"Mad Max" future Canada PM will build fences, cut immigration by 75%

Bernier reveals power level
Initially his promises were very lite. He merely wanted to reduce the current immigration levels of 400,000 per year to a reasonable 350,000. Finally we're done with this nonsense. he's dialed that bullshit back to 100,000 per year and is also emphasizing cutting back on refugee BS / family uniting BS so that of the much lower immigration numbers, much more of them will be wealthy and not welfare state leeches.

Not only that but he's promising some border fences. TBH, IDGAF about that but it's pretty and good signaling. If anything, seeing him elected in 2019 and getting better progress on the wall than Trump might encourage him to hurry things along to save face.


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Once a country is filled with turd worlders at white replacement level (((they))) install some fake nat soc while the slow boil does the job of white Canuckistanian's extermination.

OP, seriously, how many times have you seen this show play out? Hes not going to do shit, just like Trump doesn't do shit, our governments are owned by the kikes through and through in the west. Best wake up to this now, rather then later.

Canadians want to be replaced, but it has to be so slow they don't realize.

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He also gives me jewish neanderthal gene vibes for some reason (size of his head?)

A fence towards the americans.

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Australians please do not fall for the voting meme, it is toxic to the soul and marks you as goyim.

Wow that sounds exactly like what Sargon and the Liberalists say, "The plans moving to fast slow it down or it won't work!" Even (((Mark Levin))) says that, notice how he uses the wording "right now".

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I'm fine with that because it'll keep the snow mexicans and snow moslems out.

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At some point, I hope in the near future, anons will realize these politicians, these groups, these movements, exist to stop real resistance.

I'll give him this. Unlike the last "less-immigration-I-swear" shabbos goy we know, he doesn't pretend he's making anything more than a fence at most. But chances are he's probably not even going to make that, given how cucked our country's become.

Its the patient creep they have done for so long, pressure releases like trump are just enough to stop the goys questioning the genocide of their race.

I know, when the demographic shift is complete, we will close the border. What a great globohomo faggoty plan of this jew retard.

As an old Canadian I can assure you it's all dog shit. I refuse to follow it at all anymore.
Having said that I sure would enjoy blowing two balls and a prostate gland full of hot fuck deep into the quivering tender womb of his Hells Angels girlfriend.

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Note; her name is "Couillard". Une Couille is a testicle.
COUILLE, subst. fém.
Trivial. Testicule :
1. Le cheval attendait, l'œil stupide. Avril passa le grand soufflet à Armand : − Soufflez-y sur les couilles qu'il se tienne tranquille… petit, tiens-y la jambe… Aragon, Les Beaux quartiers,1936, p. 61.
♦ P. métaph. C'est un esprit eunuque, la couille lui manque, il n'a jamais pissé que de l'eau claire (Flaub., Corresp.,1853, p. 159).
− Loc. pop.
♦ Tu me fais mal aux couilles, me casse pas les couilles, j'en ai plein les couilles. Expressions signifiant l'ennui ou l'agacement. Ah! dit-il exaspéré, tu me casses les couilles (Sartre, Mort ds âme,1949, p. 149).
Rem. En compos., un casse-couille. Quelqu'un d'embêtant. Il me regarde encore… il reprend son oraison! … − Alors! T'as bien vu? … que je lui fais… t'as compris quand même dis casse-couille? … maintenant, tu vas rester tranquille? (Céline, Mort à créd., 1936, p. 669).
♦ N'avoir pas de couilles (au cul). Manquer de virilité ou de courage :

So as a "couillard" she's what? one who adores a man's testicles? That would be nice. I've always been surprised when I've asked ladies to kiss my balls. I've always expected them to recoil with repugnance or get pissed off as though insulted. Not at all. They always caress my balls with tenderness then throw their heads back with complete abandon to passionately kiss my ugly hairy sagging stinky balls. I have to stop them eventually to move on to other acts on the road to orgasm.

So Julie "balls licker". Yup she can sure lick and kiss my hairy balls.

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Since he looks like a raging faggot you would probably be the only hot fuck she will ever experience.

The Quebec town I live in is crawling with bikers, particularly big HA ones. I'm sure she's had the living shit fucked out of her since she was 12..

Nigger learn to read, he said the Canuck building fence faster than Trump might encourage Trump to get his own ass to work. He didnt day Trump will encourage the canuck.

For a second I thought you were just posting pics of that one pron whore

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Wrong, take you D&C shit and shove it. There are plenty of pissed off "old Stock" Canadians.

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Are you pissed enough to completely wipe out the invaders and (((foreigners))) to the last person? If you answered 'no' or with some doubts you are probably more like his assessment than not.

I can't believe how many people in Canada preach this infinite "forgiveness" to people that never even asked them for their forgiveness. It's idiocy on an Amy Biehl's parents level of insanity. The white race is soooo fucked…

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it's all talk. full of shit

So, you the next Tarrant or just RCMP?

Stop listening to promises made by politicians and start killing all jews and all other non-whites where you live.

what about the 700k TFWs that are here every year.


The 25% of non-cut immigrants will be the niggers like always.

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It will happen. He looks honest and 100% can be in control of the Banks.

Canacucks are dead anyways.
They are even cucks on Zig Forums, at least on 4cuck Zig Forums they are all Jordan Peterson-tier.
There has been no action in the canacuck land from what I have noticed and nobody even thinks about fighting back


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I must have missed it. However chinks are problem too. I truly miss Islamic terrorism, nothing better woke people up.

All these greedy black mop yellow peril Sinoese with their insidious consumerist intrusion tactics. Technology clawbacks with Trade redirection to Occidental nations and broader Sanctions against China, et.al., until they start taking their paper citizenship invaders back. A lot of these people are awful even in their own ethnostates, same as with the Dravidapoos that show up with papers bought with bribes. They are too dysfunctional for their own ethnostates; yet come here and subvert, obstruct, insult and degrade ours with kike communist propaganda and CCP "asymmetrical warfare". The US-Zogbot sabre rattles for war with China; but this wouldn't have to be that.

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Nothing outside of active, punitive REVERSAL is acceptable. Civil war is inevitable, and desirable, because there is no other path that gives us a chance to get them out. They won't leave willingly.

Breddy sur the Dominion has been a shitshow from the beginning. Not that that should be surprising. We had a chance in 1937 to skate around the kikes; but ego-dreamy MK dropped the ball. Now we got the whole internationalist freemasonic racket: kike banks, kike schools, kike media, kike political ministers, kike publishing, kike synagogues, kike hospitals, kike courts and kike golem citizens. As default participation within the obscene dysfunction of democracy, I support Bernier. If the other malevolent oligarchic ethnocidals lose and he gets power, it is just going to be more boomer weakness and affectation, supply management shifts on the condition of BDS protections for israel or Palestine whtvr.

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Control this with half a million Israeli agents in the nation replete with millions upon millions of their golem niggers, poos, chankoro and red injuns to roll the obscenity of democracy like kosher slaughter? I respect your faith, but I will believe when I see. Nothing goes well in democracy.

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There is no antidote for this. Am go dead now.

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Real reaction, mebbe. No, can't fool me. A voting wahmen means less pinched bottoms. And cool it with those nigger jew conspiracy theories.

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user prefers weaponized interpretive dance.

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But this IS "pol." Anons think they have political power.

fils du rois

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I am visiting student from Mongoria. Wish to learn Oriental carpet repair and weaving.

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checked. Its a filthy shame. Wench like that should have eight kids minimum by now.

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You ought to play Minecraft.

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Well, at least we're not speaking German now.

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Its like we're in one of those american ganster movies where the whole town is under the thumb of a kike racket chock full of arseholes, half-wits and sociopaths. While these boomer weaklings are walking around with their dicks in their hands repeating back dictation like temps.

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Bernier is breddy standard Quebec name. Could do geneology search through the woodpile. Diefenbaker (liberator of wahmen, injuns, darkies and kikes) turned out to be (((Lackner))) from his father's Bubbie.

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Yes because voting can fix things

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Whenever someone starts talking about the "economy" or "growth", you've identified a target.

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We should be.

That behavior is from christcuck indoctrination.

Doesn't really make sense for a colony.

Yes. Christianity needs to go.

Says the Jew

Why do they always have to look like neoliberal creeps? This guy is for sure a white elite neoliberal.

Because they can afford to secure that much border? They still have issues dealing with property owners letting people smuggle horse drugs of all things.


also, fences? now who is that going to keep out? Americans obviously. No fleeing the race war goyim. Fuck Canada, I have never understood why America didn't take that fucking worthless place over.

Because before canada was a pseudo country the colonies actually had some balls and could fight against america, but as for why america never tried anytime after 1812 I have no fucking clue. Fuck, I think a horde of elk could take over canada today if it wanted.

Yeah both my parents came from 15 child families. Women nowadays are such slackers.

Ah yes, I remember her. Epic Cancles Woman.


At one point there, the Prime Minister of Canada was Kim Campbell, the Premier of BC was the drunken lech with his mistress on the public payroll at $135k a year Gordon Campbell, and the mayor of Vancouver was Larry Campbell. And to top it off I had to work with a treacherous speed freak, another Campbell.

Those were dark days indeed

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Here is the real deal non-cucked party: nationalist.ca/

The only solution is revolution.

We must support the CNP and we must be seen as an actual militant force that can't be ignored. They need to fear us more than the Muslims, fear us so much they're forced to appease us.

I need that in text. It needs to be turned into a sticker.

this is everyone view in the 'right', we can be replaced, but slow enough we don't do anything to stop it

Wow another sticker worthy quote.


It's hilarious that after trump anyone would think that any western leader that
isn't already
building a fence, kicking ot illegals and giving their citizens low cost loans which are forgiven by the third child(hint: orban), is some kin of "defender of the west".
Sure are a lot of retards who love civcuck zio-gnats on Zig Forums

despite all of this he is still a far better option than any of the other candidates. part of me suspects however, that he is just a plant to reduce the threat of the conservative party against the liberals in the coming election.

We wouldn't even need a wall if it was just legal to kill all non-native, non-white shitskins on sight.

They'd build the fence purely to keep white people out and they'd let all the shitskins have instant citizenship.

She looks like a generic med. Nothing special.

Not only slackers, but they end up morbidly unhappy and socially destructive. Childbirth and nurturing is their route to self-actuation. Women with one, two and three kids never make it. In ancestry records, there are numerous instances of women commonly having at least six to eight children, some two or three times as many. We need the tradition of coverture, bride price, dowry and 4rth cousin marriage back. Otherwise, no matter what these wahmen are saying, doing, protesting or competing with they will never be happy in any meaningful sense.

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>Are you pissed enough to completely wipe out the invaders and (((foreigners))) to the last person?

I am. I'm from Ontario and I would have no second thoughts about it at all.

Cuckold or coward. You can't even anonymously talk shit on an imageboard you're that much of a useless sack of shit.

Helpful civic advice, user.

What we need to do is assemble enough armed and fanatical men to demand they all leave that they realize they ought to fuck off and leave the country. Then it's just a matter of killing the ones that are dumb enough not to fuck off.

So a bunch of cuckolds and controlled opposition then?

Say that to my face and not online and see what happens faggot.

Come join me I'm fighting back and so are a number of other people in my area.

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Trips of terrible purpose.

What do you think political power is?

If you have a business, you have political power. If you have a voice and time to use it, you have political power. If you own a printer, you have political power.

Get influential my fellow Zig Forumsack.

She's no serious loss as far as I'm concerned. It's the blond and red haired nordic goddesses with green or blue or (anything but brown/black) eyes whose loss really saddens me.

Man I'm going to email these around.

If that's too blunt, spread this around so they can listen to the venom with which the Jewish professor refers to "white" people.



You know, I realize it's (((government))) and all controlled opposition but I'd love it if Bernier won and went Doug Ford on the place. Badly needs it.

He's taking on the Saputo dairy empire, that means he's either incredibly stupid or he has an arrangement and it's kayfabe


t. Italians have my respect, other gangs not so much

That second one, was he in McQ?

There a lot of rapefugees that land in the USA and then cross into Canada for better benefits

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Fuck that. We're running out of time. We either need Super-Trudeau-Cuckolding-On-Steroids or a genuine NatSoc party like Travis Patron appears to be.

I just joined the party.
All leafs on this board sign up!
Get your friends to sign up! The party is still small / new enough that you can make a difference!

This. Best option for 2019.

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progessive conservatives
new democrats

three party government, this man won't win his seat, let alone his party win any type of majority in the house. nice larp thread though

Canadians are not lost.
All it will take is one event to shake many out of their leftist miasma .
The media is fucking terrible though . .Canadian shows are leftist propaganda and then most normies get even more from the American MSM/Netflix etc.
We're nice until we're not nice. It only takes a few% of the population.

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Where are the Canadian news/media propaganda outlets physically located? I've tried to locate them before but only found stuff in New York City and some other places. Apparently CNN doesn't mean Canadian News Network but Cable News Network and it's based in America. So what are the Canadian places where these are located?