The LGBT "Community" is a cancer

I don't intend to offend anyone. I am saying about LGBT Community. I'm not talking about any singular person in particular, but the community and the concept of the community itself. If you are sensitive i suggest you do not continue reading.

Opinion: I honestly think it is the stupidest thing ever. It militarizes and corrupts people. And it would be better if instead we stopped segregation, and instead of allies it was friends. And here's why:

As soon as you hear somebody say they "are" a part of the community. You already know what to expect from that person. Chances are they're not thinking as an individual any longer, hence "are". All of their thoughts and ideas are those of the "community", and everything they say or do they do it (for (or)) on behalf of the "community" and its agenda, regardless of wether or not their acts are negative or positive, or give the "community" a negative image or a positive one. So long as in their minds they're oppressed and think they're doing the right thing the means justify the ends.

I get that orginially it was formed in a time when homophobia was common and gay people weren't even allowed to marry. Under those circumstances it would make sense for those kinds of people to come together, and i guess it's still okay if you want to consider yourself a part of the community, Lgbt still isn't accepted worldwide, but don't let it consume you. You can't preach about tolerance and acceptance if you're incapable of tolerating and accepting other people for being different or having a different political affiliation. Think and take responsibility for yourself. If you see stupid shit in your community, incitement etc. call it out or disassociate yourself from it. Cause it isn't good, and all its gonna do is make you look bad as well.

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Stooped right there

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Do you want to fight ?

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Why stick around is it worth showing that the cancer called LGBT applies to everyone without exception.

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I want OP to go back to 2015 with his entry-level observations.

In case you haven't noticed that you stumped into the wrong board, this isn't reddit you dumb faggot.

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kek, way to throw in the towel in your opening statement. you immediately take a submissive/apologetic position before even framing the argument while simultaneously showing your weakness.
to "beat" you all they have to do is accuse you of doing what youre already trying not to do.
you need to fix your slave mentality before you attempt to give anyone else information/advice.

next time just point out the facts, if anyone is offended, say "correct me if im wrong" or simply ask "am i wrong?" "is what i said not true?"

I do. GTFO gaynigger

Then fuck off faggot this board is politically incorrect if you aren't offending anyone you're doing it wrong.

All faggots must hang!

There, making up for your faggotry.

spam thread, report

You all "look bad" in god's eyes you sodomites.

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FOR WHAT ? Hate for LGBT is one of the few things that every normal person agrees with.>>13545109

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REPORT FOR WHAT ? Hate for LGBT is one of the few things that every normal person agrees with.

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C'mon goys, be a little more accepting of sexual diversity!

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There aren't very many normal sane people left in the world after decades of brainwashing to destroy the family and everything holy in white nations.

TD Bank unironically supports this.

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There's no way homosexuals and lesbians can oppose pedos and bestiality.


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I’d be afraid to hit him in the face, for the sole fact I don’t want to bust my knuckles then get aids from his fag blood.

not surprising in the least

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Kick it in the face instead give it a nice taste of your boot.

Every kid in my family is aware of LGBT and as expected, told to except and so they're all for LGBT, I can see the indoctrination that the schools push on them in real time and I'm considering just blasting my brains out.

This is because conservatives didn't take an advance position on pedos and bestiality. By saying their traditional white culture they could own it instead of have the left make it degenerate. Big mistake for ignoring based people and continuing.

There is no community, it is a lie.

The 'gay community' is one of back-stabbing, lying, gossip, abuse. They are trying to indoctrinate children but, oh no, because your Jewish god says it's bad, an entire group of people are sidelined. So instead of being able to mold gayboys into strong fellas you get them being girly girled up by people that hate you. Protip, not every homo hates Western civ and wants to see it destroyed. Quite the opposite.

You cunts would loose your minds if you had any idea how many 'macho men' 'tough cunts' et al want some man fun.

Besides this whole left is degenerate is Bs. A lot of rightists are gibbering, dirty trash with their kneckles on the ground.

Zig Forums in a nutshell

user, they are nothing but cannon fodder created to bait you into leashing out in violence so that you can be locked up. Why? Because the west is facing a full communist takeover, that will kill hundreds of millions of innocents, and so before every piece of war is in place, they are going to use outrage propaganda to cull as many fighting age men as possible to better their odds when the real war starts off.

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thank rightists for being pro-Zogbot for decade on every cycle

Decade? This is over 2k years in the making, and the last 70 were nothing but brainwashing by means of education, science, military, politics, economy, commerce, and whatever else kinda fucked up shit they had. The blame game won't fly anymore. Everyone is at fault here.

Wanna know the real cancer?
Prove me wrong.

So true dude, btw did you see sargon of akkad's newest video on feminism, shit was cash.

A sexually transmitted disease with a 100% mortality rate.

Had I known when I signed up…


Kill yourself and take your fetish with you.

Zogbots didn't used to exist, as we know them.

we saw what he did to ukip

You degenerate retard kys

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Challenge accepted. Life is the ultimate gift given to you. You were given access to a sandbox of wonders to be a creator, you were given the materials to create with, the traits to do it, a set of laws to follow, a tool to comprehend all of this (consciousness), a compass to navigate between positive and negative outcomes (common sense) and every piece of knowledge imaginable at the tips of your fingers, if you have it in you to seek it out. And if all that is still too boring for you, then you can just make new life with your dick.

Come again? Do you think the abrahamic religions were passed onto mankind by patient preaching? Mohammad tried that as a soapbox preacher, that wasn't fast enough so he did the next best thing…robbing, raping, plundering, enslaving, and enforcing his doctrine onto everyone who survived his very successful warlord act. What about the destruction of the Romans by miscegenation? Those nigger slaves were handled by kike controlled mercenaries and soldiers. Nothing changed since then other than technology, yet a simple knife back then could make as much damage as it can today.

Sans anything resembling a telos, your greeting-card approximation of
is the hallmark of a fettered mind. We live in an infinite slaughterhouse. The only thing that makes it resemble a sandbox is that it is filled with cat shit and filthy toys.

And its spreading must end to stop the growing degeneracy in the west. Convert to Christ to make it so and forsake the pagan gods of sodomites.

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Correct, that is the chaos, but according to the laws of nature there also needs to be an opposite, which is called order, and oh boy is it beautiful if you dare to look for it. Also how can you disregard the wonder of not just creation, but being a creator yourself?

You Jewish Zionist before you start enjoying the degeneration of the countries west of your favorite Israel, it will spoil your good Jewish mood. Israel is even more pro-LGBT than the rest of the West.

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This. Was just about to close the tab, but saw fpbp.

Dunno what a ukip is, all I know is I'm so excited to see lord emperor trump btfo the lefties in 2016, those "progressive" (more like regressive) feminists won't know what hit em!

Thank you to TD Bank for the list of targets and the dates when to strike!

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Every LGBT leader is a pedophile.

Just Look at Gay Nigger from Outerspace Don Lemon on Camera say Jerry Sanduksy Mass Boy rapist shouldn't go to jail and he feels Sorry for him When interviewing James Cantor PhD, who maintains that people are born pedophiles with his EKG experiments, and therefore nothing is wrong with fucking a child.

Even FagPost says Gay Queer Nigger Hero's support child rapists.

Don Lemon also admits he was gay child raped gay. Most homosexuals were gay child fucked gay through child abuse. Even the faggot who invented the word homosexual was child raped gay and went on to rape more children. LGBT has always just been "P".

Republicucks / zionist fucktards are anti-white no shit.

We'rd third position. We don't care about left or right, we care about generate or degenerate, ethnonationalism not civicnationalism.

Stop advertising. We are still settling the redditors who came after TD was quarantined and now Voat is down because Epstein is connected to some Vatican or MI6 girl.

I have some personal expeience. In elementary school a flamboyant faggot who reminds me a lot of Milo (except he's black/Ukranian) befriended me, likely because I was the biggest guy in the class. This ended in 8th grade when he discovered I actually do like girls.

Now without getting into details, I remember our childhood growing up and it this guy even ended up in my college dorm, and I'm pretty sure his powerful lawyer father was passing the kid around. Naturally the last I heard of him he was working at Disney. I think he's in the masons too by the 'silent treatment all these cultists give me because I still go to Mass.

A comment with the same facts you replied was censored by the same mods that censored the Epstein thread earlier today.

There is at least `1 faggot child fucker mod. Zig Forums may be becomeing a cuckchan clone.
Look what 4channer censored in 30 mins flat (3rd party mirror site backed it up - main archive censored within 40 mins - relates to Epstien's temple OTO ORG)

Stop being an apologetic subman.

Challenge accepted.

Life itself is not cancer; just your own personal life. Because you are unhappy and a failure in your own life, by reason of your inferior breeding most likely, you project it on everything.


Talkers will get beheaded

That's what proper armored gloves are for.

Homosexuality is psychological warfare/illness.

Marvelous retort, 'four-eyes'


Just because that's not their intention doesn't mean that's not a consequence.

Then, clearly, if Western civ falls apart because a few guys want to bum other guys then arguably it's not all it's cracked up to be, is it?

As always stormfags let the Jews determine what's real when it's a lie.

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Am I the only one that whenever you read "LGBTP whatever" you just substitute "faggot"? Because you don't want to give them even that much dignity.

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Only our medical technology allows them to live through the consequences of their behavior. So you have it backwards. West civs stability and technology allows excesses.

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Who started the "gay acceptance" (for lack of a better description) movement that led to this LGBTXYZ nonsense? I'll give you six million guesses. Jews truly are the root of all hat's evil in the world.
The civil rights movement
Perpetual war in the middle east
Rumor has it they control our finances through the federal reserve, stock markets, etc.
Oh did I mention they dominate the media too the reason your daughter is a nigger loving slut
But wait I'm just jealous that "da joos" control everything because they're so smart and hard working. That's why we lowly taxpaying Goyim give them hundreds of billions of dollars a year in aid.

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I get that orginially it was formed in a time when homophobia was common and gay people weren't even allowed to marry. Under those circumstances it would make sense for those kinds of people to come together, and i guess it's still okay if you want to consider yourself a part of the community, Lgbt still isn't accepted worldwide, but don't let it consume you.

This is why Zig Forums needs a wall.

Get this straight, fag-enabler – There is no such thing as homophobia. That word was invented to pathologize the normal, healthy feeling of disgust human beings feel for faggot behavior. Regardless of "circumstances," nothing makes sense for the faggot community except to go swimming with their hands tied in a bog. You got that? It is not okay to be gay, which is another word faggots use to sneak into children's bedrooms at night. I would say that you and the other Based Conservative Milo fans need to lurk two years, but you're boomers and might not have that long to live. So just fuck off.

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Thread TL;DR ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But I get the gist of what's going on here and there and wanna just add that the LGBTQ shit is garbage.. it's a bunch of pussy little bitch wanna be kid diddling degenerates who have to prop up who's ass they force their junk into JUST to have a sense of Identity… the majority of people who identify with any LGBTQ+ Horse shit just can't face the fact that literally NOTHING ABOUT THEM IS SPECIAL.. especially NOT who they fuck.. how the hell did who you choose to fuck EVER become a personality trait? Let alone one to be IDOLIZED its pathetic.. there could be so much more to a person but a lot of faggots mold thier entire existence around their sexuality.. I just don't understand..and I'm Bisexual, you'd think I'd support this shit but honestly most ppl never know I'm Bisexual unless I tell them and THATS HOW IT SHOULD BE.. unless we're fucking have fucked or plan to fuck in the future why the fuck would it anyones business but mine and whoever I sleep with.. there's a lot more to me without making my entire personality my sexuality.. some ppl man.. smfh.

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It turns young boys into fuckholes for older Jewish men in resorts, young women into disgusting strippers, or worse, selfish deterioration and women becoming camwhores and basically drugaddled for attention and then become a statistic once a Mandingo destroys there vaginas.

Its not so much 'cancer' as much as a cold.
The cold wouldn't be an issue really, except our society is also suffering an immuno-deficiency disorder in the form of the Jews.

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I shiggy diggy unironically. Please, glowniggers and trannies are already too much. Don't do this, or your mother will die in her sleep.

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That's not pulse silly, that's a nightclub in Istanbul that was hit by ISIS

Marvelous retort, faggot. Into the oven you go.

Every demographic that is neither white nor straight has a "community." You hear on the TV of the black community, the hispanic community, the asian-american community, the LGBT community, and so on. It's total nonsense. Am I expected to believe that all 30 million niggers in the US form a cohesive social unit that could be called a "community?" Of course not, and the same goes with any other demographic except for Jews. You will never hear about a White community, though, because Jews don't want to spread the idea that Whites can act as a unified political bloc.

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Just grab, squeeze, and yank, then repeat!

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Go back to Roboklahoma.
LGBT is an extension of the feminist movement and is controlled by bad Jews. THIS IS DONE to D/C WHITE SEXUAL MINORITIES AND WOMEN FROM THEIR RACE.
Zig Forums by and large falls for it 99%

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I'm not surprised you don't understand, considering your use of twitter-tier reaction images.