Ghislaine and TerraMar Project

So I've posted this on 4chan but people there are sliding the threads hard so here's a better place to post it.
Everyone is digging info on Epstein and all but I don't see many people searching news about Ghislaine except her connection to Epstein or others accused of pedophilia.
Supposedly she had an environmentalist non profit organization called TerraMar Project, about creating a global ocean community about sharing ownership of the international waters. This organization got closed a week after Epstein got charged with sex trafficking, and the site was shut down too:
The interesting thing is that while I've been digging around info about this project, I found this link that just leads to a login page. Pretty weird isn't it? You can still access some pages of the normal site, but this page isn't accessible through it. I wonder if someone here has any knowledge about this organization and site, and if anyone ever tried to log into it. Maybe it hides some pedo stuff like the Comet Ping Pong website.

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Bump for glory

I’m going through random 10000 passwords. Could use some help here anons.

I tried about 7 common passwords. That's all I got. Someone brute force this shit. Pic related

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It isn’t “Pussy”. So we have that going for us.

I don't know where to start. If I could I'd have done it already.

I’m trying to figure out how to brute force it but I’m none too smart.
We need more numbers to swarm this birch.

We need to find the hacker known as 4chan

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4chan is just a myth man
A whisper on the winds
A small stone dropped into a deep well
4chan is ancient bones carved into rough dice…

The hacker known as rate limited ban.

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The login doesn’t seem to have a lockout policy.

Use a different I.P.

I’m working my way manually through the Greek sea gods.

4chan we need you now more than ever. Please listen to our cries.
Like lost doves in a puddle.

We need to spread this to other Epstein threads, we need manpower to break through this

Let get too it.

Does anyone have the documentary with Obama in it? It's the one about the highschool kids doing ocean conservation. I forget the title but I think it's connected to this.

I’ve spread the request over some of the other chans.

Where's the "big release" that was supposed to happen "tomorrow" for the last few days now, and on several posts?

Dunno, I've seen a thread today saying that "tomorrow" would be really tomorrow, July 30th, at 20pm EST. The "disclosure" would start with a Trump twitter post, let me see if I can find that thread again.

I’m trying to find a way in. Curious the way she dumped the charity so quickly. As if she wanted it healed in with all the tumult.

Reach for the stars.

I was able to scrape a few old article URLs. One of them included "Sailors for the Sea". Probably nothing important, but there's a certain somebody amongst the founders. The whole board is made up of these people.

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"Max" apparently likes to help Haitian children.

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The “daily catch” was ocean flavoured news aggregate curated by Rupert Maxwells demon seed.

Hacker known as Google

Hmmmm. Ocean lovers?

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Yeah that link shows up easily on google, but here we're trying to access the "daily catch" part of the site. Don't trust the random Log In link on google.

Seems like a scam she had going like where people buy plots of the moon. All hidden behind a progressive green message.

Even if you log in from here, if you click the "The Daily Catch" the password thing still shows up


* Sponsoring a parcel of ocean through The TerraMar Project website does not grant or convey any real ownership or physical claim to any portion of the ocean.

Just selling an empty virtuous symbol.
That bitch is cold.

Hey guys. Related Thread? Jeff's Brother is a benefactor for a (Female) HighSchool aged Marine Bio/snorkelling/scuba program in the British Virgin Islands

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Any info on this guy?

you can access the archive

Some guy in Montreal loves oceans, preventing air travel and anti-trump.

Why did she shut down he charity when she did?

"The ocean is too big to fail".
comments are good
her expressions change, her sadness is fake
almost like she's trying not to smile

She is damaged. Partly a sociopath to protect herself.
She plays a character but is ultimately empty.

“In 2015, the Daily Mail reported that the organization was "listed as a partner of the Clinton Global Initiative in the Sustainable Oceans" in 2013, four years after Maxwell was subpoenaed by Epstein victims.”

This was a vanity project that she was propping up with hundreds of thousands of dollars of her own cash every year.

This ocean project reminds of that girl who posed with Obama and had connections to feinstein. She was in like some Ocean Movie #2 on national geograhic

SOMEONE SCRIPT THIS TO GO THROUGH A PROXYLIST . There. The big secret is out there. Hack le world

If you enter this site: it shows that they "sell" (money laundering scheme?) parcels of the ocean to people and give a certificate. Some of the names are googleable but this one is surely weird.

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1476 * $20 = $29,520
It's just a funny way to collect money from idiots.

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Another child supplier? teens4oceans

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epstein was "donating" his other yacht to a childrens charity

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Bump for obvious slide tactics. Get back to Maxwell.

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Was just thinking. Sounds like more code. We should keep an eye out for these fucks talking about the Ocean.

I think it’s more likely she was using the charity as a slush fund for nefarious payoffs. That’s what are glowing friends are investigating,
She pumping hundreds of thousands,of her own cash, each yearinto keeping it afloat but when Epstein got fingered, all of a sudden she didn’t need it any more.
Follow the money.

Obviously hurting children is sick and would be the champagne of this organization but it's much bigger than that. It was a way for people who have got enough money to buy a yacht to avoid taxation and laws, it was, maybe is an untouchable Cayman Islands scam.
Taxation is for goyim. Living off that taxation is for the people of Atlantis, TerraMarians. Illuminated jews in other words.

Forget about schizo invisible writing and see the organisation as a front for moving money. Blackmailers often get blackmailed themselves and need to pay off liability’s.

I wonder how one would get her emails,

Has anyone tried cheesy? Or cheesybay?

There are rumblings that Barr will declassify the underlying documents from the Mueller report on Wednesday. Supposedly, the government failed to reveal exculpatory documents, which is a crime.
Apparently the judge denied the request to unseal the details of his original plea deal because it would "damage ongoing cases."

How could we find out her current location?

Do these elites use gmail or something else?

Palm beach address

They all use AOL. Guaranteed.
[email protected]

With Prince Andrew at a tacky fucking hookers and pimps party.
If it’s proved the Queen covered for him, it could bring down the Monarchy.

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Maybe call her and ask where she is??

Pizza anyone?

this is an fbi boy lover logo reference

The symbol of a winding angle is known as a "meander" in greek art and architecture

triplicate meander = meandering triangle

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I'm not sure if this is a schizo poster, or she actually has photos of prince andrew, ghislaine maxwell, and hillary clinton hanging out?

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Has Anyone Considered if these people are a part of an under water break-away civ?

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In the 1960's the US Navy began excavating to create man made underwater caves for secret sub bases… shit got classified

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Defo a nutter. You should know better lad. Asian disguise my lord.

I was thinking more undersea level bolthole.
Under the island with a sub dock.

Epstein sees himself as Zorro but it’s inverted.
Zorro Ranch, pic related Zorro pants.

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It’s the nowhere’s again.

also….that T is buttfucking that M

Someone call the typography police, there’s a rape going on.

Voat is still down cos of this. We are missing something that’s staring us in the face. What is it?

Nicole Junkermann.

Junkermann has the most stage managed Wikipedia I have ever seen. I bet with a little digging we could find what she has had buried.

I would suspect her German wiki has similar edits.

She’s even writing her own Wikipedia edits. Wtf.

Disney Connections to Epstein/Maxwell triggered the attacks IMO

junkermann just invested in a YouTube Content creation startup

Infront was founded in 2002 by Nicole Junkermann and Robert Louis-Dreyfus, the late owner of Adidas. In 2011 it was awarded the contract to market the TV rights for the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups, having originally held the global rights.

It also markets the German national team’s friendly and qualifying matches, as well as the countries cup competition. More than half of Germany’s top-flight teams also have TV deals with the firm.

Infront is primarily known through its boss, Philippe Blatter, the nephew of the controversial head of FIFA, Sepp Blatter. It is believed that Mr. Blatter will continue to run the company.

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URL of the ICANN Whois Inaccuracy Complaint Form
>>> Last update of WHOIS database: 2019-07-30T20:53:08Z


It’s interesting how she always vanishes into smoke when the shit hits the fan.

the entire point is to run cover for Jew crimes.

You will notice, nobody is talking about Epstein anymore.

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