Best White Countries to Live In

Rate my map (made with

Black = non-white
Pink = cucked beyond repair
Teal = can be salvaged
Blue = uncucked; future of the white race

What do you think is the best white country for going off the grid and being an unapoligetic nationalist?

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Austria, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgary.

Pick your poisons.

Just avoid France, Britain, Spain and Italy.

Denmark is good. But good luck going off grid out here. It's all flat, all agriculture and no where to hide.
You have better chance of going off grid in Norway or even fucking Sweden if you can run the gauntlet of the cities in the south of the country.
Germany is really cucked, it's a big country wity beautiful forests to hunker down in but don't have rose tinted glasses for the good old days of Hitler. (((They))) have ensured that Germany suffers hard for the past and it is Sweden levels of cucked right now.

We're working on going to sea and cruising together on boats as a start. We want to try sea farming. At least some real world stuff is happening here.

Go to Israel and be with your own people kike

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Israel is ironically full of nogs and sandniggers.

Germany is only cucked in the big cities, and even then, it's not UK's level of cucked.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say 'merica, cause seriously, we're not gonna put up with this shit forever.

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Murica is ironically less white than Sweden.

America is maybe 15% white. Sweden is still at least 50%, but that's changing fast. I like watching their music videos to follow current events. In the vid related you can see literal congoloids prancing around with guns and congolese flags in Malmo

forgot to embed.

Ew.. Tattoos.

Murica is also not populated by soyboy cucks, unlike Sweden. Our women could take over Sweden without firing a shot.

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Georgia is white though, and Pooland isn't based.

Don't worry the ink won't wear off on your tiny virgin penis. Not that you'll ever have to worry about it.

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Disgusting. Degenerates need to get out.

feel free to fuck off back to reddit any time. how is that fucking ironic?? Why do you keep saying that? fuck this stupid thread.

nice figure you just pulled out of your ass. you all come off like youre 12 years old.

What the fuck OP? Let me guess you're anther mixture of communist and polack just like Merkel?

Don't be jealous. If you ever move out of your parents house and get a big boy job you can get tattoos too.

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Amerimutt, you got an ancestry tree to prove your European at all?

Amerimutts are delusional about demographics. They will have 1 white neighborhood surrounded by four black neighborhoods and assume that they are the majority. lol

How could I? That's disgusting.
You pic proves that you're a degenerate.

This is what a Jew looks like. I'm not American personally.

Also OP why are all the Balkan countries considered the future of the white race when they're mostly inferriror even if they could be considered white. I have seen Macedonians that look more nigger than some sand niggers.

You should at least know where your parents and grandparents are from independent of where you were born, you mongrol.

Someone's quite optimistic I see

Why are Ukraine and Moldavia labeled as cucked beyond repair?