SHUT IT DOWN: Plebbit /r/Israel/ mods / admins deactivate logins of critical accounts

SHUT IT DOWN: Plebbit /r/Israel/ mods / admins deactivate logins of critical accounts

/r/israel mods are probably admins with all kinds of mossad super powers like disabling logins / changing passwords

It was the jews plan all along to move all discussions to a jew controlled platform that they can slow boil while google actively censors the few independent forums left from the search results.

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kikes bought control of a bunch of subs back in '16, they probably bought some admin accounts too

U never spied on your enemy before?

Gee I can't imagine why
Do you have proof or are we supposed to eat this shit falling out of your ass.

dont do that goy, very bad goy!

This is it, there are probably bought admin accounts on all of the major comp'd subreddits, but only the kikes are dumb/arrogant enough to just make it completely obvious. Their shortsightedness will be their downfall.

I mean fucking duh.

Imagine my shock.

Why should we care about your single account? What are you going to do about this? Nothing. What is going to happen as a result of it? Nothing. It’s your your fucking blog.

As long as it takes less time for you to create a new account and copy pasta than it takes for a mod to review your post and delete you account, you're winning.

Crying about reddit on hate/pol/ when a tranny just got nailed for hacking 1 million dataz from Capital One.

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Checkng trannyhitler dubs !

So fucking what?

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You can do that by reading their english news outlets. They make it pretty easy these days, but you gain nothing other than troll factor points and lulz going into the vampires den.

Not like you're going to convince someone there of anything the same way kike shills don't convince anyone here and simply waste their time trying. I'm all for shitting up their boards though and making their moderation a PITA like they do for us whenever bored though.

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Yeah but you're playing a numbers game. Eventually you'll come across their newfags and they'll get hit with a redpill. Same reason they keep coming here to shit the place up and more so as people hear about the place more and more.

True, but at least here you can post infographics, memes, and vids with each and every post which is what used to be more of a standard until about a year or two ago here.

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I mean, its CEO is on ADLs board what do you expect?

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Killing jews is more important than exposing their crimes to their paid pigs.

But user, Jenny from second grade never used

Just as taking tactical advice from (((you))) is suicide.

As if you would ever leave your mommy's basement and do something

You are just jealous you will never be this cool or date women this hot goys!

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What the hell do you think happened to 'The_Donald? It was comped once ciswhitemaelstrom was kicked out. Newflash tards, reddit is a shithole and is only deserving of shitposts.

Lol half beaner

You fucking jews. For awareness, reddit is staffed and owned 95% by jews. Ive seen their records.

In that case, why not just message random kikes some sweet black pills? Getting banned that way is much better. Also, stop being a cheap fuck and just buy a thousand accounts to start with.

Getting the zionist ban hammer is an honor.

Create a new account and go back.

Keep calling Bullshit on Zionist Bullshit.

That's what I'm going to do and I'll keep doing it until the Mossad comes to my house and puts an ice pick through my eye sockets.

As if anyone here is going to do that.

But I can go on facebook and shit up every pro-Israeli post with links to their many atrocities.

Every post promoting Israeli tourism gets a link about IDF shooting to cripple unarmed protestors.

Every pleas for donations to feed holocaust survivors gets hit with information about how Israel has had got more aid per person on the planet since 1973.

Every picture of a fashion model in an IDF uniform get asked how many children she's shot in the head.

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Thanks for your input Agent Goldstein.

oy vey

Why don't you start with yourself Chaim?


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Just checked it out. It's a giant self victimization party, it's unbelievable. Not even any politics, just good goys larping and sucking jew cock

How does one get past that?

Holy shit, just browsed the threads there and I think I'm having a stroke. Not sure because I'm laughing at half of it.