Former Nickelodeon child star set to expose Dan Schneider?

Former Zoey 101 actress hints at being sexually abused by Dan Schneider

An actress named Alexa Nikolas, who used to star on the Nickelodeon show "Zoey 101" is alleging that Dan Schneider abused her. On Instagram she posted an infamous picture of Ariana Grande putting her foot in her mouth, which is a reference to Dan Schneider's foot fetish. Interestingly enough, this was predicted on Crazy Days and Nights back in April of this year:

>Alexa Nikolas/Dan Schneider

Crazy Days and Nights link:

Instagram post: (Instagram blocks now, so I archived a third-party website instead)

In case you guys don't remember Crazy Days and Nights, the guy who runs the blog posted about Jamie Lynn Spears' (sister of Britney Spears and main star of Zoey 101) pregnancy two months before it was made public, with Dan Schneider supposedly being the father.

So what do you guys think? Will someone finally expose this sick freak for the Jewish pedophile that he is? Or is she just bluffing?

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Oy vey. Feeling the heat, rabbi?

Wow, im so very much surprised.

You guys remember Amanda Bynes? She had this huge public breakdown several years ago. She recently made some allegations on a secret Twitter account.

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Live by the media; die by the media.
I know many many middle class families that does not allow their teenage children internet access after 5pm, no vid games, no television etc. Only books.
Parents need to take responsibility for their children's safety.

wow big if true.
seem to recall other CDANs about Bynes? talking with a lawyer about going public.
how many other former Disney stars had MKUltra crackups?

I'd have banged the little thot too

google "Alexa Nikolas nude"
the beaver was shaved before it even had hair on it.

Lindsay Lohan is where it started. I also recall Demi Lovato being a huge cocaine addict for many years, even smuggling it onto planes so she could use it in the bathroom.

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Yep she lives in Dan the Man's foot tickling dungeon now

Yeah yeah any day now Corey Feldman who is totally not a jewish mason, is going to start naming the jewish mason pedophiles.

Fools and their muh, trust the plan.

How the hell hasn't Dan at least been shot or injured yet? He's been infamous before 2009 right, how hasn't one father manage to blast the studio with an AK for years- even with Pedowood corruption, my friend told me that he was scouted as a kid when he lived in California, and during that time his parents were still average joes (he was able to dodge the bullet because his parents thought it would be a pain in the ass for both them and their child).

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i trust women less than i trust jews. if i have to pick a side between skanks and kikes, im siding with the kikes.

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Sounds amazing, but it seems difficult to practically enforce. A kid, even if taught since the early age to avoid any of that, will sooner or later discover that other kids use it at wll, and might start hating his parents for depriving him of that. Same as other habits and behaviors taught by parents might not survive the contact with the degenerate society. How do you go against this?

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Childhood trauma is real kike.

I think shes implying said foot fag did something to her

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Obviously she's leaving out the steps that took place inbetween "footfag photo shoots" and "irreparable cervical damage". It's like you've never read doujin or something.

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Let me fix that for you

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nothing of value was lost

Enty is my hero.

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This thing with parents exploiting their kids is really shitty. I was watching this interview with Kelly Slater the famous surfer. He made a million bucks before he graduated as a surfing star. When he was 21 he wanted to buy a house so he could start a family with his girlfriend. When was about to pay he discovered that thanks to his mother and the agent she'd chosen for him he was broke. And also that they'd signed him up to act on Baywatch, which totally made him cringe.

Does that mean Beto is a tranny?

Why are (((jews))) so obsessed with feet?

Jews and Foot Fetishism
By far the most common fetish among jews, even more so than feces. Why is foot fetishism so common among jews, Zig Forums? I believe MOST jews, male and female, have a foot fetish.
Just like homosexuality and transsexuality, foot fetishism is least common among whites (as in, really uncommon among pure whites), more common among blacks (maybe like 20% of them), and by far more common among jews, so common that it's likely the majority.

Wiki Feet is Israeli:
The Israeli behind the internet's largest foot fetish website - Haaretz

Israeli Creates Viral Foot Fetish Site – The Forward

Other jewish foot fetishists:
My Date with a Foot Fetishist – she made the move
"My date with a charming Jewish lawyer took a toe-tally unexpected turn when he revealed his fetish in an East Village bar"

Foot Fetish Teacher Allowed To Prey On Jewish Students – The Forward
"Gerstel didn’t realize that Goetz’ interest in her, and her feet, was sexual. When she told her older sister about the episode later, her sister said Goetz had done the same thing to her."

Sex Diaries: The Stay-at-Home Mom Turned Foot-Fetish Model - The Cut
"When I open the door I can’t hide my surprise. He’s standing before me in a black suit, a black wide-brimmed hat, and has a very long dark beard. I never expected an Orthodox Jew of the Hasidic variety as a client!"

Jew Author Writes About Jew Freud's Explanation For Foot Fetishism foot fetishism

Inside The World Of Brooklyn Dominatrixes And Their Orthodox Jewish Clients - BuzzFeed News
"One client liked it when we electrocuted his nipples and used him as a footstool; he’d lick our feet while we read to him from Venus in Furs."

What's So Kinky About Judaism? | Dame Magazine
"Still, many have remained in the closet, ashamed and worried that kink was not good for the Jews."
"“The Bible is kinky, said Blunt, who grew up Reform and is out to her parents. She started started domming in college at La Domaine Esomar, an upstate dungeon. “There is shame and humiliation in it. Abraham was kinky. There’s cutting, washing feet, temple slaves, ritual, devotional trance.”"
"Mistress Blunt showed me one photo in which she wore a bra and panties and had wrapped a Tefillin around her foot."

@CrazyJewishMom Wants To Live Stream Kate's First Child Birth! Plus, Jews With Foot Fetishes!

Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Thought & Culture Spring, 2006
What the hell is up with these deranged kikes?!? foot fetishism

Jews & Shoes - London Review of Books
Goes into foot fetishism in the Bible


Guys, another blind item was posted on Crazy Days and Nights today:

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Any "about to" isn't anything.

*pogroms internally*

no wonder miley cyrus became so fucked up. Dan Schneider is the Harvey Weinstein of children.

What bank hack?

Reminder that Pedo Dan started filming in Vancouver, Canada due to the 16 vs 18 age of consent in California.


>Why are (((jews))) so obsessed with feet?
Syphilis. Not kidding in the least on that, in the various eras of the last 3000 years or so, whenever the debauchery levels start getting high and the STD's start screaming out of every orifice you'll see the uptick in religious groups and foot fetishes.

Interesting theory. Any citations though? It's generally assumed that syphilis originated in the Americas and that some mud drillers brought it back to Europe. I wonder what the jewish STD rate is for any disease.

childhood trauma is the most real trauma. it fucks you up while your brain is still forming and while you're still developing a perspective on the world. it can destroy your life in very subtle ways bc you may not understand how to form normal or non-abusive relationships, may actually seek out (usually subtle forms of) abuse not realizing you're doing it and may manifest itself in very unclear ways (being triggered by some retarded inanimate object for seemingly no reason)

You need to kys right now

Not anything solid, most of what I've ever dug up relates to similarities of cases. Similar to the old "swamp fever" and "bad air" diagnoses where the symptoms eerily mirror malaria and other mosquito borne diseases. You've got cases of congenital syphilis(mother to child) showing up in exhumed bodies from the 1200's through the 1400's in central Europe. There is some evidence going back into the days of the Greeks of the learned physicians(Hippocrates and some of his students) describing tertiary syphilis(no visible infection until incubation - similar to shingles relapses with chickenpox), on top of that some of the entombed bodies in Pompeii showed signs of tertiary syphilis as well. Interestingly there wasn't a spike in the puritan population after they showed up on the US east coast, rather the rate remained exceedingly low(1% or so) again going by various medical descriptions. This is likely more to do with the fact that monogamy was an enforced religious and moral code among that group.

read brice taylors thanks for the memories. she was a mind controlled sex slave of the DC elite

>Why are (((jews))) so obsessed with feet?
Last I read, every ethnic group and country has around the same percentage of footfags, including remote junglefags. You can't pin every weird fetish on Jews, especially one as (relatively) common as footfaggotry.
They're involved in all porn except manga, you stupid nigger. They're also enough of a protected class to broadcast their autism and perversion without fear of the goyim turning on them.

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>you stupid go- I mean, nigger

You're a fucking retard and should kill yourself.

There's an oven with your name on it. Pic related.

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This makes me think of the Atheist take over of Mexico and the Cristeros battles in the 20's.

Also the red shoe thing in pizza gate of course. Maybe all related to the same cult.

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Note how the actors in the shows get younger and younger. Zoe 101 > Drake and Josh > iCarly > Game faggots. What has Dan "Hold her tighter, she's a fighter" Schneider been doing with the cast behind the scenes?

All, in one form or another. Those that didn't break as severely were probably already being abused as young children by their parents/family member so were used to it as the norm.

Look at the nose on that one!

No, faggot. When a young girl is vaginally penetrated before completing puberty it can cause irreparable damage to the uterus preventing pregnancy, you stupid yid.

>Why are (((jews))) so obsessed with feet?

yah it's called freemasonry and qaballah, summoning demons, from filthy places.

This isn't /x/ schizonigger.

They aren't trying to make them this way, they just don't care what happens to their victims.

Incite peopel to kill jews for being pedophiles. Associate all jews with pedophilia, as is the case with 99% (maybe 100% even) of jews.

Stop looking at (((porn))), it warped your mind.



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Said the jew

Why feet? Read Carlos Castaneda. Don Juan speaks about the feet. It's all we have left.

Sorcerers see infant human beings as strange, luminous balls of energy, covered from the top to the bottom with a glowing coat, something like a plastic cover that is adjusted tightly over their cocoon of energy. That glowing coat of awareness is what the predators consume, and when a human being reaches adulthood, all that is left of that glowing coat of awareness is a narrow fringe that goes from the ground to the top of the toes. That fringe permits mankind to continue living, but only barely.
To my knowledge, man is the only species that has the glowing coat of awareness outside that luminous cocoon. Therefore, he became easy prey for an awareness of a different order, such as the heavy awareness of the predator.

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le bump