Turkey's Erdogan: Whoever is on Israel's side, we are against them


Erdogan made the comments as he addressed senior provincial officials from the ruling AKP party in Ankara.
July 28, 2019 22:45

Source: jpost.com/Middle-East/Erdogan-Whoever-is-on-Israels-side-we-are-against-them-597026
Archive: harchive.fo/fehr9

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I wanted to post this last night, but everyone was focused on the shooter thread

Is this shit Islam vs Jewish war real? Looks like that fucking freemasons prophecy tbh.

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Turks have a good reason to hate Jews, as Jews invented Islam, who are followed by Arabs, Arabs fucked with Turkish history and Turks utterly despise them.

"If you want to make a turks head explode, call him an Arab. The turks see themselves as not arab, and not muslim, despite Islam being followed by 97% of the population. After conquering the middle east, the turks thought they were done, raping and genociding to their hearts content. However the greeks, who the arabs tried and failed to conquer, were now sadly gone. The Arabs, seeing the new arrivals The Turks were Niggers like them, decided to rape the Turks with the most evil cancer of all time, Islam. While people normally feel sorry for the people arabs rape, in this case it was justified and strangely amusing seeing how the turks react to being completely lobotomised, and their culture burned and annihilated. The Arabs did their usual brain rape and now watched as turks own converted people kill non Muslim's for them so Arab's don't have to. Turks are jealous Arab's are better at rape than them, and conquered the Middle East before them. They are also jealous Arab's are unaffected by Turkey's rape, and constantly suicide bomb them and make their lives hell. Thus the Arabs are now the the most hated country in Turkey, whilst constantly being suicide bombed by arabs. The arabs get away with it because Islam, and the rest of the world doesn't care, making the Turks scream in rage. A strange irony that the most genocidal race on the planet is completely wrecked by a bunch of backwards desert dwelling niggers."

I wish Trump was half this based. To bad he's a total cuck

Imagine sucking poor inbred mudslime cock

Based Roach. Gas the kikes.

Trump is a truly uncucked jewish chad who tries to cucks whites out of their homeland. He is not part of you, white men, he is part of the jews and he just enjoys to play vile games with goyims who adore him so much and hates them because he thinks they are scum. He never backs down when he gets a chance to slam the goyim.

Reminder that kikes like you are even more inbred than Muslims, that's why you have more genetic diseases than any other race.

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it forgots to mention (((schizophrenia)))

Now you know why they tried to coup him.

I thought it was a coup against himself to thin out the shitty parts of his military? AKA, get rid of any possible (((outside influences))).

Well the guy who started was an American Turk


Turks are Dönmeh jews. I wouldn't trust them one bit.

Anyone or anything the (((media))) hates these days is just a real thing.

- Putin
- Erdogan
- Bolsonaro
- Orban
- Salvini
- Duterte
- Xi Ji Pin
- Trump
- Iran
- Vox
- Brexit

What is this 2016?

He's going to turn the Hagia Sophia into a mosque and still lobbies the US to never recognize the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocides.

Turks are literally the death of white Europe. How it works

Turk > European
European > Arab
Arab > Turk

Only fucking Arabs armed with good old Islam keep Turks in their place.

And none of that has anything to do with why the US tried to coup him and none of that is ever going to matter to the US government.

Knight Commander Breivik told us to defend our Jewish brothers.

Jews & arabs deserve each other.

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No, but anything the jews - the ones with actual power, not just verified twitter accounts - hate is.

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Muh commies…
Muh nazis…
Muh war on terror…

Now, the next fake enemy! The Turko-EU.

1) UK leaves
2) Turkey joins
3) Germany becomes little Turkey
4) Trump-types whip up muh murricans to hate the evil jew-haters
5) WW3
6) both sides lose as usual

Pike's 3rd war. They're putting all the pieces in place.

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Albert Pike was Based

Zig Forums history presents: Turkey: musim rape babies extravaganza

Sounds like a decent contest. If they could win it, why wouldn't the Turk just do be?

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Genes (((NDST-3))) and (((COMT))).

Too bad they're still his masters. Guess why Turkey has a Rothschild central bank and nobody ever talks about invading them? Guess why they invaded Syria?

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inb4 banning the roach meme from Zig Forums because it offends the roaches

Yeah man, the turks have occupied Constantinople for thousands of years are actually your allies all along.

Is Pike secretly a muslim?