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k so I have a British friend who's willing to listen to me.
I posted a thread on my home board with a Union Jack U.K flag that says
"It's Okay to be white"

and his response was

"But really, who is saying it's not okay to be white?" The subtle stuff isn't getting the message across. He's from smaller town so he isn't seeing the kind of stuff that's going in London. Either that or he's blatantly ignoring it.

So if you could help a guy out I'd appreciate it. I need stuff that isn't vague or beating around the bush, I need blatant Anti-white Propaganda & People saying blatantly anti white rhetoric.

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I might help you

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check this out too.
I was going to upload some images but looks like they were already uploaded.

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This great stuff guys. Thank you

… keep it coming.

I'm gonna have to make a separate folder

Does any one the name of that Video where the fat black is ranting to white audience about how all white people are inherently racist?

Or the one where this Antifa Lady is yelling at a sander supporter demanding "WHAT'S YOUR OPINOIN ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE HUH? WHAT'S YOUR OPINION ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE?"

Or that Guy soy boy with the classes who's saying

I know there's also an article somewhere that directly refers to the "It's okay to be white" posters as "hate speech".

I was able to find not to long ago on google but for some it isn't coming up this time.

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This is better than the videos you are asking for.

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from my second computer

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A peek into how the mudslimes really think. They think nothing like us. You must remember we are nothing but rich countries to be pillaged. They are told this and taught this from childhood.

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Funny how a real thread like this is downloading at a snails pace. I can't even load a 300kb picture in 1-2 minutes with 200/200 internet. Fucking wtf.

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8ch is being snailshit-slow at the moment. Again. Polite sage due to lack of content.

I'm not saying he wasn't killed but I'm calling BS on a fucking 9 year old being able to kill themselves - at the very least as an expression of angst.

We need to dump these on Jumbotrons during football and baseball games for the dirty goyim

Looks like pedos missed out in being in Britain at the right time. Sounded like good times.


You cannot say "I love my culture, heritage, and people" without being called a racist.
There is a clear effort towards "Multiculturalism", but it has zero respect or regard for preservation of the good aspects of European culture that make 1st world countries so goddamned GREAT. Multiculturalism is about destroying whiteness, nothing else. What can Jerome Al Sharid offer a 1st world? Nothing.

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You know what you have to do. You looking for methods or accomplices? Fuck off.

Oh it's just bullshit to allow the spam a platform.