False flag festival - Garlic breath edition


He has no online presence, despite being 19. It was all either (((scrubbed))) or they did a shit job at creating a straw man.
The only thing I can find are press releases.
Maybe one of you faggots can find more.

You faggots let the other thread reach the limit and didn’t make another one. Now this is what you get to live with.

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Shit thread, low effort op, sage
try again

You’re glowing

OP stepped up after last one hit bump limit. Seriously, get sodomized to death.

Doesn't the "blood" here have the width and pattern as if applied with a roller?

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He had an instagram that was removed.

Hoaxer retards are a cancer to the movement.

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Vid from 404 thread #2

Damn sand monkeys

I agree, last time I checked, blood doesn’t drip or soak in 2 inch streaks with straight lines and sharp angles


Pretty sure it's a hoax, not a false flag.

>the bowel movement

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Wait why do we want the op to get sodomized to death?

European not Spic tbh.
Could still be jew.

Disinfo narrative crafting thread.

Fuck off, cunt.
You made a shit-thread and have the balls to whine when people fault you for it. If you can't be bothered to put some fucking effort into your posts, go the fuck back to reddit where you belong.

What a shit shooter goddamn, low ass score

Every sager ITT is a damage control kike.

There are 751 posts here
What more do you need?
Or maybe post info yourself?

Reread the thread more carefully, user.

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That was what I was waiting to hear from last night: A mutt, and one that works with how much they push the Iran war they want. This stinks, and not of garlic, but a rat.

You faggots used to post """""""""evidence""""""""""""" and then came to your predetermined conclusion. Now you just set the party line in the OP and shut out anyone in opposition. Just like /ptg/.
Fuck off.

OP didn't even make a """""narrative"""""
downboat harder though

He was trying to redpill smokey the bear ?

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Shooter has been identified

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As was to be expected, a great summary by churchdog42:

So is this the shooter?

I fucking love it so much that this still works so flawlessly! BWAHAAAHAAA!! Fucking morons live in a shrinking bubble.

He prob used a web handle and not his real name tbh. Most Gen Z do that. Why? Because we are aware of how everything is stored/saved and used against you.

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who do jew think jew're jewing here?

Any day now Sam Hyde is just gonna casually shoot up a school, while smiling into every camera in the vicinity, and nobody will believe it was him, because every law enforcement officer will just brush him off as the meme guy.

Kikes don't even try anymore.

I laughed pretty hard too

After hearing the nigger cut a fence it figures it was a spew.

Cant wait for the Turner Diaries to become reality!

No nigger, it simply means they don't feel like bumping the thread with their comment.

Kill yourself jew.

Checked. That's a dumb monkey.

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Never mind I looked it up. Lol funny how all the "dangerous white male shooters" tweets suddenly stopped today.

You're that muh russia gaymergoy faggot spamming those garbage threads aren't you?
Yeah faggot I know you trumpniggers astroturf here because you hold knowledge of the goings on of 4chan and then sperg out like your former post when called out on it.
For example I didn't say jackshit about trumpstien and then you got all defensive about it.
Pic related idiot.

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Hahahahaha, fuggin awesome.

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The amount of kvetching for gun control is still going full retard though

And guns will be made illegal in California and no one will do a damn thing to stop them.

Thank god people can't buy bullets anymore without cumbersome and punitive requirements.

What is that pic supposed to mean?
Pulling shit from a year ago.

and kek'd. why does that still work?

Iranians aren't arabs, modern Iranians were "arabized" just like the rest of the middle east. The white "arabs" in the middle east are the remnants of peoples like the persians, assyrians, berbers, et cetera.

At least the "iranians are aryan" shit will finally stop.

They're niggers, user.

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Oh and the original "arabs" were called bedouins.

I thought it was already illegal.

Oh you mean that other tribe of homeless shitskins? Yeah. No one cares.

I like it.

As expected. It's always funny to see them jump the gun with their "white men evil" routine then switch to "it's the guns fault" when the shooter isn't white

So h'Wate!
Well at least they didn't go and shoot up the testicle festival.

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Seeing people still fall for this is like watching trannies who still get asshurt at gamergate. That both still happen on a regular basis is simply amazing to me.

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So we not gonna talk about this or what?

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It's s shame what they drove that happy jewish man to.

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Reminder that there is a sizable Jewish community in Iran. And according to Wiki (whatever that's worth) there are a lot of Iranian Jew immigrants in California.

Doesn't mean anything. Just putting it out there.

Nope just like no one gave a fuck the last time it was brought up in the last thread.

Didn't most of them leave during the pisslamic revolution in 79? Used to be a lot more of them.

Welcome to filtertown, faggot.

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They do like to play it up for the jews. Hell one of their PMs even said iran was safer for the jews than France. kek

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Population is still somewhere between 8,000 and 9,000. Jews have lived in that region since the Babylonian Captivity of the 6th century BC. They probably have some protected status there.

Kinda ironic, isn't it.
Iran is supposed to be antisemitic and wants to "kill all the jew", but has a large population of jews in their country already unmolested.

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Checked. Not really, I kind of expect it. I am a little surprised any bothered to stick around in country after the exodus. Either the ones left behind were true (((visionaries))) and planned ahead or they were made to stay by the planners in pissrael.
That was a long game to play sticking it out for 40 years.
Oh fuck me running. 40 god damned years? Really? The fucking chutzpah.


Fire them nukes boys. This came directly from the Ayatollah.

Funny way to spell Bibi.

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So he is a Jewish Mutt, got it.


High Twelve. You know how evil has to warn you even in a passive aggressive way before it can harm you?

Christ Jesus, please cancel all these mason false flags and kol nidre the murders of masons, we pray to the Lord, AMEN

κύριος Ἰησοῦς

It would explain the low kill count, they always have to rely on their golem and their imports/stolen gear to do any real damage.

That nigress doesn't have any legs.

did thy catch the shooter yet??

Shooter is kill.

This reminds me of the spree shooting that happened in Munich some years ago. Perpetrator was an Iranian kid named Ali Davoud Sonboly who got fed up with the turkish sunni shits bullying him in his multiculti hellhole of a school.
German media only ever called him David S. and made him into some neo-nazi. Some people on social media spoke out about this but the public generally took the narrative/let the press whores get away with the narrative.

wasn't it 2 dudes?

I think it's one of them

I heard it was like 30 dudes

same difference

Fuck off, I saw in the other thread police were looking for a second shooter (still at large).


That screen is filthy disgusting, how are these subhominids employed as housekeepers

if its carefully packaged for TV and pushes a kike narrative, it certainly is false flag. Just look at 9/11 for example.

Underrated post

It's not a false flag faggot

The guys whiter then you

Is that one also white or?

The faggot isn't italian or Iranian, look at his fucking name you cuckchanners jesus christ



I don't know. It said (at that time) that police were keeping their identities secret.

Already clarified he is a jewish mutt, get the fuck over it.

He probably was being isolated and forced onto containment boards and fed nonstop violence untill he went crazy.

That's pretty much the only method now.

I love how all you had to do is greentext something and some paranoid faggot will fling his shit at you.

According to you cuckchanners? lol jesus christ go back to your faggot shit site

I like how you cuckchan fucking retarded kikes call everything a false flag because you're being paid to

You sure love your Jewish shit huh?

The real question is, were the kikes in America getting jealous of the leaf fags taking the spotlight. I heard the two got caught, is this to cover that up?

It alsmost feels like there is some protocol now where they hold on to the name, Contact all major social media/ google to shoah it, and then flood the web with various news outlooks copy pastaing the same press release to slide anything that might be remaining. I’m just saying, we may see more of this behavior. I think they got the jump on the archiving.
I’d be interested in how the one user got the jump on his insta page before the shoah

So let me guess, you're all trumpcucks?

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The most amusing part of this is the amount of cuckservatives trying to frame him as a socialist and hating whites. Silicon Valley white twats are shit and so are mestizos.

nigger every single one of these fucking fairs is nothing but hordes of spics and niggers

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He does hate whites and he is a socialist, hence why he went to a majority white festival and started shooting. Nice IP switch there by the way.
Go kill yourself kike.

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What if he's a DACApede instead?