Is it possible the elite want racial cleansing?

So I know this sounds strange but I've been researching some of the quotes from previous tech giants, bankers, bill gate's father, rockefellers. Some of these families gave money to early nazi think tanks and the nazi party in general during the 20s. Many have called for racial cleansing. Then at the same time they give money to extreme far left groups who push white guilt and mass migration. I've been thinking that maybe they know people will only turn against niggers and spics if there is mass violence against whites. Do they actually want racial purity but know it has to happen through pushing whites to the brink? I'm not saying this is what's happening. It's just a theory.

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I should add it seems to be non Jewish elites.

This is how far Zig Forums has fallen.

I'm not talking about Jewish elites. Ppl like Watson from IBM who was pro nazi but his heirs now are funding extreme left groups. Just wondering if they are trying to accelerate.

Your optimism will be your undoing

It does seem like the batshit crazies of the left are being herded into obviously self destructive behavior by their own leaders. I figure that conclusion is a privilege of my perspective.

If it were true they could easily make it happen. They don't. They're the elite because they are the best goy a jew can buy.

Of course this is not possible. Do not buy into this retardation.
Go on and live your life, the truth of this matter will hit you like a ton of niggers on one of those lovely days.

bill gates paid for the sterilization of africans too.

but no. there is no reason to flood nations if you wanted eugenics. they only practice eugenics themselves, in between the power families, but down here they want everyone fucking baboons.

Stop giving away our secrets.

whites are getting too smart and are fighting back. throw an anchor around their necks in the form of nigger dna.

So I agree with you to some extent. But im just trying to figure out: are all non Jewish elite involved in this conspiracy or not? It seems to me ppl like Ross peroe, Donald Trump (maybe?), the home depot ceo, etc don't want this shit. I'm judging this by some of the comments peroe and the home depot billionaire made non publicly (this comes from left wing sites so you can't completely trust them) about race and jews. I just wonder if there's also some in the power structure that want ethnic nationalism and some that are opportunists and want to survive and thrive in a white ethnostate.


Well, you might want to consider that the Nazi's WERE jewish.

I probably should have said 'and still are jewish' as well.



That isn't what that person said, moron.

They don't want racial cleansing, they want racial mixing. The idiots you sometimes see usually posting, "haha dumb jews will only be left with niggers - that'll make the jews miss whites! checkmate beyond the grave chaim!" They completely miss the point that jews are flooding white countries and are destroying opposition so that the (((long game))) is mutts encourage whites to breed with mutts until everyone is a mutt.

You have to keep in mind that there is no such thing as an elite or a non-jewish elite, just jew and jewish servant. The use of the word elite is used by controlled opposition to condition you to think of jewish control in terms of elite and not. The complete niggers and overtly spics of the brown hoards are sometimes experimented on by jewish servants. But this doesn't mean they want them completely gone. They just know that like an aggressive mold infestation the true elements of the dirt races will grow back because they're fed all the time.


Stop calling them 'elite' they are nothing more than parasites.
It is what they are.

They weren't though. Jews would have actually committed the genocide.

They were. The only reason that Germans and Germany exists, in the jew opinion, is to form the state of is[not]real.

Yes I agree with what you're saying about racial mixing. I agree that's what they want. I know the original post was kind of a tease. I'm just saying are there some non Jewish elite? I meant there's got to be some millionaires that are non jewish? How about someone worth 100 mil? Then more? How do they stop non jews from becoming wealthy and if there's some wealthy non jews that understand this since they're being fucked over then they would want white nationalism? So I come from a sort of wealthy family. Millionaires but on the low end. Family not worth more than 15 mil. I've been getting into this partly reading Ann coulters book adios america. That was my gateway. Also studying evolutionary biology. Then realizing how things are fucked after I did a dna test and it said I was 1% native American while my biological brother's test said he was 1% african. Then a more expensive study found we were completely white european. So I'm not doubting anything anyone's saying. I'm just saying if someone WAS a non Jewish elite, wouldn't they want to fund both far left antifa type groups and white nationalists to accelerate?

No see point 1.

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Do you care about helping the Whites who are worse off than you are?
This is probably why you are not wealthy.

Lurk moar instead of posting the same fucking bullshit.
Look up the balfour agreement or simply go back to cuckchan.

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They want ethnic cleansing by way of turning everyone into mongrelized, individualistic, docile slaves with no blood connection or connection with their land. Whites are their biggest problem and is reason why they want them all gone. Once whites are all gone they will likely butcher all really low iq niggers (All American/African blacks will go) and then have Chinese, Indians and Muslims mix to perfect the slave goyim of their new world order.

Of course modern germany is pozzed I am talking about your other claim which has been proven bullshit since that particular narrative keeps contradicting it's self like I said return to cuckchan.

It's like you retards don't even know what the Kalegeri plan or the Hooton plan is, jesus fuck lurk or go back to 4kike.

Yes. I think the idea is to switch up to an extreme, Kosher Nationalism at the last moment. Trigger Rahowa, then switch and support "Whites".

user you got lots of shit itt but you are more on the money then most the posters here. (((they))) are basically pushing accelerationism on to whites. You need to understand their philosophy of Darwinism to fully comprehend why,
They have 2 wings to the plan, talked about here often, the Ziocon and Ziocom factions. Since you sound American, we will use Trump and Obama as different leaders of the 2 factions. THEY DON'T CARE WHICH SIDE WINS, either way the (((elite))) win. This racial/religious war is being pushed hard, and both "teams" winning end in same conclusion, world is mongrelizing under jewish control.
Their is only one way this doesn't end in madness then sadness, somehow whites hijack they narrative at the crucial moment and retake control of their nations/peoples. This is why I argue hard against siegefags, not because they are wrong, but because even if they do nothing, the same "events" will happen, they need whites to awaken to racial/religious conflict, and will make sure it happens come hell or high water.
nails it, whites sadly have been the best golem ever for jews, they just want us serving them and our dna merged into an alpha class with jews to lead under the (((global))) class.

I do not believe that the jews are only a hundred year long phenomenon. I think most of the history of Germany (its 'warlike' past is a total fable constructed by the kikes). I think Germany has always been the kikes choice host society (it was the choice host society of the Germanicus Emperors of Rome as well) because the Ubii are quiet, cooperative and industrious. I think the kikes recognized the quiet industrious nature of Germany and have been using it as a host body for the last 2,000 years which is why they are not fighting the invasion back even today. How about YOU FUCK OFF TO CUCKCHAN where you belong?

the only theory i have heard that you might be interested in is Eric Jon Phelps' theory. he believes that all this anti-White stuff is just meant to push White men into far right fascism, where he sees that leading to a mass ethnic cleansing of America.

personally, i dont believe that. i do think tptb want White genocide and to rule over the raceless mongrels that survive the genetic genocide. i think they are following the Kalergi plan which states this explicitly.

i also believe the elites themselves practice eugenics. and some families like the rothschilds are actually incestuous because they dont wan their families wealth leaking out to other families through inter-marriage.

so i think you should abandon the hope of something coming to save us and genocide all the shitskins.

"elites" can have different interests at heart. It is only logical that white elites have white people's interests at heart, just as jewish elites have jewish interests at heart, and muslim elites have muslim interests at heart. Those who do not have their own people's interests at heart seem mentally ill to me, or at least lack common sense

There are no more White parasites anymore they are all some insufferable wretched mongrel of kike'white'.

Yes, and they are successful thanks to White Nationalism. Now Whites cannot even network anymore 'cause muh nahtsees.

If they aren't networking it is because they are spineless. Not because of an ancient ideology.

There is no networking of Whites. Regardless of the fact that many are spineless. I'm not and would gladly network with other Whites if such an org existed.

Yeah, I have been pondering the way to make an all European White network over the last few days. Whites are too fucking friendly with EVERYONE to ever make this a reality. If a subhuman showed up they would inevitably 'shower them with sympathy' even though they were invading an all European group until the disgusting bug person (or nigger or spic) thought that they were welcome.

Uh, yeah. I thought that would be pretty obvious that the elites want the white race dead. Cant have people who plan for the future and want families, they won't work for pennies and rice to make useless shit for some company like the retarded brown people will.

No. The elites don't want to have any hand in population control. They simply find it brazen and uncouth to meddle in the affairs of the general world population, especially when it comes to tacky matters such as those concerning eugenics/dysgenics. No, they leave that all up to nature and chance out of their seemingly pure wills and benevolent natures.

Donald Trump is a literal asset of the israeli government.

is a literal mossad agent who is also a literal diamond merchant in israel. Phelps only exists to deflect jewish crimes onto Catholics and he's happy to be well compensated to do it.

As though the catholics don't have their own HUGE extensive crimes against Europeans already…remember the pope is a kike?
My real problem with catholics is that they would never approve of the only REAL VIABLE SOLUTION - ETHNOGLOBE.

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Way of the World says he's networking. Email him.

That is not the correct video but it will work since people can go find the correct one on YT.
This is interesting to me. I don't know how I feel about it since Ethnoglobalism has coinciding goals with Nationalism but it is far more broad reaching.

No, they want some depopulation and the resulting people to be their slaves.

Bill Gates paid for the largest shipment of mosquito netting ever sent to Africa and gave it away for free. Malaria used to kill millions every year (It was the #1 killer before AIDS), and the subsequent population boom was sent to Europe as the first wave of the migrant army.

Learn to thrive in a multicultural America, that's what everyone needs to focus on.
One of the best channels on yt

No. It is already known they want 90% of humanity wiped out. The Georgia Guidestones are basically a summary of what they want so they can enslave the rest of the goy at manageable numbers.

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They didn't want the communists to succeed in Germany because the communists would just steal all of their investments and ruin business in general.

Are we not enslaved right now?

Think what happened as a result of the Black Plague and you'll have your answer.

Not in the way they the elites want. People still believe they are ruled by their elected representatives and if they were told they are actually ruled by few non-elected people, they would revolt. The endgame of the elites is to finally be able to step out of the shadows and be worshipped as God's Chosen.

listen to the bit half way through about the need to have the niggers and the spics form up against the whites. they push for mass migration to this end. you're reading too far into it, the people you speak of are the elites, they know if there is a take over their places will be secure and they will no longer have to worry about what the public thinks or does in order to turn a profit…they keep their money and wealth off shore so when the take over does happen they are protected and can use that money to ensure that they will have a place at the table with the new regime.

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the 'elites' are not monolithic, every organization on earth, has factions and dissent. Which isn't to say they don't want to kill us and rule mindless niggers. They must have a million different factions and lieutenants who all have slightly different or radically different goals, every system does

Yes, they have carried out many genocides in their extensive history of nation wrecking.

Anyone who has come close to ousting the usurers ends up assassinated and/or the country is destroyed.

The Jews saw the writing on the wall with the Ron Paul movement popularizing the anti-fed sentiment and have been making plans to remove whites from political control in their own countries. The ruling elite make all the decisions and plunder this planet and literal countries and can enjoy every single worldly pleasure you can imagine. They aren't going to let anyone strand in their way, and if they have to genocide every white nation on this planet then so be it.

user, you seem to be operating under the assumption that the nazis were the good guys
there were no good guy in WWII, and hitler was controlled opposition who didn't kill any jews on purpose

Kikes action speak louder than words.
Also the nsdap weren't jewish how many times do you still believe in that stupid claim and constantly getting destroyed on here or are you legitimately this fucking retarded to even lurk?

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Try again kike
Jews wouldn't have gotten assblasted with hitler nationalizing the banks
His alliance with mufti
Multiple assassination attempts against hitler
His free palestine speech gets hidden under the rug
Assassination of an ss officer
Not including the fact hitler already called them out on it
The reason adolf did not kill them is simple he thought Jews having a home will develop there own identity, of course he realized this isn't what was happening.
Lurk two more years or simply go back to cuckchan
Oh ya wanna explaib how refutations on these claims in jewtube get removed but the others claiming hitler was this hitler was that all stay up?

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