Think like a jew thread

The Jews are crafty, I think we can all give them that much credit. This thread is for exposing their tricks - pic related - and for coming up with ideas on how to use (((their))) sneaky tactics to further our aims.

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The jews murdered JFK, bombed the USS Liberty, and bombed the Twin Towers.

I'll save you all a bunch of time. Jews are not intelligence or sneaky. They rely entirely on deception. This strategy, while powerful, is also extremely vulnerable. All it takes to destroy the works of Jews is truth-telling. So become profound in honest propaganda. Do not make yourself like the Jew but best him with truth.

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Deception only backfires if it can be traced back. If it's done without a trail, it could be effective.

That's very true. To remove traceability requires intelligence, and Jews lack this virtue, so it's all easily brought back to him. 9/11, white genocide, corruption… all link to the Jew. So it's just a matter of using the truth, in a persuasive way, to expose him.

It blows my fucking mind that normalfags can't trace this evil to the jews. It's only a matter of time.

checks out

Jews aren't anything but eternal victims.

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Everyone knows abnormal fag.

Why don't you brave National Socialists get out there and do something?

If you understood jews, you'd know that image was a shitty fake.

Acme levels of crafty.

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Get lawyers and sue them for violating your right to have White Pride events in public schools. "We're starting an important conversation!"

Their tactics are formulated against us, so saying we should use their tactics makes no sense. Should we try to interrupt their discussion? What would that get us?

Stop just spouting vague retarded nonsense like "becoming the Jew" and actually come up with something coherent.

Portraying yourself as a victim is the ultimate form of the lie. It tricks people into:
It worked back in the ancient times. It still works now.

Bonus: it matches up with the other jewish mantra of inverting truth.
< jew is the perpetrator
[truth inversion]
< jew is the victim

Jews always invert truth no matter how absurd the claim because via basic charismatic tricks, saying something with a straight or convincing face forces people to consider the possibility. Manipulative people will say something and then push you to action so you don't have time to think and process the claim. This is how truth-inversion functions.

< whites are the creators of civilization and virtually all good that is in this world
[truth inversion]
< why do whites ruin everything? they're just pure evil!

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So learn to meme well, basically.

You want me to pay 15 dollars for that thing? Why would I pay 10 dollars? Do I look like I can afford 5?
Never pay full price, always pay less than half.
Selling is for suckers.

I disagree. Their tactics are based on sticking together and deceit against outsiders. Whites are too upfront for our own good - it's OK to lie if it saves us from them.

If they LARP as whites, why can't we LARP as Jews? Make it clear that they're not white, so when they complain about whites it comes across as the racism that it is?

The details in operation GLOW check out with what I've seen here.

Are people really this retarded? Jews are crafty, sneaky and secretive.
I know fellow goys let's discuss in the open what we know and what we might do to combat it.
retards deserve jewish mindrape

We haven't got your intelligence.

I never said that it's not okay to lie, you fucking retard.

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sage and report. this is a recycled thread with disinfo that was called out months ago.