minutes about drugs and tell me you want him on our side

Did you even read the reply? Fucking christ

Are you fucking retarded, you strawmanning faggot?
Read it a third time, and don't trip on your smooth brain this time, nigger.

Fucking christ. This place has slipped drastically.