UN Report: Israel's Holocaust of Palestinians 2018 Numbers

Only Iran seems to have a problem with this. Trump, the world's policeman, is still busy trying to get bail for his monkeyman friend.


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Kike free.

White africans are being holocoasted.
Tibetans are geting genocided.

Palestinian have positive birthrate and thus aren't being holocoaster.

This is the big lie in order to generate great sympathy for arabs/jews.

Any excuse to call a kike a kike is A-ok in my books.

Intel decides to reward Israel for its atrocities. No sanctions in sight.

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The kikes are being framed as le white evil colonists in this debate.

Never mind that kikes in Israel are not white.

Whatever, the left will never attack non-whites so let them think that if it makes the kikes kvetch.

I do admit it's good to point out hypocrisy that it is okay to sanction South Africa and Rhodesia for muh racism yet not Israel.

South Africa and Rhodesia's actual apartheid were positive unlike the shit going on in Yidsrael.


I think he just doesn't give a fuck about shitskins.

No one does, but this is disruptive to kikes.

Where are the calls to stop the evil dictator running Israel? Let's save the children.

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Kek. If we get some decent patzys they'll run into the kike's backhand and slowly begin to hate them.

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no, he just tries to promote jews.
Palestinians are great as long as they inhabit Palestine and take back their land

With the shoot to cripple policy I'm sure the IDF sterilized quite a few men and women to keep them from breeding. The IDF often shoot below the belt.

This little goy died because Israel said, "No goyim allowed! Europe is that way!"

Start removing the fucking jews yourself shitskin.

In other words they barely put a dent in their birthrate.


Big surprise. Democrat presidential candidates avoid the topic of giving billions to a nation ethnically cleansing Palestinians. It's almost like our elections are a scam.

Those numbers are all made up. There were at least 6 millions Palestinians killed just this year in occupied Palestine.

Where I have promoted jews? All I'm saying is this muh palestinian genocide is the same shit as black genocide touted by twitter.

The only reason you can sit here and be a faggot is because they still have Palestinian resistance you inbred fuckwit. If you dont support anything and everything against the jew you're enabling them at best.

Palestinians are pathetic and don't do shit, but they aren't being genocided because their birthrate is positive.

In fact, there are more palestinians than ashkenazi kikes in Israel.

And you lament this?

No, why should I?

The only thing I lament is how actual genocided populations like the tibetan or white africans aren't mentioned on the news 24/7, unlike the fake ass shit palestinian "genocide" with positive birthrate.

and still no one cares.

let those faggots kill each other as long as they dont do it with our money

What's your take?


Whites already have an ethnostate: 4chan

But they're not killing each other. One side is destroying the other. They are doing it with an enormous amount of NATO's money. And Israel will get even more money by portraying themselves as the victims as usual despite this report proving who the real victims are.

don't know what to say to this fine post

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To be fair, Palestinians are the best at improvising weapons despite ISISrael confiscating their guns and everything. They’ve also managed to put up some good numbers against the Jews despite being left with only limited bomb-making supplies. Yahya Ayyash from the First Intifada used Acetone Peroxide for suicide bombers (or at least used it to detonate other explosives in suicide vests) and Saeed Hotari from the Second Intifada managed to kill 20 and injure over 100 with a suicide vest at a nightclub in 2001. Then you have the rockets. You could make your own Hamas rockets at home because they’re so crude. All you’d need is 4 or 5 feet of some extruded PVC pipes, some sugar rockets to propel it in the mortar shell (sugar + potassium nitrate + bentonite clay from cheap kitty litter) with a rocket head made out of some JB welded cast iron filled with 10 pounds of the fastest burning explosive, with it’s detonation powered by a nail and a bullet and ignited with a fuse. They’re unguided rockets so that anyone who gets hit by them is out of sheer luck, but yet they’ve killed 35 people and maimed over 840 - 842+ others, causing shock, anxiety and acute stress reaction in over 741 people, and they also damaged some livestock, leaving 10 cows dead, 3 others injured, 1 cat died, 1 horse died, and killing 2 goats, injuring 9 others from 2008 - present (as of May 2019). They even used them during the 2008 - 9 Gaza border war, among other anti-Palestinian genocide campaigns against the Palestinians. I’ve gotta admire their bravery.

Israel can't hug her baby with nuclear arms.

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fuck off cuck

One of the Zionist defense tactics is to ask why you are signaling out Israel for criticism when there is so many other bad things happening around the globe.

If you are an American, tell them it is because your tax dollars are paying those crimes and you aren't comfortable with that.

"In recent years, US aid has constituted approximately 20 percent of Israel's total defence budget (which includes pensions, and care and compensation for wounded veterans and widows), or 40 percent of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) budget,3 and almost the entire procurement budget." newsweek.com/how-long-could-israel-survive-without-america-636298