Invader hate thread

Can we start another nigger/invader hate thread? Old videos here get shoa'd and i need content to redpill people with. Whites beating up invaders and vice versa please. Old and new videos please.

Ive been saving videos but theres some i know i missed and i recently lost my cellular device. Also what the fucks up with the "op must be 200 characters" bullshit?

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Don't relax. Always be ready. Survive. Make White Children.

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coming along Schlomo?

Nigger scum

Yessir, thank you, please post more

The fuck is even going on in that video?

We should start a thread where we encourage people to say things that will make their file bigger and put them on more watch lists and then keep doing these until we’ve driven out the non professional posters and can false flag 8ch any way we want to.

Is that a genuine idea or are you implying it is not wise to make a thread like this?

muh file, fuck your coward ass, user.

I’m saying that I see this idea all over the catalog.

Board is a honeypot

The board might be a honeypot but that doesn't mean that you aren't a dickless coward as well.

Doesn’t mean you’re not a treasonous kike CIA nigger

But sure let’s celebrate this courageous normal guy “Tarrant” with Israel and Pakistan stamped on his passport who visits 8ch for the first and only time right before they air the hoax footage




finally, a thread for this. i'm so tired of this board's left wing bias.

The Monster Energy money is real.

it couldn't have been a black thing because he past two ugly baboons

Alright. I guess ill have to start off.

Post. Your fucking. Videos.

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two different kinds of nigger.

Here's some context and history of these invaders

They are replacing you…

The U.N. has a full report on how it's happening

They will disarm you so that you cannot prevent it.

Immigration into the US was exclusively European until 1965 when the Immigration and Nationalization Act was passed.

Jewish congressmen played an outsized role in the Act becoming law.

Current European immigration policy is very clearly and blatantly anti-white.

The very first immigration act by US congress only allowed whites to enter.

The Kalegri Plan for the genocide of whites

Kalgeri, Rothschild, U.N. connection/plan for the genocide of whites.

Kalgeri plan impact on the UK.

Jews freely admit to their central role in the mass migration of military age African and middle eastern men.

Prominent Jews state that the goal is to create a global race of brown people with lower IQ and easier to control.

Rabbi Haviv at the World Jewish Conference reiterating that the goal of mass immigration is the end of the white race.

Again, Jews openly admit they are behind the immigration of Africans and South Americans into Western nations with the purpose of genociding whites.

More pervasive proof Jews are behind the immigration push and genocide of whites.

Itemized list of Jewish pro immigration organizations advocating for mass migration into the West.

Compilation of Jews advocating and implementing migration policies to genocide whites.

US Jews demand Israel export unwanted African migrants to white nations.

Jews advocating and enacting mass migration into white nations to genocide whites. Mega compilation.

More extremely prominent Jewish figureheads openly advocating for genociding whites.

American border security vs Israeli border security. Why are they allowed to secure and we are not?

Climate change propaganda always portrays white children and how detrimental they are to the environment.

Israel can protect their borders but not the U.S.

Multiculturalism is bad for Israel but good for everyone else.

More than $50 billion annually leaves the U.S. due to economic migrants sending money home.

>Joe Biden saying white Americans are being replaced and that's a good thing…

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It's to prevent shit threads like this. These 'dumps' lead to nothing. It doesn't progress anything. It doesn't fix anything. Most people who frequent any kind of obscure forum/board already know all this. Even YT and 9gag fags are big time redpilled already. Start doing something productive instead. Redpill normalfags out there in the real world. Give them links to these videos or articles.

Low effort thread.

I saw this while waiting for the bus and checking for HR 1044 outrage.

Street shiters larp as larping 3%ers

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Ah Straya. Outside of Eastern Europe it's one of the few places with a few non-cucked White people in it.

Where did this happen?

My fucking sides

i would rather that person be a 3%er then a democrat or a BLM nigger lover


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Sorry wrong pic


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There aren't enough reverences.
I'm quite sure what you claim is not in there:'s_New_Map
But I checked on Jacob Javits, and it's in Wikipedia. Not claiming this is the best source, but something.


Nigger hate threads are one of Zig Forumss most powerful weapons, since they show the truth that niggers are subhuman.


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watch the video closely. nigger got stabbed and bled out.