Voat is honeypot now

For two weeks Voat has shown a weird page of alleged "maintenance".

Now they came up with the bullshit that they're "under attack" because of a stupid thread and the site is down.

It's not necessary to explain what's going on.

It's been 3 weeks of shit show now.

Sure they're going to start blocking any pro-Russia thread.

A bit later they're going to push pro-Israel and nigga bullshit.

Write it down.

The site is getting full of shills too.

Welcome to the democracy that decides for you.

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Shut the fuck up, nigger. They're undergoing a DDoS attack. What makes you think Putt is lying about it?


Voat is going to be the next 4cuck.

Soon you won't be able to know how many can read what you write on Voat.

Forgive him goats, for he knows not what he spews.
Has been DOSSed a couple of times. Was up a few hours ago. You stink OP.

Op mad he can't make thread on voat. Prove me wrong

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What was that about Zig Forums's servers?
Whose contractors?

Putt was saying for months a new version of the site was getting pushed. That's your maintenance and it wasn't 3 weeks of downtime as you're implying.

They have been under attack the last couple of days but what the fuck do you want? Are you expecting a free speech website to be allowed to flourish under this political climate?

I have a question for you: how many bitcoins have you donated to Voat in order to feel such self entitlement?

Go create your own free-speech supporting website instead of complaining like a little bitch.

Hello voat moderator

Just a user.

Yeah ok faggot. Damage control harder

it's happening everywhere now. it's quite insane how much is being censored.

where's the next place a nonwhite can go to get some truth?

I think their is alot less shills on voat than people think, Qtards literally accuse everyone that isnt a Qtard a shill. They can't stand logic and valid arguments so they just "SHILL! SHILL! REEEE! REEEE! REEE! SHILL!!!! When ever you criticize Q or Trump. They are the stupidest people ever.

Nigger faggot

Even if what you say is true, who cares? You should be using your second amendment rights to protect your first amendment rights. Never stop speaking the truth.

Otherwise you're a kike trying to demoralize voat users to slide the forum. Either way stop being a bitch.

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everyone itt except me is a nigger faggot

It's been 2-3 weeks of "maintenance" for a simple site.

We can bet money that Voat is going cuck as fuck next months.

Hello voat moderator


I just tried to go to Voat. I use my phone. When I was on the checking my privilege page my front camera was going off. I saw it flicking like 5 times.
And the site never loaded.

any anons interested in a voat alternative?

I told you.

Our names are in some list in Israel and in the CIA.

Assuming you're a nonwhite in a nonwhite country, the library.
Everything we're living now has already occurred in the past. The Roman Empire fell thanks to Jews. Germany fell thanks to Jews. There's plenty to dissect from the past and libraries have not yet been completely destroyed.

For current affairs you might need to dig further. Try Endchan, I guess.

So what? Are you paying for devtime or what, nigger? Besides, it seems Putt made the website with ASP.NET and part of the efforts were just porting that shit to .NET Core in order to reduce hosting costs. He also mentioned he has a job.

Jew shills detected.

There's Poal IIRC.

Threadly reminder to cold store all your archives. Time and talk is almost out.


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I'm thinking something on Zeronet or Tor for anonymity

I feel like we're friends now. We've established a connection. You seem like a nice guy.
I was just joking about that Coat stuff. Lol what a joke. Joo honeypots for sure hey. Everyone should stay away from it - for their own good!
Wanna party like it's neinteen neinty nein?

Uuh… Everything is a honeypot dude. You don't know this?

Make a thread about it if you find something interesting.
Do you know if the decentralized imageboard project is still being worked on? I feel it's one of our only remaining choices.

Anyone? Any screenshots of the conversations about the nsa contractors hosting this place?

Not ready to make a thread just yet, just throwing the idea around. There's a few chans on Tor and Zeronet has one as well.

4 and Zig Forums servers are connected to the Intelligence Community.

the ability to talk has not lasted very long before it is being shut down.

Before the internet it was fucking hard to talk. No one knew shit.

8pol is the last place you can get an honest answer

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Yep. I know. Just giving perspective to this circle jerk of a thread.

We're a step away from the "reeducation camps" that Alex Jones claimed in 2016.

It's sad, the amount of effort being put into ensuring the evil white race dies with no real change of fighting.

Waco Willy was claiming reeducation camps in 96 too I believe

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All in the mind, my main man.

You’re part of the attack cuntface.
I bet your coworker is doing the same thing on 4cans.
How many fags did you bring with you to form a little “consensus” in this thread.

Seriously, I want shoot you fuckheads in the face and fuck the hole till your eyes run down your cheeks.


—- and you kiddyfuckers will exist no more. You’ll have to change names again and hide …just like you’ve done 1000 times before. Scattered to the wind like the spray of feces from Satan’s anus.

And Deutschland will rise again.

heh true

If Voat is a honeypot; I'm Winnie the Pooh.

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I fucking lold

God, I wish this becomes true.

Croatia will have your back. Bring back the Axis!

He wont help because he planned it that way.
He wants to be a no-war president.

Why stop at imageboards? ZeroNet's websites are distributed like torrents. We could literally build whatever the fuck we want with it!

Go back to reddit, nigger.

Does it scale? I mentioned imageboards as a proof of concept. If we can make that work we can make many more things work.

Gonna look into it. I have no experience with ZeroNet.

I just asked putt on the preview.voat chat about the DDOS and the canary and HE BANNED ME FROM CHAT

With the kind of people on Voat, it's really funny that anyone would ever think a ddos attack (even a sustained one) would deter us.

It'll be back. Until then, I'll shitpost here.

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The info has to be preserved, the truth or the lie has repeatedly been the becoming of our children. The means change but the end doesn't, be ready for the next transition we are historically assured to take place.

This. I'm looking into using Hugo with Zeronet. Flat-file CMS works but no database.

I have a basic understanding of the app. You'll have to answer that for yourself. That being said, someone's already made at least one imageboard (Zerochan or 0chan I believe). Barebones as fuck, but it's up and running.

Hugo sites run great on ZN. Found one using it to dump some porn from a THOT.

Unpredictable weather?

It would be cool if western Michigan user could let us know they are cool and dandy.

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noice. trying to create a Zig Forums archive of information, videos, etc.. which are deleted by the clearnet service providers.

Because he said after this is over he is going to hand over control of the site to someone else. Combine that with the mysterious angel doner, it's probably a kike buying the site

i like voat. i like the chans. the detractors of halfchan and voat are just like those faggots screaming xbox is better than playstation, or pc master race.
also, poal is for niggerfaggots.

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I'm getting this, now.

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OP is still a fag. Shit works fine here you dumb homo.

Let's just use private internet instead of defending the public one.

Then, you're on the wrong site.

There's not a lot Zig Forums can do to defend the clearnet. It's controlled by mega corporations with billions of $$$.

Yeah, this is my default backup for when it goes down. Can't bring myself to go to poal. That'd be like huffing gas because I ran out of weed.

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So they really are going to push the claim it was the Russians

Wasn't there another post-shooting interviewee wearing a mason hat?

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We deserve to have at least one place for us to chill and/or plan in peace, but we should stay on the clearnet until it's burnt to the ground,

Sure, son. It's whatever you want it to be. Now get some rest.

*but we should also….

I understand and agree with your sentiment but I'd only point-out that every place on the clearnet in compromised. 4chan, Zig Forums, etc.. are compromised. Our salvation at this time is on the deepweb.

A steady diet of this and Voat.
Nice dubs.

I posted in the wrong thread.

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The canary is dead.

You would know.

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Clear paid shill thread with reddit formatting designed to discredit exposure of child rape and Epstein. THREAD REMAINS UP ON THIS SITE.

Of course.

Compromised or not, I'm not gonna stop surfing the clearnet until it's all taken offline. Triggering faggots via shitposting is my kink.

Anons should build their own sites.
Nobody wants to defend the jewgles and facespooks of the net.
Even the hackerspaces are pwnd.

You control the internet, nigger.
Each and every one of you are a node in the system.

I understand and sympathize with that. I'd only remind you that Europeans and European-Americans are facing genocide. Shitposting will not stop that. Triggering libs will not stop that. We need to get serious.

quality post

Hope so if they're against the kikes.

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Getting Error: 522 again : \

orrr op is the shill who doesn't like Zig Forums natsoc influence on their q monkeys.

by the way these q monkeys are having their minds open for the first time, you are an idiot if you don't use that opportunity to expose them to the truth.

Relax, brother. It was a joke. In all seriousness, we need a motherbase. ZeroNet's a viable option for imageboards and video platforms. If user wants to sell shit online, they can set up a shop using OpenBazaar. We have the tools and materials. We just need to build some shit with them.

That's every democracy, the elites found out it's easier to control us with fabricated consent tends to take away a certain kind of firey preacher out of the public discourse because it gives them an artificial control over morality.

heh that's true. sorry, man. im wound up thinking about these jews and my people.

Me three.love to troll zerohedge also.
Though largly redpilled on the jq there is a sizable remnant of kike supremacists & their good goy patriotard puppets.

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No worries, user. I have vodka nearby for that very reason.

So it’ll be like here, feds telling each other to shoot up a crowd

You guys are a bunch of faggots.

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As I said, first they're going to censor and blame everything on Russia.

After it they start pushing pro-Israel shit and threads about how niggas are cool and going mulatto is better.

This is predictable.

The same thing they did on 4cuck and try to do it here they're going to do it on Voat.

They're trying to CNN the whole internet before they start pushing another stupid war and the same circus again.

America is dead.

As long as the world isn't a fucking Haiti that worships the Jew they won't stop.

The democracy that decides for you may be going to be even worse than the Soviet Union.

If the US doesn't start literal reeducation camps I'd be surprised.

The nightmare is real.


yea, yea, yea.
They're called Public Schools. Pretty much everything regarding history that you are taught in public schools is pretty much revisioned.

Jesus christ, russian servers are used to attack pretty much everything BUT russia. FSB doesn't care about anything else than their own country(if even that, after judaic-soviet dysgenics it's all vodka vasja bljat left there), so they let everyone else do their dirty work.

Seems like (((they))) using Russian servers again. The new CNN v2.0 is here. Propaganda through DDOS attacks. The news service DDOS. They actually think goyim are that stupid. That goyim does not see through their little trickery. FACE PALM.

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Two cents, huh?

etc, etc, etc
JDIF scum
You know the thread Voat is being DDOSed for. You are entitled to be afraid jew, very afraid. When your house of cards falls, it will be terrifying and magnificent. The hatred unparalleled. The gibs will stop and you'll have to go back to renting out your asshole for shekels before eventually being reduced to ash and bone
Your desperation gives hope to humanity

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DDoS is always extortion.
Cloudflare uses extortion to gain control of 'deplorable' traffic.
Check their board members.

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putt probably forgot to pay his server hosting bill and is making this all up.

im not sure why he chose to say where the ddos was coming from. It just fuels the "muh russia" narrative for retards who think the governments of those nations are responsible when pretty much anyone on the planet can order one and it'll come from there.

Why would we be pro-Russia?

It's a bunch of contracted treadmill mice. Putts right, a lot of powerful people don't like what's discussed there, or here. The difference is the servers for this place are already under control.
Sadly, no loosely organised low orbit ion cannons involved in the Voat issue…