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how fucking schizophrenic are these faggots? Click and read - alot of reveals here

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fascism is anti-conservative
But a conservative in commie-liberal antifa?
That's cringe

There is no contradiction here.
If you grow up in an age of political progressivism being an antifacist is the conservative position.
Also, the american culture always was a puritan, rather neurotic culture the same way leftism is a puritanic and neurotic culture.

Simply false, your textbooks lied to you. The Puritan were called Yankees, and they only existed in the Northeast of the US. The rest of the Conservative blocks of the US were Socially and Financially Conservative. The voted for Jimmy Thompson after all.

you fail to identify one word and you then two times use one that has no real meaning. "socially and financially conservative" doesn't mean anything. And then look at the map and go figure were this leftwing movement emerged from and its exactly these puritanic areas. Besides that the puritans don't need to occupy the entire bible belt when their culture trickled down anyways because for a european for example all americans are puritanic pilgrims and their differences in evangelical denominations are basicly invisible.

Bullshit. The puritans loom large in American History because they are easy to research. Everyone of them keep a diary and they produced tons of documents.

But they were lots of other people in colonial America..

If you want to be part of history leave a record.

blah blah blah blah
something about maps we made up, you're a retard,you didn't grow up with a midwestern Conservative household.

i give you records you dolt.
The gunslinging cowboy.
Basicly all these cowboy stories evolve around a calvinistic concept of the pilgrim for which the pilgrimage to redemption is the highest service to divinity.

just admit it that real culture is simply a notch to high for you and don't pester me with your ongoing boomer conservatism bullshit. We are i think not even Xers here so what dumbass concept do you wanna have about conservatism when the traditional past to you could as well be a foreign nation, dumbass.

I was raised by WW2 Vets.I was born in 80.

tor enngrish is not so gweat I dink.

Basically, You're the moron. I great up with a !an that survive the Great Depression, then was drafted to go kill his relatives for Kikes.

grew up with a man.

The gunslinging cowboy.. A fun movie myth.

Cowboys didn't go around righting wrongs and saving the day.

They herded cattle.

His post is a parody of John Wayne.

You make my arguments for me yet you still manage to call me the moron.
Maybee WW2 veterans raised you but that was not the experience you had. You didn't had to suffer depression and dustbowl and you have the luxury of making moral judgements about killing for kikes when the average WW2 servicemember was glad he had regular meals and some money exactly because he suffered depression and dustbowl. Talk to me about conservatism when attitudes chance within one generation you fucking joker.

yeah but that is not the story they are telling with cowboy stories. Read the post what this is about and then maybe think about the point for a minute instead trying to be a point dexter. The cowboy became the vehicle for puritan theology.

You're an idiot.
Let me explain to you what military service is like. You're sweaty, dirty, and hungry all the time. You don't get to eat when you're outside of the posting you're at. He served in the middle of the desert fighting Rommel. He wasn't on some easy post where supplies were regular. This is a man that survived that that taught me how to be a man.

He was there, for 7 years. In the middle of a shithole called Libya. He spent his leave in Egypt, because he wasn't allowed to leave the continent.

No, I didn't suffer those things. I lived with the man that told about this stuff my entire life.

The pay was shit. It was only good because they didn't pay them until they got back from the deployment.

You're the joker, you don't know a damn thing about those people outside of a fucking textbook. I lived around people that landed on Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima, Africa and Normandy.

I grew up around these people. You're just a angry fudge licker.

Send more fag goons loser, call them angels again.

Also, grandfather loved Patton, and thought fighting Hitler was bullshit.

LOL what do you think the average life during that time you absolut muppet. The american average serviceman was a few inches shorter then european soldiers because in his childhood he was malnutritioned. You absolut megafaggot you don't know shit about being a man you absolut joke. Go kill yourself you 40 year old fucking loser.

fuck off


Tell me something new.

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You come across as the nigger, faggot. Not him.
Great job.

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Daily reminder that neocons are Trotskyites in everything but name.

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Of course the fucker is backwards and insane, it's a jew group after all.

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communism is not more conservative than "progressivism"

America is only neurotic because we're ruled and raised by kikes from cradle to grave.

The mind of ANITFA, in all its glory.

Stupid commies, "we're the good guys" they just won't own the history of the hammer and sickle. They're a bunch of idiotic murderers. They stink to high heaven of murder and they have the gall to point at Nazis. Ghouls and morons.

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Real developers don't talk like this and almost certainly aren't stupid enough to use such horrendous grammar.
What a fucking retard. sage to spare everyone else some brain cells

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