there is a riot organised for the 31st of july, next wednesday, at st Lucia UQ Brisbane. the chinks are being paid by the CCP to attack Chinese criticisers, rock the fuck up. dont start fights but defend yourself when the chinks attack. record everything. dont be afraid to show your power level. Queensland master race reporting for duty.


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If we do anything at all we should support the CCP. They fight against democracy.

remember who showed up to greet that chinese warship that rolled into harbour recently – thousands of landed chinese
the enemy of your enemy is not your friend

go there and do irl shitposting

Good luck Aussie shitposter.

If the collective white world doesn't wake up soon and shake off the jew parasites the reality is Aussieland and Zealand will be Chinese vassals w/o prior immigration, but since the traitors opened up the doors to Asia they'll be colonized and vassals simultaneously.

Don't defend the chinks being attacked. Attack all the chinks and make it truly racial.

How about no? Even if your scaremongering was real, I'd rather throw everything down the shitter for everyone immediately than to continue supporting those that are causing that to slowly happen at my expense.
Don't do what >13547757 says. Do the exact reverse. Defend the chinks being attacked, attack all the offended niggers and make it racial. It is not your country, it long ceased to be. You are a vassal, no matter what you do. Your choice - right now - is whether you want to be a vassal of Israel, or of China.
Your fathers and mothers didn't do what was necessary to grant you this choice, so this choice is no longer yours to make. Not for now at least. You have to show the (((powers that be))) that you're perfectly willing to trade your current ruler for another one. Pit your enemies against one another. All that 'muh enemy of an enemy is not a friend' shit is just an attempt at preventing you from doing just that.

Your PM will be hugging an Abo soon, on command from the slants.

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Good point. I wonder if they had, or ever will have the necessary IQ levels to attain dominance longer than 150 years over this land, given that they are extensions of low IQ rapists and thieves.

But what is bad for my enemy is good for me.

Fuck off back to reddit please you D&C cunt.

Bit more warning and I might have flown down. OP is late and gay.

Chinees dont care about politics in general, the CCP supporters will be there because of bizness links to the mafia-like kleptocracy that gave them the means and passports too be here in aus.

As for the silly slitty eyed lass in the picture, i suppose they are well programmed to buy any propaganda and will latch onto any faggoty social justice platform when presented with a vacuum, such as they must find when outside of the great firewall. I've never met a han chinees that was capable of independent thought.
mainland chinees are here to australia's detriment.

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This is what going to happen when more and more chinks infect your land.

She just wants that didgeridoo.

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Most jews in Israel are not ashkenazi.

Excellent retort high IQ son of rapists.

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New Zealand is over.
South Africa cooked.
Australia has a year left.
All under the control of China. Which is a great thing because the Chinese do not give a fuck about muh feelings, and muh hug an Ape to feel Human. They take and take some more, then they fuck off.

oh fuck off kikes

Got a chink landlord, the moment you show some strength they become subservient as fuck. The only thing they care about is power. If that weren't true then the warring states period wouldn't have ended with unification and the creation of the han mongrels.

Fuck yeah cunts!


I didn't say jews are white.

Ahskenazi is what happens when a middle easterner/arab fucks an european.

You are the fucking reason everyone hates TORfags.

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Which is why China imports thousands of nogs each year as guest worker.

Fuck off chinkshill.

Fuck me I think that lamb was from a chink farm or some shit, drowned niggers 3 times in the last 30 mins. Fucking chink farms and their shitty fucking meat.

Are they hugging them because muh feelings?


Japan is more redpilled than China since they don't believe in Marx's non-racial crap.

Hell, North Korea is more redpilled than China.

You realize the person you're defending is dissing Australians.

I'm not defending anyone I'm calling you a faggot because you talk like a faggot.

Suck my dick and call it Christmas.

It'd be fucking hannukah you kike.

In your dreams you little bitch.

Cool. The Indonesians rounded up and exterminated the Chinese communists that were living there for their jew-lite antics, and China did nothing. The only reason the Chinese feign emotions and morals is because of the economic and diplomatic benefits they receive in their interactions with us by doing so. If every Chink in this country were liquidated tomorrow, China would issue a blustering statement. If they were just told to fuck off, they wouldn't make a peep.

Remember the race war last year? Where aborigines and asians fought?

Where was it mate? Do you know if there is any footage? Was it full drunk abos and Chinese students? I’d love to see it.

Welcome to South East Queensland laddys, no faggots here but real men and women.

I'll be making space in the commo boot, time for a ride out west. Wonder if me lemon trees like Chinese made fertilizer ;)

Sweet as, definitely rounding up some chinamen.

Scomo can hug all the nigs and Kikes he wants, it's what most New south fags do on a daily basis.

Government didn't say anything or a few hundred or thousand Australians would've made a scene… Can't have the host nation's people yelling "fuck off" to the guests now would you ;)

Pick one. Your city was the only part of the state that voted for labor. Just get fucked by another cyclone already cunt.

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Bugs out.

Recording everything is number 1. Hopefully the "totally organic defenders of the CCCP" let loose like they did in HK. Remember - they're accelerating this, let the normies wake up to the commie threat. Stay strong & don't cuck, but try to stay optics friendly - heroic defenders of Straya against the commie aggressors remember? And no sperging out at Hong Kong Chinks - fellow commonwealth honoraries, at least for now. I'm personally more curious about the cops & Feds - how far gone are they? They gonna let China openly back riots on Australian soil? Or they gonna quietly let locals have a swing?

And if you need to go to China for work or something - they WILL have eyes on & tag you. And unlike our glows who just monitor unless you become a threat (who undoubtedly have you tagged already), they WILL take you straight to the gulag for being a bad goy if they can. Don't look like antifa, but use masks & head cover to break facial recognition, wear uneven shoes to break gait recognition (sucks I know, practice moving in them first), wear new clothes to toss (safely) after the event & leave the pocket surveillance device at home.

Yeah, just turn up and sperg out like a retard at everyone - that's sure to win everyone over, eh Chang?

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That's like being attacked by angry children. Physically inferior little monkeys…

Shut the fuck up you slant-eyed shill. We should be using "democracy" to knock these fucks out of power so they stop strategically attacking us with NGOs and third party activist groups.

Here's your democracy, glow.

These posts have been brought to you by National Endownment of Democracy (formarly called Central Intelligence Agency).

Allen Weinstein, who helped draft the legislation establishing NED, declared in 1991: "A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA."

Trojan Horse: The National Endowment for Democracy – William Blum


The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is headed by Carl Gershman. In 1968, he worked in the research department of B'nai B'rith, and in 1972 he served on the Governing Council of the American Jewish Committee.

Sorry for the lack of webm.

Found the chink shill.

So anything happen? What's the word on the ground?

You all don't have a fucking THING to say about it because the bug trash already talked you into 'giving up your guns'. ;^)

Stop thinking so highly of yourself user. The truth is your only purpose on this planet is to WORK so that all the parasitic trash can feed on your LIFEFORCE.

They grasp onto any propaganda because the bugs are exceptionally low IQ. The only thing they are really good at is cheating in private relations and public business.