So on 4chan there was a a creator getting a lot of hype lately, because he wanted to make a game around Epstein Island.
Today he dropped a demo

However as it turns out the game might have a trojaner. is where he dropped the demo

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Okay then someone upload a video of a playthrough instead. webm please.

It has only 2 rooms, not very interesting.

Can I do something once I have a trojaner or am I pretty much fucked?


Where is the download link, has anyone ran it through virustotal yet?

Downloadlink is on his patreon (newest post). Pls do and update us

let's hope it's full of lolicon activity. what a game. rip and shove it full of lolis. contact independent loli game devs.

It seems like a common problem with games done with AGS

God I hope this is true, because I feel so shitty right now

That is what one user posted.

Thing is I even have mcafee antivirus, but I usually disbale it for downloads that I know are safe.
I hope that this just has to do with the file and not that user indeed tried to lure us in with a crispy game, just to give us a virus

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Well I had files flagged as suspicious, but never outright as a trojan virus.
Should I worry downloading this?

What a surprise.

It's a game about a gay frog.

Maybe it isn't, so can anyone confirm or deny?
WHat if OP is legit and we flag him for something he didn't do and thus lose a potential great game?

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Are you the user who made the game?
Can you give me a good reason why your game has not a trojaner and we shouldn't worry, like his virus programs showed:

Did when it first came out. 3 hits out of whatever.

No, I got that pic from the thread in halfchan.
The files from the game seems like any other AGS game and it seems like a common problem with false positives.

Well I had the issue that the files got marked as suspicious, but I had never a file marked as a trojaner

Executable made by nigger tier "make your own game" programs like AGS or RPG Maker have been know to set off false positives on some av programs. It's probably fine but someone could always open it in a VM or something if you're feeling paranoid. The creator's only real crime is refusing to learn to code.
-t. /v/

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Red pill me about VM.


kys OP

Nigger it's called a trojan or trojan horse, not a trojaner. Either learn to speak English already, or at least go assassinate Merkel you dumb kraut.
P.S. only 3 hits on virustotal means it's a false positive 99% of the time.

thx user

The real question: is the game fun?

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Just the demo yet, but is fun