What is the true reason behind white male rage?

What is the true reason behind white male rage?
The attacks are becoming more and more frequent.
So frequent in fact that its not safe for people of color to go outside anymore.
The media is right, this is becoming an epidemic and we need to figure out how to fix it.
So how do we fix it Zig Forums?

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Niggers not going outside sounds great to me, faggot


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Why is everything always about some obsession with cocks with you people?

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Q predicted this

Back to >>>/interracial/, pervert
Also obsession with nigger dicks makes you gay.

Actually, he's saying "yo dick".

I don't understand the obsession with people who copy + paste into 8ch. Its a great feature, why are you memeing against it?

The funniest thing about this is that it's the sloppy vaginas owners that are mad about this supposed problem.

maybe by stopping this cycle:

of course, we both know this cycle will never end, at least not until the government is destroyed and/or replaced

Actually, he's saying muh dick is big - yo dick iz small

Because they (liberals as well as niggers) ALL closet homos

I don't care about any mans dick size.
Whores have stretched out sloppy vaginas, and they chase literal spearchuckers.

The mass shooting yesterday wasnt even done by a white guy. But anyway, We didn't have these problems when we were 80%+ white. Multiculturalism and blatant anti white racism in the media, schools, movies etc… and overwhelmingly high black on white crime is causing young white men to become angry. They're demonized everyday and even when white people are the victim they're treated like the bad guy simply cause the color of their skin. There's really not much we can do about demographic change at this point so expect us to crash this country with no survivors before niggers and spics take over and ruin all our people's hard work.

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White men have the biggest dicks on the planet you nigger.

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And retarded political cartoonists make dumbass pics like OP
The vaginas get smacked back in line quite easily once they don't have a govt/army/policeforce protecting them

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this was not the case in my locker room in high school

Mother of God…
It's a sign

Good luck, big daddy guberment is going to be around for a while.

Meanwhile, literal spearchuckers will still be the first target of all whores. Funny how after all this time, evolution has essentially stopped in mate selection.

Cause it's a woman thing, it just means some fag has no argument

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lol, fucking Zig Forums these days

You've got your boot on someone's neck and he says "Take your boot off my neck or I'm going to fucking kill you." your response is to stomp down harder.

What do you think will happen next?

1488 for Germany

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Imagine being so schizo that you have to clipboard every img.

You've all been trying to shill that shit here for years. No one is buying it. I'll give you credit for your persistence though.

Are you talking about the garlic shooter in California? He wasn't even white. He was an Iranian mutt. And white on minority crime is almost nonexistent while black on white crime is so incredibly high it's become an epidemic. Whites are the most openly hated and the biggest victims of racist hate in America. And you wonder why they're so mad.

lol why is turkey listed?

Because the majority of their population is actually genetically German.

Occasionally we have a Tarrant or two to put you in your place and remind you what happens when you keep pushing white people too far.

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yes, circumcision is a tragedy.

I am curious about your argument.

It was actually WAY easier to get guns and even fully automatics back then and we still didn't have these problems. These problems didn't start until whites started getting actively replaced, medicated and demonized everyday

one can only understand one's own penis by reflecting on other penises

He's a cockcroach so he has no arugment, turkroaches fuck little boys all day long

Greeks and Romans used Germans as militia to conquer that area, including when Rome collapsed the CRUSADES.

Not sure how they missed your trolling and attempt at conning me into boning a Muslim.


You do? That's fucking sick, you Jew.

He was whiter then you, and his name indicates he wasn't Iranian or Italian, everyone at the fucking place was a spic or a nigger

LOL this is like something some 12 year old fag would say

they endorse this thread

Or a rational adult male that knows how you Jews are.

Is not something an adult would say you fucking dumb kike, are you by chance a slavshit?

Why 12, user?

The shooter was an Italian Iranian mutt. He hardly even looks white

So are you fags just slavshits or something?

fuck off med

Because gay boys can't get pregnant at that age.

Literally what a gay Jew told me.

why don't they pull the curtain back and stop pretending they aren't compromised? at this rate i think this board is mostly fed niggers arguing with each other from different influence teams

lol Zig Forums cucks now say niggers and spics are whiter then white people. this entire board is such fucking gay nigger shit now, it's like arguing with fucking redditors or some shit

Please tell us more about Santino the "white" Iranian man.

t. med

We must let in the DACAryans user.

God this board is shit, white people are no longer white according to this board, but spics are white now? Jesus Christ, just dump the board and start over

Lel, this is a new level of pathetic.
Honestly, it's as if every shill organization is actively hiring colossal brainlets. Though, it's not a surprise that all of these faggots just happen to be retards as only someone of immensely diminished intelligence could want to spend their own time swooping into random pockets of the internet in order to defend a pitiful race of hook-nosed swindlers and their numerous machinations.
You should seriously consider suicide, my man.

Odd considering you low IQ Amerimutts have been trying to say I am Hispanic for months now. Most of you look like Slav rape babies.

Most of the people who attend that festival are white. Santino possibly made a post on 4cuck Zig Forums to lure "white nationalists" to the event.
Seems like a pretty clear case of a non white wanting to target whites.

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The niggers were a few years older because they failed a few times dumbass.

I remember the phrase "white male rage". It's basically what jews call their own frequent unreasonable fits of anger. Move along.

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Hotpockets get the rope too.

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Some asshole actually shot at me last night when I was walking along the tracks.


Posting a pic of a literal jew is unforgiveable

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Well thanks, anybody else want to add themselves to to possible suspects if I mysteriously end up dead?

The fact you think anyone is going believe this user board represents credible evidence exemplifies the track-walking decision making process of your riddled mind.

Let me introduce you to something.

Good luck.

Jesus fucking Christ.

How is this guy not screaming agonally after the first strike?

Probably this: "the Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you."

What the fuck is going on around here?
The JIDF has been absolutely flooding this site for the past couple of days.

Training camps and state subsided arms grants for white men.

We're making progress but we can't stop until there are no people of color left.

Look at Moshe trying to fit in around here… what a mensch!


I see you beaner.

That anybody believes those are realistic averages. You dumb monkies should just hang yourselves.

Wrong board. 4chan is over there. Also the 73 mongs who bumped this thread can go die. SAGE


What do other anons think about this? I've never thought of it like that

This is the kind of content the mods want on the front page.

It's not white male rage it's black male embarrassment, they just found out all their hip hop heroes are actually homosexuals that worship satan.
That's got to be embarrassing, getting tricked into getting gay tattoos and walking around with your ass hanging out for the pleasure of the music industry homos.
If I was one I'd probably stay in and pretend I wasn't emasculated by posting pictures of myself on social media holding guns.

or smaller. I'm an oldfag but I remember being a kid and looking through national geographic at tiddies and the nigger dicks were like worms.



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2 hours ago.

Maybe that poster got banned because that post was incoherent

This is why God gave women the clitoris OUTSIDE the vagina. That is how they orgasm. Not from the cock. They select niggers due to social pressure that none of you are countering.

Go back to BEATING off to little white girls on jewtube niggers.

I would have permabanned you. You are just lucky I am not a mod


All civilization would collapse without the cock. It is the reason women can be cajoled into tolerating men.

Try you what?

Are you sure you dontmeen coonjonesed

Is that the true reason behind leftard rage?

Holy shit.

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Why is this shit thread still up, sure smells like 4chan in here.
Anyone who replies to this thread without a sage is a shill, thats all there is to it, move on and let this shit die.

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When was it?

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