Public libraries are dumping grounds for (((bestsellers)))

>dozen copies of the latest (((bestseller))) end up in every public library even though nobody reads them
Who is reading this shite anyway? What can people do about this?

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Nobody reads that stuff anyway. They all read comics and novels.

As a branch of government, of course it's pozzed. We need to keep networking with each other and maintain our own libraries. The public library is never going to get fixed till jews are out of power. Alternative institutions where jews can go to hell is the only way around this shit.

Yeah but they get paid either way.

Publishers have a jewy/incestuous relationship with the American Library Association. They basically sell millions of copies to libraries based on astroturfed, PR-driven "reviews."
t. publishing user

Then there's the Obama book deal aka money laundering/payola.

Leftists consume unusually high amounts of media including books. Constant exposure to fiction, especially bad fiction like capeshit, makes them more susceptible to suspending disbelief which in turn makes them more susceptible to being brainwashed by nonsense. By constantly forcing themselves to suspend disbelief at more and more ridiculous scenarios they train themselves to be easily fooled by the most nonsensical stories of cops gunning down 100s of innocent niggers on their way to church.

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After Trump revealed himself to be a kike puppet worse than anyone since FDR, I really didn’t think I’d ever find use for this again. But hey, make sure to spread it where contextually applicable. It’s not like we’re doing anything meaningful to stop white genocide.

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Huh. I had no idea. Helps confirm my suspicions. Thanks user.

I live in an extremely left-leaning city. I've never seen someone reading Dreams from My Father, Becoming, Fire and Fury, or any liberal bestseller in public. Something isn't right here.

Hey this would kind of link with those lads who wanted to do book burnings, but didn't know where to get books.

I'm sure this would be illegal in the US but I'm not sure how illegal.
So probably don't do this. In fact:

Legal note: This post is intended as a joke, and is not an attempt to incite criminal acts. The poster has no intention to perform such acts or will to see them done.

Probably be prosecuted as a felony, since a library is technically a government building.

If you don't use a burn barrel they'll try to hit you with arson.

If you're going to commit a crime there are better ways to do it. Just beating someone up is typically a misdemeanor. As is doing less than $400 in damage.

Calling a journalist a lying traitor and punching him in the face on live TV
or adding "pedophile" with paint to any sort of LGBTP signs is going to help your cause more than burning books no one will read.

the ALA were implicated in this whole 'drag queen story hour' thing
basically high level jews in the bureaucracy are all working together to push this shit nationwide
no one asked for it, because who would? yet no one balks at it except online and in private because of a collective fear of being targeted for destruction, for dissenting.

Publishing user's post led me to read more about the American Publishing Association. The ALA has a group of roundtables devoted to shilling certain groups. The roundtables distribute materials to ALA affliated public libraries (i.e., any in the USA) and form events. Here's the list of ALA roundtables.
What a coincidence. Most of them are devoted to minority groups. This is stated on the ALA's website:
The ALA's connection to the LGBT alphabet soup community got me thinking. The ALA has zealously fought against public libraries placing pornography filters on their computers. They've gone as far as stating that any libraries should not accept funding from sources that prohibit obscence content.
Now we get to the pedo connection. Public libraries run the majority of Tor exit nodes in the US. I think most of us know what this can be used for. Thanks for safe harbor provisions, public libraries are protected against any legal threats. (Even if they know that their computers are being used to access illegal content!)
Is the ALA protecting pedos? Sounds like it.
Did I mention that a group of ALA members lobbied to end segregation?

Libraries don't buy books though, and honestly if nobody reads it, who fucking cares?

Talks shit about leftists, shows leftists protesting Trump.

This really is the death of western civ

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You showing us your self portrait?

How about just don't read it and read or write something better you jew


Libraries have been obsolete for over a fucking decade, as nearly ever person in the country has internet access and most books are online. They're only good for laundering money to radical libshit "clubs" and donating unsold (((best sellers))) as a tax write off.

Us, as we pay for this shit and kikes are getting a break on taxes by unloading all thier unsold toilet paper into libraries

Back to plebbit, homo

Sry, actually you’re based, I should of read post instead of just looking at the pic you posted.

I was planning on being a librarian after high school. After school I'd walk to my public library and help prepare new books to be put on the shelf. I'd listen to the backroom politics and watch some old Mr.Bean VHSs. I had to stop at a point due to a crisis of conscience.
Every day I'd be laminating a new best selling politician biography or vampire romance, and every day I'd be fishing an old but useful history book out of the recycle bin. Things like oldass hardcover anthologies of Columbus's letters, a whole series of Leonardo Davinci drawings, a small encyclopedia of local trees. Every fucking day. I have lived what OP describes.
Donors have more than a fair say in what their money goes to buying, and the little old ladies could only sit their and nod for the most part. I'm not sure how it is at other libraries but the town hall also had a heavy say in what went on, for instance being able to force passport applications to go through the library staff. Shelf content isn't much of a stretch in comparison in my opinion.
I fucking hate libraries now and it hurts. My own single bookcase has more utility than their entire catalog.

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Apologies for my grammar, crashing after a large dose of caffeine.

It's actually just thousands. That's all that's needed to make a, 'best seller'. It's the same payola shit the jews do with music. It's all just, 'publishing'. With the politicians it's how bribes are done in America. That and speaking appearances.

I don't know where you live, but shit doesn't work that way where am from.

Same but maybe that's coming, don't know.

Yeah all your claims are foreign af to me.