German Public Waterparks Overwhelmed By Aggressive Rapefugees

German Public Waterparks Overwhelmed By Aggressive Rapefugees

A group of 60 rapefugees recently staged a takeover of the public waterpark in Duesseldorf and the whole waterpark was eventually shut down.

German women state they feel unsafe after 4pm and won't go there anymore.

Shariah law and no more leaving your apartment after sundown when?

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Get your rugs out Dusseldorf. From legendary craftsman to cuck slaves.

Nice archive link, you homo

You can't really blame Germany for this, they've been hit the hardest in revenge for the proficiency of the Germanic people and their daring to stand against Judaic-Anglo hegemony. If Germany had been allowed to surpass England then the British people would've overthrown their own yoke. It's not too late for that future, it's just too late to undo the tragedy that was our past.


This will repdill the germans further.

I will believe that when they start purging their nation of the filth that has invaded it.

This has been going on since the 90s if not the 80s with turkroaches

Nothing has been done since then as jews are extremely good at crushing organized dissent.

Islam is going to end up turning these whores into something marriageable, the irony.

And you're doing what faggot?

Islam is the religion of breeding retardation into your people. The only thing islam does well is make mongrel trash out of the people of the nation…

…they also rape little boys.

Maybe I'm just to young and in a majority non-White part of the United States but Waterparks are the most degenerate local to go to. Maybe if run by National Socialists they'd be better.

The boil needs time to reach boiling point.

There are more white people on Earth than ever, only need about 10 millions of white to cleanse the Earth.


I was speaking primarily in jest.



Not fast enough. I have been screaming at them to wake up for YEARS and they still love their 'multicultural' fucking shitskin trash.

Well said but I don't think the situation is hopeless just depressing.

this is just fanaticism against immigrants. i know many immigrants, and they're great. a few immigrants do something stupid and all immigrants must go. germans do stupid things all the time, but saying germans must go is considered crazy. i'm getting so tired of this


What has happened to this place?
I don’t recognize it anymore.
It used to be so fun and special.
What is life worth living for?
The dream is dead, our land is gone;
There’s a hole in my heart and I can’t go on.

There are too many minorities (minorities)
At my water park (my water park).
This was our land, our dream (our dream)
and they’ve taken it all away.
They just keep coming and coming (minorities).
I tried to go and tell the police,
But even the authorities
Are minorities
At my water park.

There’s no place for me to sit anymore,
And the lines just keep getting crazier.
There are Mexicans all around me.
The lazy river has never been lazier.
It’s a 40 minute wait to go down one slide,
And the instructions are in Spanish on the Zip Line ride!
(Guarden los brazos y piernas dentro del paseo)
Just do it in English!

There are too many minorities (too many)
At my water park (somebody do something).
Where did they all come from?
Why can’t they leave this land alone?
And it’s such a tragedy (feel a bit like dying).
We looked the other way too long.
We’ve got to change our priorities
And get all these minorities
Out of my water park

(Minorities) Mexicans and Asians,
(Black people), I think I even saw Native Americans (gross).
God I’m asking please, get all of these minorities
Out of my water park (my water park).

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The average german is more racist than ameriburgers tbqh.

Fuck off niggers, Germany isn't a country of immigrants.

You are the disgusting genetic trash of the planet. You do not belong either on the planet or in Germany. It is your destiny to destroy everything you touch because it is encoded into your DNA.

ur so blinded by hate. i hope you can grow up one day and see the world for how it is

Some of the most pure fun I had as a child was at the water park, in fact I still enjoy it today when taking young ones to it. Even todays zombie phone addicted youngsters still get a ethereal joy at the "pool. I can guarantee you that its clown world degeneracy if your local sucked about it.

We got a live one.

How do you think we ended up here m8

filthy kike. we know how the world works.

You have a toddlers way of looking at the world.

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Spengler says 10,000.

Well then let's do this already. I am getting very tired of this shit. Aren't you?

In the 70’s, the two amusement parks in my metropolitan area got taken over, one by the niggers and the other by the spics. They start first by making it unsafe for whites at night. You get the security you pay for. Just like the liquor store owner who makes bank in a nigger neighborhood, then one day loses the entire inventory to looters.

Who is funding the germanic waterparks? The public waterparks need to be close down permanently until this problem is fixed. Too many people got hurt because of this.

waterparks are for niggers. German should prepare and slaughter the tribe.


Germans should demand that the public waterparks to be close down permanently to save the tax money. It's a disgrace that the tax money is being spent on the public services, which is being exploited for selfish reasons.

What can we do to help Germans? We need realistic and legal solutions to close the public waterparks down to protect the Germans. I realise this sounds demoralising but that's not my intention to make them feel bad. If they do not want the public waterparks to close down then perhaps the commercialisation of public services would be a good idea.

We aren't even in a situation to help ourselves.

1. if no appropriate law exists, create a law
2. enforce that law

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The problem is the laws will be written by the traitors so try another solution. Sue the public services for endangering the people to bankrupt them.

send guns. lots of guns.


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And I'll tell you why it happens. I was staying at a lake. There was an ageing German cat lady with her imported boyfriend. It was a sight beyond disgusting. I sat right in the middle of the common area and stared the cunt down. When a different woman tried her bullshit on me, I let her know in certain terms it wasn't on. Fucking easy shit. Wanna know what happened? Some old, fat, useless, piece of shit boomer cucks came up and started acting all friendly to the guy. Slowly his confidence picks back up. Sure I can still take the guy, and sure the younger non-cat lady girls like me better, but it's demoralizing as fuck to live with so many traitors, and these cunts would just LOVE to try it on just to feed their own pathetic sense of spite.


Let's hope August is hot as hell too.

i'm so glad Germany has big strong bucks willing to protect OUR sluts

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You do realize you could've asked for help how to turn your nation into a 1st world nation right?

i'm pretty sure it's the same retard from the tarrant thread

Part of the plan.
Germany is in recession, where an economic collapse is imminent.
Brexit has betrayed Germany, and as before, the Bongs have the upper hand.
War is the only way that Europe can be united, and we are getting there.
Once we have pushed all relevant countries to the very edge then the people will rise up. When this stage is completed, the main architects of all this will then swoop in with their already preplanned solution, and then United States of Europe will be born.
This is when the real suffering begins……….

Buy more German cars and other products.

utterly delusional

They are expensive but Nazis still make the best damn shit in the world bar none.

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Ah, you beat me to it, you nigger! Good job.

Media propaganda is a more powerful weapon than violence. Cameras trump bullets. It's difficult to grasp, because so much of our perception of reality is shaped by our media, which obviously doesn't want to give away it's own secrets so it portrays gun violence as the supreme power in society.

I buy german vidya games mainly.

Battle Brothers, Gothic, the Surge. They are nice game developers.

Tarrant shooting muslims is great propaganda and gives people back the GREAT WHITE HOPE.

Very true, which is why the authorities are handing down prison sentences for possessing or distributing it. Believe it or not, the C-ville tiki torch march was unbelievably good propaganda, which is why the kikes had to stage the subsequent compromised rally in order to force it out of the public's memory (and Google's search results).

Kikes are scared of one thing and one thing only: white getting organized.

It's more complex than that, because once whites start getting organized, it's already over for them. That's why they focus so much on symbols, imagery, and themes - and the tiki torch march had a perfect mix of all three. By far the most powerful images to come out of that were the physically attractive man and woman holding the torch, lit only by it's flame, captured in the middle of an open mouth chant. Even here or on cuckchan, you will only see the photos of the weak manlet betas screaming like children holding torches, never the chad ubermensch and his mate. Those pictures are the most frightening thing that glowniggers had seen in a generation, but we here just thought it was normal and nice.

An unfortunate side effect of autism is the inability to be affected emotionally by images (in certain ways), so many here may have missed the profound impact of those images could have on the average person who had never heard of Zig Forums, and was on the fence about the whole immigration matter.

Don't buy German cars at least in America, German automobile companies are manufactured in Latin America

White Hope?
pic related

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We’ve been having exactly the same problem in Belgium for years and nothing is being done about it.

what a brainlet


I'd like to see these pics

Shit the fucking Germans are so cucked that they take their children there to watch them get fucked by the invaders. Most of what is left there aren't even German anymore just the result of Slavic rape babies. The whole country should just fucking kill itself now, just like the fucking Anglos.

another mutt, how surprising

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No they don't, it is faked by (((media))).

You shouldn't expect a broken system to fix itself.
This system isn't broken though, it's doing exactly what it's meant to.

It is systematic, the violence is aimed mostly at Germans or hated minorities like kurds and the participants aren't a few but many, most of the time arabs/turks and sometime niggers. In terms you understand, they practice fascism against a populace, which was mental castrated and can't repel them because of discouragement from MSM propaganda. It's the same with bulling or mobbing, if you don't fight back, then the number of attackers will increase. North Rhine Westphalia is overrun with immigrants from the middle east and aperica. I know you will not believe me but I lived and interacted most of my life with them and wondered why the antagonism against Germans, why the false smiles and eyes full of contempt, why did I feel like a foreign object in their midst I was so blue pilled. You point at me and scream fascist but you are defending literal fascist, don't get me wrong I'm a fascist but I became one after I lived with foreign fascist who occupy the land of my ancestors and who see us as people who will be conquered by them.
t. German user
A nigger from Eritrea pushed a mother and her 8 year old son in front of a train, boy dies. The nigger tried to push a granny too, she survived. A kosovo albanian muzel pushed a 34 year old mother in front of a train, dead. Last month two boys had been pushed by turks in front of a train, dead. Between the victims and the perpetrators were no conections. The number of this incidents raises.


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Count the Blondes at Santa Monica Beach…
Coming to EU, but instead of Hispanics…

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Oh and I forgot to mention that all this happened only in North Rhine Westphalia.

Poor German user.
Been happening here for almost a hundred years now.

It's going to be hard for a non-theistic, family based folk that worship the rule of law and competitive excellence to accept their new neighbors.

Not much to worry about though; ya'll still living in the horror of the Holocaust.
Too afraid the mudslimes will make another scary word and put "German" in front of it to do anything. So just put up with it and be polite while they rape your women.

(Actually hoping our people start WW3 soon before it gets worse)
Once is none and three is perfect.

Seriously underrated post user.

They all seem pretty white though

Is this an American thing?

What the fuck user? They are spicnigger mongrels. There are only a few Whites in that photo. They are almost all 10%+ nigger DNA.


Congrats on not even trying to blend in.

ashkeNAZIs don't work. they plot and corrupt and steal. all those tools were made by Germans not ashkeNAZI jews.

Way to not blend in, dumbass.

True user. We have nothing in common at all genetically or otherwise with the 'aryans' like the semitic filth KhazAryans or the ashkeNazi.

oy vey


get back to work, consuela

Do you honestly think it's a wise idea to continuously mock the destruction and defilement of a man's race directly to his face?
Actions have consequences. The more you push, the more your downfall becomes inevitable.


No… No…

I think it is the only thing that is going to get you to put down the bong and take up the AK. They could not have fomented this war against you any more skillfully.
I think you should consider ETHNOGLOBALISM where we will never have to worry about this stupid semitic filth and their machinations EVER AGAIN. If they want it by conquest, shouldn't it at least be our people who live and not the raping low IQ trash?

add another today. nigger invader pushes 8yr old german boy in front of german train. dead. one less to fight in the racewar.

fuck these niggers and fuck the traitors and kikes that let them in and let them stay.

revolt and purge is the only option for germany or germany will not survive.

shoa'd and almost noone noticed since media is controlled 100% in the public life and besides some "wrongthinkers" nobody cares
boomers accept this as side effects of their programming
cuckpropaganda and daily brainwash transmissions including daily newspapers local tv and radio stations fed by 3-4 news agencies are sufficient…
germany needs some alternative media which is on 24hrs with tv and web presence , print media is dying anyways but there is basically no resistance except what at best "open minded" normies consume with a "different" viewpoint is crap on (((faceberg))) or plebbit.
not saying germany is entirely lost but it requires some serious input to create free thinkspace for alternative thoughts everything of course inside the boundaries of the german law.
since ze germans are very strict on enforcing their cucked judicial system on anyone who openly forms some sort of resistance against the occupying trends in leading positions…
expect to be infiltrated, maligned, interfered with and generally having a hard time.
a lot of gatekeeping positions are controlled by zogbots so you most likely wont recieve the same amount of that tasty german tax fuelled subsidization all of the left leaning and pro refugee / lgbtq cucked groups are recieving right now.

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stop optics cucking you dumb faggot. who you think writes those laws? history is written by men who said "fuck the law"

Look – Men have a duty. Why aren't there German males holding these invaders' heads underwater as a message to all? In a crowded pool, how would the authorities even identify the attackers?

Hypothetically in Minekraft, of course.

what we're seeing in germany and sweden is what i'll call the "eloi" problem. If you've never read the Time machine, the eloi are a race in the future who live a life of ease and pleasure, never working or doing anything. They're harvested by a race of underground dwellers called the Morlocks
It don't like sayng it but Germans(west germans mostly) and especially swedes lived a life of pleasure and decadence, public nudity, lack of hardship, etc for some long that they're celebrating bringing the people that caused their downfall. And these brainwashed slaves are still so stuck in their peaceful mindset that they will continue to support the scum that come to Germany. You'll need a war or some sort of mass event(the ISIS terror attacks didn't do fuck all) to change this deeply ingrained minset.

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they are already closing because of privatization of former community owned properties, this was probably done to narrow the point of attack for those migrant swimmingpool raid flashmobs

you obviously have no clue about what the fuck you are talking about. ==expect no mercy==

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COPE the LAW or BTFO behind bars
read into what happened to the accelerationists at the Hitlerputsch, the system achieved a k:d of 3.75 whereas the accelerationists got BTFO'd with a k:d of 0.26
and that happened back then, without police having armor, riot gear and means of riot control in general.
stop being a delusional potato or alternatively stop shilling accelerationism, it might work with the immigrants you and your ( ( ( " FRIENDS " ) ) ) are importing since the 60's…

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Keep accelerating.

Fake news fearmongering BS.

Pic related is the cuck screaming. I can't find Chad and Stacey's picture, as it's been scrubbed from Google's search results. If you google image search by date and filter it to just the week it happened (8/12/2017), you will find a bunch of crowd shots like the second pic. However, all of the closeups with non-goober looking people have been purged. There is an excellent reason for that.

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lol guaranteed replies both me btw:^)