HAPPENING NOW THREAD 2 -- Mass Shooting California, Possibly 50+ People Shot

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News article said 11 people shot, someone on the police scanner said possibly up to 50 were shot. The shooter was apparently a sniper on top of a hill according to guy interviews by Bay Area NBC news.

4 killed, likely more. Main suspect dead, second potential suspect is a female and still out there.

Archive of thread 1:

If anyone has further inquiries or information about this shooting, contact me on Twitter @MichaelEHayden. Thanks.

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Hello guys anything?

well what do u think their their alt kike trumpkikes republicuck siege fags commies nazi bol antifash etc..?

Care to put some substance in your post?

who do u think shoot up the garlic eaters?

I think people who make these happening threads, livestreams, twitter feeds whatever should all be lined up against a wall and shot. You people are just as cancerous as this vermin in the mainstream media jumping on everything like flies on shit and exploiting it to make yourself important like a fucking schoolgirl spreading rumors about her classmates and then everyone has to come to her for more information and in return shes the one being best informed about even more rumors and then she starts selling the rumors with popup ads and so on and so on and so on.

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Remember that mass shootings are not a valid reason to remove constitutional rights from the people.

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I wonder how the police will feel when their pensions come in the form of thoughts and prayers.

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It was a antifa mexican mutt.

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This could be a “Siege” thing, but I also have no reason to doubt Christopher Cantwell’s involvement in this. I heard he yelled out Emily Gorcenski’s name before firing into the crowd.

ANTIFA are a proud organization that fight against fascism and other forms of bigotry. Why would they do such a thing?

Definitely ANTIFA. Reading over his Twitter (Wayne Lampright). Dude thought he invented a gravity drive, is a pot advocate, and planned to run for POTUS in 2024 while supporting Sanders and being from Sonoma, CA (Podesta home and where that weird club is, forgot name).

Sonoma, Napa, and St. Helena constantly come up in our digs.

Well the siege thing is to go after high ass targets like power stations and shit not a fucking garlicfest

Except Atomwaffen and the other related Siege groups have never done such a thing. They might be dumb but they’re not that stupid.

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hehe good thing no one knows that they have been doing not like they can even get fed niggers into their ranks it would be really hard to just get in one!How is going after high targets bad also siege tards are not stupid they act retarded tbh but still

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hey New York Times, projection requires plausibility

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The SPLC making threads on 8ch now. Probably in complete control of Zig Forums as well.

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can't wait for this shit to be over. but there's still lots of information to be known about the shooter and his motives/history

What the fuck are you even doing?

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Four people were killed, including a 6-year-old boy, and 15 were wounded Sunday as a gunman opened fire at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California.

One of the suspects was shot and killed, and a second suspect was still on the loose late Sunday, sources told NBC Bay Area.


do euros really compare the value of nations based off a specific means to a specific crime? what are they, retarded?


Young spic becomes convenient poster boy for gun control.

Two of them, eh? And the media isn't releasing names? Pretty much narrows it down.

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Damn, Andy Warski has put on some weight.

Got a mp4 of shooting and spics running for their lives.


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Nigger, I wasn't disagreeing with the pussification of the board, but my point stands. There was a filename written in ebonics, despite there being no negroid in the image, for instance, and there are posts that are written in that sort of normalfag-ebonic slang.
Haven't you read 1984? Remember why the State changed the language via newspeak? It's an old concept and it still applies today.
But of course, like a normalfag, you respond emotionally with a specific reaction to specific stimuli. Use your fucking brain.

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You've become way too comfortable.

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Right. You keep telling yourself that while your alt-right buddies continue to get doxed, deplatformed from social media and banned from payment processors.

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Somebody who isn't gay remake the thread please.

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yeah this was a white festival. who would shoot up a festival dedicated to the white gentrification of a community? who killed farmers in the past? communists

of course, happening right when I'm sleeping and completely missed it

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Just bring up Switzerland when it happens.

Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I can’t and don’t post here. This is one of the few times where I’m open about who I am.

If you think I and other journalists don’t lurk Zig Forums and actively contribute, then why are you even on here anyway? Just go to Telegram and post terrorist threats that’ll eventually get the app subpoenaed and shut down. Keep digging your grave.

the shooter was jean francois giespy and his potato girlfriend is still on the loose

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No fucking way. Link from your twitter. Or post a screen cap.
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To be fair, that's a very good question


I wish she got shot first.

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What's the ethnic background of the shooter and distribution of victims?

Why would I need to do it? Most of my tweets are about breaking stories or new doxes, not “hi guys. I posted on Zig Forums“


Both of the suspects are white. Plausible theory is that they were a member of the Sonnenkrieg Division, a weird offshoot of Atomwaffen.


Someone make a new thread. No need to post in this faggot's thread

Still spreading fake news eh?

Because your story is too perfect and hence not believable. You are on the trolling headquarters of the internet and without proof it is almost certain you too are a troll. You must be a skeptical man and I am sure you understand our skepticism. You wouldn't publish a story without doing some basic fact checking, would you?

Americans use that example too, it is simply a manipulative tool that has been proven to work. You can throw it back at them with the fact that their socialist paradise of Sweden has constant bombings and that they have enough of them that Swedes even have a Wikipedia page dedicated to specifically handgrenade attacks.

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Look at the picture in OP. It’s never been posted anywhere else and you won’t find it when searching for me publicly.

Why is that?

Maybe because it actually is me.

Not enough dead.

It is customary to hold a piece of paper with "8/pol" and today's date on it when doing such things. We will forgive you this once. So let's start.

Why do you publish words that you know are lies?

Why did you break my phone, again?


I have never lied and you know this. Read my articles exposing hate groups and extremists over the years and you’ll know I do my research before publishing anything.

Post timestamp then faggot

Not obligated to.

This thread isn't even about the fucking shooting.


You are comparing action that is supported by the right with action that is supported by the left. This presumes that the right and the left are symmetrical. Moldbug and others have shown they are not. Right is order. Left is disorder. Right-wing action is always in reaction to left-wing action. The lie is in the words "far-right content advocating terrorism," words that conflate the two.

That makes no sense and you’re misconstruing the point. Far-right extremism is indeed rampant on Telegram with various channels and servers dedicated to Nazism, death threats towards minorities and more. Even Russia had to ban Telegram.

You’re smarter than this. Think.

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