I need help

Okay guys, I need some advice.

I asked some of you about how to learn the unkiked history of Hitler and you send me the "Greatess story never told" but again, they told me on /his/ that It was a poltard video made by a guy without historian degree.

I'm still unsure what to think.
Should I try to finish the video (I watched up to 1 hour and half).
But what if Is really propaganda.

What if is the truth?
I still don't know what to think.

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Most of what you believe is fake anyways


Why don’t you check what’s presented in the film for yourself?

Write down some claims from the movie that you think might be propaganda, then go to the library, grab a stack of history books, and start checking.

It is propaganda. Yet it is more objective propaganda than what you hear from the jewish media.
one thing that it gets wrong though is the Germanocaust before WW2. Look it up for yourself. There were no massacres before September 1st. I felt very lied to when I discovered this myself.

Read Books First -
Here are a few books to read:
(mind you, don't read them all at once - don't overwhelm yourself)
1.) Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald,
2.) Against Our Better Judgement by Alison Weir, and
3.) The Israel Lobby by Mearsheimer and Walt (there is a shorter version available in pdf from some .edu website)
- these 3 will put into perspective how the jews operate
so that when you read
4.) The Myth of the 20th Century by Alfred Rosenberg
it will all make sense from a racial standpoint so that you will be ready to read
5.) Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler
and truly know

Watch it all. Learn from past mistakes. Make better decisions.

You smell like the freshest shills that got the site mixed up, let me help you.

And everything

is propaganda
even what I write
do your own research
come to your own conclusions
use your mind
don't be afraid to read subversive texts
Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky
for example
I prefer to get everything in print because If the power goes out or if the shit hits the fan, I will still have the information for someone to read afterwards

I can tell you for certain with no doubt at all that the holocaust did not happen. The only kikes who died were from typhus due in large part to the war itself.

Do this, then come back and form your own opinions.

So they didn't refute any of the points made?

So here is my take from The Greatest Story Never Told, the jewish influence in the Weimar Republic was spot on and very analogous to what is happening today in America specifically. The extent that the Communist revolution in Russia and Germany where Jewish movement was SPOT on- (for further reading on this check out the book Culture of Critique, there are free pdf's just do a google search). The only problem I have with TGSNT, is the history behind the Holocaust denial is still fuzzy for me- lots of evidence but not 100% conclusive like Jewish involvement in communism and the Wiemar republic etc
Personally I dont care if they did get gassed- What else are you supposed to do with Communists?? Fuck them
Relax kid- we are right and they are wrong. It will be unsettling for awhile. Just read Culture of Critique and some Jared Taylor and relax

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Further reading;

The international jew: the worlds foremost problem - Henry Ford
Hitlers table talk 1941-1944
White Identity - Jared Taylor
Collected works - George Lincoln Rockwell
The Jewish Century - Yuri Slezkine

Agreed. It is good to learn from one's enemies.

No gas, just typhus.


Oh my god how do you not understand yet. Everything is propaganda and everyone some form of propagandist.

Shoot them.
Remember that the war in the east was a resource war and the German army could barely even get supplies up to the front. The rail ways were overcrowded with trains carrying vast amounts of fuel and food to the ever changing front lines. Meanwhile communist saboteurs were constantly sabotaging the lines. Just contemplate for a minute how insanely difficult it would be to try to ship millions of jews from one concentration camp to another (according to their own stories this is what the Germans did) and then going to the effort of constructing gas chambers for them.
Why not just shoot them? That's the efficient way to do it.

tbh I need to do more research into the Holocaust, I think once I found out that the communists revolutionaries where primarily jewish and the purposefully lied and hid it- i just closed down and was like, 'who cares if they were gassed? I hope they were'. Buutttt it is a integral part of their victim narrative, I should stop being a lazy fuck and read up on it

so why did they try to heal the prisoners from typhus by constructing chambers for delousing via zyklonB ?
if you have the ressources to heal prisoners, you have the ressources to kill them

Delousing was standard practice, if you did the slightest bit of reading you would know they do not claim the delousing chamber at for instance Auschwitz was used to gas kikes.

I posted the link above that will detail exactly how and why people died in the camps from neutral observers the red cross, there is no debate, its all just bullshit. (yes the camps had neutral observers, delivering medical aid even - the west knew exactly the status and purpose of the camps throughout the entire war - nobody ever told you that though)

Its all fucking lies and to be honest unless you are posting like OP asking for help to learn the truth you just sound like a fucking shill.

Are you retarded?

Here you go: holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/

If you can overlook the hamfisted cheesiness of how some of the information is presented, you'll find that there are many inconsistencies and falsehoods associated with the mainstream narrative of the holocaust.

thanks for the answer - also I am on page 16 of your archive link now
but calm the fuck down, you paranoid schizo. if someone asks questions, just answer them politely. it's in your own best interest!!! why else would you even bother posting…