Operation Brown Star aka #IsraelHasAHeart

The Plan:
1) Make a bunch of propaganda/ meme saying "Isreal open your boarders", "Isreal has a heart", "Why doesn't Israel take in very many refugees?", "Migrants make Isreal stronger", "Let's help make Isreal more diverse together", "Isreal is too white #Isreal so white", "Let's make Isreal beautiful", "Jews come in every color so why doesn't Isreal?" "Let's make a more colorful Isreal.", etc…
2) Make a bunch of shitlib accounts on twitter to disseminate the propaganda.
3) Tweet it out at various left-wing celebs, Democratic presidential hopefuls, and shitlib activists.

Possible Outcomes:
What we are hoping for is to get this addressed in the democratic debates and to become a leftist talking point. That is the ideal scenario. Another scenario is for the left to ask questions about why "Alt-Right Trolls" want MORE migrants in a "white" country like Isreal. Also, it would help spread the message that Isreal isn't taking in their fair share of migrants, something that most of the left won't be cognizant of.
We want this to get addressed by traditional news media, IDEALLY IN THE DEBATES.


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Dos and Don'ts:
Most of the moderate left, who we are targeting here, see "Open Borders" as not something they are fighting. They are fighting for equality and justice. *snicker snicker* and we have to frame everything in those terms. If you use the term Open Borders they will call you out as a right-winger. Instead, use #IsrealHasAHeart or some other hashtag. Above is an example of how not to do it.
We are here to do one mission at a time. If you overload them with the information they will sink back into their cave of cognitive dissidence and you will have failed.
If they try to say they are allies, say they are being bad allies.
If they bring up the holocaust, say they are WHITE and hiding behind their Jewishness.
If they try to accuse you of anti-semitism, point out they are WHITE and are defending racist polices.
etc… I bet if we can play our cards right we can link Jewishness and whiteness in the minds of many leftists by the end of this. That will go a huge way to diminishing Jewish soft power.
We are coming from the position of center-left normies. As far as we are concerned Israel has the right to exist we hold no strong opinion on the Isreal-Palestine situation. Every leftist who can be convinced by that argument is already anti-Isreal. It will go nowhere and spire into another discussion entierly.
They are the stupidest, most anti-Isreal, most influential members of congress. If anyone is likely is support and amplify us it's them. We couldn't ask for a better conduit.
Thanks for reading good luck and have fun. Let's see if we can't get Isreal to pledge to take in 1,000,000 Africans, shall we?

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you are coming from cuckchan but I'll ignore this

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Yeah, I figured I'd head to Zig Forums also since 2/3 are Kikes or Feds. What do you think Zig Forums will think of the plan?



No rabbi, no.


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Thread is confirmed spam.

8ch is so fucking contaminated with this garbage. Rare quality threads get archived/deleted by Jewish mods and shit like this gets bumped by mossad bots and average magapede normalfag.
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One of the few threads trying to do something proactive in the fight against Israel and somehow it's Jew spam?
Better version of the flag and more pics

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lol; proof that proper spelling is NOT a requirement to enter the 'movement'
What is this, Yu-Gi-Oh!?
(pic related)

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This is actually a GREAT idea, though…
We need to get as many Anti-Zionist/Leftist Jews on our side as possible, too!
(Like Glenn Greenwald, Max Blumenthal, Norman Finkelstein, etc. …)

Why don’t you just go do what you claim you want to do, then? We’ll find your work as a news article rather than as your obvious journalistic recruitment honeypot. Okay chief?

You’re literally fucking brain damaged. None of them are anti-zionist.

Nah this is shit and still too forced.

lol yeah I got shit for that in the other thread too. I know the correct spelling but the wrong spelling is in my mussel memory. It'll be fixed next thread.

Trying to put pressure on Israel by exposing their hypocrisy to left of center normies. Even if Israel doesn't get a single shade darker because of this campaign it will show at least some normies that Israel is promoting migration into the West but not itself.

Point out that Israel is an apartheid nightmare like South Africa, bring up Dimona nukes and other shit to accentuate their """"fascist"""" qualities. Reveal them the oppressor.

The bear jew is coming for you.


So yes, go actually do what you claim to want to do, and then we’ll see your work done–BY YOU–through the sources kvetching about it. Rather than the obvious honeypot.

You goys just wish you were this cool and had women this hot.

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All the leftist's who are convinced by the Palestinian apartheid thing are already anti-Israel. I when over this in >Don't bring up Palestine or Zionism
We need to stay laser focused on migration because it is the most pressing issue. IT IS OUR WINNING ISSUE.

The kikes are getting nervous.
Keep at it OP!

btw try you're hand at MS paint or Photoshop to see if we can get some good graphics up.

if you're up to it

First post is based? Impossible!

Post is confirmed
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Why don’t you go do what your little recruiting campaign says, moishe?

Zero effort. Make a new thread on a different IP maybe.

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Why don't YOU go do what your little derailing demoralization campaign says, Jose, and kill yourself?
You're not fooling anyone. Your entire existence is forfeit. Great job with your life choices, nigger.

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FUCK YOU SPICSPAM!!! Your hatred of our Zionist brothers is why you will never be white! One of the whitest people on Earth (Knight Commander Breivik) told us it was our racial duty to unite with the Jewish people against the Muslim. Other great whitest (like Saint Tarrant) debunked (((anti-semitic conspiracy theories))) by detailing all the bad things Jews do: which is almost nothing. Heck, he spent more time talking about spics like you LOL

Don't come back shitskin.