Mark Epstein's Yacht is hosting High School Girls as we shitpost

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proof its Jeff's Bro: [email protected] is Mark's email. He used to own IZMO print company

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aka Devilfish

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IZMO had a scandal in the 1980s for printing BOUND NAKED WOMEN on giant billboards in NY for the promotion of the Razzie Award winning film Tattoo

"Exploitation Business"

Who's gonna call?

Hmmmmmm does this look like sex slavery?????

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P.S. Nomochomo here, I also dropped the Little St. James Disney Cruise link. I'm finding 8ch is the best place to disseminate info, it is the furthest upstream public forum

Mirror symbolism in the logo. MK Ultra


Y-you too…

Why even bother?

Fat negro.

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2nd pic last girl: Nubian mattress-monster.

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Nice dig, op. Keep it up and keep bringing it here.


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Found the pedo.

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I doubt they're interested in fat jellied hags and a sheboon. What's the point?

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cuz niggaz cant swim n shiet

if everyone jumped off a cliff would you follow just to fit in?

Not for much longer.

"MANTA" + "Manta-online" any Clinton or Pizza connections?

Wtf is it with people posting thumbnails?!

MERRYL KAFKA (Epstein's liaison for the donation) is affiliated with PRINCESS CRUISE SHIPS

My bad, sperging out, I should have exercised quality control

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vation for research," says McClure. While she focuses this trip on searching
for a chambered nautilus, McClure admits to having collected everything
from cocoons and hornets' nests to seashells.
tor of education at the New York Aquarium, agrees that "KIDS ARE TURNED ON BY
by tangible evidence of ANCIENT LIFE." She incorporates ancient relics into her
teaching, comparing fossils with a living marine collection to complete the
geologic timeline — a complex concept for children and adults alike.

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this explains the 2001 photos of Epstein's island

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"Kids are turned on…by ancient life"

-Meryl Kafka

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Pick one.

Jeff, you're not supposed to be on the internet when you're pretending to be in prison.

Look user, those girls belong to their fathers, and if their fathers are limp wristed faggots or lobotomized goys who can't/won't control their daughters… You have to admit that the ideological war is not new: a lot of ethnic whites have been infected and are kike fodder and white knight indignation is unwanted and unwarranted.
Rant on the pedo if it makes you happy, but save your energy to help, redpill, and improve the lot of racially *and* spiritually white people.

Irrelevant and not the point. The question is whether she has the courage and integrity to follow through an engagement she apparently entered.

The answer is "no because niggers"

Pedophilic psychology is a virus that damages spirits. Molested children who are not rescued/properly raised learn that the world is cruel, uncaring, and can only function in a will2power mental frame.

Rape destroys innocence. Innocence and preservation/protection of innocence is the only way to improve our lot.

"Spirituality" cannot be improved until awareness of the darkness goes mainstream

You're not wrong. It's just that everything makes more sense to me (and becomes almost bearable) when I see them as "others". It lets me tell myself that the Indo-European civilization has shrank (brutally), but that it's not rotting from the inside.

Quality assessment

Entire thread is shilled


yeah I noticed too

100% there are toilet cams and shower cams.

Not a single one of you niggers checked my hitler dubs of truth >:(

New Epstein Evidence

3 foot wide Electricity and Sewage tunnels connect LSJI with St Thomas and Great St. James
LOL The US Core of ARMY engineers consulted Jeff Epstein to build his underground tunnels

Gregory Rhymer, WAPA environmental affairs manager, explained the $3.2 million project. Laying the underwater fiber-optic cable from Red Hook to Little St. James will cost about $1.2 million, he said. The small island is privately owned, and the owner will bear the entire cost of the cable, permitting, installation, interconnection and termination, Rhymer said.
At a March hearing of the Senate Planning and Environmental Protection Committee, it became public knowledge that the owner of Little St. James is Jeffrey Epstein. At that meeting, Epstein's attorney, Paul Hoffman, said his client had provided an environmental assessment report prepared by Bioimpact Inc. of St. Croix.
Amy Dempsey of Bioimpact explained then what the installation of electrical cable would entail, showing a video of the areas involved. She said the installation would avoid the coral outcroppings around Cabrita Point, Great St. James, Whelk Rocks and Little St. James and would not harm any existing coral.

Rhymer took the occasion on Tuesday morning to thank Planning and Natural Resources Commissioner Dean Plaskett; Sen. Louis Hill, chair of the Planning and Environmental Protection Committee; and the Army Corps. of Engineers for their help in the cable-laying project.
Although the water line to St. John is to be in place by the end of the week, the island is not expected to begin receiving water pumped from St. Thomas until the end of this year. Rhymer said at a September Coastal Zone Management Committee hearing on St. John that WAPA's line running east from the plant in Krum Bay at that time ended at Cassi Hill in Anna's Retreat. He said it would take until the end of 2004 to complete the extension from there to Red Hook on St. Thomas's East End.

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The original site is gone, but google cache confirms US Army Corps of Engineers was on LSJI

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The CZM permit the committee did approve is a minor one for the Water and Power Authority to lay an underwater fiber-optic cable from Red Hook to Little St. James. The island is owned by Jeffrey Epstein, who was represented by attorney Paul Hoffman.
Gregory Rhymer, WAPA environmental affairs manager, said LSJ LLC, the title owner to Little St. James, had provided an environmental assessment report prepared by Bioimpact Inc of St. Croix. Amy Dempsey of Bioimpact explained what the installation will entail, showing a video of the areas involved. She said the installation will not harm any existing coral, as it will avoid the coral communities around Cabrita Point, Great St. James, Whelk Rocks and Little St. James.
Under questioning by committee members, Dempsey explained step by step how the cable will be laid to avoid environmental damage.
Rhymer said what is to be installed is a three-core copper conductor cable rated at 15 KV that will run parallel to the existing electrical submarine cable line from Red Hook Point to St. John. The 18,000 feet of cable will be routed out to a depth of 100 feet off St. Thomas, Rhymer said. On Little St. James, it will connect with an existing inland power system.
The installation, Rhymer said, "not only will allow WAPA to bring on line a new customer, but makes it possible for it to provide future similar services to other locations outside it usual distribution areas, thereby increasing commerce and its prosperity."
Rhymer also said the cable will "greatly reduce shipments of fuel" now needed for electricity production using a generator on the small island.
LSJ LLC will bear the full cost of the cable, permitting, installation, interconnection and termination, Rhymer said.
The committee unanimously approved the permit. All seven committee members were present — Sens. Adlah "Foncie" Donastorg, Carlton Dowe, Roosevelt David, Hill, Liburd, Shawn-Michael Malone and Ronald Russell.

Even Though the Atlantis submarine company shut down in the USVI in 2009, I believe Epstein acquired their sub

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Fed Nigger detected. Why don't you Want Jeff Epstein US MILITARY connections explored?

Greg Rhymer approved 3.2 Million dollar underwater construction to LSJ as head of WAPA

2.3 Million dollars was transferred to an Offshore Account under his watch…

“Approximately $2.3 million sent to an offshore account that we cannot account for?” Mr. Gittens asked incredulously. “It was reported to the authorities and is being actively investigated?” he asked. Ms. Farrington confirmed it yet again.
When given another opportunity, Mr. Gittens referred additional questions to Mr. Kupfer. He asked when was the $2.3 million wired to the off-shore account, and Mr. Kupfer said the funds had been wired in two separate transactions to an offshore account in May and June of 2018 respectively. Mr. Gittens asked if W.A.P.A. executives had picked up immediately on the missing wired money. W.A.P.A. general counsel was initially reluctant to respond, but Mr. Gittens assured them that he was not asking any questions that would jeopardize their ongoing investigation.
Ms. Farrington then explained that they were not immediately aware of the May wire to the offshore account, but the June wire was noticed straightaway. She did not specify the amount of each wire, and because there is an ongoing federal investigation in the matter, further questions were tabled. However, Mr. Gittens expressed further on his Facebook page, a social medium he uses to keep his constituents informed, “It is now a full year since these transactions took place and we have very little information. I am urging WAPA to aggressively pursue the return of these funds and work to see that such a thing does not occur again. This is a serious matter. We must take all steps necessary to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse of our resources.”

Mr. Kupfer was flanked by members of the authority’s management team: Noel Hodge, chief operating officer of water systems; GREGORY RHYMER, special advisor and assistant to the executive director; Clinton Hedrington, chief operations officer of electrical systems; Lorelei Carrington, general counsel; Debra Gottlieb, chief financial officer; and Joan Fahie, director of pricing and rates and strategic planning.


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Neither or can save it, but it's still live

Nomochomo misses Pizzagate, but wont use it again until I can verify vote counts (ie: it's not login only)

Okay, and? 4 days ago. No one went to kill him or anyone else. We didn’t do anything.

uhhh….what are you talking about retard. An attempt was made on epstein's life in NY. he was found unconscious and strangled. he has been moved to protective custody

once again, a FedNigger is trying to demoralize Epstein research

yup, probably 100 people in this echo chamber lol

You have no argument and aren’t even human. Commit suicide.

Reported. Never post again, kike.

The US Virgin Islands started off as a settlement of the Danish West India Company as they settled St Thomas in 1672, St John in 1694, and purchased St Croix in 1733 from the French. It was not until 1917 that the United States bought the islands for 25 million dollars (the equivalent of more than half a billion dollars today). The US did this because they feared the Germans would take them over and turn it into a SUBMARINE BASE.

Why kill the jew B4 he reveals his accomplices?

We already know the accomplices.

I'd rather be in a public echo chamber than a login-only one. More eyes

Bullshit. Acosta's Deal kept Epstein's Associates from being named in the Plea Deal. We know suspected accomplices. Confirmation is still classified

Fun fact: EVERYONE IN THE FUCKING GOVERNMENT IS GUILTY OF TREASON. Holy shit, you “rule of law” brainwashed cuckolds need to die.

He is into the boys you idiot

Stop encouraging violence, Fed. AWARENESS is the first step. Massacring evildoers without the support of a majority Normies is bad optics.

Now why would he choose to have a place here, one can only wonder.


Paid shills. Allowed to post here.

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looks like something hidden below

post yfw pic related is what you sold your soul for


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so not me.

That's my thought as well. Epstein is pretending he's a hebephile to beard for the fact that he personally is a gay pedophile.

he does pimp teenage girls, but epstein likes massacring little gentile goyboys

"Traditional Pizza Lunch" + "mark epstein" vs "marc epstein" + "North Shore Yacht Club"

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welp. the ceo of wapa is a child rapist. no wonder he approved epsteins construction


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different norbert Gregory rhymers?

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norbert rymer is also norbert rhymer

I recognize that marina, those islands, and have jumped off that rock (2nd pic) on a similar marine biology expedition.
Creepy, half expected to see myself in that pic..

looks the same to me:

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1 rymer looks like ODB

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Unless they're under 16 boomers and roasties should get the fuck out

Rhymer was fired in 2017 he also goes by "Julio Rhymer"

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meant to post here, not create a thread :/

Senators dismissed concerns about the most controversial nominee —Julio Rhymer Sr. for the director of the Office of Management and Budget post — raised by an anonymous letter accusing him of sexual harassment at his prior position as the director of V.I. Water and Power Authority. Rhymer has publicly said that there were never any sexual harassment charges against him.

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michael Anthony rhymer may be julio Anthony rhymer

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USAID…Looks like the Rhymers are Spooks, affiliated with US intelligence

Born on April 27, 1924, the daughter of James Dykes and Lila Wells Dykes, George Unger grew up in New Mexico and Texas. She always said her father named her George and her sister Jimmie because he wanted boys.
George grew up in an African-American home that emphasized the importance of education. Her parents were teachers and graduated from college in the 1910s, a time when many Americans did not attend high school. After graduating from college, George went to work for the Dallas School system. While there, she received a master’s degree in 1956 from Prairie Valley Community College. Her sister, Jimmie Fields, earned a doctorate in education.
George once said she had wanted to be an astronaut. While she did not make it into space, she did go far. After nearly 20 years in the Texas school system, George began an eight-year affiliation with San Francisco State College and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in 1963 as an education advisor for Liberia. She worked with the Zorzor Rural Teachers Training Institute. At a time when her own home state was in the grips of segregation – the Texas Legislature passing laws a few years earlier instructing the state’s school districts to resist integration – George was representing the United States in Africa and helping to develop a school system for the Liberian capital, Monrovia. She developed many lifelong friendships with the people she met and worked with in Liberia and met her future husband, a teacher with the Peace Corps, Marvin Unger.
In 1972, George moved to Buffalo to marry Marvin. She returned to academic life the following year at a time when American colleges and universities were beginning in earnest to move from what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had described 10 years earlier as “de jure segregation in the South and de facto segregation in the North.”
George became the founding director of the Equal Opportunity Center and began to put into place affirmative action policies at the largest university in the State University of New York system. In her 21-year career at the State University of New York at Buffalo (UB), she worked to provide equal opportunity and equal access to women and minorities. She became the university’s chief affirmative action officer in 1990.
George was very involved in the fabric of life in Western New York, was active with the Buffalo Urban League, and served on the boards of the YWCA and the Buffalo Foundation, which she led as chairperson. At UB, she coordinated the university’s observance of the International Year of the Woman, chaired the campus Employee Assistance Program Committee, and served on several committees, including the Professional Staff Senate, the Anti-Rape Task Force, the University Committee on Student Retention, and the Distinguished Service Professor Selection Committee. She lectured extensively and was also an advisor to the U.B. chapter of her sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha.
As the reporter for the campus newsletter of UB put it, “Reflecting on the past 21 years, Unger sees UB’s progress in expanding its programs for women and minorities as ‘very exciting and fulfilling.’” Her final thoughts for the newspaper and the university:
"I’d like for this country to reach a point where there’d be
no need for any institution to have an office of equal opportunity and
affirmative action…That may sound idealistic, but we have
to have ideals. An ideal society would be one in which it’s a ‘given’
that every member of that society would have equal access and equal
opportunity to everything that that society stands for. That’s
idealistic, but ideals are attainable."
After Marvin passed away in 1993, George decided to go into “semi-retirement” in 1994 and spend a few otherwise-cold Buffalo winter months of 1995 “on a beach.” She chose to spend those months playing bridge and reading and relaxing on St. Thomas. The following winter she was back and the next year she made the island her year-round home.
George’s life on St. Thomas was a tropical idyll, and she developed many wonderful friendships. She became involved in her sorority, the island’s bridge club, the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands and the Navy League. She served on the board of the Pinnacle Homeowners Association, and loved to sit on her veranda and enjoy the spectacular view overlooking Charlotte Amalie harbor.

Deborah, Suzanne and David Chodrow, who are most grateful to her closest friend, Julio Rhymer, his sister, Joanna, and the entire Rhymer family for all the assistance, care and love they provided to George in her twilight years.

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Queen Elizabeth doesn't give birthday cards to everybody. Rhymer is connected to british monarchy

The former farmer, sailor, road warden and boat racer, had an extremely busy day on his 100th birthday as persons from all over the Virgin Islands visited the Rhymer’s home at Round Hill, Cane Garden Bay throughout the day to offer their congratulations and share in the celebrations with the large Rhymer’s family.

Among the many that made it their duty to personally congratulate the centenarian were Governor John S. Duncan OBE, Premier Dr The Hon D. Orlando Smith (AL), Junior Minister for Tourism and At Large Representative Hon Archibald C. Christian, Second District Representative Hon Melvin M. Turnbull, Opposition Member Hon Andrew A. Fahie (R1), Former Second District Representative J. Alvin Christopher and former Deputy Premier R. Dancia Penn QC.

Governor Duncan presented Mr Rhymer with a birthday card signed by Queen Elizabeth II while Premier Smith made a presentation of a cheque for $5000 to the birthday Patriarch.

latter years, was met with celebration and media coverage.

Mrs Rhymer did not only ‘cultivate’ children.

She, along with her husband, tilled the land in Round Hill and grew a plethora of crops including banana and pigeon peas. The duo, who also copped the territory’s ‘Farmer of the Year’ title many years ago, raised livestock such as cows and pigs.

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