Zig Forums for coloureds

Is there a Zig Forums for non-whites?
I'm sick of trying to cope being a nigger. And I just want to be surrounded by truth. And I want to be surrounded by other colored people that feel the same way.

I don't mind it.
But the leftist agenda has me thinking I'm equal to a white man and I can get a white girl.

And when I go for black girls they are always delusionally talking about race and turning the tables.

Fuck that.
I'm more self loathing because of the bullshit that I've been fed, as opposed to being a lower caste.

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Have you tried reddit?

What degree do you want, OP? Plebbit has a variety of "red-pilled" communities that tend to be much more civ-nat and accepting of your race. I'm not you, but I would hope you can sift through the hate on here. Nigger will always be thrown around, but on an anonymous image board no one knows unless you make a mistake and disclose that. Also, most here are white-nationalist, but probably wouldn't hate you provided you don't act like a caricature of a Nig, and you sympathize with the cause here. Remember, Malcom X and George Lincoln Rockwell were on fairly good terms because their goals aligned and the knew the bigger problem was the Jew in society, not skin color.

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I just want to know that where I am, other colored people agree about the dominance hierarchy of the world

You know I had a hunch the Negro male was too lazy to cook this shit up on his own and that it had to be uppity Negresses riling them up. Guess this pretty much confirms it.
You know I often feel pity for non-whites because of this. That's all the well meaning of us ever wanted from you was you to be a lower caste with lowered expectations and us all to be honest about it. Instead we got clown world and you got whatever Gangster rap is.

i dont give a fuck about niggers in your own countries, just go back to your own land and i have no problem with you. and if the zog ever stops us giving millions in aid to africa and allowing chinks to take all its resources maybe you'll build good countries for yourselves

Zig Forums

Okay OP, I'll touch on this because I'm nice. As long as you aren't a native Indian, there are no caste systems that you yourself as an individual cannot break out of. Are you ashamed of your race, or yourself? If you dislike certain aspects that your race may do as a group or with their common nature, then be aware of it and better yourself. Niggers are niggers because of how they act. As it happens, many of them share traits and distinctive features due to similar (nigger) culture and genetics. They, however, often lack the self-awareness to discontinue these patterns of behavior, but some can.

So, OP, you can view yourself as an individual and seek to serve as a good example for your race. You might even find a like-minded woman of your race, and that's the first step to producing a better generation for your people.

make /niggerpol/

Basically this. There's one guy that is probably a shill spamming/derailing with the "ethnoglobe" bullshit, but the truth is, you're more than welcome to be a nationalist. Just in your own country.

Wait, I thought that's what this was.

Yeah its called a City or literally any Public place in most Western Countries. If you truly are a nigger go up to a fellow nigga and start talking about what you want.

I understand though that in Nigga culture doing such a thing might make it look like "u a Big Nigga" which Negress Women will be suspect of and have their Boyz mess with you seeing if you "ain't shit".

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Have you tried your local 'hood'?

Have you tried making your own? Oh, wait.

Stay strong and redpill your brothers in the jew.
As for your request, I really dont know.

Make a pol for blacks it's all about an ethnic home for every race. We should work together but it's got to be with the thought of ethnic homelands in mind. 99% of the time we should be with our own people that build us up the way nature intended.

The closest thing I can recommend to you is to keep lurking Zig Forums. Plebbit is filled to the brim with a bunch of "woke" non-whites, but none almost all of them believe some form of "kill-whitey" communism will solve their problems. Truth is that if Whites are completely exterminated off of the planet, then your kind will suffer a level of servitude and slavery that is beyond your worst nightmares. Malcolm X had some pretty good ideas on how to solve the situation, Black Nationalism and voluntary self-seperation from Whites, while also forming a nation for your on folk and becoming self sufficient. Strong emphasis would have been placed on (((Who))) really runs (((The System))). I don't have any advice for finding any IRL group to join, but the closest thing say would be a group of like minded dudes that have conversations like Vid related at 25:24 would be a good place to start.

Holy fuck im autistic, meant to paste vid related. Timestamp at 25:24 is still accurate.

go to meetup.com under language & culture it's a bunch nigger meetup groups saying we wuz kangs . You're fit right in.

Not your blog faggot
However, this time, OP is not a faggot. I appreciate your honesty, and sincerity. We'll all figure this shit out sooner than later. Oh yeah, fuck the jews, nigger.

Let us cast out the kike first, and then determine what lands our respective peoples will reside in. Spread truth, you'll sort out who's worthy pretty quick. Ally with them, build for the future. Use the church if you must, but remember what they also stole from YOU. Your life was better before your people swallowed the poison of the kike.

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I, for one, approve of based niggers posting there.

well if their in their homeland then its fine tbh

Of course not! #MAGAconDACA

Hey nigger , you’ll never ever be white


spicnigger will never be White either.

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Need to de-kike everything first. ZOG won't even let them make their own clothes.

Behold, based nigger OP, how the eternal kike holds your people down:


Textile manufacturing is the keystone to starting industrialization and self-sufficiency, and ZOG doesn't want that, they want a continent of debt slaves because that's literally all they know how to do.

More powerful than normal chan, just look at Afro-Luffy.

No, now. An influx of based niggers posting in Zig Forums will be endless hours of entertainment for us. It will also demoralize the faggots, which pleases me.

Reminder that allying with niggers is perfectly okay if it means destroying jewish hegemony.

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Some white nationalists will include Blacks in the ethnostate, they are family and nothing is thicker than blood.

spicspam, no sweetheart. Blow leaves, bitch.

I'm raking them, like my bro is plowing the rice fields…

Just wanted to point out how hilarious it is that Zig Forums is like ORGANIZE YOUR /NIGGERPOL/ NOW, BASED BIG BUCK NIGGER, ALL PEOPLES SHOULD BE STRONK IN THEIR HOMELANDS also plz help gas kikes

Truly a board of peace.

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Scared of the goyim organizing against you, kike?

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As celebration for this glorious thread, let's use the word "esoteric" once every post for the rest of the day. I'll start:

Read julius ebola, his esoteric philosophy is contagious.


Reported the thread, don't waste our time you filthy sub-human nigger, i don't give a flying fuck if you love our philosophy, we are going to make you pay.

Based. Redpill your fellow nigs, we have a common enemy. Remember if whitey dies you get eternal slavery. The only racists are jews, everyone else is a natural racialist who can get along once the jews gone.

((( )))

And just so we are on the same page, OP, what dominance hierarchy are you referring to? What do you believe to be the dominance hierarchy, and would like you elaborate on it a little?

Not him, but he's clearly talking about the jews.

I don't think I speak for him, but Patrick Little said it best: The only hierarchy we need is one of love.

We also need one that is cognizant of the jewish question.

Do Jews love their fellow goy?



No. Filtered.

Lol, this is why rightwingers will never be a threat to jews as opposed to antizionist left.

No, that is specifically why the jews are antagonistic to anyone who wants their own country. Dumb Israeli.


Scared jew.

/fascist/ kek

does jessee lee peterson have a forum? seems like his following might be more open to truth. or pastor manning. maybe a dontell jackson or marcus garvey group?

is hotep ok or not really? as a White racist i never looked into them much.

I actually came in frustration of the beauty heirarchy.

I know all about the (((power))) heirarchy though.
The only difference I can see is that Jews aren't at the top of beauty. Whites are. Blond and blue.

It burns. Truly does. When you are raised around nothing but white girls. And white culture.

I'm down for a black chick, but one on par with a white girl is fucking rare.
Tbh, I'm rare myself. Still hard to find her.

Thanks for all the support.
Sorry for the late reply.

Kill yourself.

he is black, so getting with a black chick is the correct choice. muhamed ali agrees.

I don't know that he was black, but that is true.

this doesn't even make sense. you should be embarrassed

You're scared of the goyim organizing against you. It's that fucking simple.

Are you mixed race or just a black Hershey's negro kang man?

All western niggers have a touch of white in them. The true pure black niggers are inherent to Africa.

Yeah. I got a double touch of white. But still clearly black.

But ya know. "the white washed" black guy. The kind the whites would go to for their "black friend" card.

Does he look like a Novuteran or a kaffir?

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The last African friend I had couldn't be seen in a dark room.

If you are a mulatto/quadroon, go to /hybrid/

National Socialism isn't just for whites. We would live in paradise if even the lower IQ races took up the NatSoc tenets. We would live in a grand world where every race respects themselves and their neighbors…a world where you could travel abroad and enjoy something different. I firmly believe the world should come together under NatSoc rule amd destroy this shylock menace. It's really all becoming so tiresome at this point. Been IRL redpilling and waiting for something to happen for TEN YEARS now.


Come on guys, when is the big boogaloo gonna kick off? When I'm fucking fifty?!

All I care about is you fucking getting genocided, jew.

Envy not. Rise, awaken and create what you want. Be that shit you want to see in the world. Your lamentations are the nigger-tier that holds you down. The conditionality of circumstance is your opportunity to literally heil niggler for your people. Be proud of who you are and stand tall with an integrity that doesn't rely on the deprivation of anothers.

If you truly hate jews, you are my ally, but you need to work with your own community. We can agree on hating jews, but we can't agree on how community life works. Because you're a nigger.

Jews love symbolism. Between that and current trends I think we'll have war in the 40s, mid 30s at the earliest.

You might be 50 at that time. Think how much wiser you'll be. Perfect to lead your people!

Accuse the other side of which you are guilty. Nice one, kike. Fuck you and fuck your one drop law. You will NOT constrain hybrid peoples or suppress their identity any further. You are a racial alien, fuck off and DIE. I am speaking to the negrified possibly 56%er, not you. I don't speak to non-Novuterans, get fucked.

All I'm hearing is a butthurt jew.

Yeah seriously. I have respect for a guy like Malcom X - this is a guy who stated he hated white people, but you have to understand that he hated white people that were so blind to the (((system))) that they were just willing foot soldiers for it. The ones that rebelled against it (Like Rockwell) he actually liked.
Go be Malcom X dude. Ffs you guys need one badly.


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I see the Jew scheming

I can not wait for your civil war. You kike loving Amerifreaks will die for the one drop law. You will die for Liberia as well. You snowniggers set us up to be killed by a bunch of kaffers. I will enjoy torturing and murdering your beloved jews, faggots and pregnant men. You people will indoctrinate my people no longer.

At least you are not a fat piece of shit. If you want to make a difference take on the role of Malcom X or go blow up a federal building.

Just like in Weimar, huh, jew? You can't keep yourself from killing people that are more in tune with nature than you?

So you would fail the Blue Vein Society's every test. Still, that is no issue. We need allies. There are more 80/20s and 70/30s than mutts like us. 30 million of you and less than five million of us. Come to /hybrid/ anyway.

Pregnant men eh? Your mask is slipping invader.

I think part of the strategy from those at the top is to racially confuse us. White guilt, but also convincing blacks they will fit in.

I look in the mirror and I know "i got it" . I don't think I'm ugly or anything. I just know white girls won't like me.
Honestly, I wouldn't like one that does, because how stupid do you have to be to throw away those genes? Unfortunately, I've been through this with someone. Tried to make it work. She was a straight up thot.

If I was surrounded by mulato girls and such. That looked as good as I do, then fuck yeah. I'm just not

Go drink more trashy piss water.

Nigger, you're already fucking dead. Do us all a favor and commit suicide.

The hate agenda will only bring you the returned fren. A love agenda is what will be sustained. Hate is only begotten from (((others))) who can't subsist as they are on their own first, before working with others.

I appreciate the comforting words, brother. I still feel empty over that, though. I had hoped it would kick off by now, keeping gaymergate in mind and all
Nope. I guess I'll keep cultivating my survival, fire-arms, and occult skills in the meantime. And by occult skills, I mean spiritual services. The men are going to need the right kind of hope in order to keep morale up: the belief in yourself, your peoples, a god more loftier than the jealous kike lover, and faith in your ability to absolutely succeed, because you've already willed it.

So mote it be, brothers. Let's get this shit rolling!

The jews murdered JFK, bombed the USS Liberty, and bombed the Twin Towers.

I will kill you Anglo faggots for every kike practice you programmed into Novuterans trapped in your nation. I will kill the Jews who enslaved us that you people love so much when this war starts.

We will not be slaves for you people or your kikes a second time under Coudenhove-Kalergi, as we were under the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Hybrids like us will outlive you kike loving freaks and your faggot nation. You will never control or constrain us again. Novutera, invicta.

Kill yourself.

The jews murdered JFK, bombed the USS Liberty, and bombed the Twin Towers.

You can't have hate without love.

as long as you correctly place the blame of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade on jews, that's a great start. Other than that Nationalism, and repatriation are good topics.

The jews murdered JFK, bombed the USS Liberty, and bombed the Twin Towers.

Shakespearian nonsense.

I'll check it out. Thanks

I am actually very radical.
Fortunately I don't need to blow anything up.
War will likely ensue though. Real war. Death.

Without saying too much, I can pull off the next step of what Satoshi was trying to build. It's going to change everything.

It's like my function. I've lived for this. I'm very mission oriented

That's interesting, I am not an Anglo though.

Against who, nigger?

Excuse me, what the fuck? If I'm encouraging my peers to have a bolstered morale, why would you tell me to kill myself?
I swear you're all just low-quality shitposting bots at this point. Someone has to point it out, I guess.

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You're an enemy, and I will treat you as such.