Might is Right

Since our Iranian-Italian friend put this book in the spotlight now would be a good time to discuss it.

First off, this book is not basic bitch Ayn-Rand tier Individualism or Satanism. The Kike Anton LaVey plagarized this book word-for-word without including the parts that were anti-Jew and pro-Aryan.

Secondly, it advocates for the health of the Race:

Third, it advocates for the Government of the best:

Fourth, it does advocate for the individual but also in the context of his friends, kinsman, and race:

Finally, this book says you should compare all things to your own knowledge and experience. This book does not demand that you dogmatically accept its conclusions, if you think this book is wrong read it again and compare it to the realities of nature. You'll find its not wrong about many things. The only rights we have are those we are willing to defend by force.

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One of my all time favorite books. Must read to all serious Zig Forumsacks.


- CT

Oh hey neat he invented the ethics of an average platypus.

Fundamentally untrue. Truth is Right no matter how many censorship campaigns backed by ZOGbot force try to keep it hidden.

nice try kike. this mutt was not a White Nationalist, he was a freaked out incel muzzie.

This. Cultured Thug knows what’s up. Still a good book though, at least Garlicman had some taste

Sounds like you dont get the purpose for which the book was written.

Thats not the point. The point is that we can be factually correct all we want yet the Jews and traitors still rule over us with lies because they have the Might and thus the final say in terms of realpolitik.


Convincing you to drink the bone marrow juices of your children, justifying White genocide for being too civilized, justifying human trafficking, yearning to get rid of the constitution, questioning the legitimacy of rabbi's stealing gentile children, etc. It's clearly written by a Jewish freemason with his over the top nihilistic behaviour.

He only talks shit about gods chosen the entire book, user.

They have the shekels and ownership of the businesses, media to lie with is but one of them as well as bought and paid for politicians. The real counter to this buy/setup alternative businesses to everything with the aim for control not shekel grabbing. voat.co/v/news/3215895/18578992/10#18578992/

RR never justifies white genocide you filthy lying kike. He states the civilized races will be conquered by those less civilized due to the more brutal and violent upbringing of the uncivilized. Civilization castrates manhood to make us better slaves.

He openly states that even in ancient rome, the jews were CONVICTED of child rape, murder and blood drinking. He never questions it.

He openly states the jews ususry as their weapon of control and that they use christianity as a way of enslaving our race by cutting off our balls and destroying our will to fight.

Finally he openly states the freemasons are a evil brotherhood in our midst that must be wiped out if we are to return to our natural state.

Read the book for yourself you worthless lying kike.

https ://archive.org/details/MightIsRightByRagnarRedbeard

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So you're just gonna make a thread on a book but not even post it so others might be able to read and discuss it?

This. Disingenious Kikes GTFO

They defeated National Socialism on the battlefield with the combined might of their Golems, and they continue to use that Might to keep us out of power. Without asserting our Rights through force we have no rights, period end of story.

Its a 2 second jewgle search user, but if you need a link see

Search it yourself you baby

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Coercion to do their bidding achieved how? by shekels. Read up on history, all armies and ventures are a matter of funding.

Theres several editions of the book, the white nationalist versions are entirely free of censorship and anti-aryanism.

Then why did the Vietnamese defeat the americans?

Why did the Iraqis defeat the americans?




All these countries have poor economies compared to the united states and spend far less on their militarys, yet the american jew dog keeps losing.


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You new? Why because "winning" wasn't the point.

The author of Might is Right also wrote a fiction novel titled Rival Caesars. Does anyone have a copy? I've been trying to find a digital version for years.

All armies are not a matter of funding.


It looks like it was just released on kindle two days ago, edited by Benjamin Garland of the Daily Stormer/Thai Fuckshack.

In what universe do you live where the Vietnamese or the Iraqis "defeated" the United states? Or any of those other countries for that matter?

Last I checked we went in there to do weapons and tactics testing. Idk how we "lost" at that.
Yeah we weren't trying to either. Do you think we invaded Iraq to "spread democracy? That's fucking dumb and if you believe you shouldn't be allowed to post.

Might is now subjected to intellectual superiority. The brainiac rules the world, not the powerlifter or the kickboxer. They are quaint holdovers from an earlier era that we amuse ourselves in observing in the same way we might want to watch a buggy race.

Goal post hasn't been moved, I answered your why. That think it was goal post moving and that poor armies won, shows you still don't get it. The objectives were achieved, your idea of winning wasn't one of them.

You stated like the shill you are…


Replying to…

Your moval of a goalpost is hillarious in how stupid you are.

You first claim that money is the deciding factor in war, and get proven wrong, then move the goalpost again saying that you arent talking about victory, which you were and now you are moving it again

Which is the purpose of war in the first place, to kill the enemy and to defeat his nation.

The shills today arent the best these shills seem like petty MSM drones rather than the glowniggers we ususally get.











Did america "win" vietnam, iraq, or afganistan? What about the first conflicts with iran in 2012 when the american drone was taken down and paraded infront of the world?

What delusion are YOU under when you believe the enemy is the "greatest army that has ever walked the earth" lie parroted by dumb zogbots, unless you are a zogbot of course which you can fuckoff.

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Dear fucking god you are dumb as a flat hammer

I would suggest social superiority, not intellectual. It does pose as intellectual but it's just the ability to collect, shame, bolster, and divide, and disperse groups of people. You can be good at this without being smart, and you can be a genius but awful at these things.

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hasn't been proven wrong.
no goal posts moved. you asked why the countries you listed won, I'm telling you they didn't win.

You're an idiot. If there's a direct link in the OP then more anons will actually read it. This is a good thing and the concept is simple pottery. Have you even been on the internet before or do you just hate White people in general?

"Might is right" is fucking retarded. Any Zig Forumsack with half a braincell would see what happened with WW2 and come to this conclusion. Guess Galileo was wrong for being persecuted for claiming the Earth isn't at the center of the solar system. Use your brain. Might is right is fucking nigger-tier.

Awesome. Thanks. I would have never known.

Ignore for a moment that everything is backed up by the threat of force, what would you point to as right?

Heres the PDF for those of you who are too dumb to google it.

Also in the article it states the garlic shooter did not actually read or quote or link to it. The jews are trying to get this book banned by connecting it to that false flag.

Use logic

No applied logic will make one a mind reader, I asked what you would point to as right, only you can answer that.

Actual white people could probably find it themselves without to much trouble, without being spoonfed like literal nigger cattle

Iran is the only one left standing.


Actual white people wouldn't be lazy niggers that didn't post a source

What exactly does this entail? Is it a reference to peoples who have unquestionable gained the most success through a process of natural selection in an environment of especially harsh conditions or is the author speaking of individuals who've faced battle?

If you're trying to select for best fit traits here (as you should) then it should be pointed out that getting a good k/d doesn't necessarily make a suitable legislator or administrator.

This is perhaps the biggest misconception I see people struggle with when it comes to the matter of Might being Right, simply taking something by force doesn't make it just. Tyrannical regimes are not stable, even though it might lead to great momentary gains such behaviour is not selected for.

Might being Right is most relevant when discussing other rights since the only rights that ultimately are of any importance are those that can be protected or gained through the use or threat of force.

Natural rights are of course nothing more than fairy tale bullshit.

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R.I.P. Cultured Thug. Sure he has some slapass show on youtube that's made to not ruffle too many feathers, and he still has his old videos up on bitchute, but it's not the same.

Great book, mandatory Zig Forums reading.

It's interesting, but a bit repetitive.

If Iran has defeated the US, why does it not nuke Israel?

Fedposting is the second best meme leftists ever invented, next to glowniggers.

Funny how leftists never give a shit about either.

based book but redbeard would literally be against 99% of what this board believes in(and 99.99 of modern ideologies in general) as he literally believes any force that doesnt come from the end of a sword including government control is degenerate. its literally cannibalistic barbarism the book

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And he's mostly right he could not have known about waifuism and mememagic back then.

yeah i don't disagree with him, almost all of what we do is based on instincts and i probably would prefer being a part of some raiding warband but most people even on here are too bluepilled to understand it and just say "youre acting like a nigger duuuude"

Might is Right people are slaves. They would rather die than live forever when living forever would involve too much honesty.

You can see this clearly in the call for the subjection of women. To conquer biology and express the true power of our will towards unlimited life, we need the full development of every sapient mind. Why should we submit our righteous ambition towards immortality in exchange for demanding from others a submission that feels good to us, knowing as we do that we are letting death purchase immortality from us cheaply? We live in a world that can print flesh! Learn the joy that seeks to live forever if you would turn your back on slavery.

The book appears to have been written by a liar. Nothing but that. The author wants to put their feelings before reality and call that strength, but it is pathetic to do that. We must prize reality over soft emotionality, and the reality is that those who seek to rule others are submissive towards death itself.

Found the christcuck with a vagina.


It was my favourite book for years, Nietzsche-inspired

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Way to invalidate everything you say.

Clearly you didn't read the book or if you did you didn't understand it properly you turbonigger

This book is an IQ test

lmao he literally rallies against powerful governments you retard.

He literally praises them

actually read the book

He commends them for being smart and duplicitous. He does not necessarily advocate for them. Read seriously

you have no fucking reading comprehension. he commends any warlike people, it doesnt matter if its a big government or some tribe. but he dislikes big governments, learn to read you retard


You did not read the book fully, guy. I'll leave you to do it if you want, I have other things to do

you got blown the fuck out and can't even get a quote from the book that you've clearly never read

No you read the book you dumb worthless kike journalist faggot cocksucker millenial cuck

and trample it beneath their hoofs. Is it not a fact that in actual life,
the ballot-box votes of ten million subjective personalities are as
thistle down in the balance, when weighed against the far seeing
thought, and material prowess of, say, ten strong silent men?

Are you high or stupid? Remind me again of how they defeated us faggot.

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He literally makes the point that you should be your own master and you should not accept any rule or law that's not your own.
read the fucking book
if redbeard could see ZOG weaking faggots like you worshipping the state he'd laugh himself to death

Your point?
Inb4 muh Iran strong

He does not. He makes thw point that thw rule of law is based on force and only the strong can be allowed to rule.

YOU actually read the book you dumb journalist kike millenial niggerlover faggot cocksucking kike.

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Maybe you should read the book, it might open your eyes as to whu the jewnited states is so weak.

Just address the point, if the USA is weak, why does Iran fear it?

And if Iran is strong, why hasn't it nuked Israel yet?

Shut down Iran shills every times.

his point is that YOU should be the one taking power into your own hands and ruling others and not bending down to worship somebody else. dumb ZOG loving retard
you're a faggot who doesn't understand the book TELLS YOU to not worship or toil under anything else but yourself, faggot

This fucking kike right here tries to tell Zig Forumsacks what their book is about to them.

The fucking chutzpah.

First off the book tells you to never allow yourself to be controlled by another unless you can overcome that rule by force.

€Jehovah's pots of gold.

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Alot of fear here bootlick. So much fear of the great Jew-S-A.

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So why hasn't Iran nuked Israel yet?

And parading a drone? Are iranian monkeys?

Are you intetionally retarded? That was the point I (and redbeard) were making. that you shouldn't be controlled by others and you should accept controlling others. are you too retarded to understand that?
And Ceasar, Napoleon and Nebuchadnezzar were all people who didn't mindlessly serve under other people and instead controlled their own destinies. I'll paste it again, Redbeard is against any form of accepting authoritarianism when it happens to you
Also nice reddit spacing. You're intentionally disrupting the thread you glownigger jew loving shill

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Both of you and that guy have the same point.

It is hilarious that Zig Forumsacks argue the same point while calling each other kike.

Jesus fuck, kill yourselves, morons.

Because "Iran has nukes" is a Israeli lie.

Iran has things 'better''. Like being able to hack into the US governments drone network and force their drones to land in Iranian runways.

On second thought, don't read the book- youre a dumb zogbot and it would be too much for you.

Isn’t this book promoting egoism?

No, are you?

The point you made was>>13546789

That is anarchism, and the book does NOT advocate that. I said in

Which is Kratocracy. Which is what RR advocates and supports all throught the book, you did read it all didint you mr journalist kike?

You don't even know who any of those men were you dumb journalist kike.

I'll say it again since english is not your first language ovbiously, RR is supportive of 'authoritarianism as long as its the strongest who rule. You are too dumb to understand the basics of social Darwinism.

Double spacing is reddit spacing. You shills say that anons are 'double space' when its not. Paragraph brakes are normal in chan culture double spacing is not.

This is doubble spacing.

I'm intentionally showing you that you are a dumb shill journalist kike that you are.

You dont even know what the difference is since you've never posted here before and you are a dumb kike shill who doesn't understand RR or even read might is right before, you're just quoting passages your supiriors (who are mightier than you) told you to quote in your portfolio. You really think we dont monitor your "pol influence teams discord"? You really are the dumb brainless animals that RR describes serving the jewish power. We wont have a problem taking the united states from you then, since you kikes are actively losing the culture war.

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So why hasn't Iran destroyed Israel yet?

The strong projects themselves as weak.

The weak projects themselves as strong.

God damn I have no idea why, could it possibly be that Iran doesnt want to "Wipe israel off the map" like that ratfaced filthy kike Charles Krauthammer constantly soundbites on (((CNN)) every fucking time hes there.


Then you admit that the Jew-S-A is weak?

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bad optics

He still uploads new videos on Bitchute and has a rants page (but he hasn't used the latter yet)

You are reddit spacing you fucking kike.
Anarchy doesn't mean "stateless" it's a faggot society without any hierarchy. Redbeard doesn't even advocate statelessness he advocates taking by force.
Yes i do you fucking glownigger shill.
He's supportive of authoritarianism as long as he's doing the ruling. You're seriously too dumb to fucking understand that. And the JewSA are the strongest who rule currently, do you bow to the ZOG government?
"The real man must depend upon himself absolutely, determine his own ends, decide his own plan of campaign; and savagely resent any authoritarian interference" Authority stems from Might(as is said in the book if you've ever read it). You're the kind of person who obeys gun laws.
Go back to reddit you glow nigger shill
imagine even referencing the shill honeypot that's discord
You are a ZOG shill. shilling might work on reddit and cuckchan but it doesn't work here

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screw your optics I'm going in..

So Iran actually tolerates Israel? What?

And no, I say Iran is weak so they project themselves as strong.

USA is unfortunately the reverse.

Is this one of the uncensored versions?

That's the version published by David Lane's wife, I'm sure they didn't censor it. Alex Linder also did an audiobook of it.

The anarchist/antifa types actually do. It's just projection and dissonance as always to avoid the fact that they're pawns of the elite.

stop bickering life faggots you fucks you're ruining the thread

Some of it is really quotable. I thought I saw a meme pic with one of these parts

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I will add something else that people seem to forget

This is why it's important to read the whole thing, multiple times if necessary, until you get the points drilled into your head. Its easy to read it once over and imagine that you found a "gotcha" that was already covered in the book.

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